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Quality Education Comes Only With Creativity Education is no more meant to be traditionally obtained only in classrooms because it’s the creativity factor that is now raising questions in regard to the career growth of new age learners. However, in developed countries like the United States, lack of creativity has been witnessed in the education system. Only 30% of them have been found providing tools as well as training to educators with the intention to strengthen creativity. 24% have been found emphasising creativity on curriculum and only 18% have been found to be lessening mandates that create obstructions in the way of creativity.

Equal Participation Required From Both Teachers & Parents Once Einstein said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” It’s true that the educators in America today take pride in giving rise to such improving education system that often seems adversarial. As per recent reports from Adobe study, Barriers to Creativity in Education, the initial source of global education were examined and found that the alignment of parents and educators can only foster students’ creativity that would help them progress further. There is no doubt that education is one of the biggest and also the most important element responsible behind the economic development and advancement of a population. It’s not only the American educators but also parents are now constantly making efforts to ensure that students must be driven by the innovation engine. For this, they have agreed that more requirements are to be met for nurturing creativity of the students by means of the education system.

Curriculums Must Aim to Introduce Creativity It’s quite obvious for students to get thwarted since the majority of them have a quest of doing more, and unfortunately, they are out of funds as well as necessary resources. However, 94% of the college educators have now started believing that they must do a lot more for introducing creativity in classrooms. Rather, what must take place now is a metamorphosis where college curriculums must emphasise

more on inspiring creative elements rather than accomplishing bureaucratic motives. The following reports reveal that education system is in want of CREATIVITY:

86% of the parents and educators believe that teaching creativity requires transformation in the way schools work


In the United States:


of the current system


doesn’t value creativity

45% role of other educators

reported that they

lack in resources

In the United Kingdom:

37% reported to be having lack of resources

In Germany:


47% role

reported to be having lack of resources

of other educators

51% role of other educators

In Australia:

44% reported to be having lack resources


So, What Should the key steps to promote & enhance Creativity in Education? New learning tools must be provided by the academic institutions so that the educators can make use of them to enhance creativity. This would help students enhance their creative skills. In UK, Australia and Germany, only 22% of the institutions are doing the same. The curriculum must be designed in such a manner that students can keep enhancing their creative skills with time. In other words, whether it’s a fulltime course or an online programme, the syllabus must comprise such elements that can give students the opportunity to utilise their intellect. Educational institutions must start reducing those mandates immediately that hinder creativity. For instance, books and blackboards must be substituted with computers, electronic whiteboards and social networking sites through which students will find their course curriculum more interesting and they would therefore take pleasure in completing their assignments in a creative manner. So, it’s evident that until educational institutions are taking initiatives to bring useful learning resources, students can never get the opportunity to enhance their creative powers. For this, educators as well as parents must have solid contributions, and then only students will fall in love with their course lessons.

Omission Of Traditional Learning Resources Can Make Students Creative  

The key to initiate quality education in classrooms is creativity. Therefore, new learning tools must be introduced with which students woul...

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