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Changing The World Through Online Education The world has become digital now and we are all the digital beings. In one hand, we cannot stay without our laptops and iPhones, and on the other hand, we rebuff the validity of online learning. Don’t you think it is actually a kind of hypocrisy on our part? Do you remember a day when you woke up and you were fully detached from your gadgets like your phone, television and computer? No, you don’t because it is not possible. We are actually quite impressed with the various technological advancements, but when it came to the education system, we all have taken a step behind. Why not we give online education a second thought and include it in our day-today life to see what exactly it has to offer to us?

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So, what exactly happens in a traditional classroom which an online learner can miss? Well, the answer is simple. The traditional classroom hours are generally 1 hour for a single lecture. Here, the learners pay attention to what the educator is lecturing for minimum 20-25 minutes. The time which is left is all wasted. But, in an online learning session, the lectures are based on video calling or online chats and these are of little time and are also very interesting. So, the time wasted is nil. Now, which one you think is more effective?

Snatch a stellar profession with an online degree in hand... Rarely you will open your eyes and go through the enewspaper without reading something about the MOOCs. There are many who believe that MOOCs are the future of education, while others are constantly refuting their expertise. Now, as commoners, whom should we trust? This is the question which may be on the minds of many, including the future learners. Let us get some idea from those who have already been a part of online learning: Mr. Lucas Moreira earned his MBA degree online from a reputed UK University. He believes that his online degree helped him to deliver more at his workplace. To quote Lucas, “I feel that studying my MBA has allowed me to introduce some new concepts to help drive the business forward and create growth. I feel that I have used the knowledge I gained (specifically from the Marketing module) to improve our business and sales.� (Source)

Stanley Popiir Kumbol, from Ghana, is an employee in Vodafone in Ghana and he earned an online degree in MSc Information Technology. He is very impressed with his online degree and he believes, “I have earned more recognition in the office, developed more independent thinking and have gained more knowledge in my field of work. The benefits of distance learning are the combination of still working and gaining higher academic qualifications. My qualification will give me promotion at work and I intend to do my PhD afterwards.�(Source) Like Lucas and Stanley, there are many other online learners who got benefited by their online education degree.

Higher demands for online degrees... The online degree courses are generally created for the busy learners. For instance, the learners with a job, a busy mother, or an entrepreneur, who wants to polish their knowledge about a particular genre and want to earn a higher education degree to support the same, are most likely to apply for an online course. Research has shown that there is an increase in the number of online learners in UK. Where in one hand, the enrolment of online learners are increasing, the age of the online learners are decreasing from 30s to mid 20s. The fact that online education is flexible as well as cost effective, candidates from all around the globe are applying for online degree courses of their choice.

Do not miss out on anything being an online learner... As perceived by many, online students miss out on a lot being an online learner. However, do you think it is true? They believe that online learners are lonely, they do not have any classroom experience, they even don’t get time to talk to their teachers, but it is all wrong.

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As an online learner, you will be on your own and your education will have full privacy. However, this doesn’t mean that you are alone. You can always interact with your online peers who are going through the same course. Also, you will be able to talk to your educators, who will be solely dedicated to you, on a one-to-one basis, which is actually much better than traditional classroom where one educator is responsible to take care of so many students. Hence, online degrees are no doubt changing the world. It has simply changed the way people used to get learned. It has

formed a quicker access to education and it has in turn benefited a lot of learners all around the globe. If you want to know more about its advantages, get an online degree for yourself and see how it acts as a ladder for you to make you reach the heights of success.

Changing the world through online education  

Online degrees have revolutionised education. Students can complete their degrees from home only without bothering to visit the campus.