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Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. Â What you have caught on film is captured forever ... It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten. ~ AARON SISKIND


HELLO & WELCOME! Thank you so much for your interest in my work! In the pages that follow you will find everything you need know about a portrait photography session with me. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any unanswered questions! BEFORE YOUR SESSION Once you decide to book a session, I would like to speak to you personally so I may hear about your family, along with what you envision for your portrait session. You will decide on the type of session, Portrait or Lifestyle (further described on page 7), as well location and time of day.  I am primarily an on-location photographer, meaning sessions are often held in a local park, a city attraction or at your own home.  A place that is meaningful to your family or that young children can enjoy are always good choices!  For lifestyle sessions, we will discuss what activities your family would love to engage in during our time together.   In regards to time of day, I will often recommend the hour or two before sunset in order to take advantage of the beautiful golden light at the end of the day.  This timing, however, may be too late for families with young children.  Most important is to choose a time that works well with your family's routine.  The most frequently asked question I receive before a session is regarding what to wear.  Have no fear!  A complete guide is provide on page 9. 

DURING YOUR SESSION This is where the fun happens! I will lead you through the session based on our previous discussion.  I often start my session with "together" poses where all family members are in the frame, both looking at the camera and interacting with each other.   It is important that parents simply follow my direction, rather than reinforcing my words with their children.  Following this, I will move towards capturing images of individual children, siblings, one parent with each child, and end with parents together as a couple. Throughout the session, I will be encouraging playfulness, joke-telling, conversation and cuddles.  I may ask you for your help behind the camera! - you know your children best, including how to inspire those sweet smiles and belly-laughs.  (NO "say cheese" PLEASE!)





AFTER YOUR SESSION Following your session, you will receive an online gallery displaying a set of carefully curated and enhanced images. From here, there are two options for making product selections.  You may choose to simply place your order online using the gallery.  Alternatively, I am available for a free, 1-hour consultation to answer any product-related questions and provide design advice for wall portraits and gallery displays.   Once I have confirmed  your order, your images will be delivered to you within a few days/weeks (depending on the type of product).   I truly look forward to meeting you and your family!

THE "NITTY GRITTY" DETAILS The session fee is due upon booking to reserve your date and is non-refundable. Should you need to reschedule due to illness or personal event, please let me know as soon as possible. Rescheduling due to weather is entirely at my discretion. Images will be presented approximately 3-4 weeks after your session date.  (SeptDec may be longer due to higher volumes).  Digital Images are available within one week following payment.  Prints are delivered within two weeks following payment. Books may take up to four weeks to arrive.  Be sure to book your date accordingly if you are hoping to have images in hand for a specific occasion.   Acceptable methods of payment are e-mail transfer (preferred) or cheque (PayPal and Credit Card will be coming soon!). I will use your images for marketing purposes (including but not limited to my website, blog, direct mail, social media, industry articles and image competitions) unless you specify otherwise.  Your family's privacy is important to me.  I will never use your name/image  or your child's name/image without your permission.  




I can’t tell you how thrilled both Ron and I were with all the beautiful images you provided us. As you well know, our boys are busy and still learning to take direction, so I wasn’t sure how on earth you were going to get any pictures!  But you perfectly captured their three distinct personalities and I love the way you caught multiple authentic moments, with us just being a family.  They are by far, my favourite.  I can’t wait to proudly display all of them at home.  Thanks again! ~ Audrey


Okay ... you've done it again. I'm in tears.  Happy tears of course.  Thank you so much for capturing these beautiful pics of my family.  I will cherish them for the rest of my life and they will help me to remember how special our days together at this stage of life were.  I want them all!     ~ Stacey



SESSIONS The session fee confirms the date and includes the time, experience, and commitment I bring to your session. It also includes a phone consultation prior to the session. It does NOT include any products

such as the prints and digital collections listed in the following pages. Travel within 25kms of Toronto and 50kms of Huntsville is included. PORTRAIT SESSION - $250

My approach for a portrait session is to plan a fun, relaxed family outing in a beautiful setting. The portrait session typically lasts approximately 1.5 hours, resulting in an online gallery with minimum number of 40 images from which to make your product selections. Portrait sessions will capture both traditional "posed" images  as well as fun and emotive moments that reveal family connections and individual personalities.   The session fee does not include product. Please see the following pages for product description and pricing.  

LIFESTYLE SESSION - $450 A lifestyle session is approximately three hours in length, allowing more time for a documentary approach in addition to portraiture. The goal of a lifestyle session is to capture the ordinary interactions and activities that tell your family's story.  Lifestyle sessions are ideal if you intend to capture an adventure, a much-loved family activity, a 'day-in-the-life' of your family, or if you'd like to visit multiple locations.  This session type is highly recommended for cottaging families.  Lifestyle sessions typical result in an online gallery of 80 images, as a minimum.  The above session fee does not include product.  Please see following pages for product description and pricing.  





STYLE GUIDE Some helpful tips on what to wear for your family session


Gone are the days of wearing identically matching outfits in family photography. Think instead of coordinating clothing by choosing pieces from a palette of three or four colours that complement each other.  Try to select timeless styles that are also comfortable, especially for young children.  Layers keep you warm in chillier months and also allow for variation in your look.   Avoid noticeable branding, lettering, or very “loud” patterns and broad stripes.  These can be distracting in a photograph, directing the viewer’s eye away from the main subject - your family!  You may decide to add pops of colour and small prints or patterns, but be sure to balance these with neutrals and solids.  Also stay away from really brightly coloured or neon shades near the face as these may cause what is called a "colour cast" or reflection of that colour reflection on the skin.  Keep in mind that I may be asking you to sit and potentially lie down on grass, so nothing too fancy is probably best!    Most importantly,  just be you!  Even if this means ignoring all of the above, because what matters most is creating a true, authentic reflection of you and your children that you will cherish.   NOMADIC




PRINTS Family photography is best enjoyed and cherished when it is printed and displayed in your home! As there are a multitude of product and sizing options available, the following is just a summary of the most popular printed products. If you are interested in an item not shown, please enquire! PAPER Images are printed on high quality photographic acid-free paper using the most advanced printing technology available, ensuring every aspect of the image is optimized. These prints come with a gorgeous professional lustre finish which has a semi-matte appearance and a mild "pebble" texture.  Prints larger than 8 x 10 will be mounted on white foamcore to protect them from warping. 5 x 7 8 x 10 11 x 14

$50 $75 $105

16 x 20 20 x 24

$150 $190

CANVAS Canvas wraps are a beautiful medium to display your portraits on a wall, either individually, or in a gallery collection. These  are made using high quality professional canvas media with 100% acid-free archival properties.   8 10 11 12

x x x x

10 10 14 12

$180 $200 $240 $250

16 x 20 20 x 20 20 x 24

$310 $350 $400

Do you need help with wall placement of your images, framing, or gallery wall installations? A one hour free consultation is included with your session!  Additional consults are available at a rate of $150 an hour.  





Kerry, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for an amazing experience with our photo session. You have been our designated photographer for four years and every year, once we get our pictures, we can't wait for the next one to come.  I am never worried how my demanding kids might be as you provide them with so much entertainment that they love it!  You always capture those special moments, which are so hard to catch, but you do.     We are forever grateful!  ~ Anna


I am BAWLING...Kerry these are so incredibly beautiful. You have captured us perfectly - I was crying/giggling with their little personalities coming shining through in their different expressions. I can't thank you enough for these.   I'll let you know which ones I choose - is it wrong to say all!??!  Wow, you are amazing.      THANK YOU.   ~ Sylvia


BOOKS &DIGITAL Your session will likely produce a series of images that, when presented together, tell your family's unique story or demonstrate a sequence in expression, emotion or action. The best way to show-off a thematic series of images is through a stunning, hardcover book!

THE STORYBOOK - $550 A beautiful custom designed 30 page, 11 x 13 coffee table book that creatively displays all the images from your session. The book is encased in a black linen hardcover with a laminated full-colour printed dust-jacket.  The pages are Premium Lustre, 100 lb. paper.  (A lifestyle session is highly recommended for this product!)

THE SOCIAL MEDIA MUST-HAVE - $250 Share and post to your heart's content! A full image set from your session sized especially for sharing online or viewing on your handheld devices. (Size is not suitable for printing).

DIGITAL IMAGE - $150 A single digital file from your session in high quality, full-resolution.





COLLECTIONS A collection is a bundle of our most popular products! In addition to included savings, a 25% discount is provided on wall prints and canvases. THE STORYBOOK COLLECTION - $650 An 11x13 custom-designed coffee table book and the social media must-have image set (all the images from your session sized for online sharing and viewing on your handheld devices - not suitable for printing)

THE SIMPLY DIGITAL COLLECTION - $950 | $1200 This collection consists of all the images from your session in high quality, full resolution. The portrait Simply Digital collection (40+ images) is offered at $950. The lifestyle Simply Digital collection (80+ images) is offered at $1200.  

THE FAMILY HEIRLOOM COLLECTION - $1450 | $1700 A coffee table book AND all the images from your session in digital format (both high and low resolution sets). Also included is an additional one-hour, in-home wall-art consultation.  Additional books are offered at $350 each with this collection.   The portrait family heirloom collection (40+ images) is offered at $1450. The lifestyle family heirloom collection (80+ images) is offered at $1700.




It is one thing to photograph people. It is another to make others care about them by revealing the core of their humanness. ~ PAUL STRAND




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Kerry Grogan Portrait Guide  
Kerry Grogan Portrait Guide  

A product and pricing brochure for family sessions and portraits created by Kerry Grogan, artist and portrait photographer serving Toronto a...