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The Peak of Good Living Apex, North Carolina

Voted #9 in “Top 100 Best Places to Live!” December 2013 – First Edition

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Historic District Sign, Downtown Apex

Read these circles to learn what Apex has to offer as the #9 ranked Best Place to Live in America!

About the Editor Hello, I’m Kerry-Ann Jenkins. When I was just one week old, my family moved down from Bethpage, New York to Apex, North Carolina. Growing up in Apex was great. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to grow up. I’m very passionate about my family and dance. After 17 years of living in Apex I moved to Greenville, North Carolina and am currently attending East Carolina University as an Interior Design major. In Apex, there are always plenty of family-friendly community events to attend so residents never get bored. I created this magazine because I want to share my love for Apex with other families. Apex is a town not everyone knows about and I would like for others to experience the beauty of it.

Me after graduation

My family and me

I hope you enjoy,

Kerry-Ann Jenkins During the Apex Christmas 3 Parade

In this Edition…

Downtown Apex

“The Peak of Good Living” is a magazine dedicated to families looking for a beautiful, family-friendly, community to live in. Our goal is to give you reliable information about all that Apex has to offer.

In this edition, we want readers to gain knowledge of the elements and principles of design in Apex. Getting to know the artistic side of things will help open your eyes to all of the town’s beauty. 4

Elements of Design 5

Line Curved

Line Horizontal Vertical

Curved Lines

Salem Street Promenade, Downtown Apex

CURVED LINES have a graceful effect on a room. Inside of Salem Street Promenade in Downtown Apex are lighting fixtures curved around a structural column and continued up around an air duct. Because the column is structural and can not be taken down, the curved line of lights makes the column look elegant so that it does not detract from the beauty inside of the building. Because the lights were continued up to the ceiling, it helps the eye to keep moving. 7

Horizontal Lines HORIZONTAL LINES have the ability to make a space look longer and give a feeling of relaxation. Inside the Recreation Center are horizontal lines along the floors, ceilings, and walls. The long horizontal tube on the ceiling elongates the hallway and the two tone horizontal bricks help the wall look longer and create a calm feeling. Family fun place! Recreation Center, Apex 8

Vertical Lines

Recreation Center, Apex

VERTICAL LINES give height, dignity, and enhance a structure. In this gazebo outside of the Recreation Center, the columns are the most important part to help create the height of it’s structure. The vertical lines in the railings not only help for decoration of the gazebo, but also to help balance out the height to it’s actual size. 9

Texture Implied Reflective Tactile


Implied Texture IMPLIED TEXTURE is only visual and does not actually have the feeling that is appears to have.

Salem Street Promenade, Downtown Apex

New stores!

Inside this store that is currently being remodeled, the walls are painted with a technique that creates texture. You would guess that it’s rough but it is actually smooth like regular drywall. 11

Reflective Texture REFLECTIVE TEXTURE reflects objects or light from light sources.

Rock Harbor Grill, Downtown Apex

Great places to eat!

Walking along downtown you will see restaurants with tables to sit outside. This table, for example, attracts attention because of it’s shine. 12

Tactile Texture

Tobacco & Mule Exchange, Downtown Apex

TACTILE TEXTURE is both visual and physical. Visual texture is the texture that you can actually see. Physical texture is the actual smoothness or roughness and brightness or dullness of an object. The outside of the Tobacco and Mule Exchange is a great example of both visual and physical texture. When you look at the bricks, it is easy to see that they appear to be rough. If you feel the bricks you would find that the way the bricks look is exactly how they appear to be, rough. You also have the ability to feel the grooves between the bricks. 13

Light Natural Soffit Task

Natural Lighting NATURAL LIGHTING can be provided from windows or skylights. Not only can it provide light, but it can affect the feeling of the space and save energy.

Places to play sports, have fun, and entertain!

Recreation Center, Apex

Inside the Recreation Center, big open windows provide lots of natural light to make it appear more open and refreshing.


Soffit Light

Salem Street Promenade, Downtown Apex

SOFFIT LIGHTING is lighting that is typically placed into ceilings and do not hang down. They are usually used to focus on a particular item in a space. Along this hallway that hosts multiple shops in Downtown Apex are soffit lights that are placed in between the walls and ceiling. These soffit lights project light onto the ceiling while still creating light in the rest of the space. The soffit lights here are also used to attract your attention to the beautiful wood paneling on the ceiling. 16

Task Light TASK LIGHTING is lighting that is essential when someone is trying to complete a specific activity that may require extra light in addition to general lighting. In this home in Apex, lighting is placed under the kitchen cabinets in order to provide extra light onto the countertops. Jenkins Residence, Apex


Color Complementary Monochromatic Neutral Palette


Sixpence Accents, Downtown Apex

COMPLEMENTARY COLORS are hues, or colors, directly across from each other on the color wheel. Outside of the Sixpence Accents storefront in downtown, the awnings and windows are painted green, while the door and the very top of the awning are painted red, green’s complementary color. The use of complementary colors is pleasing to the eye and attracts your eye to come into this lovely store. 19

Monochromatic MONOCHROMATIC COLORS are shades and tints derived from the same hue.

Common Grounds Coffeehouse, Downtown Apex

Cozy coffee shops!

At this table outside of a coffee shop in the downtown area, the design is made up of many different tiles with the same hue, red, but of different shades and tints. By using the same color, it creates a calm look to a busy, interesting pattern. 20

Neutral Palette

Peak City Grill & Bar, Downtown Apex

THE NEUTRAL PALETTE contains colors that are not bright and can go with anything, like grey or beige. The front of Peak City Grill & Bar is painted with only black and grey colors. By using the neutral colors, the restaurant looks classic and appealing making customers want to come eat here. 21

Space Positive Negative Territoriality

Positive and Negative Space POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE SPACE rely on each other when it comes to design. Positive space is where the actual object or subject is while negative space is the area which lies around the positive space. For example, Apex High School has a lot of positive and negative space. The building itself, trees, and grass are the positive space while the concrete, open archway, and parking lot are the negative spaces.

Apex High School, Apex 23

Positive and Negative Space AS MENTIONED PREVIOUSLY, POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE SPACE rely on each other. Another example would be outside of this spa in Downtown Apex. The black part of the design, which contains shapes similar to a holly, is the positive space while the clear part, which shows the window is the negative space. Syeni Salon & Spa, Downtown Apex


Territoriality Space


It’s a safe place!

Apex Volunteer Fire Department, Downtown Apex

area that one claims to be their own. Here in the Apex Fire Station, the firemen claim their own space by placing items such as jackets in the space near the trucks in case of emergency. 25

Shape Abstract Geometric Natural

Abstract Shape

Koka Booth Amphitheater, Cary, NC

ABSTRACT SHAPES are shapes that are not identified as something specific like how a square is recognized as a square. Right outside of Apex is a town known as Cary. Just like Apex, it hosts plenty of family-friendly events. Here at Koka Booth Amphitheater, there are many abstract shapes. At this particular structure there is an interesting roof not only to look at and enjoy, but to shade the deck from sunlight. 27

Geometric Shape

Apex Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Apex

GEOMETRIC SHAPES are common shapes such as squares, triangles, etc. At the old train station now housing The Apex Chamber of Commerce is a hexagon made out of bricks on the concrete leading up to the station. By adding this simple hexagon to the concrete, it attracts attention to an otherwise plain and boring area of concrete. 28

Natural/Organic Shape

NATURAL/ ORGANIC SHAPES are shapes that have a natural flow like a plant or object in nature. Here at this bench in downtown the arm rails have ornamentation that have a natural look to it. This ornamentation gives a plain bench some excitement and beauty.

Downtown Apex


Form Abstract Geometric Natural

Abstract Form ABSTRACT FORMS are forms that are similar to certain objects, but made to look unique.

Downtown Residence, Downtown Apex

Here this old tree was cut down and constructed to look like a bench. This bench is abstract because it is unique and the other benches in Apex do not look like this one. 31

Geometric Form GEOMETRIC FORMS contain shapes like triangles, rectangles, hexagons, etc. Outside of Zdenek Law Firm, the building has a triangular roof, a rectangular door, rectangular windows, rounded front, and a diamond air vent. Here the geometric form helps make the building look orderly and pleasing. Zdenek Law Firm, Downtown Apex


Natural Form

Jenkins Residence, Downtown Apex

NATURAL FORMS are derived from nature. Here outside this home are natural forms.


Principles of Design

Balance Structural Symmetry Structural Radial Symmetry Visual Radial Symmetry


Structural Symmetry

Halle Center, Downtown Apex

STRUCTURAL SYMMETRY is evident if you were to split and fold along an imaginary line in the middle of the structure, then both sides would lie directly on top of each other. The Halle Center in Downtown Apex is a perfect example of structural symmetry. If you were to draw an imaginary line and fold it, the door, windows, arches, and columns would lie on top of each other. The use of structural symmetry makes the building stand out. 36

Structural Radial Symmetry

Downtown Apex

STRUCTURAL RADIAL SYMMETRY is circular balance. If you think of structural shapes that could be radial, spheres, are a common idea. The shape of Apex’s water tower is a sphere which gives it radial symmetry. The posts that hold up the water tower are also evenly placed on the sides to make a circle. 37

Visual Radial Symmetry

9/11 Memorial, Downtown Apex

VISUAL RADIAL SYMMETRY is symmetrical balance around an image or object. The 9/11 Memorial in Downtown Apex for first responders that helped during the 9/11 attack is a perfect example of visual radial symmetry. The brick benches and bricks placed around the memorial stone make a circular pattern. If you were to split the bricks from the clock down to the bike rail/light post, everything would lie directly on top of each other.


Harmony Variety Through Color


Unity Through Color


Variety Through Color VARIETY THROUGH COLOR is created by using different colors throughout an area. Most storefronts in Downtown Apex are painted different colors in order to define the store as it’s own. This creates interest throughout downtown.

Downtown Apex


Unity Through Color

Anna’s Pizzeria, La Rancherita’s, and The Rusty Bucket, Downtown Apex

UNITY THROUGH COLOR is created by using the same color throughout an area. Anna’s Pizzeria, La Rancherita’s, and The Rusty Bucket are examples of the storefronts that are painted the same color. Each of these building fronts are painted the same color, red, but are defined by their names above. By painting the fronts red, it creates a different yet pleasing look to the downtown area. 41

Unity Through Repetition

UNITY THROUGH REPETITION creates a sense of togetherness.

Apex Baptist Church, Downtown Apex

Here at Apex Baptist Church in Downtown Apex, the archways are repeated along the building making it look uniform and put together.

Emphasis Visual Focal Point Structural Focal Point


Visual Focal Point

Tobacco & Mule Exchange, Downtown Apex

VISUAL FOCAL POINTS automatically attract your eye to look directly at them. At Tobacco & Mule Exchange, your eye is directed towards this ceiling. This hallway contains wooden walls and wooden floors so this shiny geometric shaped ceiling stands out compared to the rest of the room. This visual focal point adds elegance to an otherwise rustic area. 44

Structural Focal Point

Apex Baptist Church, Downtown Apex

STRUCTURAL FOCAL POINTS are accents on a particular part of a structure to make it stand out. In Downtown Apex, the Apex Baptist Church has a strong structural focal point. If you were to walk up to the church you would be able to see the tall tower which draws your eye to come towards the building. Not only is the building tall, but the roof has a triangular form which helps point to the tower. The oversized arches also help lead the eye towards the tower. 45

Massing Actual Density Optical Density


Actual Density ACTUAL DENSITY is the actual solidity and weight of a form. The building of this private school is constructed out of the same color bricks which gives it it’s weight. Besides the doorway, the building lacks much negative space which adds to it’s weight making it appear to be as heavy as it actually is. Thales Academy, Apex


Optical Density OPTICAL DENSITY is a form

Moe’s Southwest Grill, Haddon Hall Commons, Apex

that includes material that may not be solid, but still appears to be heavy. This fountain appears to be very heavy because of the bricks which enclose the actual water and the water spouting up, but if you removed the water then all it would be is negative space. This negative space would make it appear lightweight making it evident that the water is just an illusion.

More food! 48

Rhythm Climatic Repetitive Transitional

Climatic Rhythm

Apex Outfitter & Board Exchange, Downtown Apex

CLIMATIC RHYTHM involves having opposing shapes or patterns directly next to each other in a given space. At this store in Downtown Apex, the clothes pop out from the brick walls and your eye continues to move along all of the clothing because each article of clothing has a different cut, color, or pattern. 50

Repetitive Rhythm

Raleigh North Carolina Temple, Apex

REPETITIVE RHYTHM is created by continuously repeating a design or architecture. At Raleigh North Carolina Temple, the outside of the building uses a consistent pattern of circles and lines equally spaced throughout the front and sides of the building. This creates an even, visually appealing look along the entire building. 51

Transitional Rhythm

Places to work!

Liberty Station, Apex

TRANSITIONAL RHYTHM keeps the eye moving. At the Liberty Station directly outside of Downtown Apex, the continuous striped patterns on the awnings keep the eye moving all the way along the building. By using the same pattern and colors on the awnings, the building appears to be endless and longer than it really is.


Proportion Proportional Space Un-Proportional Space


Proportional Space

Peak City Grill & Bar, Downtown Apex

PROPORTIONAL SPACE includes objects that are proportionate with the space and everything around and in it. At Peak City Grill & Bar, the outdoor patio space is proportionate. For the servers there is enough space to walk around to serve each individual at each table. The table and chairs are also spread evenly throughout the room and not in one contained area. 54

Un-Proportional Space

The Ice Cream Shop, Downtown Apex

UN-PROPORTIONAL SPACE includes objects that do not fill the space up correctly. In downtown, The Ice Cream Shop has an ice cream cone on the door that takes up all of the space and doesn’t leave enough negative space. This disproportionate cone doesn’t leave a lot of room for light to come in through the glass door, but attracts your attention to come into the store and buy ice cream. 55

Scale Human Symbolic


Human Scale

Flaunt Boutique, Downtown Apex

HUMAN SCALE refers to the size that is compatible to a typical human size or height. In this display for Flaunt Boutique, mannequins that are of the right size to a human are used to show what the clothes will look like on an individual. If it weren’t for these human sized mannequins then shoppers might not stop in and try on the clothes. They visually make the clothing appeal to buyers compared to seeing something only on a rack. 57

Symbolic Scale SYMBOLIC SCALE represents something in a different, yet recognizable way, like a different size. At this art studio, symbolic scale is used on paint brushes. Unlike ordinary brushes, these are extremely large to attract people walking by to this amazing art gallery but people are still able to know what they are. Studio 123, Apex


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Kerry-Ann Jenkins F13 ECU  
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