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Editorial Article by Kit Davis and Jessica Bolton, editors

Day in and day out, seniors have the tendency to complain in the hopes that it may possibly make a difference, but the reality is it won’t. We are told that the future is in our hands now, and to be honest, that is one of the scariest thing I have ever heard. Being overloaded with school work, jobs, college applications, and projects, not to mention precious hours of sleep, is more than enough to drive anybody crazy. In fact, studies show it may actually be. Stress is linked to depression, anxiety, and cognitive impairment, which isn’t helpful to anybody’s situation. Throw in some pressure from friends, family, and educators and you’ve created a recipe for the worst cake ever. So, how do we eradicate the stresses of senior year? Great question! The answer is, you don’t. There will always be things to stress about, whether its exams, college, jobs, financial, or family issues. The best way to cope would be to take a deep breath, relax, and manage your time as needed. Understand that this problematic situation in your life will eventually go away, just hang in there. If you become too overwhelmed, I suggest talking to someone you trust. Talking about your problems with other people can help you get what you need off your chest and help you come up with a solution. Senior year is full of memories and celebration, don’t let the stress control you. Beat it by working hard and allowing yourself the time to see what all the fuss about.


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When you’re a freshman, you view your senior year as easy peasy lemon squeezy, but it is actually difficult difficult lemon difficult. Senior stress is real. So real, in fact that most seniors about this time of year are running around in a frenzy trying to apply for scholarships, pay for cap and gown, and making preparations for being on their own for the first time.


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YOU to kn o w NEED

January Events 2nd Lady Antler Basketball vs Marble Falls 5th Antler Basketball vs Boerne Champion 8th Beginning of 4th 6 weeks 9th Antler Basketball vs Seguin Air Force @ Lunch 11th Antler Soccer Tournament 12th Lady Antler Basketball vs Lockhart

15th School Holiday 16th Lady Antler Basketball vs Dripping Springs 19th Antler Basketball vs Alamo Heights 23rd Lady Antler vs Medina Valley 26th Antler Basketball vs Marble Falls Antler Soccer vs Autin Kipp 30th Lady Antler Basketball vs Champion Lady Antler Soccer vs Dripping Springs

February Events 2nd Lady Antler Basketball vs Seguin Antler Soccer vs Alamo Heights

9th Antler Soccer vs Marble Falls Lady Antler Golf Tour. vs Ingram

6th Antler Basketball vs Lockhart Lady Antler Soccer vs Medina Valley Antler Golf Tour. vs Ingram

13th Lady Antler Soccer vs Champion 16th Lady Antler Soccer vs Seguin

9th Antler Basketball vs Dripping Springs

16th End of 4th 6 weeks

What made you decide to come to work here? “I know Junior Air Force ROTC, and I had just retired in September, I heard about the opening here at Tivy, so I said ‘let me put my name in for consideration’. I know Tivy has a great unit, and has great leaders, and a great community.” Did you go to school or grow up here? If so, how has the school changed? If not, where are you from and what brought you to Kerrville? “My wife is actually from Kerrville, and her mom and dad are still here, so that’s the local tie for us. In fact, my wife was a graduate of 1987, she was the first Tivy mascot. She was the first one, they built the costume for her. I lived here before I went on active duty.” What are your hobbies or interests? “For me, its family stuff. When I’m not here working with the cadets, and students, I’m usually with my family. We like to go to the gym, and like to go out to eat, which is why we go to the gym.” How did you become invested in the JROTC program? “I knew about the program. I was in Navy JROTC when I was in high school for a couple of years. I knew a little bit about the program, but that was way back in 1987.” What peaked your interest in the JROTC program when you were in high school? “I liked the teamwork, I liked the sense of family, and I liked the sense of community with the cadets. They all knew each other well. We were a team. I saw the value in what they were teaching and how they taught it.” If you could give Tivy students one piece of advice, what would you say? “I would say, stay in school, and do your absolute very best. I always tell the students “say you take a test and you make an 85, but you go home, and look at yourself in the mirror and say ‘I got an 85, but I could have gotten a 95’ then you didn’t do your personal best.”



What do you see in the future of the Tivy JROTC program? “We have a great program here at Tivy, but I want to help the senior cadet staff to do more and reach the goals they set. Our goals as instructors and teachers is to help them reach their goals.” What do you expect from the students enlisted in the program? “I think really two things, to have a good attitude, and to wear this uniform proudly. If you are willing to do those two things, then you are welcome in this program.” Are you emotionally invested in any shows? “I don’t watch a lot of TV, I don’t have time usually, but I kind of like Jeopardy, actually. I see how smart a lot of these people are, and if I could ever answer half the questions I would feel like, ‘oh hey! I’m doing pretty good!’ I haven’t done it yet, but I’m going to keep trying.”

4 4

a t t o “I g go Back to School” Article by Jason Cantu

Tivy, as with any other high school, has its fair share of alumni who return to the halls of their Alma Mater from time to time. Every student who walks through the front doors of Tivy leaves with memories and experiences; some good, some bad. Several alumni, some who still wander the halls, offered up their thoughts and stories about what it was like being an Antler.

Off. Paul Gonzales Campus Resource Officer

Tivy Class of 1993

How was Tivy back in the day? What was different about it, and how much has Tivy Culture changed? “High School was located at the Hal Peterson Middle School campus. Old school…no cell phones on campus, just the passing of notes. Bag phones were popular, but hard to carry. Campus had a Northside and [a] Southside hangout zones. Driver’s ED across the street from the school.” Were you friends with any of the teaching staff back then in School? “Not sure you would call it friends, maybe school career acquaintances. Some of which are still teaching … Congrats, Coach Palmer!” Did you think you’d be back at Tivy? “Not a clue, even though I always wondered what it would be like to be back in high school. Now, I’m living it.”

Mrs. Becky Likin English teacher Debate/Mock Trial

Tivy Class of 1994

What was your favorite school memories in Tivy? “My favorite memories at Tivy were being on the Volleyball team. I loved everything about it- the bus trips, the camaraderie, and especially am fond of back when I could jump high enough to smack the ball down in the opponents face! I enjoyed Jessica (Ellis) Fiero playing on the back line firing up the team and yelling at everybody - just like she does today! I also loved being able to go off campus for lunch! We had about 50 minutes for lunch then and cold quickly leave school and grab some decent tasting food. It was something to look forward to right in the middle of every day.” Did you think you’d be back at Tivy as a teacher? “I never imagined I would be back at Tivy teaching - not in a million years - but God has a way of placing us exactly where we are supposed to be and it’s exactly where I never knew I always wanted to be!”

Ms. Michelle Yanez

Tivy Class of 2004

Gov’t teacher

What was Tivy like back in the day? What was different about it, and how much has Tivy culture changed? “I was the first class to graduate from the new school. So, when I was at the old high school, we had open campus. Obviously, all the students loved it. I could go to Stars Drive In or McDonald’s for lunch and be back in time for 5th period. Our schedules were also different when I went here. We were on block schedules, so we would have I think only five or six periods a day and an A day and B day- we would rotate out. For whatever reason, I always hated my B Days (my A days had my history and psychology classes I so loved going attending). I do not think the culture has changed. The Tivy spirit is just as strong now as it was when I was in school. Maybe we played more pranks back then on rival schools. Fredericksburg and Tivy had a pretty big rivalry and our schools used to play pranks on one another; especially in dealing with one another’s mascot- they are the Billy Goats.” Were you friends with any of the teaching staff when you were in school? “I don’t know if I would use the word friends, but I would often go seek Mr. Clarkson out during lunch or to make up hours. He was a good support system for me my senior year of high school. I was a mess that year. He let me lead the journalism class one time in taking a left brain/ right brain quiz one time. Mrs. Putnam, even though I had never taken art, would let me make-up hours my senior year (yes I had to make up hours my senior year). I loved Ms. Utter, even though she is not here anymore. She really taught me the responsibility of voting.”

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keeping it sweet for Tivy

1928 Tivy’s 1st Football team

1936 Scrappy

1894 Tivy’s 1st Graduating Class

1945 Senior trek up Tivy Mountain

1938 Tivy’s new building (next to Central Offices)

1952 TIvy HS (where BTW now stands)

Article by Tatler Staff Webster’s dictionary defines tradition as “an inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior.” Every school has memorable trademarks that influence the student body’s spirit, and few have been around long enough for generations of graduates to remember. Tivy is one of the few schools in Texas that has been around for a long time, and with that comes inherited traditions that stand the test of time. Our alma mater is one that has been with us for about as long as the school has existed as well as our motto of “Tivy Fight Never Dies.” Back in the good ol’ days, it was tradition for everyone to wear blue and gold on Fridays to show school spirit. Today, we do themed Fridays, and students and faculty alike take part in dressing up to show Tivy pride. Many of the faculty members and parents of students who attended Tivy look back with fond memories. Watching other students practice all of the same things is a huge throwback, but what about the lost traditions that have faded away? We asked Tivy alumni about what traditions they missed most from when they were here and what

“It was unpleasant. Lots of dead deer and goats involved.” -Mr. Clarkson were their favorites. Mrs. Bessie Fifer was Tivy’s front office secretary for years. She retired two years ago, but can still be found on campus as a substiture. Mrs. Fifer graduated from Tivy in 1776. Fifer said that on Fridays of every home game, there would be a parade downtown. The parade route ran from where Jack-in-the-Box is now to the star down on Water Street. She also said that their pep rallies were always at the end of the school day, instead of in the morning. and sports for girls didn’t start until the 1970s. Some of the best traditions she said Tivy had was the

1967 - new building on Sidney Baker 1991 Power Puff football game

1980 Tivy’s 1st Swim Team

1970 TFND alive and well

1987 Tivy’s 1st Soccer Team

2018 Tivy’s 124th Graduating Class

bonfire and rivalries with Fredricksburg and Uvalde. Mrs. Darcy Presley, who currently teaches in our social studies department, graduated from Tivy in 1985. For her, some of the most memorable events were the tradition of a bonfire before the district game and the Homecoming Parade on the day of the game. That day “we got out of school early.” According to Presley, the school song has changed (the tempo changed at the end), they had off-campus lunch, and they had blue and gold spirit days on Friday. They also had the Antlerettes, twirlers, no air conditioning in the school, and Senior skip day after their pilgrimage up Tivy Mountain.

Mr. Austin Clarkson, a graduate from 1991, teaches in our English department. He said that one of Tivy’s biggest football rivals was with the Fredricksburg Billies. Clarkson said that the rivalry over time had become “was out of control.” He didn’t mention anything specific but said, “It was unpleasant. Lots of dead deer and goats involved.” We don’t play the Fredricksburg Billies anymore, so we don’t have to worry about anymore dead deer and goats. Clarkson does like some of the new traditions that Tivy has added. In particular, our Special Olympics pep rally. He said, “I like the Special Olymic pep rally. We didn’t have that.”

Some traditions, however, are still here after many years. The Golden Girls, cheerleaders, band, and Friday football games remain (it is Texas after all). A few traditions remain but have changed in some way. We still have a homecoming parade but it’s now Thursday before the game. The bonfire used to be a big deal, but it’s not really a thing anymore. We “light the T” instead of an actual fire. On Fridays we have themes to help us show our school pride instead of it being blue and gold every Friday.

Over the many decades that Tivy has been around, traditions have come and gone and some have changed. However, many of our traditions have remained the same for generations. This year’s Seniors will be the 124th graduating class for Tivy. That’s over 124 years of tradition and one thing is for sure around here, TFND is here to stay for generations to come.


e k a M a Article by Cassandra Soe. Photos by Molly Murphy & Cassandra Soe.

Along with cold weather and runny noses, the months of second six weeks brought Tivy high school two events which pertain to two outstanding people, Zach Reyna and Kevin Laue. Firstly, Unity Day, which was brought to Tivy by school counselor Dr. Young, introduced students to the likes of motivational speaker and basketball player, Kevin Laue. Laue, was chosen by Dr. Young to speak at Tivy because she felt that he best represented a culmination of different handicaps that other students at Tivy can relate to. “Laue comes from a split home, his left arm ends just below his elbow, and he had a very difficult time with learning in school,” informs Dr. Young. Despite the many obstacles that he was faced with, Laue attended Manhattan College, playing college basketball for the team, until he graduated after 3 years. Dr. Young was keen on introducing the national event to Tivy high school, “Unity Day is a day for schools to come together against bullying.” Tivy adopted indoctrinated its own Unity Day spinoff project-students wrapped yarn around different poles representing different qualities or information about them- which according to Doctor Young, “brought a physical representation to the things that make us all different.” The Unity Day project continues to stand outside the cafeteria doors, a reminder of a day when Tivy stood together, without prejudice, as more than individual students. The second event, is the Make-A-Wish campaign, which has been a tradition at Tivy for a long three years. The objective of Make-A-Wish is to grant the wish of children with serious illnesses. Macy’s has teamed up with the Make-A-Wish foundation in the form of its Letters to Santa initiative since 2003. For every letter written to Santa, Macy’s will donate one dollar to the Make-A-Wish foundation. Zach Reyna, who was the recipient of such a wish, had a desire to give back to others, and instilled Make-A-Wish right here at Tivy. Dr. Young adds that, “Letters to Santa has grown to other local places like Schreiner, and the other schools in the

district.” A competition between all four grades ensued, as to which grade could write the most letters. The class of 2019 won this year., along with the previous year. Last year, Tivy high school wrote 19,131 letters, with KISD in total writing 24,176. This year, Tivy has surpassed that figure, all by its lonesome, with a total of roughly 33,000 letters, almost double what the student body wrote last year. The area schools in total, wrote 42,251 letters. Both events helped to bring out the best qualities in the community-when asked to unite under a common cause, people across the district answered the call and united together to support causes dedicated to helping other people.

grant a wish, change a life

By The Numbers: Tally Elementary = 1,051 Letters Starkey Elementary = 677 Letters Nimitz Elementary = 593 Letters Daniels Elementary = 948 Letters BT Wilson 6th Grade = 3,351 Letters Hal Peterson MS = 2,172 Letters Schreiner University = 450 Letters Area Districts = 1,073 Letters Tivy High School = 32,206 Letters Total Number of Letters for Make a Wish Foundation = 42,251


Article and photo by Kit Davis & Jessica Bolton, editors

In a perfect world, nothing gets in the way of how you do your job and every day runs smoothly. Unfortunately, this is hardly ever the case. With every job you get, you are bound to collect a few stories. Teaching is one of the professions that guarantee you to walk away with tons of stories that will stick with you for a really long time. These stories are diverse, ranging from inspirational, to funny, to cringe worthy.

Mr. Cook

Mrs. Portillo

“I knew a young man, he was a manager on the basketball team, and a mentor of mine, one of the coaches said one time that people were talking about their heroes and who their mentors were and he mentioned this student’s name was his hero, so I got to talking to him. “Why was that? Why did it make such an impression on him?” well, the coach knew that the manager worked evenings at a grocery store, stocking shelves and stuff and he would always work a late shift after basketball. Come to find out, his parents had abandoned them, basically. So there were teenage kids and this student has been in the house raising his siblings for two years. He kept it a total secret for two years because he was worried about the state separating the siblings.”

“I was helping a student at my desk one time, and there came this commotion from a group in the back corner of the classroom. They started getting louder and I didn’t know what they were doing. They had gathered all the change they had in their pockets to pay a kid $2.50 to eat a spider, and he did. He showed them the spider on his tongue, so yeah. They did that.” “This kid had brought a cake into class, and he asked if he could go find something to cut it with Later, he came back across campus with a huge butcher knife from culinary arts, and he was followed by the campus police and some administrators asking me why I was allowing him to get a butcher knife. Well, I didn’t, and he didn’t even ask the culinary arts teacher, he just pulled it out because he knew it was there. It was innocent, but it was kind of creepy. “

Mrs. Presley

Mrs. Hayes

“At Floresville, there was a bomb threat and everyone thought it was a joke, but it turned out there was a real bomb on campus so we evacuated the entire campus way out and the bomb squad came and diffused it. Someone made a handmade pipe bomb. The only way we found out was that they used a pay phone to call and tell somebody.”

“When I was teaching in El Paso, I was driving down the highway and I happened to glance over and there is a car, on the freeway, where the kid is sitting outside the widow of the car and holding on to a mattress on top of the car. So there was a kid on each side of the car. I started yelling “Y’all need to get back in the car!” It was just the craziest thing I had ever seen. The next day at school, one of the students came up to me and said, “Hey miss, you were yelling at us to get back in the car.” And I said “what? That was me?”

Coach Roach “I had my classroom in the A wing, and , my first year teaching, I looked outside the window and I saw a student of mine, he was absent, and he was chasing a Turkey, and then he got in trouble with the school cop.” [Mrs. Wren has confirmed this story to the Tatler staff.]

Ms. Gawryzski “I did have a student and he wasn’t paying attention, and he was tapping his pen. It was a red pen, and he broke the end off of it, and he was slinging red ink everywhere. It was going on him. The wall, on a girl behind him, and all of the sudden [the girl] yelled, ‘Stop!’, and has says ‘what?’ and she has ink all over her and she said, ‘It’s all over you too.’ He didn’t even know it was all over the wall, all over the desk. It was everywhere.”

Coach Hale “They gave me a bull horn to clear the halls at Roosevelt. I walked around the halls making barnyard animal noises to drive the kids out of my hallway. I would get really close the kids and make animal noises. I also made the most annoying noise on earth from “dumb and dumber”, and I would sing old McDonald. I was obnoxious.”

Mrs Nouri “So, my first year of teaching, which was 2001, I was working at a school in Fort Worth, and that was when 9/11 happened. Right after 9/11 the school decided to hold a blood drive. I had never given blood before, but I was feeling really patriotic, so I said, ‘I’m going to go to this blood drive’. At the time, I was much smaller than I am now, and I barely met the weight criteria for giving blood. I gave my pint of blood, and I got up and promptly passed out in the high school library, peed on myself in front of students, teachers, and administrators. It was so incredibly humiliating, I couldn’t even drive myself home. A parent had to drive me home while the daughter followed, and they had to get me into my house. “

Coach Taylor “One day I was up teaching (an awesome lesson I’m sure) when I saw a quiet kid in the back of the room who never said a word hold up his spiral notebook to show me something he had written. It took me a second to read what it said, but I realized that he had written, “Your fly is down.” I took a quick look to see if in fact it was down, DEFINITELY was. At that point a lot of the kids figured out what was going on and started to laugh; meanwhile, as nonchalantly as I could, I walked over to my desk, sat down, zipped up, and kept on teaching until all the kids started laughing. We all had a good laugh and the kids never let me live it down.”

Coach Kniffen This girl was on JV, she wasn’t very good, and when she was at practice, she would always bring practice down. She was kind of dingy, always in the wrong place. Whenever somebody would hit the ball, she would walk right in front of it. She couldn’t come to practice because she had salsa dancing, so I said, “Okay, that’s fine.” She later said that they had two weeks until their state competition, and I said, Okay, so you’ll be at practice every Tuesday and Thursday.” She came back in the next day and said, that they qualified for nationals, and that will be next week. So, she misses practice for another week. Then the next week she wasn’t at practice, so I called her mom. Her mom says, “She doesn’t go to salsa dancing, I have no idea where she’s been.” She made all of this up and we don’t know where she has been all this time. There was always an intricate story about why she couldn’t go to practice. We would talk about it was going and her routine, partners and the coach, all these details that she just made up. It sounded so believable.


Humans of Tivy By Santos ‘Jason’ Cantu & Ashley ‘Sasha’ Garces

In this issue of the Tivy Tatler, the staff decided to highlight the traditions of the fellow students here at Tivy High School. The big question posed:

“What are your long family traditions during your favorite holidays?”

Q &A Mrs. Harmon Staff

Christmas: For nearly ten years, they’ve picked names out of a Santa hat for Secret Santa gifts.

Billy Hernandez Junior 4th of July: Family buys fireworks and goes to Louise Hayes park to light them. Halloween: Family dresses up as ninjas while he wears an alien costume. Go trick-or-treat in San Antonio.

Frida Cadena Junior

Christian Basquez Sophomore

Christmas & New Year’s: Family goes to Mexico for a huge party with other family that live there.

Thanksgiving: Meets up with cousins, bakes and cooks with them. Christmas: Family goes to church

Gabriela Salazar Junior Dia del los muertos: We remember the loved ones that are no longer with us.

Coach Hale Staff Labor day: Family throws confetti onto bushes and eats ravioli.

Karson Valverde Junior Thanksgiving: Goes to his cousin’s house and repeats his exciting ventures. Christmas: Hangout with family, open gifts, eat lots of food, and play games

Cripps Here are five ways to help fund your college education. FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is open. Check your school’s deadlines for priority consideration. All senior students considering 2 or 4 year schools should fill out the FAFSA. If you need help contact Mrs. Cripps. Don’t delay – financial aid money will run out, so get your FAFSA filed immediately.

Tivy College & Career Center

The scholarship season is getting into full swing. Stop by the College & Career Center or visit our website at for information regarding scholarships. Make it a habit to come in weekly so you don’t miss a scholarship opportunity.


So you’ve been accepted into college, but how do you pay for it?

THS Local Scholarship Application

How do these applications work exactly? Beginning in January, be sure to come by the College & Career Center at least weekly to check out the signup sheets for local scholarship opportunities. If you see a scholarship that seems like a good match, add your name to the list and Mrs. Cripps will take care of the rest. Our community is extremely generous, awarding over two million dollars in scholarship money to Tivy seniors last year. If you haven’t already turned in your Local Scholarship Application to Mrs. Cripps, it’s not too late!

Text Alerts & Follow Mrs. Cripps on Social Media

Please sign up to receive text alerts from Mrs. Cripps regarding scholarships, testing, college planning, career planning, etc. You can text @thscripps to 81010 to get up to date information via text, and also follow the Tivy College & Career Center on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @tivyhigh.

College Specific Scholarships

Be sure to check your college’s website for scholarship opportunities as each school has their own deadlines and requirements. You don’t want to miss out on scholarship opportunities, so be diligent with your research.


Seniors sing alma mater at first pep rally of the year.

Culinary makes pies with Jerry Millette.


German Club helps clean up our highways.

Great job in


Ugly Sweater Day

Drumline gets the crowd going

Fall Semester in Photos

Volleyball makes playoffs!

Disney Da y

Mrs. Cowar

t returns!

Heather VanOrsdale shows her holiday spirit.

Region Honor Orchesta

Cheer and Scrappy p erform

Our Superhero staff

at pep ra lly

Antler Games Article by Brenda Luna, Photo by Ashley Garces

through their scores.

Glued to their seats the crowd watches the scoreboard intensely, it’s a close game. The buzzer ends the game, and the crowd cheers with excitement, Tivy has won the game. This year Tivy’s athletic department could not be any prouder of all there athletes.

Tivy’s basketball and golf team have now started their season, meaning that the season of cheering on our fellow athletes isn’t over it is only the beginning.

Tivy’s football team has had such a great season. The junior varsity team ended their season with a 41-6 win against Lockhart, locking their undefeated 10-0 score in district. The community could not be prouder of the JV team., not only did JV succeed with their wins. Tivy’s Varsity team made it to district. Their final score was 6-1, with scores of 66-7 against Crockett, 20-17 against Victoria West, and finally 24-31 against Calallen. Tivy’s football team has done an incredible job this season and here’s to next season. Tivy’s Lady Antler Volleyball team made it to regionals. The scores for the game were 3-1 against Seguin, 3-0 against Gregory-Portland, and 0-3 against Corous Christi Tuloso-Midway. Not only did they make it to regionals but they also became the first team since 1977 to play in Class 3A for a chance to win the regional title. These ladies have worked exceptionally hard and it was shown

Basketball games have now commenced. The Lady Antlers started the season with a win against Fredericksburg 69-27. As for the Antlers they have also begun their season with a win against the Holy Cross 90-46. The community can expect great things from Tivy’s basketball team. The golf team has also been working hard, the girls shot 405 to win first place team, Melody Vinson shot 95 for fifth place, and Sarah Ortiz shot 85 to win first place medalist. The boys team shot 319 to win second place team with Tanner Collins shot 74 for fourth place medalist. Congratulations to all the Tivy athletes, coaches, and the staff for their wonderful season. As the new season begins, good luck to all!

“I am very proud of our student/athletes. They have been successful both on and off of the field or court this year. We have outstanding students in our athletic department that represent us very well. It is difficult to handle the time it takes to work on your sports and also on your academics. The athletes at Tivy do this very well. I am extremely proud of our successes this year.” - Coach David Jones


Tivy Tatler Vol. V Issue 2  

Traditions Issue Student created news magazine of Tivy High School

Tivy Tatler Vol. V Issue 2  

Traditions Issue Student created news magazine of Tivy High School