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Action packed stag weekend ideas To say goodbye to bachelorhood and say hello to married life, nothing could possibly work better than a wonderful stag party. Planning a great stag party is actually a wonderful opportunity not only for the groom to be to have a blast, but for the friends to get together and have a blast at the same time. There are plenty of ideas for these parties. Here are some amazing and rocking stag weekend ideas. 1.The usual clubbing and partying all night long with friends is a great way to spend the weekend. Choosea great place, and make sure the groom doesn’t drink too much and do something that he might regret in the morning. 2.If you want to have a quite party, then a theme party thrown in a friend’s house, with several surprises for the stag makes for super fun stag weekend ideas. You could theme the party as superheroes, pirates, devils, cavemen, convicts, etc. 3.You could make the party weekend long and you could always ensure that you have some good outdoorsy sports such as hiking, swimming, boating, sailing, scuba diving, etc, for everyone. Theseare just some stag weekend ideas; however you can add and make the party as personal as you wish it to be. However, always remember that when you are thinking of your stag weekend ideas incorporate the venue, people who are coming, budget, accommodations, themes, costumes, games, and other things. It is these small things that are going to make the party a rocking one and make the perfect present for the groom. Don’t forget to add plenty of pranks for the stag to remember and have a great laugh at. As the person who is organizing it is up to you to make the weekend a great event.

Action packed stag weekend ideas