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a creative branding and marketing agency kerrilyn gibson, senior capstone, winter 2016



table of contents: who is wink & nudge .......... 02 differential advantage ........ 04 potential clients .................. 06 competitors ......................... 08 all about glossier ................ 10 current product offering .....14 the glossier girl ................... 18 customer profiles ................ 20 kiss on the cheek ................. 22 packaging design ............... 26 social media plan ............... 30 instagram ............................. 34 glossier website .................. 36 impact .................................. 38


so, what is wink & nudge? Wink & Nudge is a creative branding agency dedicated to developing comprehensive solutions that help brands show their truest and coolest self to the world. We turn thoughts and concepts into images by designing creative digital and


content. Founded in 2016 by Kerrilyn Gibson, lover of puns and white space, Wink & Nudge aims to break down the wall between company and agency. We are sincere in the design development process, embodying authenticity in every project. Tell us who you are, and we’ll make sure the rest of the world really gets it. At Wink & Nudge we take our work very seriously, but we take ourselves pretty frivolously. We are cheeky, intrepid, and goal oriented because we believe that connecting businesses with their ideal customer takes a bold personality.


because branding is basically flirting.

wink & nudge




wink & nudge


DIFFERENTIAL ADVANTAGE At Wink & Nudge, we consider ourselves matchmakers of a sort. We believe it’s important to approach each new brand and or project as if we are working with a multifaceted human person. Therefore, we believe it is necessary to acknowledge just how many layers there are to brand identity... and we want to make sure that we convey them all.


We carefully listen our clients, bring them in as a part of the brainstorming team, and collaborate with them to ensure that we deliver exactly what they want. Perception, analysis, and creativity coupled with a distinctly young, forward thinking, and millennial driven viewpoint make us the ideal candidate for communicating brand identity.

+ you =



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With services including graphic design, experiential marketing, social media content management, and brand development, Wink & Nudge is keen to work with forward thinking brands that hope to grow their digital presence. Though we market ourselves as a fashion and beauty branding agency, we never limit ourselves to one market. We love to work with of any discipline who are just as passionate about their work as we are about ours, who love creative concepts, art, and are always up for a challenge.


COMPETITORS Being based out of New York City is oftentimes

and progressive ideas; designs which are always

both a blessing and a curse. On one hand Wink

new and interesting while remaining classic.

& Nudge has the opportunity to work with some

Services include graphic design, branding,

of the most interesting and inspiring companies

website design, print, strategy, and web/app

in the city. But on the other hand, the market for

& CMS development. Notable clients include

branding agencies in New York (and honestly,

Warner Music, Estee Lauder, HBO, and Rachel

everywhere) is, to put it lightly, saturated. We

Zoe. Their tag line: Think, execute, refine.

consider our competitors to be those who engage in the same dynamic, art driven, fashion


minded branding and marketing.

Huge advertising agency is based in Brooklyn, NY.

Known for designing complete user

experiences, this agency has the most employees

Ro & Co

out of all competitors, and with 13 offices around

RoAndCo was founded in 2006 by award-

the world, Huge agency truly fits its namesake.

winning Chief Creative Director Roanne Adams.

Services include business strategy, branding

This agency has developed a distinctive design

and communications, social media and online

aesthetic; one that is able to translate to various

content management, web design, UEX, data

different clients over myriad industries while


still staying noticeably Ro&Co-esque. Services

clients include Benefit Cosmetics, Scion, Crate &


Barrel, and Nike.





contemporary, fresh, and sincere art direction.

and creative direction.


Ro&Co branding resonates with the consumer

Kastor & Pullox

and effectively breaks through the clutter of

Toronto based creative agency Kastor & Pullox

other advertising.

Notable clients include

is fun, young, and insightful. Founded by Dani

Lofeller Randall, Honor, GooglePlay, and Moda

Roche and Bianca Venerayan, this agency


originated as a clothing brand and blog, which has now blossomed into a full service agency.

Rivington Deisgn House

Services include photography, videography,

Rivington aims to provide clients with a richly

event production, writing, graphic design,

New York experience. Founder, Brion Isaacs was

and event design. Though Kastor & Pullox has

born and bred in the city, and his agency’s love it

worked with fast fashion brands Forever21 and

or leave it philosophy reflects such. As a group

Topshop in the past, they most often collaborate

of young creatives, with backgrounds in various

with small, indie brands to create poppy, art

areas, the Rivington team comes up with unique

driven campaigns and events. The duo’s work has been featured by MTV, The Cut, Refinery29, and Huffington Post Canada to name a few. 08

“we are brand to customer matchmakers...�

-wink & nudge

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MMMWAH! // Glossier, kiss on the cheek


Image 6

MMMWAH! // Glossier, kiss on the cheek

Art Direction & Branding Glossier: Kiss on the Cheek Glossier was launched in 2013 by Emily Weiss of Into the Gloss, the ubiquitous blog which gives its viewers a peek into the makeup bags and medicine cabinets of well known influencers and other women in fashion. After years of

primary research, collecting product knowledge and

analyzing the best and worst beauty products, Emily decided to launch her own line of makeup and skincare. And thus, Glossier was born.


MMMWAH! // Glossier, kiss on the cheek

beauty in real life. As a part of the trend of online-only start ups, Glossier has quickly become a success. Currently, Glossier’s product line is sold exclusively online, which means that eye catching, on brand photography and packaging is necessary to the brand’s success. Glossier products can be purchased only through and Net-aPorte. Current branding and packaging is minimal with lots of white space, slightly apothecary and subtlety feminine.



Image 7

MMMWAH! // Glossier, kiss on the cheek

Image 8

phase 1 kit, $80.


MMMWAH! // Glossier, kiss on the cheek

skin is in.

These are Glossier’s current, skin-centric product offerings broken into three categories: Daily Essentials, Special Treatments, and Makeup. - Milky Jelly Cleanser, $18: This daily facial cleanser can be used on wet or dry skin and is made of a pH balanced, creamy gel formula that won’t irritate your eyes or skin. (available in the Phase 1 Kit) - Soothing Face Mist, $18:This mixture of rosewater and aloe is a refreshing second step for a fresh-washed face. - Priming Moisturizer, $25: Anti-redness, plumping, and dewy moisturization make the priming moisturizer a great base for perfecting skin tint (available in the Phase 1 Kit). - Perfecting Skin Tint, $26: This product evens skin tone discoloration and lays lightly on skin, allowing it to breath. Comes in 5 shades (available in the Phase 1 Kit)! - Balm Dotcom, $12: This is a super product; lip gloss, highlight, therapy for rough patches, cure for winter-worn dry skin. It’s completely sheer and gives skin a shiny, dewy look (available in the Phase 1 Kit). - Coconut Balm Dotcom, $12: The same thing as Balm Dotcom, only with a scented reminiscent of summers by the pool. - Mega Greens Galaxy Pack, $22: Think of this as “a juice cleanse for you face” because this one’s gonna suck out all the icky stuff from your pores. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants that’ll make your face calm and happy. - Moisturizing Moon Mask, $22: This is a super moisturizing mask, equip to hydrate and brighten skin. Also it’s a perfect chaser for Mega Galaxy Greens. - Boy Brow, $16: As Glossier’s first foray into makeup this brow gel allows you to achieve boyish eyebrows that teeter expertly on the edge between well-groomed and messy.


current product offerings.


MMMWAH! // Glossier, kiss on the cheek



Images 9-16


she makes conscious decisions about her beauty routine

While her skin may not be perfect, she definitely takes care of it.

she was totally on the bushy brow trend before it was a thing.

while this hairstyle may have taken 45 minutes to accomplish, she’d never tell you. oh this old thing? it’s her mom’s from the ‘80s

Image 17

she won’t hesitate to take a selfie with a face mask on


MMMWAH! // Glossier, kiss on the cheek

the anatomy of a glossier girl The Glossier customer is immensely important to the brand’s success. Glossier depends on their customers to spread brand awareness, especially through social media and word of mouth. She is brand loyal, and receives incentives to connect her friends with the brand in the form of credits and discounts. Getting into her psyche isn’t incredibly difficult, however, it is incredibly important because she’s a true millennial/gen z customer. She is young and in tune with blog/social media culture. She wants her beauty products to be pretty enough to Instagram, and effective enough for lifelong repurchase. She is not looking for bells and whistles, but rather well designed products that do exactly what they claim they will. She is aspirational, individual, fun but not kooky, playful but not childish.


MMMWAH! // Glossier, kiss on the cheek

Alyssa Walker Age: 24 VALS: Experiencer Income: $50,000 Alyssa is a recent graduate of The University of Florida where she studied Public Relations. After graduating she moved to New York City where she now works for

Image 18

an internet news website writing & editing content. Alyssa is single, and lives on the Lower East Side with two roommates in a sunny apartment; perfect for early morning snapchats and Instagram in bed. She brunches every Sunday morning and makes probablytoo-frequent purchases at sample sales. She is a firm believer in the “undone face� and will go to great lengths to appear as if she just rolled out of bed & and that is precisely why she always looks flawless. Alyssa is partial to well structured clothing, and shops frequently at Zara and small, well curated boutiques. Key Glossier Products: Phase 1 Kit, Galaxy Greens


MMMWAH! // Glossier, kiss on the cheek

Callie Harris Age: 17 VALS: Experiencer Income: $140,000 (parental income) Callie is a high school senior who is highly in tune

Image 19

with social media and blog culture. A true gen Z girl, she lives with her iphone in her hand and found out about Gossier from the Instagram popular page. Low maintenance beauty best fits her lifestyle. She doesn’t wear much makeup on a daily basis, and she prefers to leave her hair in its natural state. Callie plays soccer and recently got into photography after taking it as an art elective. She babysits to make money, but the majority of her purchases are funded by her parents. She is partial to basics and shops faithfully at Brandy Melville, Asos, and Lush. Key Glossier Products: Balm Dot Com, Boy Brow


Image 20


MMMWAH! // Glossier, kiss on the cheek

they’re your lips & cheeks just pinker Glossier’s current product line is heavy on skincare and light on makeup. However, what we feel is really missing is pigment for lips and cheeks. With the introduction of Kiss on the Cheek, we hope to fill in the gap. Kiss on the Cheek is unique in that it is a moisturizing product meant specifically to provide natural looking pigment. Simply squeeze the tube and apply conservatively to lips, cheeks, or any are you’d like a flush!


MMMWAH! // Glossier, kiss on the cheek

three shades, two ways... Each shade of Kiss on the Cheek is sheer enough not to look harsh against the skin, giving off the perfect flushed glow. Pink is great for pale to medium skin tones, and looks better than bubblegum, in the best possible way. Mauve is a medium shade which, with it’s slightly bluish hue, compliments yellow and olive undertones perfectly. Scarlett is just the right shade for medium-brown to dark skin tones, and balances perfectly between a cool and warm tone to bring out the glow in darker skin.





MMMWAH! // Glossier, kiss on the cheek

Charlotte wears Kiss on the Cheek in the shade Pink. 25

Image 21

MMMWAH! // Glossier, kiss on the cheek

Image 22


MMMWAH! // Glossier, kiss on the cheek

packaging. For Kiss on the Cheek’s packaging, Wink & Nudge was focused on keeping with the consistency of other Glossier packaging. By keeping the bottle essentially the same as that of the face primer and balm dot com, Glossier’s other cream based products, the product remains easily identifiable. When it came to the box design, there was a bit more freedom. It was crucial to be able to identify the color of the product somewhere on the design, and after many drafts and deliberations, the final product places the Glossier “G” on the top of the box in the corresponding color that it contains, this ensures that the correct color is selected every time. The front, bottom, and two sides create a band of white, while the other two sides remain Glossier Pink, and feature the brand’s logo type. And while the outside of the box is clean, and aesthetically minimal, the inside features a repeat pattern of radiating kissing lips, which was designed by Wink & Nudge, and makes for a nice surprise upon unboxing.


MMMWAH! // Glossier, kiss on the cheek


MMMWAH! // Glossier, kiss on the cheek

Image 23-26


Image 27


MMMWAH! // Glossier, kiss on the cheek

spread the word Glossier doesn’t spend any money on traditional advertisement. And although intelligent online advertising like Ad Choice and cookie collection are viable sources of advertisement for the brand, most sales are generated by word of mouth and social media. Glossier relies on social media outlets to really drive sales. Through Facebook ads, hashtags, and blogger/celebrity sponsorship the brand reaches its direct customer market.


social media.

Instagram is Glossier’s most wide reaching, and engaging social media outlets. With over 150,000 followers, each image or video posted by the brand gets an average of 4k likes. These numbers are small in comparison to those of larger, more established brands. Yet, as a two year old company that doesn’t participate in traditional marketing, Glossier has a vast reach.


Instagram campaign contains both photos and videos, and uses the hashtag #kissmeimcheeky as a tag line to promote the product launch, in the hopes that Glossier girls will post their personal pictures using Kiss on the Cheek. This hashtag will carry over as an integrative part of the Kiss on the Cheek branding. Users will be encouraged to generate content using #kissmeimcheeky across platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, in order to monitor the product launch reach. With over 22k facebook likes, and 10.3k twitter followers, Glossier’s Instagram network clearly accommodates more unique captures than other social media outlets, so with the spread of this custom hashtag, the hope is to engage new potential customers. Image 28


MMMWAH! // Glossier, kiss on the cheek

Image 29


MMMWAH! // Glossier, kiss on the cheek



MMMWAH! // Glossier, kiss on the cheek


insert boomerang



Images 30-41



MMMWAH! // Glossier, kiss on the cheek

website. Designing a website landing page which mirrors the art direction and branding of Kiss on the Cheek was the last task on the Wink & Nudge list. We wanted to ensure that the purpose of Glossier’s new product was clear, by using swatches of the product to provide texture and color cues to the customer. Charlotte became the Image 42

unofficial face of the product launch, her pink smirk in Mauve greeting each person who visits the Glossier website.


MMMWAH! // Glossier, kiss on the cheek

engagement & metrics With the branding outlined here, including packaging, social media and online tactics, Wink & Nudge has identified ambitions, yet attainable goals for the launch of Kiss on the Cheek. Success metrics will be measured by a combination of website volume & unique visitors, number of new followers, consumer engagement (i.e. hashtag usage, likes, comments, retweets, favorites), and actual sales. Within the first month of Kiss on the Cheek’s launch, we’d like to see the following: 20% increase in site views, and at least a 15% increase in sales, 10% increase in consumer engagement.


increase in consumer engagement 38


increase in visits


increase in sales



Image Credits* 1-

28- Kerrilyn Gibson


29- mockup, d13yacurqjgara.





31- Kerrilyn Gibson


32- Cara Kelly


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34- Kerrilyn Gibson


35- Kerrilyn Gibson


36- Cara Kelly


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40- Cara Kelly

22- Cara Kelly

41- Kerrilyn Gibson

23- Kerrilyn Gibson

42- Cara Kelly

24-27- Kerrilyn Gibson

43- mockup,

*un-cited content otherwise created by me

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Professor Patti Taylor; my equally Glossier

obsessed friend and bomb photographer, Cara Kelly; beautiful models Charlotte Von Meister, Tenielle Adderly, and Yvonne Wang; Joshua McLeod for allowing me to use your printer, and forever listening to my complaints/questions.



Profile for Kerrilyn Gibson

Wink & Nudge x Glossier  

senior capstone project for Glossier product launch

Wink & Nudge x Glossier  

senior capstone project for Glossier product launch