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bridging the gap for children of inmates


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Dear Friend, Peacemakers’ vision and mission is to create the opportunity to allow for impossibles.

FAITH ALLOWS IMPOSSIBILITIES TO BECOME POSSIBILITIES! There are several ways impossibilities can become possibilities. There may be supernatural laws that override natural laws. Or there are probably natural laws known only to God. Faith is allowing for apparent impossibilities to become realities. Your partnership and support every month is making impossibilities, in the lives of children and families who are facing crisis and loss, turn into miracle possibilities! • Children of inmates and their families have been reunited and restored because of faith-filled staff believing that every child deserves parents. • Hundreds of youth have made commitments of abstinence in support of their dream to establish loving, productive families of their own, through the committed efforts of our teachers going to public high schools and presenting the positive message. The Wilkerson Family (L–R): Rich Jr. & DawnCheré, Taylor, Rich & Robyn, Graham, Jonfulton & Ashley

• Marriages and family relationships have been strengthened and restored through the caring relentless encouragement of our social workers reaching into troubled situations. • Infants, children and teens have found a place of support and leadership through mentoring and after school programs, homework assistance and tutoring support! • Scholarships and tuition assistance for camps and leadership training have been made available to worthy youngsters. • Children, families, and communities are being fed, clothed, and sheltered because of our Peace for Haiti Earthquake Relief Effort which proves the Haitian motto to be true: “L’Union Fait La Force” – Strength is established through Unity!

DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE – BECAUSE YOU HAVE CARED ENOUGH TO INVEST IN THIS MINISTRY. Thank you for standing with us. Thank you for believing with us – that there is always the possibility for the impossible – even in the lives of those who have lost hope. WE KNOW THAT MIRACLES STILL HAPPEN and we want to be living on the side of FAITH!

Rich & Robyn Wilkerson PEACEMAKERS.COM




Did you know? o 52% of State Inmates have minor children o 63% of Federal Inmates have minor children o 2.3% of the U.S. residents under age 18 have at

least one inmate parent

Source: U.S. Department of Justice

There are 1,706,600 children of inmates of the United States of America. That’s right. You read correctly. 1,706,600 Children in America have at least one inmate parent. In Miami-Dade County alone, there are 15,000 children with an incarcerated parent. Society has labeled this group as the “Deep End of Social Services” – considered to be in situations beyond help and without hope for survival. Statistics show that children of inmates are seven times more likely to be incarcerated than their peers by the age of 18. Sounds like a hopeless situation doesn’t it? But it’s not. Peacemakers’ Children of Inmates Outreach is giving hope to these little children of inmates through an intensive labor of love: o Doing whatever it takes to locate the child who has fallen through the cracks in society to make sure they are in a safe environment. o Providing ongoing care coordination and therapeutic counseling. o Reuniting families by taking children on quarterly bus trips to visit their incarcerated parent. o Providing weekly support groups and meals.

The inner-cities have been torn apart by violence, drugs, gangs, and terror – the children of inmates are paying the price for their parents’ mistakes and the breakdown of our society. In Florida alone there are 100,000 inmates who have more than one child. We estimate that in Miami-Dade County alone there are 15,000 children of inmates of which Peacemakers has reached 10% (1,500 kids) in the last two years. Look at this “cry for help” we recently received. This email demonstrates the desperation of caregivers and success of our outreach efforts to reach this population. “My name is Nancy and I am the wife of an inmate recently incarcerated and sentenced to 12 years. My children are ages 17, 13, and 8. The two oldest know their father is incarcerated but don’t know the time he was sentenced to yet. The youngest thinks daddy is in the army. She has no idea of what the emptiness the future has in store for her and her daddy. My husband was always with my children, he was always the soft one who would attend and abide by all their wants. I was always the one playing the rules and boundaries. My children are devastated and I am at my wits end. I am struggling to make ends meet and I am about to get kicked out of where I live because of nonpayment. I am embarrassed to go and seek help. I feel ashamed to ask for any sort of help, fearing to be stereotyped as another wife of a criminal. PLEASE HELP, SOMEONE. I have no family, both my parents are deceased and I have no siblings. I am now begging for some type of help emotionally for me and my children.” We give children the chance to participate in quarterly trips to visit their parent in prison. These excursions offer a rare opportunity for kids and their caregivers to actually interact and spend quality time with their incarcerated parent and often provide great emotional healing to families. At the conclusion of our last quarterly bus trip one 69-year-old grandma who is raising her incarcerated daughter’s children told us: “For years I have been praying for some help, this program is an answer to our prayers.” We need to claim the lives and souls of these families who have been categorized as “hopeless deep-end children who have slim chances of survival” for the kingdom of God. You can make a difference in the lives of these Children of Inmates! The question is will you?

“For years I have been praying for some help, this program is an answer to our prayers.” 4


Children of Inmates

Speak Out

Every Thursday night, families come from across Miami to Trinity Church where they enjoy dinner, age-appropriate support group sessions, and letter writing workshops. Recently we asked the kids for some feedback, here’s what they had to say:

For more information on The Children of Inmates Program visit our website at PEACEMAKERS.COM


Q: What is Peacemakers? A: Peacemakers is a non-profit organization located in the heart of inner city Miami. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life of Miami-Dade residents by providing assistance in spiritual, physical, educational, and social areas. Our programs are designed to connect individuals and families with resources that promote stability, security and self-sufficiency.

Q: I’m in need, how can Peacemakers help me?

Q: How was Peacemakers founded?

A: Visit our website, or

A: Peacemakers was born from the vision of Pastors Rich and Robyn Wilkerson, a husband and wife team who felt a special calling to minister to the inner cities of America. Rich and Robyn established nine ministries in seven cities across the nation, but still felt something was incomplete. In 1998 they came to Miami to pastor Trinity Church and establish “The Peacemakers Family Center,” a service center running alongside a powerful, multicultural inner city church and a prototype of what they hope to see built all across the country.

Q: About how many people are impacted by Peacemakers? with Rev. Linda Freeman Executive Director of Peacemakers Family Center

School and leadership development programs. We’ve placed hundreds upon hundreds of individuals in full time jobs, and offer well over 5,000 clients a year crisis counseling and intervention services – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Check out our Services Provided on pages 8 and 9 for more information.

A: Peacemakers impacts individuals and families on a daily basis. We do our best to offer hope to everyone that walks through our doors, and that’s a whole lot of people! God has empowered Peacemakers to serve thousands of children and youth in our Out of

call 786-888-HELP right now! No matter what you’re going through, you’ve got a friend on the other end of the phone who wants to assist you in getting the help you need.

Q: How can I play a role in helping others through Peacemakers’ ministries? A: There are so many ways you can be a part of what God is doing in and through Peacemakers’ ministries. Your tax deductible donation allows us to continue to grow and maximize our impact on Miami. If you’re interested in participating first hand in what’s going on here at Peacemakers, we invite you to volunteer, plan a short term missions trip, or even spend a semester with us as an intern! If you’d like to make a lasting impact in your own community, we’ll partner with you to open your own Peacemakers Family Center. Visit our website,, for more information on how you can partner with us today call 786-888-HELP.

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For too long abstinence has been silenced as a feasible option for youth. Schools and parents have accepted the lie that teenagers don’t have the capacity to abstain from sex before marriage and opt to promote “safe sex” as an alternative. Although this method certainly appears to be an easy way out, it is far from beneficial for students. Sex before marriage carries heavy consequences and it’s our responsibility to present and encourage the best plan for teens’ futures. The first step to a solution lies in raising our expectations of teenagers. In early 2009 Trinity Church’s Exit Youth Group and Peacemakers’ Community Based Abstinence Education Program launched their “Yes, We Can Wait!”

campaign. At our first event, we rallied over 400 youth from all across MiamiDade County and delivered a message of hope – you CAN be free from worry, guilt, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, feeling used by others, and the responsibility and worry of contraceptives. You CAN be in control of your life, practice self-respect, focus your energy on establishing and realizing life goals, experience healthier long-term relationships, and enjoy being a teenager. For all those reasons and more you CAN, and should, wait! At our next event, we welcomed more than 500 teenagers from public schools across Miami-Dade County to an abstinence seminar. We entertained and educated with videos, skits, games, and practical presentations from Pastor Terrance Wilson and Terry Boynton. We had an overwhelmingly positive response from the students and teachers alike, and were even invited by school administrators to present our “Yes, We Can Wait!” campaign in schools all across Miami-Dade County. Choosing abstinence is a daily decision and often it’s a challenging one! One of the greatest successes of the program is the amount of follow-up

support available to teens who want to commit to purity, need accountability, or just want to hear more before they make a decision. Every Saturday night from 6pm–8pm Trinity Church’s Exit Youth Group strengthens and encourages each other to make Godly choices in every area of life. Growing up is hard but Exit provides an environment where teens can connect with good influences and hear a strong word from the Lord every week. Society is constantly creating pressure to push teens towards a life of promiscuity and emptiness but if we are willing to set the bar high, students are ready to rise and meet the challenge. We’ve collected hundreds of pledges to remain abstinent until marriage throughout the course of this incredible campaign and there’s no end in sight. With God’s help and support from friends just like you, we’re creating an abstinence movement in the heart of this city. We know there’s a bigger, better plan for the youth of Miami-Dade than “safe sex” and we’re so thankful for the opportunity to continue promoting God’s best for their lives.

• those who desire a romantic relationship and/or marriage in the future to choose partners wisely and help them to decide about, rather than slide through, major relationship transitions.

Do you need to strengthen your relationships?

on relevant research and the expertise of leading scholars and providers, Dr. Scott Stanley, Marline Pearson, Dr. Galena Kline Rhoades and their colleagues have developed a strategic new curriculum to improve the chances that individuals can attain relationship success for themselves and their children. This new research-informed program, seeks to help:

Peacemakers offers a transformational relationship course titled, “Within My Reach” on Sunday mornings at Trinity Church. What happens in our romantic attachments affects the possibility of success in every other aspect of life, especially in child rearing and employment. Based

• those in viable relationships to cultivate, protect and stabilize their union, including reaching for their dreams of eventually being married if they desire • those in damaging relationships • those in stepfamilies with children

.................................................. Marriage Counseling Marriage counseling is available by appointment with Pastors Linda and David Freeman. For more information, call Clari Balcon: 786-888-4772, or email: Funded by Peacemakers, Trinity Church and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families PEACEMAKERS.COM




Services Provid ed n talents and ize their God-give im ax m in the field God mily Center ies for leadership ilit Peacemakers Fa ab e th to rent services to through the offers many diffe has called them ent, em ac pl b jo emic excellence, as tegration of acad community such in n s, ent, and hands-o legal service adership developm referral services, le r ou n, h e. Throug distributio emergency food ministry experienc n agement an m se ca e School of Urba th b, th clu s wi homebuyer partnership lly fu a r fe ling. able to of and crisis counse Missions we are in ors of Arts degree el ch Ba accredited ship er ad le d an es udies. All class St l ica bl Life Academy Bi y da te -si place on the PLC Peacemakers’ on Life Academy is experiences take is ich wh m ra in Miami. Our og pr VPK at Trinity Church s pu m care center and ca a id or Fl is available in a license with the or of Arts degree el ch operated under Ba s. ilie st track sequence ildren and Fam ard three year fa nd Department of Ch sta te iva pr emic preparation panded with a focuses on acad ich Life Academy ex wh   in m ra og ication. d 1st grade pr Kindergarten an and real-life appl . ar ye ol ho sc the 2009-2010   AmeriCorps , ork of local, state ogram* eriCorps is a netw Out of School Pr Am es id at ov th s pr m ol program ice progra Our Out of Scho and national serv ns , with a 17 5es an 70,000 America ag th h, e ut or children/yo connects m t our ee m to d, ice un , year-ro intensive serv in ar ye ch variety of unique ea ities n, enrichment activ needs in educatio multi-disciplinary country’s critical m ra og Pr e . th ay d rd Satu alth, an Monday through public safety, he ework assistance, m ho ity’s AmeriCorps in de Tr clu t. in en ts m elemen environ ts, or sp n, io iCorps members at ar ep m places its Amer ra og tutoring, FCAT pr Pr ia ed M nter social eatre, visual arts, emakers Family Ce ac Pe dance/musical th in n. io at ar ade reer/Work Prep s across Miami-D Workshop, and Ca service program orps iC 09-2010 Amer County.  In the 20 are be iCorps mem rs ar, thirty-six Amer Freedom School ye m do to e ee Fr nc fense Fund service assista The Children’s De providing social mer and m su es id ov ilies in need. pr m fa dividuals and m Schools progra in s lp he hment that after-school enric   Initiative with reading, ve lo in ealthy Marriage children fall H s te ra ne ge d an lf-esteem s selected by the increases their se Trinity Church wa . ng ni man ar le rd wa to titudes of Health and Hu more positive at U.S Department ge and el ria od ar m m a g hy ht usin to provide healt s ice rv Children are taug Se and d training to youth pports children an mily strengthening curriculum that su fa d e essential th Miami-Dade an families around fiv their families in bo ic em ad ac ty ali qu s.   components: high Broward Countie and family nt re pa t; en hm enric   d Program ic engagement an ence Education tin bs involvement; civ A ip sh er ad le cted by the U.S rgenerational Church was sele ity in social action; inte Tr h alt he l alth and Human trition, physica development; nu Department of He sed e a Community Ba h. and mental healt Services to provid m, ra og Pr ation (CBAE) Abstinence Educ n ge io at lle uc Co ed ip adersh til-marriage Peacemakers Le an abstinence-un ip sh er th ad wi Le h s ut er acemak ovides yo The mission of Pe curriculum that pr dents to stu r we po em to College is



healthy messages about their bodies, their behaviors, and their inte ractions.

Peacemakers Youth Leadership Institute

The Peacemakers Youth Leader ship Institute promotes positive you th development and leadership skills by sending a clear and consistent message that avoiding out of wedlock pregnancy, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and violence provides positive life outcom es for youth.

Service Network for Children of Inmates*

The Peacemakers Family Cen ter is one of seven founding organizatio ns of the Service Network for Children of Inmates. Funded primarily by The Childre n’s Trust, the Service Network for Childre n of Inmates is a network of MiamiDade area care providers that assist children who have a parent who is incarcerated. Peacemakers pro vides intensive case management serv ices to these children. For information , please go to  

Job Development

The Peacemakers Family Cen ter is a South Florida Workforce Acc ess Point and assists job seekers with prepar ing their resume and cover letter, as wel l as assisting them with on-line job search through and Em ploy Florida. South Florida Workforce’s Mo bile Unit is a one-stop career center with everything a client needs to secure a job .

North Miami Neighborhood Resource Network

The purpose of the North Mia mi Neighborhood Resource Net work (NMN) is to identify, mobilize, and coo rdinate resources and social service pro viders in the community to provide prim ary prevention and early interven tion services to families.  Now five years old , the NMN has focused on grass-root s, community-based Disaster Preparedness.  

Department of Children & Families ACCESS Network

Peacemakers is now a part of the Department of Children and Families ACCESS Network that offers food stamps, Medicaid, and temporary cas h assistance.  

Peacemakers Food Bank

This site services individuals, families, and numerous churches and community-based, non-profit organizations that provide foo d to those in need.

Disaster Preparedness

An integral part of our North Miami Neighborhood Resource Net work (NMN), this innovative project focuses on assisting economically vuln erable populations—those who live in survival mode every day—to prepare basic resources both pre- and postdisaster. The NMN has develop ed an active Community Emergenc y Response Team (CERT) that works closely with Miami-Dade County’s Office of Emergency Management and an ADOPT-A-SENIOR program. The ADOPT-A-SENIOR program assists North Miami seniors prepare a personal disaster preparedness plan for their homes.


Pm L E o H 88-makers.c ease n, pl

8w.peace 6 8 w 7 visit w or

The Children’s Trust is a dedicated source of revenue established by voter referendum to improve the lives of children and families in Miami-Dade County.



nfor For i

*Out of School and Children of Inmates are funded by the Children’s Trus t.



funders and partners Agape Family Ministries

Jericho Resources, Inc.

Alliance for Human Services

Jewish Community Services of South Florida


Angela M. Turner Consulting Assemblies of God

Barry University

Children’s Defense Fund

Christian Family Worship Center

Convoy of Hope

Dade Community Foundation

Justice and Security Strategies


Miami-Dade County

Miami Rescue Mission

Mission of Hope Haiti


OIC of Broward, Inc.

Elijah Network

Eller-Ito Stevedoring Company

Early Learning Coalition

Family and Child Faith Coalition

Family Christian Center

Farm Share

Feeding South Florida, Inc

Fit Kids

Florida Department of Children and Families

Florida Department of Juvenile Justice

Florida International University

Friend Ships

Port of Miami

Reflections Wellness Center Seaboard Marine Social Solutions

South Florida Workforce Steve Munsey

Smile of a Child Trinity Broadcasting Network The Children’s Trust University of Miami School of Medicine U.S. Department of Labor

Holy Cross Lutheran Christian Day School

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Human Services Coalition

Volunteer Florida

ILA Local 1416


Imagine Miami

World Relief

Please visit our website to read about each of these organizations:

YOU Can Help! 10


Your tax-deductible donation helps us continue to grow Peacemakers.

Donate at or call: 786.888.HOPE or email:


is getting things done in South Florida GETTING THINGS DONE In disaster prepardness September 11, 2009 was AmeriCorps 9/11 day of service. Over 20 volunteers adopted a senior. With our CERT program we are assisting seniors who are home owners and live alone. Through this program we provide them the resources they need for disaster preparedness by teaching them how to access evacuation plans, ensure their homes are ready for disasters and have the adequate supplies.

GETTING THINGS DONE In the community In observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, AmeriCorps partnered with Habitat for Humanity and 16 other churches as we built roofs on 10 houses with over 50 volunteers present.

GETTING THINGS DONE In times of Crisis In response to the massive earthquake we established the Peace for Haiti Earthquake Relief. We are collecting, shipping, delivering, and distributing relief supplies in Haiti. We are working with Miami-Dade’s Port of Miami, Eller-ITO Stevedoring Company, and International Longshoremans Association - Local 1416. Over 150 longshoreman are volunteering hundreds of hours for this cause. Peace for Haiti Earthquake Relief is the perfect collaboration of several organizations coming together to provide aid for Haiti. Our partners are: Miami Rescue Mission, Friend Ships, TBN's Smile of a Child, and Mission of Hope through Haiti One.



L’union Fait

How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!

Psalm 133:1 NIV

Christians UNITE in the city of Delmas after Haitian President René Préval proclaimed 3 days of prayer & fasting 12


La Force

Strength through Unity

Helping Haiti Rebuild On Tuesday, January 12, at 5:32pm, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit the nation of Haiti. In a mere thirty-eight seconds the landscape of Port-au-Prince changed drastically ‌ in an instant 200,000 people died, 300,000 were injured, and one million were left homeless. This crisis and its ensuing devastation would test the true spirit of the Haitian People. Times of crisis can bring out the best in communities as the natural response is to unite for the common good of mankind. Peacemakers responded immediately and UNITED several organizations to establish the Peace for Haiti Earthquake Relief Humanitarian Effort which is the perfect collaboration of several organizations working together to provide continuous aid to Haiti. Peace for Haiti is a call to action with its urgent message for helping Haiti summed up in three words:




unity For the past twelve years Peacemakers has been serving the Haitian Community, working with partners on the ground in Haiti whose organizations were well-equipped to meet the needs in such a time as this. With these established ties and being based in Miami, the closest American port to Haiti, Peacemakers was uniquely situated to spearhead such a response as Peace for Haiti Earthquake Relief. This unprecedented UNITED effort is collecting, shipping, delivering, and distributing relief supplies in miraculous ways. The Port of Miami has donated warehouses, labor, and docking for Friend Ships’ Integrity vessel that is transporting food, medical supplies, and shelter material. Relief supplies are being received in Haiti by Smile of a Child and distributed through Mission of Hope’s Haiti One network which has over 65 distribution centers throughout the island. Over 250,000 meals are being distributed daily. And this is still just the beginning. Peace for Haiti’s primary focus is to contribute to the immediate needs of the Haitian people while finding solutions to help rebuild and sustain their communities. The goal, as with any sustainable effort, is to help them help themselves with a strong commitment to be with them as they rebuild one brick, one heart, one mind, and one spirit at a time – offering them faith, love, hope, strength, support, and resources.



People walk miles to get food and medical attention

Liz Eden coordinating with Captain Stan Langaker

ILA Union members donating their time and labor

Friend Ships’ Integrity Vessel loading relief supplies at the Port of Miami Displaced Haitians reside in tent cities like this across from the presidential palace in Port-au-Prince

Rich with Otis Garrison, Mission of Hope/Haiti One, Don & Sondra Tipton, Friend Ships at TBN Miami

“Haiti is on a fast track to being transformed for Christ, because when the earthquake hit they turned to God” said Otis Garrison, Executive Director of Mission of Hope/Haiti One. Rich Wilkerson, founder of Peacemakers, adds, “We know that God is the answer! Through the rubble we believe God is going to bring revival to Haiti.”

Jonfulton & Ashley Wilkerson at Mission of Hope Haiti

As history has shown us, RESILIENCE is woven deeply into the fabric of the Haitian People. From the rubble they have emerged strong and united ... proving the country’s motto: L’Union Fait La Force! – Strength is established through Unity! Children from a village in Titanyen wait for aid

Earthquake survivors getting clean drinking water

Rich & Robyn with Clarence Pittman Jr, President of ILA Local 1416 and Khalid A. Salahuddin, Asst. Port Director–POM

strength Rich with Steve Munsey



resilience Relief Supplies arriving at Haiti One’s Warehouse in Titanyen, Haiti

How can you help? $18.60 feeds 1 child 3 meals a day for 1 month

Medical assistance is provided daily

Be the Change!

Over 10,000 tents have been provided to victims

These homes are designed to last for 3-5 years and can be built for $500 each


What does continued sustainable aid look like? Look at the example of construction contractor, Fred Boettcher and Friend Ships’ Don Tipton designing a special shelter that can be used to help provide housing for earthquake victims in Haiti. These small 12’x12’ structures can be built for as little as $500 each – which includes everything from wood to nails and screws. These homes are designed to last for 3-5 years, through winds and rains, providing immediate and much needed protection now and for years to come as they rebuild. The Peace for Haiti Earthquake Relief Humanitarian Effort is rolling up its collective sleeves and reaching out to a wounded country to be Christ’s hand extended. Keeping the hope for Haiti alive doesn’t take much, just the willingness to help ... will you help?

Over 250,000 meals are distributed daily


We need to continue to unite to support Haiti. Wilkerson reminds us that: “No individual can accomplish this alone … our strength is in our numbers – our purpose is to get many folks working together in order to rebuild Haiti … we can make a difference in Haiti!”

You have the opportunity to improve people’s lives in this organized and effective recovery effort for Haiti. Log onto or use the enclosed envelope form and donate today. 100% of your tax deductible donations are used for this amazing relief effort.



Audio & Video


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By following these proven principles you can rest assured the road ahead will be a path of peace – a journey of joy and triumph.

6 part series

Living Without Limits

No matter how broken your life, or how large or small your secret and shameful habits, with God’s help you can CHANGE your destructive patterns.

Victorious Secrets

144 page book

FortheFamily Rich & Robyn The Family Plan 6 part series

Rich and Robyn share about God’s blueprint that will create a healthy, fun, and productive family environment that will bring you joy and vitality!

What to do when you just want to quit. God’s action plan for your success!

Moving Forward

Girlfriends ‘09 Conference

In this power-packed series Rich and Robyn reveal the Biblical secrets to advancing your personal life and the kingdom of God.

4 part series

6 sessions & 3 workshops

Be inspired to make a difference in your world! Guests include: Martha Munizzi,

John Gray, Robia Lamorte, Pamela Hines, Kathy McClary, and Barbara Palacios.

The REAL Secret

“…God’s secret wisdom, a wisdom that has been hidden and that God destined for our glory before time began.” 1 Corinthians 2:7 NIV



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Darkness is Dispelled at

Mardi Gras

the students experienced nothing short of a street evangelism bootcamp. Street witnessing is not a new experience for most of the students ... but street witnessing in the midst of a pagan celebration was like being taken from the stands of a bull fight and being

“ The ci t y was i n ex tremely hi g h spi ri ts s i nce the S ai n ts had j us t wo n the S uper Bowl. ” Earlier this year, nine students from Peacemakers Leadership College (PLC), an online cohort of the School of Urban Missions (SUM), took a trip to New Orleans to minister to people during Mardi Gras. We have all heard of Mardi Gras. In fact, it is so popular that one theme park in Florida, where PLC is based, affords us the opportunity to experience a taste of the celebration without even leaving the state. As a Christian, the idea of participating in this pagan celebration was never considered. An idea just as foreign was going to Mardi Gras for a Mission Trip!

thrown into the arena as the matador!!!

Mardi Gras is such an intense time that

Imagine 160 SUM students from across the USA converging on New Orleans with the sole purpose of sharing the Gospel at the height of one of the world’s most notorious celebration of wickedness. To add to the excitement, the city was in extremely high spirits this year since the Saints had just won the Super Bowl. To the natural eye it seemed that this Mission Trip could not

have happened at a more inopportune moment. But, for the spiritually sensitive ... it was harvest time. The Super Bowl win coupled with the increasing jubilation of the impending Festival was the perfect environment because people were open to hearing the Good News. This Mission Trip challenged our students’ motives, stimulated spiritual growth, changed paradigms, enlarged spiritual capacities, honed witnessing skills and increased faith. On Bourbon Street, students experienced rejection, acceptance, doubt, faith, grief, and joy. Yet, throughout it all the presence of God was pervasive. The very environment was an assault on the senses of the students – revelers were scantily clad, alcoholic beverages were nestled the arms, music and profanity filled the air, cigarette smoke enveloped the students as they were pressed on every side from massive crowds. Each night the students returned home tired yet elated. Contentment and delight overshadowed the entire event as the students relished the opportunity of leading sinners into the Kingdom of God. Mardi Gras 2010 was a decadent celebration in which the light of God dispelled the darkness and lives were saved. PLC has seen tremendous growth within our students in every area of their lives: they have increased their knowledge of God’s word, increased in their practice of holiness, deepened the depth and intimacy of their relationship with God and have enlarged evidence of growth in the fruit of the Spirit. Their passion for God and love for others is contagious and invigorating! Bourbon Street is being transformed one heart at a time!

Biblical Studies l Church Planting l Global Missions Pastoral Ministry l Youth Ministry



peacemakers leadersh i p colle g e s t u de n t

sp tlight Mike Siau Age:

22 years old


Biblical Studies


Sailing, riding his 6’ giraffe unicycle, and Lighting Design

weekly young adult service)

Mike Siau is a simple young man from Syracuse, NY. At the age of six, Mike discovered one of his greatest passions in life: sailing. Siau and his six siblings were home-schooled by his mother, Melanie. At the age of 15, Mike decided to take a college placement test and was accepted into Onondaga College in Syracuse, NY, where he proceeded to graduate with an Associate of Arts in Architecture in 2006. The summer after graduating from OCC, Mike decided to spread his wings and move to Miami to teach sailing at the prestigious Miami Yacht Club.

After having a near death experience, Mike stepped into Trinity Church for the first time and rededicated his life to God that Favorite Day very day. Shortly thereafter, he got of the Week: “Vous” Day plugged in and began serving in the Media (“Vous” for Arts Department where he interns today. Rendezvous,

Favorite Food: Haitian

“... I see great pot enti al in t his powerful school which is going to make a huge impact in ou r world.”

In 2008, Mike knew that God was calling him to go back to school to get prepared for ministry – but under no circumstance would he ever consider leaving Miami because of his Trinity Church Family. His options were limited so Mike began to research the possibilities of taking internet or correspondence classes – and he never stopped dreaming of one day attending Bible College. One Tuesday in 2009, at a Rendezvous Leader’s Meeting, a surprise announcement came from Pastor Rich Wilkerson: “I’ve been dreaming of this day for eleven years … as a matter of fact, one of the reasons we moved to Miami was to start a Bible

What makes Peacemakers Leadership College unique? • A call to spiritual excellence • Gospel centered church growth • Challenging leadership development • Ethnically diverse global population • Successful collaborations with State & Federal Government outreach programs • Relevant effective Children’s, Youth and Young Adult Ministry • Equipping world changers • Building marketplace entrepreneurs

College and today I want to tell you something amazing … we are going to start Peacemakers Leadership College this year!” The realization of Mike’s dream was within reach. Siau says: “I knew that was the school for me!” He immediately began the admissions process, requested college transcripts, applied for federal financial aid, and went through extensive interviews. On November 9, 2009, Mike Siau was sitting in the North Campus of Trinity Church & Peacemakers, a student of the inaugurating class of Peacemakers Leadership College (PLC). “I feel very honored to be part of the pioneering class of PLC,” Siau said, “... because I see great potential in this powerful school which is going to make a huge impact in our world. The knowledge and practical experience I am getting at PLC will assist me in my future ministry. I want to start a sailing and discipleship program where we will teach youth the fundamentals of sailing and mentor them in the ways of the Lord.” When asked what makes Peacemakers Leadership College so special, Mike responds enthusiastically: “PLC allows the student to go to school while maintaining a full time job. The practical hands-on ministry experience you receive through serving at Trinity Church is unparalleled and unique to anything I’ve seen other colleges offer. I encourage you to look into Peacemakers Leadership College.”

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stories and statistics of the exploitation and great injustice happening to women internationally.

Last fall, Robyn Wilkerson hosted the second annual Girlfriends Women’s Conference at Trinity Church in Miami. GF ’09 guests included: Martha Munizzi, John Gray, Robia Lamorte, Pamela Hines, and Kathy McClary. Over 650 women of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life gathered together for four days infused with passion, creativity and inspiration to make a difference in the world!! Inspired by a cause to Stop Human Trafficking and see women freed from sex slavery – the theme for Girlfriends ’09 was Redeem.

At the conference women had the opportunity to choose from 3 workshop tracks: Successful U, Healthy U and New U. On site there was also a shopping boutique with over 55 vendors who are focused on women and their well-being. This year we also had the amazing opportunity to give away a car to one of the attendees. During the conference every woman was encouraged to nominate one woman they felt truly deserved a free car. On the last day of GF‘09 the vehicle was awarded to Paula Dyer – a single mother of three, unemployed with no means to purchase a vehicle to transport her family. Tears were flowing down her face as she received the car and the crowd went wild as they celebrated her answer to prayer.

Every woman in attendance received a Stop Human Trafficking eco-friendly bag uniquely designed for GF‘09 by Puresa Organics which is dedicated to creating awareness for human trafficking and empowering women worldwide. One way they do this is through the making and selling of organic bags, creating self-sustainability and making a difference in the lives of the women of Nepal who hand-stitch them after being rescued from Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery. Attendees heard compelling

Experience Girlfriends 2009 at home and support Peacemakers! For a donation of $30 you will receive the Audio CD series of Girlfriends 2009 that includes 6 sessions & 3 workshops. For a donation of $40 you will receive the Girlfriends 2009 DVD Series (includes a total of 9 DVDs). To donate, email peacemakers@, call 786-888-HOPE or donate online at

Trinity Church Women’s Conference

Make plans to


Girlfriends 2010 October 7-10 Miami, FL

For information email: or call: 786-888-4750 Specials Guests include:

David & Nicole Crank Dr. Cynthia Jones




THE PEACE BRIGADE NEEDS YOU! Do YOU want to have a life changing experience this summer? Are you seeking a hands-on mission opportunity for your youth group but not sure where to start or how to plan such a big project?

Why not consider joining the Peace Brigade for a missions trip to the inner city of Miami for an Urban experience? Make an impact on the world without ever leaving America!

Peace Brigade Urban Mission trips give your group the opportunity to: 3 Make a tremendous impact in an at-risk community. 3 Experience genuine relational ministry as you

encourage precious children. 3 Grow closer as a group as you work together, share together and pray together.

Peace Brigade Urban Mission trips are life changing Answer the Call to Service and join the Peace Brigade on a 6-14 day urban mission trip that is custom fit for your group. These trips are affordable and perfect for youth groups, college groups, and small groups.

Your mission is waiting. Join the Peace Brigade and “live your mission.” For more info contact Liz Eden via email: or call: 786-888-4770

Our mission at LIFE Academy is to provide a Christ-centered environment of academic excellence where staff work in partnership with families to develop young students who will know and serve Jesus Christ. We view training in the home and school as a guiding light in each child’s development. We are concerned about the child’s physical, mental, social, and spiritual needs. Since each child is a gift of God with special abilities and talents, we strive to provide an environment in which the abilities and talents of all children may be developed to their fullest potential.

• • • • • •

Daycare Preschool Kindergarten 1st & 2nd Grade Afterschool Program for ages 5 to 14 Fine Arts and Fitness

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We desperately need change in our communities, our nation and our world ... but we’ll never see change for the better until we make the choice to DO something – to BE the change. Each one of us has the power to make a difference – in fact, YOU are the solution to someone’s problem! The best part is, it doesn’t matter how old you are, what your finances look like or how much time you have – there’s something you can do to effect change. The question is, are you willing?

Here are a few things to try: “I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. What I can do, I should do and with the help of God, I will do.” Edward Everett Hale



1. Sponsor a child for our Out of School Summer Blast Day Camp. Every year Peacemakers offers an enriching and creative summer camp experience for children in the Miami area. We host more than 1,000 children throughout the course of the summer ... many of whom come from difficult situations at home and families with financial disadvantages. For only $50 you can sponsor a child for one week of day camp where they’ll meet new friends, experience God, and take part in awesome activities and field trips. To sponsor a child, go to

2. Volunteer in the Peacemakers Family Center. As Christians, we’re called to minister to EVERY need – spiritual, physical and emotional, and at the Peacemakers Family Center we do just that! Every day we have the opportunity to offer counseling, groceries, job development assistance, drug and alcohol rehabilitation support, and a long list of other services to individuals and families in crisis. Help us help Miami, and experience the revitalization in your own life that can only come through service. To volunteer, go to

3. Bring your youth group or small group for a short-term missions trip. We’ve got a A LOT going on here in Miami and we’d love for you to come minister with us! We want to engage your team in everything from street evangelism to hands-on experience in our many outreaches. Bring your group for a fun-filled, life-touching trip in the great city of Miami! To bring a group for a short-term mission trip, go to

5. Start your own Peacemakers Family Associate Center. Join us in 2010 for our Peacemakers Dream Big Training Conference and learn how you can make a world of difference in YOUR community. We know God has called Peacemakers to spread and fill the overwhelming needs across the country – come be a part of it! To start your own Peacemakers Family Associate Center, go to or call 786-888HOPE.

6. Send a financial gift. Here at Peacemakers we have a strong vision to reach our community but we need resources to accomplish what God has placed on our hearts. Proverbs 19:17 says, “He who helps the poor lends to the Lord, and He pays wonderful interest on your loan.” We’ve definitely experienced God’s blessings as an organization and we challenge you to take a step of faith as you partner with us financially. God will bless you for it! To send a financial gift, go to peacemakers. com. 7. Apply to be part of our AmeriCorps program. AmeriCorps is a federal program that allows individuals to spend one year in full-time service. Peacemakers is blessed to have the #1 AmeriCorps site in South Florida, with more than 36 full-time members on our team. Serving in AmeriCorps is a large commitment but it is an

4. Intern for a semester. There is no better way to gain experience in your field than through an internship. Whether you’re studying media, music, ministry or education, we have a place for you here at Trinity. Join us for an extended period and you can even receive school credit! To become an intern, go to

exceptionally rewarding program. Join our nationally honored team and dedicate this next year to service. To apply to become part of our AmeriCorps program, go to

8. Attend a Healthy Relationships or Abstinence Education class. Of all the services we offer at Peacemakers, our Better Lives, Better Futures program is one of the most important. Our Healthy Relationships and Abstinence awareness classes are taught in public high schools and colleges throughout South Florida, as well as weekly at Trinity Church. We invite you to join the thousands whose lives have changed as a result of these powerful classes. To attend a class, go to or call 786-888-HOPE (4673), ext. 318.

9. Pray for Peacemakers. The Bible says that when we AGREE together, things are going to change … aren’t you thankful for the power of prayer? We appreciate the many families and individuals that take time to lift up Peacemakers in daily prayer. Believe with us today for a change in Miami – we can’t do it without you!

10. Give someone a copy of Peacemakers magazine.

Do you know someone that would benefit from the services we provide? Or, perhaps someone who would like to join with our vision? We encourage you to share a copy of Peacemakers magazine with them! We want the word to spread about Peacemakers because we believe we’re called to touch as many lives as possible with an answer to every need. If we work together and rely on God – the impact is limitless! To order more copies of the Peacemakers magazine, call 786-888-HOPE. PEACEMAKERS.COM


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Rich & Robyn Wilkerson are the founders of Peacemakers and the Senior Pastors of Trinity Church in Miami, Florida. Married for over 37 years, Rich & Robyn have extensive experience with the American family and have a unique gift of communicating the Gospel to our troubled society. Rich is a visionary, author, and energetic speaker who has a passion for souls, families, and the next generation. Robyn is an expert in real life issues like marriage, family, and relationships. They host the Shake Up Your World TV & Radio Programs.

Download Rich’s Podcast and purchase resources at our online store at Watch & listen to Shake Up Your World. Check local listings on our website at

invite Rich or Robyn to minister at your church or event.

Contact Iraida Hernandez at or call 786-888-4750.

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Unity Bridging tHE Gap for Children of Inmates Helping Haiti Rebuild through VOLUME 2, NUMBER 1


Unity Bridging tHE Gap for Children of Inmates Helping Haiti Rebuild through VOLUME 2, NUMBER 1