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Dear Partners, Through the years it has been a blessing having you as our partner. Your faithful support of prayers and finances has helped this ministry do what others considered impossible. We have taken the Gospel message of hope throughout the world, beginning in the urban cities of America. With your help we have ministered to the young and “young at heart” alike. God has moved mightily and thousands of lives have been changed. Individuals and families have experienced the transforming power of God and their lives have moved from a place of chaos to a place of peace and purpose.

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You have been a part of every challenge We could not have done it without YOU and we just want to say THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

South Florida Workforce Job Development/ ACCESS Point ............................ 11 Disaster Preparedness .................. 12

God Bless YOU!

Youth Job Fair ............................... 12 2008 Florida AmeriCorps and National Service Conference .........12

Rich & Robyn Wilkerson

1,000 Gifts for 1,000 Children ...... 12 Housing Fair at Trinity Church ..... 13 Remarks by The President at the White House Faith-Based and Community Initiatives Leadership Conference ............... 13 10 Ways YOU Can Change the World .............. 14 & 15



The History of

Peacemakers Peacemakers was born from the vision of founders Rich and Robyn Wilkerson. After working together for twenty years in the many roles of church ministry, including youth evangelism and church planting, the Wilkersons felt their hearts pulled to the inner cities of America. They launched Peacemakers and established nine ministries in seven cities across the U.S., but still a desire to do more remained in their hearts.

Rich and Robyn – 1973

When an invitation to pastor a church in the urban city of Miami, Florida arrived, Rich and Robyn realized this was the next step for their vision. For years, the Wilkersons had desired to build a prototype of what they felt God wanted established in the inner cities of America and they felt Miami was the perfect location to launch their vision. So in July of 1998, Rich and Robyn and their four sons moved to the great city of Miami, Florida. Hundreds of dedicated members of Trinity Church greeted the Wilkerson family as their new Pastors. Immediately the people of the church rolled up their sleeves to work with Pastors Rich and Robyn to establish a ministry dedicated to the poor and disenfranchised people of the city … to heal those who are sick, neglected and abused … to empower those who have been forgotten and pushed to the outward fringes of life. Shortly thereafter, Robyn saw a “Request for Proposal” offered in the Miami Herald newspaper for summer day camps for inner city children. She wrote her first contract proposal and, against all odds, won! God’s hand has been upon this effort, and has enabled Peacemakers to continue to grow. Peacemakers now offers over a dozen different award winning programs which minister to the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of hurting people in Miami.



President Bush recently recognized Peacemakers saying, “The Peacemaker Family Center in Miami is a small ministry of Trinity Church that helps low-income and unemployed families … this program is in a desperate part of Miami. And yet, in the midst of desperation is a little beacon, a light.” The vision continues, with dreams of one day opening Peacemakers Family Centers all over the United States. These centers will run along side powerful, multicultural inner city churches committed to change. We’re so thankful for the growth Peacemakers has experienced since its inception and this organization remains committed to world-wide impact in the future!

The Wilkersons have been married for 36 years and have four sons and a daughter-in-law – (clockwise from the left) Rich, Taylor, Jonfulton, Graham, Rich Jr., DawnCheré, and Robyn

Peacemakers/Trinity Church Staff North Campus (above) and South Campus (below)

Peacemakers Funders and Partners Alliance for Human Services

Elijah Network

The Children’s Trust

Family and Child Faith Coalition

Dade Community Foundation

Farm Share

Early Learning Coalition Esperanza USA Gateway Foursquare Church Holy Cross Lutheran Christian Day School

Pastor Rich Wilkerson

Pastor Robyn Wilkerson

Rev. Linda Freeman, M.S.

Founder of Peacemakers and Senior Pastor of Trinity Church

Co-Pastor of Trinity Church

Executive Director Peacemakers Family Center

Kathleen Hardcastle, M.A. Ed.

Klautrelle Long, CPA

Andrea Fletcher, MSW

Financial Director

Director of Social Work Programs

David Freeman

David McDermott

Rev. James Boyd

Technical Director, M.S. MIS Univ of Phoenix

Development and Housing Director

Strong Families Educator

Shermaine Sacasa

Crystal Agnew

Jennifer Sanders

Job Developer

Grant/Contract Management Associate

Director of AmeriCorp Program

Director of Education

Fit Kids Florida Depart. of Children and Families Florida Depart. of Juvenile Justice Florida International University Human Services Coalition

Jewish Community Services of South Florida

Imagine Miami


Justice and Security Strategies

Miami Dade County


Social Solutions

OIC of Broward, Inc.

South Florida Workforce U.S. Department of Labor

Reflections Wellness Center

Wachovia Bank

South Florida Workforce

Abriendo Puertas

The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod

Jericho Resources, Inc.

Agape Family Ministries

Univ. of Miami School of Medicine


Univ. of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Angela M. Turner Consulting

U. S. Depart. of Health & Human Services

Assemblies of God

Volunteer Florida

Barry University

World Relief

Christian Family Worship Center

Christian Legal Society


Please visit our website to read about each of these organizations





Out of School Program Our Out of School program provides children/youth, ages 5-17, with a variety of unique, year-round, multi-disciplinary enrichment activities Monday through Saturday. Program elements include homework assistance, tutoring, FCAT preparation, sports, dance/musical theatre, visual arts, Media Workshop, and Career/Work Preparation.*

AmeriCorps AmeriCorps is a network of local, state, and national service programs that connects more than 70,000 Americans each year in intensive service to meet our country’s critical needs in education, public safety, health, and the environment.

Healthy Marriage Initiative Trinity Church was selected by the U.S Department of Health and Human Services to provide healthy marriage and family strengthening training to youth and their families in both Miami Dade and Broward Counties.

Trinity Christian Academy TCA is Peacemakers’ on-site day care center which is operated under license with the Florida Department of Children and Families.

Abstinence Education Program Trinity Church was selected by the U.S Department of Health and Human Services to provide a Community Based Abstinence Education (CBAE) Program, an abstinence-until-marriage education curriculum that provides youth with healthy messages about their bodies, their behaviors, and their interactions.

Service Partnership for Children of Inmates Peacemakers provides intensive case management services to children of inmates.*

North Miami Neighborhood Resource Network The purpose of this network is to identify, mobilize, and coordinate resources and social service providers in the community to provide primary prevention and early intervention services to families.

Disaster Preparedness This innovative project focuses on assisting economically vulnerable populations— those who live in survival mode every day—to prepare basic resources both pre- and post-disaster.

Peacemakers Youth Leadership Institute Peacemakers Youth Leadership Institute promotes positive youth development and leadership skills by sending a clear and consistent message that avoiding out of wedlock pregnancy, drugs, alcohol, tobacco and violence provides positive life outcomes for youth.

Job Development The Peacemakers Family Center is a South Florida Workforce ACCESS Point and assists job seekers with preparing their resume and cover letter, as well as assisting them with on-line job search through and Employ Florida. South Florida Workforce’s Mobile Unit is a one stop career center with everything a client needs to secure a job.

Dept of Children and Families ACCESS Network Peacemakers is now a part of the Department of Children and Families ACCESS Network that offers food stamps, Medicaid, and temporary cash assistance.

Peacemakers Food Bank This site services individuals, families, and numerous churches and community-based, non-profit organizations that provide food to those in need. *Out of School and Children of Inmates are funded by The Children’s Trust. The Children’s Trust is a dedicated source of revenue established by voter referendum to improve the lives of children and families in Miami-Dade County.


The next stop was Cite’ Soliel, a location recognized across the world as the worst slum in our hemisphere. Pastor Rich and our team walked down narrow dirt roads littered with mounds of garbage, as malnourished children were literally playing in the garbage. The team witnessed firsthand a land of poverty beyond imagination. In spite of the devastation, the children were quick to smile, quick to hug, quick to want to spend time with the members of our team.

April 27, 2008 was a monumental day for Peacemakers founder, Rich Wilkerson and our entire Peacemakers family. Pastor Rich, his son Jonfulton and a small team from Trinity Church boarded a plane with their hearts intent on taking a message of hope to Haiti. The people of Haiti live in a far harsher reality than we realize here in the United States. Devastating economic conditions have wreaked havoc on the Haitian people and the statistics surrounding Haiti are startling; nearly half of the population are illiterate, roughly 60% are without work and about 80% live in extreme poverty. Many of the major cities population are composed primarily of children and young adults, because the populace often don’t survive past 50 years of age due to disease, violence and starvation. During our visit, our team encountered firsthand the terrifying environment the people of Haiti are subjected to every day. Rev. Jackson led the team on a mission to see President Renee Preval who expressed great distress over Haiti’s overwhelming famine, lack of self-sufficiency, and the desperate measures Haitians are taking to survive. After laying a framework to help our team understand the basic needs that must be met for Haiti to survive, President Preval concluded by saying they could use anything…any help we could provide would be beneficial. 8


As critical as the situation is, the children’s sweet strength seems to give them hope beyond understanding. The extent of the Haitian problem is overpowering but we’re thankful we serve a God who cares and is still in control! Our God hasn’t given up on Haiti and neither will we. With the help of our Trinity Church family, our team returned once again to Haiti in August and presented a $15,000 check to the Haiti Mission. In addition, a team of Trinity members will return to Haiti this spring for a mission’s trip. We’re committed to being part of the solution for Haiti. Keep us in your prayers as we work towards bringing hope to our neighbors in crisis. With God’s help, we’re gonna win!

Alix’s Miracle This past year, God used Peacemakers to answer the prayers of Alix Delva, a Haitian father of four with a disfiguring medical condition. We met Alix in June of 2007 at the lowest point of his life. For years he suffered with tumor like growths that covered his face and were slowly robbing him of his ability to see, eat and breathe. We knew Alix’s journey towards healing would be a long road, but we determined to help him every step of the way. Peacemakers used every resource available to get Alix’s situation and story into the public eye; hoping people would respond generously and join with us in giving Alix back his life. After months of fundraising, we received word from Jackson Memorial Hospital that they were ready to perform Alix’s surgery. With about half of the needed money raised, we took a step of faith, opened our checkbook, and wrote the $46,000.00 check. On September 20th, after what seemed like an eternity of waiting, Alix entered into his first surgery.The surgery lasted almost twelve hours and nothing could have prepared us for the miracle God performed through the hands of the surgeons that day. The healing we prayed for finally arrived and the results were astounding! We are so thankful that, as an organization, Peacemakers was able to help, but we could not have impacted Alix’s life in such a powerful way alone. The prayers, faith, and financial support of thousands made Alix’s miracle a reality. Alix’s story is a reminder that every prayer and donation you’re able to give really does change lives. When we work together and trust in faith, nothing is impossible.

Pastor Rich Wilkerson with Alix Delva and Doctor Mathew Schacht a few days after surgery

Alix Delva before and after surgery

We are so thankful that, as an organization, Peacemakers was able to help, but we could not have impacted Alix’s life in such a powerful way alone. The prayers, faith, and financial support of thousands made Alix’s miracle a reality. Alix’s story is a reminder that every prayer. We’re thankful God has enabled Peacemakers to offer people like Alix a second chance at life. With your help we can continue to provide answers, hope, and life saving assistance to many who have run out of options. God wants to answer the prayers of the desperate, but we limit His work when we refuse to respond to His urging. We encourage you to consider partnering with us and playing an active role in touching lives. Visit for more information, or to find out how you can help today!

Pastor Rich Wilkerson and Pastor Marcus Gonzalez in Haiti to present the check to the Haiti Mission



• Haiti is one of the most densely populated regions in the Western Hemisphere. It is a mission Field where much work is needed. • 95% of the people are of African descent, 5% are of mulatto and European descent. • The official religion of Haiti is Catholicism, which embraces about 80% of the population. The practiced religion of many Haitians is voodoo. Voodoo is essentially the worship of Satan and his angels. Approximately 16% of Haiti is protestant. • 50% of the population does not get enough food to eat daily. Rice and beans are the staple food of the Haitian people.

Peacemakers Medical /Construction Missions Trip to Haiti April 16-24, 2009 Team members sought: medical professionals, carpenters, painters, home “do-it-yourselfers,” dental professionals, teachers, eye doctors, and servant leaders willing to serve in any capacity

To register please call




• Haiti has an 85% unemployment rate. Daily minimum wage is $2.50 US. It is very difficult to live on such a small wage. The major industries are sugar refining, cement, textiles, and tourism. • Haiti has no public transportation system. Taxis and Tap-Taps (small pick-up trucks) are privately owned and are not big enough to meet all the needs of the population. For this reason many people walk where they need to go. • Approximately 60% of Haiti’s population is under the age of 25.


Job Development/ACCESS Point When you offer social service assistance on such a large scale, as Peacemakers has grown to over the past years, you come up with some pretty big numbers … like 60,000, that’s the number of meals we distribute per month … or 1,000, the number of children who participate in our out of school program. Sometimes it’s hard to comprehend that these statistics are not just numbers on a page, but individual people and families who each have their own story. We’re grateful for the life changing role Peacemakers plays in thousands of stories across South Florida, and for the solutions and hope we can offer to those in need. One of the powerful solutions we are able to offer South Florida residents is job placement services. Take for example, Donna, a young mother whose recent unemployment left her and her two children homeless. For years she lived from paycheck to paycheck. Donna came to Peacemakers without any savings or prospects for a job to support her family. Our social workers recommended a local job fair and assisted Donna in preparation, by creating an updated resume. We supplied Donna with groceries for her children and prayed with her for favor at the job fair. The day after spending her last $40 on a motel room for her children, Donna attended the job fair and was hired on the spot! Donna is now in a position where she can provide for her children and she is working towards financial stability. We find joy in giving hope to individuals just like Donna EVERY DAY!

Dedication Ceremony with Pastor Rich Wilkerson and Mr. Rick Beasley, Executive Director of South Florida Workforce Access Point

This year our job development services went a step further with the addition of our new South Florida Workforce Job Development Access Point. Although providing Job Development services is nothing new for us, becoming an Access Point has significantly increased our capacity to help our community. For the past several months our parking lot served as one of many locations for South Florida Workforce’s Mobile Unit, a one stop career center with everything a client needs to secure a job. Upon arrival South Florida Workforce quickly saw the pressing need for job services here in Miami Gardens. This new location of The Mobile Unit for Peacemakers (one stop career center) became their busiest unit. As a result, in late March of this year, South Florida Workforce chose us to become a permanent Access Point. Since that time, the Peacemakers Family Center has been outfitted with eight computer work stations to enhance our job development services. Peacemakers job development services expanded even further on July 22 when the mobile unit previously stationed at our North Campus started it’s rotation to our South Campus every other Tuesday between 1:00pm to 6:00pm. We’re so thankful that we’re now in a position to equip many more individuals like Donna with all the tools they need to provide for their family. Visit to find out more about our Job Development Services and how YOU can help!

Visit us online at

YOU Can Help! There are so many ways you can be a part of what God is doing in and through Peacemakers ministry. God will bless whatever level of investment of your time, finances and prayer you’re able to give. Your tax-deductible donation helps us continue to grow Peacemakers’ ministries and bring hope to Miami Dade County.

If you would like a free copy of



Disaster Preparedness

Youth Job Fair

The city of Miami is known around the world as a beautiful and exotic destination. Unfortunately, many of the elements that add to Miami’s gorgeous scenery also put it at high risk for natural disasters like hurricanes and tropical storms. Our Community Emergency Response Team is actively involved with the Office of Emergency Management and was recently honored as a model CERT team. Our CERT members are certified to handle a wide variety of disasters in Miami Gardens and our surrounding communities. With Hurricane season rapidly approaching, don’t forget to be prepared!

With unemployment on the rise, youth across the country are being forced to deal with limited opportunities for summer work. Because of the lack of opportunity, young people now have to compete with unemployed adults for positions traditionally held by youth.

 Have a family disaster plan. Talk to your kids about where the safest area in your home is and decide on an evacuation route.  Assemble a Disaster Supply kit.

Be sure to include enough bottled water for three to seven days, non-perishable food items, a can opener, a first aid kit, blankets, pillows, a flash light and batteries, cash and important documents in a waterproof container.


Decide on a place to go in case evacuation becomes necessary. You’re more likely to make the best decision on a safe place for your family if you have a plan before disaster strikes.

Out of concern for our youth, Peacemakers organized a job fair for the community this year and paired young adults with local businesses to fill their entry level openings. We planned for 200 youth to attend, but were blown away when the attendance broke 500 – a testament to the need for more events like this in our city. All of the young people in attendance filled out job applications and had the chance to learn valuable information about the job market. Some of the applicants were actually hired on the spot. The event’s success was featured on the front page of the Miami Herald News! It is critical for the next generation to grasp the value of work and have access to employment opportunities. We are overjoyed at the success of the Youth Job Fair and look forward to the next opportunity to bless the young people of our community.

2008 Florida AmeriCorps and National Service Conference by Jennifer I. Sanders

For more info on Disaster Preparedness or to find out how you can join our CERT team, visit

Imagine 1000 people from all over the state of Florida in one place at one time

for one purpose – serving their communities. On May 17-18, Trinity Church AmeriCorps members were part of the 1000 strong who met together in Miami for a statewide AmeriCorps conference hosted by Volunteer Florida, The Governors Commission on Volunteerism. The purpose of the conference was to honor AmeriCorps members and recognize them for their service to the community. While there, they were able to hear from amazing speakers and dignitaries such as Henry Lozano, Deputy Assistant to the President of the USA and Director of USA Freedom Corps; Mayor Manny Diaz, City of Miami; and Wendy Spencer, CEO for Volunteer Florida. Later in the conference, members had the opportunity to participate in a historic service project at Virgina Key Beach where 1000 Florida AmeriCorps members simultaneously planted 1000 trees. The name of the project was “Leaving a Legacy.” While the event carried great historic significance and will help to keep our land greener – it was also symbolic of the seeds that our AmeriCorps members sow into lives of children and families every day: seeds of hope, peace and love. The conference ended with a celebration rally where Trinity Church’s “Exit Youth Choir” performed. Our youth represented us well, and were invited to sing at another event for the American Heart Association as a result of their spectacular performance. We’re so proud of our

Make a Difference in a Child’s Life this Christmas For most of us, the thought of Christmas brings a flood of wonderful, warm memories – church programs, family, good food and of course, presents wrapped under the tree. Unfortunately, we all know that there are many families each year who face the Christmas season without the joy of knowing that they can provide those extra holiday expressions of love to their children. Our desire is to teach the children at Trinity Church that Jesus is the gift that God gave to each one of us. He is the only one who can fulfill all of our needs and desires. Giving a gift at Christmas is a chance to demonstrate that wonderful truth to all of the children in our church. Each year, with the help of friends like you, we have been able to provide one wrapped, Christmas present to every child who attends Children’s Church on Christmas Sunday. For many of these children, this is the only gift that they receive during the holiday. Watching their faces light up as they receive their gifts is an opportunity of a lifetime. Encouraging them to return week after week to learn more about Jesus and His transforming power in their lives, is the ultimate goal. We are already doing our Christmas shopping to make sure we have 1,000 gifts for 1,000 children. We provide age-appropriate, quality gifts that reflect our love for the children. Please join with us this year by donating toward our project. After all, giving is the best part of Christmas!

AmeriCorps members for their dedication and drive to serve, and for making us the number one Americorps program in South Florida! This past month we were presented with the unique opportunity to nominate a Peacemakers’ volunteer for the Presidents Volunteer Service Award. We submitted Mr. Don Tate, one of our most dedicated servant leaders whose 2,000+ volunteer hours literally revitalized our building, making it a safe and beautiful place for our clients to receive help. On September 18 we received the news that Mr. Tate WON!! His award includes a certificate, a letter and a pin from the

White House. It will be presented to him by Wendy Spencer, the CEO of Volunteer Florida, at a State of Florida Commissions meeting. If you’ve met Don, you know he doesn’t serve for recognition or praise. His faithfulness to give of his resources and talents has always been rooted in his desire to advance the Kingdom of God. We’re so grateful to Don and his wonderful wife, Sharon, for their labor of love and so proud of the national recognition their service is receiving!

Housing Fair at Trinity Church by Jennifer I. Sanders

On May 17, the NID Housing Counseling Agency and the Peacemakers Homebuyers Club sponsored a Housing Fair at Trinity Church. More than 30 businesses, banks and Realty Companies were present. It was a wonderful event and very timely, as the Real Estate Market is still trying to recover from an incredibly slow season and families are struggling to keep their homes from foreclosures. Our Housing Fair was another great event that is likely to be repeated!

Speaking of Peacemakers Ministries, President Bush said: “It was somebody with an idea, somebody who heard a call, not from government, but from a higher authority, to try to help people in need …”

President Bush: “Faith can move mountains” THE WHITE HOUSE, Office of the Press Secretary, March 1, 2005 REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT AT THE WHITE HOUSE FAITH-BASED AND COMMUNITY INITIATIVES LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington, DC “So what we want to know is, what I want to know is, are we helping increase the number of new groups, small groups, first-time appliers for federal money. Are we doing that? Are we getting beyond those great, courageous faith-based programs that have been providing help for a long period of time. Are we reaching beyond the Salvation Army or the Catholic Charities, the fantastic pillars of the faith-based program. And the answer is, we are. Let me give you an example. The Peacemaker Family Center in Miami is a small ministry of the Trinity Church that helps low-income and unemployed families. Towey visited there, so he’s telling me on the way over, in the limousine, that this is a desperate part of Miami, that this program is in a desperate part of Miami. And, yet, in the midst of desperation is a little beacon, a light. And so the center received a $50,000 — seed money, it’s called, from the Compassion Capital Fund MiniGrant program. It’s the first federal funding the organization had ever received. And so the pastor there is a woman named Linda Freeman, and says that the funding, the mini-grant, was the turning point for her program — exactly what Jim Towey and I were hoping to hear. Why? Because the center was able to raise — was able to hire a writer for grants with that money. In other words, the center was able to take a leap forward in terms of being able to convince others that the program was worthwhile; leveraged the grant, and has expanded from three employees to 25 employees in a quick period of time. That’s exactly what we hope happens. So this little program, in a dark neighborhood, had three employees. Think about that. It was somebody with an idea, somebody who heard a call, not from government, but from a higher authority, to try to help people in need. And so they had a program with three people. (Applause.) Three people — I mean, it’s a small program, but working hard to save any life they could save. And so the mini-grant enabled the person, Linda, to leverage, to hire somebody to help in the grantmaking process, to expand their scope, to get more notice. And, obviously, more help is coming in, not from the federal government, from local government — local charities, so they’re now up to 25 people, and they’re expanding. Helping to achieve the goal, which is to save as many lives as possible. It’s the federal goal, state goal, local goal, universal goal for America to help people realize the great promise of the country. And so I asked a question: How many programs like Linda’s did we help last — over the last two years? And it’s 600, 600 programs. So we’re beginning to fuel social entrepreneurship. (Applause.) Those are the kinds of questions I will continue to ask, you’ll be happy to hear, in order to help us achieve the objective.” PEACEMAKERS 13

It is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of problems facing our world, our country, and our personal lives. We have to fight the temptation to believe the lie, that since we can’t fix everything, it’s not worth trying to fix anything. That’s simply not true! The fact is, you can change SOMEONE’S world TODAY. Here are a few things to try:

1. Sponsor a child for our Out of School Summer Blast Daycamp Every year Peacemakers offers an enriching and creative Summer Camp experience for children in the Miami area. We host over 1,000 children throughout the course of the summer ... many of whom come from difficult situations at home and families with financial disadvantages. For only $50.00 you can sponsor a child for one week of daycamp where they’ll meet new friends, experience God, and take part in awesome activities and field trips. To sponsor a child: go to and click on Donate.

2. Volunteer in the Peacemakers Family Center As Christians, we’re called to minister to EVERY need; spiritual, physical and emotional …and at the Peacemakers Family Center we do just that! Everyday we have to opportunity to offer counseling, groceries, job development assistance, drug and alcohol rehabilitation support, and a long list of other services to individuals and families in crisis. Help us help Miami and experience the revitalization in your own life that can only come through service. To volunteer: go to and click on Get Involved.

3. Bring your youth group or small group for a short term missions trip We’ve got a A LOT going on here in Miami and we’d love for you to come minister with us! We want to engage your team in everything from Street Evangelism to hands on experience in our many outreaches. Bring your group for a fun filled, life touching trip in the great city of Miami! To bring a group for short term mission trip: go to and click on Get Involved. 14


4. Intern for a semester There is no better way to gain experience in your field than through an internship. Whether you’re studying media, music, ministry, or education we have a place for you here at Trinity. Join us for an extended period and you can even receive school credit! To become an intern: go to and click on Get Involved.

5. Start your own Peacemakers Center Join us in 2009 for our Peacemakers Dream Big Training Conference and learn how you can make a world of difference in YOUR community. We know God has called Peacemakers to spread and fill the overwhelming needs across the country – come be a part of it! To start your own Peacemakers Family Center: go to and click on Get Involved or call 786-888-HOPE (4673) ext 107.

6. Send a financial gift Here at Peacemakers we have a strong vision to reach our community, but we need resources to accomplish what God has placed on our hearts. Proverbs 19:17 says “He who helps the poor lends to the Lord, and He pays wonderful interest on your loan.” We’ve definitely experienced God’s blessings as an organization and we challenge you to take a step of faith as you partner with us financially. God will bless you for it! To send a financial gift: go to and click on Donate.

7. Apply to be part of our Americorps program AmeriCorps is a federal program that allows individuals to spend one year in full time service. Peacemakers is blessed to have the number one AmeriCorps site in South Florida, with over twenty full time members on our team. Serving in AmeriCorps is a large commitment, but it is an exceptionally rewarding program. Join our nationally honored team and dedicate this next year to service. To apply to become part of our AmeriCorps program: go to and click on Get Involved.

8. Attend a Healthy Relationships or Abstinence Education Class Of all the services we offer at Peacemakers, our Better Lives, Better Futures program is one of the most important. Our Healthy Relationships and Abstinence awareness classes are taught in public High Schools and Colleges throughout South Florida, as well as weekly at Trinity Church. We invite you to join the thousands whose lives have changed as a result of these powerful classes. To attend a Healthy Relationships or Abstinence education class; go to and click on Get Involved or Call 786-888-HOPE (4673) ext 318.

9. Pray for Peacemakers Ministries The Bible says that when we AGREE together, things are going to change…aren’t you thankful for the power of prayer?! We appreciate the many families and individuals that take time to lift up Peacemakers in daily prayer. Believe with us today for a change in Miami – We can’t do it without you!

10. Give someone a copy of Peacemakers magazine Do you know someone that would benefit from the services we provide? Or perhaps someone who would like to join with our vision? We encourage you to share a copy of Peacemakers Magazine with them! We want the word to spread about Peacemakers because we believe we’re called to touch as many lives as possible with an answer to every need. If we work together and rely on God – the impact is limitless! To order more copies of the Peacemakers magazine call 786-888-HOPE (4673) ext 107.

“I am only one, but I am one. I can’t do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do stop me from doing what I can.” – Edward Everett Hale PEACEMAKERS


Visit us at: 17801 NW 2nd Avenue • Miami Gardens, Florida 33169 Information & Prayer: 786-888-HOPE (4673) Saturday Night Service – 7pm • Sunday Services – 8:30am, 10:30am & 12:30pm Tuesday Rendezvous for Young Adults – 7pm • Wednesday Family Night – 7pm PO BOX 680100 MIAMI FL 33168

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PA I D Miami, FL Permit No. 04608 • •

You were born for greatness!

The “10 Discoveries” Rich Wilkerson shares in his book are more than self-help concepts for success. They are the ground-zero laws for your life based on what the Creator delivered to Moses thousands of years ago on Mount Sinai. By following these proven principles you can rest assured the road ahead will be a path of peace – a journey of joy and triumph. To purchase Rich’s book, please visit our website at where you will also find more great messages on DVD and CD.

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Peacemakers Magazine Vol 1 No 1  

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