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Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea, Independent Coffee Houses and Serve Hope International

10 Cents of Change

Project Contact: Melissa Rogner Email: Phone: 614-252-3335 Project URL: Project Name: 10 Cents of Change Country Most Impacted by Project: Honduras Project Location Additional Information: Coffee growing community of Siguatepeque, Honduras. Project Impact: Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea and its community of independent coffee shops are working to provide resources including safe and secure homes, clean drinking water and access to higher education in the coffee farming community of Siquatepeque, Honduras.

Project Description Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea is working with its community of independent coffee houses to provide safe and secure homes, clean drinking water and access to higher education for Honduran coffee workers and their families. Funds were raised through a series of 10 Cents of Change fundraising drives and company donations. As in most coffee-farming communities, Honduran workers live in poverty. Many occupy dilapidated homes that barely keep out the elements or protect their belongings from theft. Few have funds or skills to build new homes. Crimson Cup’s Honduran Partner, Serve Hope International, has developed a safe and secure model home that can be built with local materials for about $2,800. Crimson Cup and a team of Ohio State University students helped build one of these homes in 2018. Access to clean drinking water is a serious health issue in the region, especially among families with children. Because most houses lack running water, families obtain water from polluted rivers and streams. Contaminated water can transmit diseases such diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and polio. Women and children carry heavy water buckets for several kilometers over mountainous terrain. Using water filters and buckets, families can purify rainwater for drinking and cooking. This produces potable water without the 12 backbreaking labor.

To help workers obtain an education, Crimson Cup donated 30 computers to Serve Hope’s Educafe. The computers allow coffee workers to support their families by working during the day and pursuing a higher education through computer courses in the evening. Benefits In December 2018, Crimson Cup led a team of Ohio State University students to help build a home for Jesús Lazo Lorenzo and his family. Lazo picks coffee cherries for farmers that participate in the roaster’s Friend2Farmer direct trade program. A series of personal tragedies had put his dream of building a home for his family out of reach, until Serve Hope connected him to Crimson Cup. The roaster and its community of independent coffee houses helped raise funds to purchase building supplies for the home. Crimson Cup funded the student trip to help build it. To date, Crimson Cup and independent coffee houses have provided funds to distribute 40 water filtration buckets. Serve Hope International distributes the buckets and teaches the families how to use them properly. The 30 computers donated by Crimson Cup to the Educafe have enabled workers to pursue a higher education by taking computer courses at night. Overall, Crimson Cup and its community of independent coffee houses have raised over $22,000 to July 2019

support the coffee farming community. Crimson Cup has been working with Siguatepeque farmers since 2011. The roaster imports coffee through its Friend2Farmer direct trade program, which ensures that farmers receive a fair share of proceeds from coffee sales. The company also donates funds for education and community improvements. By expanding relationships with small-plot coffee farmers and helping their communities thrive, both Crimson Cup and independent coffee shop owners are contributing to a sustainable coffee harvest for years to come. Readers can help by Readers can help by purchasing Crimson Cup’s Friend2Farmer Honduras Siguatepeque coffee or by donating directly to Serve Hope International. With tasting notes of floral, honey and baker’s chocolate, the coffee can be purchased online at Honduras-Siguatepeque_3. Donations can be made at