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Editorial Illustration Kerrie Wang

The Project Statement 1. Background Nowadays the flue goes all over the places, people get sick easily because they are out with other people a lot without washing their hands constantly, or infect by others. In order to prevent this, especially the people who are working, it is one of the requirements to be able to keep their jobs. 2. Target Audiences People who are working. 3. Objectives People should be aware of this news because it might affect their future life, and it can also prevent from getting sick and stay healthy. 4. Obstacles Some people refuse to get it because they are afraid of the shots or what will it affects to the body after getting one. 5. Key Benefit To keep the job, moreover, to stay healthy. 6. Support Statements/ Reasons Why Now more and more companies require the flue shot, some of them are so strict that they will fire you if you refuse to get one. They do this so that the employees can stay healthy and keep working in the company.

7. Tone This message is more like warning people to get a flue shot. 8. Media This will show on the newspaper, TV, and also radio because this is very important for most of the people, and nowadays, people have their smart phone all the time, it can appear on one of the apps, so people can see it easily. 9. Creative Considerations This is a universal consideration, so it should be in every language since people are working all over the world.







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Editorial Illustration  
Editorial Illustration  

This is an editorial illustration about "get a shot or get fired"!!