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medord street honey Honey produced in College Hill.


new album by Monk’s Wine 5Q with Hawg Stompr Andy McKee

the origin of top city


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becoming a wino review of monk’s wine cd 5Q: hawg stompr not your average adventure artist highlight andy mckee


mug shot: size the beer medford street honey drink + happy hour specials


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A great meal for a great cause! It’s the 17th annual Family Service & Guidance Center Outback Day. Friday, November 1, 2013 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Outback Steakhouse 21st and Westport, Topeka Proceeds from this delicious event ensure that over 12,000 children and families across northeast Kansas get the mental health care services they need to be happy and successful. Tickets are $17, and seating is limited. For tickets, call 232-7902 today!

Amanda Reynolds, Kerrice Mapes + James Robinson


Tiffany Bonnewell, EJ Drake, Amber Farmer, Megan Rogers, Gary Krohe and Amber O’Dell.


Amber Bonnett, Robin Cremer, Tony Davis, Dennis Etzel Jr., Cale Herreman, Larissa Keller, Jessica Matheis, Gary Piland, Rio Cervantes-Reed, Kevin Reed, Martie Rison, Boone Smith, Michelle Ullom, Tom Wah and Erin Wynkoop.


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Improving children’s lives since 1904

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seize the

beer S

tone Brewing Co. of Escondido wants you to enjoy your IPA now. So much so, that they put it right on the label, “Enjoy by...” whatever date they want you to enjoy it by. It’s an interesting concept, kind of a Carpe Beer (would you believe “beer” does not have a Latin translation?) for the hops-loving set. I siezed the opportunity to join the crew at Meyer’s Wines & Spirits recently where they were sampling Stone’s “Enjoy by 11/12/13 IPA.” It had me doing some California Dreaming. You expect a grapefruity taste from your standard IPA, but this one had me thinking Caprese Insalata; the nose instantly smelled basil or fresh-cut grass, and the afternotes left a bit of a fresh homegarden grown tomato tingling on the tongue. All I needed was some fresh mozzarella and I would have had dinner. Grab a couple of bottles of this ($7.50) and enjoy with a homemade Margherita pizza in these waning autumn days, you won’t regret it. And keep checking back for more from Stone Brewing Co.’s “Enjoy by...” line.

Stone Brewing Co. Enjoy meant to be drank today, not tomorrow. New brews are introduced monthly with their expiration date clearly marketed on the bottle. Go online to for their latest releases. To request a beer in Kansas, view Kansas’ consumption meter (image above 10.16.13) or follow them on Twitter #EnjoyBy #KS.


it’s all about the beer sponsored by Topeka Beer Check out Topeka Beer on Facebook for beer events, tastings, news + more. Another California brewery we sampled was Lagunitas Brewing Co. out of Petaluma. The year-round IPA and Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale, and the seasonal Little Sumpin’ Wild Ale, were all up for the tasting. The Little Sumpin’ bottles are aesthetically pleasing, with a pin-up style girly-girl gracing the label. Let this serve as your clue: the IPA, with it’s plainer label just didn’t deliver what I look for in an IPA. I went home with a six pack of the Little Sumpin’ Wild Ale; it had the bitterness and hoppity-hop I usually look for in IPAs. If you like a milder beer though, the IPA and the Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale are highly drinkable. If you like it a little wilder, then go for the Wild Ale. Join the guys at Meyer’s Wines & Spirits in Barrington Village from 1-7p every Saturday as they hold their product tastings. The staff is knowledgeable of the items they’re sampling, wine, beer and spirits alike, and their inventory is a revelation. Cheers! -Rio Cervantes-Reed aseveneightfive


Prognosticatio with

Ruprecht Roosterdamus, The Psychic Chicken TM


2013 Dear Mr. Roosterdamus, Halloween is my favorite holiday, but I’m stumped for a costume this year. Any ideas? - Naked in the Mirror Dear NitM, Go as Miley Cyrus! It’s EASY! 1. Google “slutty” to really get in the mood. 2. Get a mangy, short blonde wig, dip it in sheep dip and mush it down on yer head. 3. Have pretend skank sex with construction tools. 4. Being desperate for attention is critical. Ooze needy! That’s it! - RR ____________________________ A R I E S Speaking of spanking, how’s yer new boss? Oh, ya didn’t know ya had a new boss? Wait, that’s next month. Sorry! T A U R U S Remember when yer love life didn’t stink? No, I don’t mean yer lonely and sad, I mean ya need better personal hygiene. Clue up, Bucko. Do us all a favor. G E M I N I Sorry, but watching girls buying cucumbers at the grocery store is not the same as actually dating them. Seek help. C A N C E R Last chance. Don’t blow it. L E O Rupe’s Rule #937: If ya cross the line enough times yer bound to smudge it and make it harder to see. V I R G O Ya really haven’t heard the story about the hooker, the parakeet and the cucumber salad? Well, there was this parakeet... Oops, gotta write Libra. Later!


L I B R A It’s about time for a quick trip somewhere warm and sunny. Hopefully without a kidnapping and ransom this time.

O R23P| 6:30p I O | Tallgrass Beer Dinner at Riverside • S COct. If yastation have the perfect dream / Urban Appetite

S C O R P I O If ya have the perfect dream about the perfect dream, yer definitely in Scorpio territory.

L I B R A It’s about time for a quick trip somewhere warm and sunny. Hopefully without a kidnapping and ransom this time.

about the perfect dream, yer Nov. 1 | 6p | Winter Seasonal | Serendipity Dear Mr.sampling Roosterdamus, definitely in Scorpio territory. First Friday ArtWalk Halloween is my favorite G I6T| T A R| Tallgrass I U Sholiday, I’m stumped for a • S ANov. 6:30p Beerbut Dinner | Ice & Olives The call of the wild. If ya hear it, this year. Any ideas? costume • don’t Nov. 5:30 -and 7:30p |- Old Kansas Craft go.13 It’s| dirty itchy out Chicago Naked in the |Mirror Alliance takeover | Sierra Nevada, Odell, Deschutes there and yertap bound to get a Dear NitM, and rash. TryAbita hanging out at Cabelas Goops as Miley Cyrus! It’s EASY! some black • withNov. 13wannabe | 8-10p | Burger Stand | Odell tap takover | types a day. IPA, That’llMyrcenary, cure 1. ya. Google toMountain really get 90for Shilling, St. “slutty” Lupulin,

in the mood. C AStandard P R I Cand O Well R N Spring 2. Get a mangy, short blonde Well, ya survived a government • Nov. 15 | Sampling for Merry Market at the Ag Hall shut down, the debt ceiling wig, dip it in sheep dip and mush it down on yer head. crisis and some questionable 3. Have seafood choices. Unless ya do pretend skank sex with Stay up-to-date on news and beer events something incredibly stupidconstruction tools. 4. Being desperate for attention or @TopekaBeer (not judging!) I’d say yer good is critical. Ooze needy! to go for at least a month week or two. That’s it! - RR

____________________________ A Q U A R I U S When yer finally ready to A settle R I E S down and have a meaningful Speaking of spanking, how’s relationship with someone yeryanew boss? Oh, ya didn’t truly admire and care deeply know ya had a new boss? Wait, about, why do they always run next month. Sorry! that’s away with 22 year old strippers A U R U S and forget to shave? (If yaT think Remember when yer love life this is only about flaky men, yer didn’t stink? No, I don’t mean yer not paying attention, Bucko.) lonely and sad, I mean ya need P I S C E S better personal hygiene. Clue up, One of my favorite movieBucko. Do us all a favor. quotes from the second Alien artwork by Lorie Jo Bridges + James Robinson G E M I N I movie, Aliens: “It was a bad Sorry, call, Ripley, a bad call.” Why I but watching girls buying cucumbers at the grocery store remember that just as I write this—gotta be a reason. is not the same as actually dating them. Seek help. ___________________________ We ask - you tell. Look for Local Vocal questions on Twitter + FB.


Best soup in Topeka?

C A Potato N C soup, E R Boca’s Question for the Blue Guru? Megan James-Rogers: Quinton’s Something on yer mind? Last Needchance. Don’t blow it. Sarah Harris: RowHouse Restaurant: Tomato soup an answer to a burning (and E O Connie Tank Cook: question? Field ofLGreens..A Garden Bistro soup and if itching) personal I Rupe’s Rule chilli counts as soup Boss Hawg’s BBQ and#937: Pigskin’s Sports Bar. say we find out before it’sIf too ya cross the line enough late. Don’t wait! Emailand me! Kerrice Mapes: Broccoli Cheeseyer from Pizagles times bound to smudge it and make it harder to see. Gabriella Gagliardi: Celtic Fox ___________________________ Nickie Roberts: Field of Greens. V I R G O * Astrological predictions are about as Ya really Jerry Oven goodHill: for usCopper as Flea Party Republicans in haven’t heard the story about Congress. They’ll burn the country to the the hooker, the parakeet Amy M.just Curtis: Boca basil soup ground to prove theyCafe knowtomato how andtothe cucumber salad? Well, use matches. Next election, let’s help Tish Colón-Barnes: Tumptinthere Thai Delectable Thai Soup Oops, with side was this parakeet... to find a new career in say, canine ofthem money bags. gotta write Libra. Later! feces management. - Ruprecht. Amber Bonnett: Vichyssoise from Chez Yasu.

S A G I T T A R I U S The call of the wild. If ya hear it, don’t go. It’s dirty and itchy out there and yer bound to get a rash. Try hanging out at Cabelas with some wannabe black ops types for a day. That’ll cure ya. C A P R I C O R N Well, ya survived a government shut down, the debt ceiling crisis and some questionable seafood choices. Unless ya do something incredibly stupid (not judging!) I’d say yer good to go for at least a month week or two. A Q U A R I U S When yer finally ready to settle down and have a meaningful relationship with someone ya truly admire and care deeply about, why do they always run away with 22 year old strippers and forget to shave? (If ya think this is only about flaky men, yer not paying attention, Bucko.) P I S C E S One of my favorite movie quotes from the second Alien movie, Aliens: “It was a bad call, Ripley, a bad call.” Why I remember that just as I write this—gotta be a reason. ___________________________ Question for the Blue Guru? Something on yer mind? Need an answer to a burning (and itching) personal question? I say we find out before it’s too late. Don’t wait! Email me! ___________________________ * Astrological predictions are about as good for us as Flea Party Republicans in Congress. They’ll burn the country to the ground just to prove they know how to use matches. Next election, let’s help them to find a new career in say, canine feces management. - Ruprecht.


medford street by Michelle Ullom | photos by Gary Krohe


z bu z



alf-way through my interview with Brian Carr, beekeeper and owner of Medford Street Honey, I just had to pop the question: “I hate to ask the obvious, but I have to know…do you get stung a lot?”

Carr laughed and held up his swollen and slightly misshapen hand. “That’s about 25 stings that I got just today. They also got me all up the back of my legs.” Then why on earth…? “I guess I’m just used to it. Sure, I used to be scared of being stuck, like anybody else.” I inwardly winced as he used his right injured hand to pick up the drink next to him and take a sip. “But it’s an addiction with me now.” A native-born Topekan who moved away in his younger years, but came back in 1997, Carr has a serious addiction to all things ‘green.’ An avid biker who met with me after doing a ‘short’ ride of 40 miles, he is involved with trail development and restoration, as well as an experienced gardener who is a fount of information about natural growing techniques and methods. He is also involved in several local groups who support these issues. It has been a path which lead him four years ago to an activity that he does now…beekeeping. “It started with hummingbirds. I had a feeder of nectar out and noticed a lot of bees liked to congregate around it.” Where most people would only see a nuisance, Carr saw opportunity.


“I liked watching them; so I put out a big, open plate of nectar.” Pretty soon, he had quite the bee crowd. “It was funny; it got to the point where they would come buzz around my head. Not aggressively, but as if to say ‘Hey, we’re out of nectar’.“ His interest in bees piqued, his curiosity lead him to thinking about starting his own hive, but he had no idea where to start. He spent a winter reading everything he could, and that lead him to a website that set him up as a newbie beekeeper. “The site was basically a my-first-beekeeping-kit. You could get all the equipment you needed to get started through the mail.” All that was left to do was get the bees. “Unfortunately, I started in the spring and found out it’s tough to order bees that time of year. Everyone wants bees in the spring.” But another internet search later, he found a supplier in southern Texas that would give him a hand. “Even they were out. But they worked with me and some other beekeepers to set me up with my first package; 3000 bees, a queen, and their food.” Carr lives in central Topeka and wanted to reassure his apprehensive neighbors there would be no problems from his keeping a hive. “First, I contacted city officials and found there were no restrictions on beekeeping within the city limits. I wanted to be a good neighbor and do things by the book.” He also contacted the Northeast Kansas Beekeepers Association for additional information.

want your own hive?

>>> continued on next page

Interested in starting your own hive? Brain Carr offers his expertise to anyone who is interested. There is a beekeeping class offered at Johnson County Community College or check out the Northeast Kansas Beekeepers Association for upcoming events.


Wasn’t he concerned about the bees swarming? In my mind, that seemed the biggest worry for anyone living near a hive. But according to Carr, swarms are not dangerous in and of themselves. “The reason a swarm starts is because the hive gets too full. When that happens, the hive splits and a bunch of bees take off to start a new one.” And how can thousands of bees flying at you not be a threat? Mostly because at that stage, a swarm has nothing to protect. “A swarm has no food and no queen; so it has no reason to show aggression. I can scoop up an armful of bees from a swarm. They are passive in that state.” After putting everyone’s mind at ease, Carr set up his first hive, and it took off fairly well. “I would just sit outside and watch their antics. I became utterly fascinated by these little creatures.” Fascinated to the point that he has grown his operation a little more every year since his first hive. With 250,000 bees and 120 pounds of harvest, he has moved beyond being an observer and keeper, to a creator. Medford Street Honey, which can be found on Facebook, has only recently started to promote its products. Carr has created candles, soaps, and lip balm with the beeswax he harvests; and, of course, the honey. 10

“Originally, I began sharing with the people close to me, getting an idea of what people liked. I also bartered with other local vendors.” Now with his process refined and four years of experience and knowledge behind him, he’s ready to open up to a broader market. You will find no fillers, overly-processed or chemically-laden products here. Carr’s honey is considered “raw”—uncooked and strained with a filter only small enough to remove the beeswax and other natural debris. Many store bought honey is micro-filtered, which also removes all the pollen. “Without the pollen, you can’t determine where the honey came from. All the good stuff is in the pollen.” Bee pollen has been found to be full of protein, vitamins, minerals, lipids and carbohydrates. And because Carr takes care of the environment around his hives, the flavor and texture of his honey changes as the seasons do. You can basically taste the living environment. “Spring flow honey tends to be clearer, with a more syrup-like consistency and clean taste. Once you move into fall flow, you get a darker color and richer flavor.” He smiled as we wrapped up. “I always tell my neighbors and anyone who is local—want to know what your flowers taste like? Try my honey.” aseveneightfive


You will find no fillers, overly-processed or chemically-laden products here. Carr’s honey is considered “raw” - uncooked and strained with a filter only small enough to remove the beeswax and other natural debris.



....SINCE 2006


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aeasywino to do cd review: Monk’s Wine


by Tom Wah | cover art provided

magine one of our recent fall days: bluest of sky, light breeze, a chilly morning that quickly warms up so you shed that comfortable sweater. You’re off for a drive, perhaps the winding US 40 to Lawrence or K-4 to Lake Wabunsee, and you’re looking for the perfect playlist. Well, my friend, I have just the thing for you…Monk’s Wine’s newest EP, Becoming.

Every since Ashley Reynolds and Jarrod Guth formed their musical partnership, along with the original rhythm section of Jordan Hymon and Aaron Leonard, the Monk’s Wine journey has always been about outstanding musicianship, catchy lyrics, strong lead vocals and a hard-to-describe mixture of sound that lies somewhere between a delta of jazz, pop and Andy McKee. Now a trio, with Sam Zlothy on drums and Ashley covering the bass part on his keyboard, Monk’s Wine, under the able production of Paul


Schneider at Rundown Studios, delivers four new tunes and a cover perfected by MW, Hendrix’s Axis: Bold as Love. The four new tunes are vintage Wine: Jarrod’s guitar rifts set the stage, piano and drums kick in, and Ashley delivers the vocals with his incredible voice. (If you were lucky enough to be at last year’s holiday LOUDsoftLOUD and hear him sing The Christmas Song, you know what I’m talking about.) The band continues to stray from 4/4 time and predictable chord changes. As a result these four new tunes are best enjoyed where you can really give them your full attention; they demand listener involvement. At the same time, they flow as smooth and sweetly as a Sunday afternoon drive…in that comfortable button-down sweater. A perfect combination. aseveneightfive

This isn’t heaven, it just feels like it.

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301 Gage Suite 161

FINE DINING @ Ice&Olives White Table Cloth Dining with Prix Fixe Menu Delicious, new 3-course menu every weekend from

Bistro t he Bistro t he Bistro

t he

at Ice&Olives • Thunderbird Square 3627 SE 29th St. Topeka

Chef John Phillips

Complimentary Wine Tasting to begin the evening

ENJOY LIVE JAZZ WHILE YOU DINE! Friday seating begins 6pm | Saturday dining starts Nov. 2 For questions, reservations or more information, phone us at 215-8460 Menu posted weekly at



by Jessica Matheis



Randy Labrecque: guitar + vocals Buddy Kester: mandolin + guitar Gaylon Shannon: percussion Ptr Sponseller: banjo, guitar + vocals Joe Herold: bass 18


ardcore and Hillbilly finally converged in one band in Topeka, in Hawg Stompr, a witty and downright entertaining band.

Hawg Stompr is comprised of five good ol’ boys who enjoy a good bottle of moonshine (the legal kind, right guys?!), a pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon and hanging out at an undisclosed location in NOTO while listening to a wide array of music. These guys were a blast to hang with - full of personality that resonates in their original music. seveneightfive sat down with these hardcore hillbillies for the five questions.


How did you all meet? Ptr- I met Randy at a show on my birthday about four or five years ago. I went to the show because it advertised metal and ribs. However, when I went in, there was a country band playing (“Good old outlaw country music,” Randy added) and Randy was part of the band. So, Randy and I met that night and awhile later, I just wanted to be part of a band, and Randy mentioned that his country band was looking for a guitar player. So I tried that and it uh, did not work, so that band fell apart. Randy and I wanted to do something together still, so we just kind of came up with putting metal and country together.

2 3 4

Why Hillbilly and Hardcore? Randy- I hated country when I was little, but my parents used to listen to all the time. As I got older, I was like “oh, I kind of like this $%*#” so I started to learn how to play guitar and started to learn how to play some country. I then got with a country cover band and starting jammin’ with them. I’ve always liked punk and metal, however. So when Ptr came around with our country band, and it didn’t quite work, we started collaborating and mixing our sounds together. “Well, hey, this actually sounds kind of cool and it worked.”

So I’m told you guys have a song entitled ZILF. What was the inspiration behind that one? (“I was waiting for that one to come up” a few voice exclaimed.) Ptr- Basically it came about one day because we wanted to do a quirky messed up song and I kind of said “well, what if we wrote a love song to our wives and if they became zombies we would still want to be with them.”



Hawg Stompr Moto: “Nobody will like all of our songs, but everybody will like one our songs.

Gaylon- So he came up with the song idea and we were all sent home with homework to try and come up with some song lyrics for the next practice. I went off to work the next day and sat down and basically wrote the whole song in an hour and said well here’s some ideas, (Gaylon wrote the verses and Peter wrote the hooks) and he sang my ideas in the order they were written down and that’s been the song ever since.”

Who are your influences?

Joe- The Misfits, Slayer, Metallica, Slipknot. Good ol’ fashioned punk. Ptr- My influences are anywhere from Chubby Checker to Slayer to B.B. King to Hank III to Fishbone. I’m real eclectic and I enjoy all forms of music. Gaylon- I just prefer the older music. I like a lot of different styles of music, but I just prefer the older music. I like my metal old. My punk rock old. My rock classic. My rap old. I don’t care much for any newer music except of course for Hank III. Buddy- I love old country, country and western. Ernest Tubb, Hank Williams the first, Marty Robbins, stuff like that. I also like the harder rock, Godsmack mainly.


Randy- My really big influences on the country side would be all the Hank Williams, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, you know, all the old outlaw country guys. Some newer stuff I’ve really been diggin’ is Whitey Morgan and the 78’s. Then I really love Pantera and Slayer and I really love some death metal too like DSI, Cannibal Corpse. Blues, I dig B.B. King and Muddy Water. I can listen to anything but rap.

If you guys were on Survivor, who would you send home and why?

Gaylon- Uhhhh, I’m pretty sure we’d all agree that it’s Ptr. (Other band members laugh. Someone utters, “That ain’t no lie.”) We don’t exactly know why. Randy says, “Well we wouldn’t survive, let’s put it that way!” aseveneightfive

At the Goose, you’re family. 3203 SW 10th | 785-357-8474 | @thedutchgoose


not your average adventure through the looking glass


rtists often work in solitude with their vision, toiling away in their studio to communicate their experience in a visual medium. Each piece created in their private studio is usually not seen by the general public until the work is complete and their statement fulfilled and fully formed. As a reproduction service provider for artists I get the privilege to see firsthand an incredible amount of new work that is being created by regional Kansas artists. On occasion there is an artist who is doing work that is so filled with ARTitude that I am simply awestruck at the vision and expanse of a project that I become an instant fan and intently watch the progress of their work.


by Michelle Leivan | Artist, Author, Artrepreneur |

In the middle of last year, I was approached by a long time artist friend, Professor Ye Wang of Washburn University to reproduce large scale photographs for his new project and naturally I was eager to play a small part in his upcoming project. What I didn’t know was the project he envisioned would be one that simply blew my mind when I learned what he was doing. I was already familiar with his fascinating oil paintings using reflections of his subjects in glass windows as a metaphor for his culture shock and adjustment when he moved from China to live and work in the United States. Ye noticed when he first arrived that there were clear differences between the culture that he left and the one



The inspiration is mostly from my experience of being an outsider like a foreigner living in the States.

first expected. “In 2011, I received a major research grant from Washburn University to work on this big project. I hired tailors to create the costumes to make them as close as possible to the classical paintings. Then I hired models to pose as the people in the classical paintings. I set all this up in the streets of downtown Topeka and sometimes in Lawrence to shoot pictures through a piece of glass. In this way I still have the continuation of the reflection series, but now you look through glass to see classical paintings which make the paintings modern as if they have come back to life and have walked into our reality.”

he called home. “The inspiration is mostly from my experience of being an outsider like a foreigner living in the States,” Ye explained about his ongoing work. “You feel like you see everything through a piece of glass. Your vision is never complete and perfect, it’s blurry. It’s partly clear but a lot of it is still blurry and you really don’t see the whole picture.” His current work has taken on a new dimension. A few years ago Ye enjoyed a museum focused trip through Europe to visit personally the classic masters he has admired all of his life. When he returned, the stimulation of the pieces he experienced was set in his mind. He decided that he could combine the classical paintings that inspired him into his long time passion with reflections. By inspecting the pieces by the masters in person, he was as equally mystified as the culture shock that inspired his reflection series. The idea for his new project “Return to Classicism” was born. In 2010, Ye started to experiment with idea of classical paintings with reflections. He started with photographs and ended with large scale oil paintings. Quickly he realized that to truly realize his vision the project was much larger and more complex than he

As I see it, Ye Wang is also presenting the value in the traditional study of the masters. He has found a voice from his own experiences to give us a completely unique vision of the western tradition by bringing reflections of the modern world into our own fascination with the masters. Proving that there is always something new and exciting that can be discovered by studying the past, not unlike the adventures of Alice through the looking glass. Will you be bold enough to join me in following him through this artistic endeavor? aseveneightfive Author, Artist and ARTrepreneur, Michelle Leivan AKA the Artist’s Artist is the owner of another entrepreneurial art-based business providing fine art digitizing and reproductions for visual artists in Topeka and surrounding region.


Featuring: Glenda Taylor, Marguerite Perret, Azyz Sharafy, Ye Wang, Mary Dorsey Wanless, Michael Hager, Emmy Rice, and Catron Professor, Jennifer Marsh; adjunct instructors: David Hartley, Elizabeth Knabe Roe, Chris Arensdorf, Lynda Miller, Gary Woodward, Janet Zoble, Carla Tilghman, Monette Mark, Christa Dalien, Libby Schmanke, Kymm Hughes, John Paul, Carol Yoho, Clinton Ricketts, and Andrew Burkitt and art department faculty emeritus, Edward Navone.


s+n we be jammin’ seen + noted

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Weekly jams + music events

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Resistance: DJ Dance Party Every Thursday | Boobie Trap | 10p ______________

Upcoming Shows

Sunday All Ages Jam Speck’s Tavern | 5p ______________

• Saturday, October 26 Sarah McQuaid • Saturday, November 9 Dennis Warner • Saturday, December 14 Street Corner Choir Lezlie Revelle and David Hakan

Big Harry + The Back Alley Blues Boys Open Jam Every Thursday | Celtic Fox | 9p ______________

All concerts start at 7:30p | Cover $10 - $15 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Concert Hall 4775 SW 21st St., Topeka

Open Jam | Every Sunday Abigail’s Bar | 9p ______________ Share the Mic Night Every Tuesday | PT’s College Hill | 7p ______________ Bluesday Tuesday | Open Jam Bullfrogs Live | 8p ______________ Wednesday Live Music (Bar) Blue Moose | 8p

Latin Night | Every Sunday The Office | 9p

Eat, Drink & HElp kiDs sUCCEED

INVEST in Success Benefit Auction saturday, november 23 | 5:30 p.m. Tickets | $75 per person | $495 table of 8 R.S.V.P. | 785.235.3700 | 22

Justin Moore November 20 | KS Expo Center • “Off the Beaten Path” tour, also stars Randy Houser and welcome special guest Josh Thompson. Get tickets by phone 800.745.3000. Pit: $39.75 | Reserved $39.75 + $22.75 “I can’t express, in words, how excited I am about this tour. The success of the OUTLAWS LIKE ME TOUR gave us the opportunity to step it up a notch this time around. From the production, to venue size, to Randy and Josh, we’re taking it to another level,” said Justin. “I consider Randy Houser and Josh Thompson to be two of my best friends in Nashville and, I’ve said numerous times, that I believe they are the two most talented singer/songwriters in our format. We are thrilled to welcome them to our second headlining show, and know that they will help us, tremendously. As a fan, I can’t wait to watch them play … It’s gonna be a party every night!” - Justin Moore


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THERAPEUTIC PAMPERING Every ThirdThursday at The Merchant. Fun relaxing night to get pampered. Henna. Reflexology. Reiki. Oils. Astrology. Chair massage. Shopping. Refreshments. Get your mojo workin!!! 913 S. Kansas | 357.1444 MAKE ART GLASS CREATIONS! Prairie Glass Studio, a great place for Holiday Work Parties, birthday parties, girls night out. Create a unique fused glass piece in the company of friends, family or coworkers. Bring in your own food and drink! Great place to make a gift for someone special. Open during business hours and evening hours upon request. 110 SE 8th, Garden Level | 271.8006 MAKE ART - ALL MEDIUMS! It’s a GREAT Time to take a class at the NOTO Arts Center! Braided Rug Making, Metalsmithing, Painting, & Drawing.... PLUS... Class sizes are limited. 935 N. Kansas | 608.6738

Literary / Poetry Readings by Dennis Etzel Jr.

compiled by Tweets sent to @785heardnoted | illustration by Amanda Reynolds

Tweet to @785heardnoted OH @AJsPizzaria : I tried to time my fart to your laugh, so nobody would hear it. OH @ Singer Songwriter Showcase @bullfrogs : This is the most amazing thing ever. Best local artist goes to Puppet Man, however. OH @DutchGoose : We’re the “Cheers” of Topeka bars.

November 7 | WU Mabee Library | 4p

Stephen Meats, fiction

__________________________ November 8 | PT’s College Hill | 7p

Megan Kaminski, Jim McCrary, and Jordan Stempleman, poetry __________________________

December 5 | PT’s College Hill | 7p

Washburn University Flash Fiction Reading

OH @Specks : Whaaaaaa....they have a hamburger bigger than my face. I’ll take two, please.


OH @ The Globe : I’m not sure what any of these food signs mean, but my stomach doesn’t care.

Author Fair

December 8 | TSCPL | Time TBA __________________________ 23



Shop Free on Friday 1-6pm and Saturday 9-3pm at Topeka Expocentre’s Ag Hall.

15 16 &

Girls Night Out, Nov. 15th, 6-9 pm. Tickets, $15 by pre-sale or at the door. Champagne Breakfast, Saturday Nov. 16th,8-10 am. Tickets, $5 by pre-sale or at the door.




by Richard Kelley • photo by Amber O’dell AOZ Production



Top City is more than just a place, it’s a state of mind.


Rias and Owens hold a passion for music and mixing. Rias, who works for Dish Network, and Owens, who works for Hill’s Pet Nutrition, continue to book gigs around northeast Kansas. Rias said his love for house music came from a young age when he heard artists such as Fast Eddy, Bad Boy Bill and Julian Jumpin’ Perez while growing up in Chicago. When he moved to Topeka, he didn’t own a mixer. But back in Chicago for Christmas, that changed.


or years, Topeka has garnished the nickname “Top City.” But, at one time, the nickname hadn’t yet seen its creation.

Vandon Rias, AKA DJ Top City, coined the term roughly 20 years ago when he found inspiration in an unusual spot: off a packing listing. “About 1992 or ’93, I was working for Airborne Express and all our packages just had ‘Top’ on them,” said Rias. “We had a party once and realized we needed a cool name other than Topeka, so on the flier I just put ‘Top’ and then realized since we’re near Kansas City, I might as well add ‘city.’ So it became Top City.” Rias said soon after this, he started referring to Topeka as Top City when he was performing his DJ routine. Troy Owens, AKA Def DJ and one of Rias’ best friends, also helped Rias coin the term. Rias said growing up in Chicago until age 12, he received a lot of inspiration to help push Topeka forward. “Top City to me is more than just a place, it’s a state of mind. I always came from a town where people do things at the top of their game,” said Rias. “Even though we’re in Topeka, we’re still at the top of our game. That’s the mentality.” Fast forwarding to present, Rias said he never expected the name to stick the way it has. With the event Top City Thursdays and organization Top City Live both making a name for themselves, Rias has found it interesting to see how the name has progressed. “It’s refreshing that everything we did, it wasn’t forgotten,” said Rias. “People who’ve got kids now are calling Top City. It would be nice though for people to know exactly where it arrived from.”

“I had these tight green leather shoes, and I told my granddad ‘I’ll trade you my shoes for a mixer’ and he agreed,” said Rias. “I was the happiest kid ever on the ride home, because I finally had a mixer.” For Owens, his influences began with his mother, who is a retired music teacher from USD 501, and his father, who played guitar in a band as Owens was growing up. He said the first time he saw a record, his dad let him play it. “It was George Clinton, and when you see George Clinton as a kid with the big boots, you’re thinking ‘whoa, what is that?’” said Owens. “I wore that record out. Ever since then, I’ve had a love for music.” Through the years, both of them have had their share of experiences, including Rias working with Lil Wayne, Redman and Tech N9ne at separate events. The duo has also played numerous house shows for fraternities and sororities at the University of Kansas. Nowadays, in Topeka, the former location of London’s Jazz Café is one of the places they will rent out for gigs, with the next one coming early in December. The event will also include comedy. “It’ll be like a big house party, but it’s our house party,” said Owens. As well, Club Rumba in NOTO has opened its doors to the duo. Each said they can’t imagine the idea of no longer performing. One way each said they keep their sets fresh is through crowd adaptation. “A lot of people don’t realize that the DJ controls everything,” said Owens. “I judge what I play off the reaction of the crowd. A lot of times I don’t even have to say a word, and the crowd is dancing.” Rias said his son, a freshman in high school, has followed in his footsteps and has already begun producing music. He hopes others also see that Topeka has a place for performers and people willing to put their hearts into something. “I don’t want to tell him that it sounds better than me, but he’s going to find out,” said Rias. “I’m proud of him, because I didn’t try to make him like music. It’s more him seeing us still encouraging younger people in our town that if you love something and you’re passionate, you never know where it might take you.” aseveneightfive 27

andy mckee: A

ndy McKee plays the guitar really well. No, make that exceptionally well.

A Special Guitarist, A Special Performer.

by Tom Wah • photo by Christine McKee

But what Andy McKee does even better than play the guitar is show his love of playing the guitar for whomever is listening. It might be in an intimate concert hall, might be on stage with Prince half a world away, or for his entourage after a show. Heck, it may even be at The Flying Monkey here in Topeka when he’s dropped in, and the musicians on the bill were more than happy to let Andy play a couple of songs for a dozen or so folks. It really doesn’t matter the venue, Andy gives the listener the full load. It’s that love of sharing his craft along with his technical mastery of the guitar that makes Andy a real artist, someone who’s drawn to his craft because it brings him joy, and sharing it with others only multiplies it.

Andy’s a musician for all the right reasons.


Andy summed up his performance attitude saying: I try to focus myself into the music as much as possible when performing. Sometimes I’ll laugh, sometimes I’ll smile, sometimes my eyebrows will do interesting things. But when you are invested in the music, people will recognize that, and you will make a connection. Music can be a very powerful agent for transforming moods and states of mind and as a performer, you are responsible for your listeners. I try to use that time in a positive way no matter where I am playing.


fans around the world


ndy’s care for his fans extends beyond his time on stage. I guess it is in my personality to be approachable and friendly. I don’t have a problem with hanging out after a show for an hour or more to meet any fan that wants to say hello or have a picture or whatever. In fact, it’s possibly my favorite part of the night. I get to hear a lot of great stories. Andy’s propulsion to musical heights began in 2005. I had joined an independent record label based in Milwaukee called Candyrat Records that was focused on the sort of music I do, instrumental acoustic guitar. They heard about me through a recommendation from Don Ross. In the fall of 2006, I was fortunate to be touring with Don, and we ended up in Milwaukee with a day off so Rob, the guy that runs the label, put the idea out that we should shoot some videos for YouTube and try to get some more fans. It would be like free promotion, he said. I figured why not and so we shot about eight videos that afternoon and then went on our way and finished the tour. I remember being back at Steam Music teaching lessons and going on the computer during a break. I went to YouTube and noticed that they had featured my song “Drifting” on the front page. I was totally shocked and called Rob right away. He told me to buckle my seatbelt... Shortly after that, “Drifting” was featured on the front page of Yahoo and I was doing late-night TV and getting offers to start touring at an alarming rate. I decided to stop teaching lessons shortly after that and have been a full-time performing musician since. At last count, Drifting has had close to 50,000,000 hits.

the andy approach to music


t doesn’t take long watching Andy perform to realize he brings a great deal of creativity to his physical approach to playing the guitar: using it as a drum/rhythm accompaniment, playing with his left hand over the top of the neck, or plucking strings with his right hand at the sound hole while tapping them with his left hand on the neck. When asked about creating his unique approach, Andy explains: The change for me occurred after watching a guitarist named Preston Reed perform. He lit the fire. He was in Topeka back in 1995 doing a guitar clinic on behalf of Washburn guitars demonstrating his amazing technique. He completely changed my idea of the acoustic guitar. Shortly after that I became very interested in the music of Michael Hedges, Don Ross, and Billy McLaughlin as well. Those four guys are my biggest influences. Andy’s forte is writing original tunes, but he’s developed some catchy covers of tunes by Toto, Tears for Fears and others as well. When asked how he approaches composing in the context of his penchant for creative tunings, Andy explains: I will start with either creating a new tuning or searching for a new one that I haven’t tried before. From there, I will begin experimenting and discovering either a chord progression or “riff ” that I like the sound of. After some time, I will begin to hear melodic ideas that will work over the progression, and I will then try to find a way to play them at the same time using techniques like tapping or making slight changes to the “riff ”. When arranging a cover tune for solo guitar, I usually try to find a tuning that will work for the key of the song and sometimes I will adjust the tuning while arranging it as to better facilitate playing the song. Andy finds himself in the enviable position of calling more and more of the shots when it comes to his career. I’ve been taking it easy this year on the touring, and I’ve been working on new music as well as family life (The McKees welcomed their second child this fall). I’ll be doing a two-week run in November here in the U.S. followed by some European dates in the first part of 2014 which will include the U.K., Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Greece, Israel and more. The nearest gig to Topeka that I have lined up at the moment is in Emporia in January. I hope to have some new music out in November in the form of an E.P. I plan on releasing a few E.P.’s over the next couple of years as opposed to having a single new album. The idea is to have new music out more frequently but in smaller groupings. So many folks these days are buying music digitally and aren’t necessarily interested in a physical album, so we thought we would try this distribution method for a while.  

Andy McKee’s “Drifting,” now about to hit 50M views. If you haven’ must. Click the QR code for the video or search it on YouTube.

If you get around Topeka for some of its many fine acoustic acts, you just might run into Andy, and if you’re really lucky, you’ll catch him play a couple of tunes. If you do, count it as a special event as Andy is one very special Topeka talent who’s going to be making fine, creative music for many years to come. If anyone reading this has aspirations of becoming a musician, start with the right attitude. Keep your mind open and know that all things are possible. Above all, be a kind and honorable person no matter what occurs. aseveneightfive 29

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Swinnen and Assoc | 921 S Topeka Blvd.


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seveneightfive magazine, Medford Street Honey, Bee Guy, Monk's Wine CD Review, HawgStomr, Origin of Top City

November 2013  

seveneightfive magazine, Medford Street Honey, Bee Guy, Monk's Wine CD Review, HawgStomr, Origin of Top City