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Cloud Unite

A new way of communication “Cloud Computing shall change the way we live, think and experience.’ “It is suggested that new technology may be a benefit or a burden... technology is being used as a replacement for genuine human interaction. However, you can limit your Internet use and use the technological communication tools in a healthy way - one that contributes to real human connection rather than impedes on it.”

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Thermoelectronic Technology assisted by a pulse change detector creates visual and reactive connections through the cloud. 1. Ceramic instilation 2. Electrical conductor 3. Ventilator 4. Heat Response






Cloud Unite

A new way of communication

Unite is a service that creates a visual connection from long distances of each user. Unite was shaped to dedicate a natural communication helping ease worry and loneliness for travellers and their family. This works with the Cloud, your change of pulse sends a signal to the cloud. It recognises who and sends via the system your visual emotion to the chosen recipient. It waits for their response, recipient has to change their Unite colour, to do so you have to think of positive thoughts, to show you are there for them. This then transmit’s it back to the sender. Thus giving a sense of interaction, comfort and real presence through ‘no word’ conversation.

Dad’s connecting

Devon, Uk Father

The inner band of the bracelet reacts with a short moment of heat giving a greater sense of presence and connection

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Communicate 'cloud computing'  

Creating a fun and physical way to communicate through emotions in the 'Cloud'.