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Cover Letter Rachel Kerr Having recently graduated I have a practiced versatility to new findings, processes, design and user experience that has become standard. I am a driven creator who strives to meet needs, experience and opportunities for others and communicating them well. Being organised, I also have very good people skills and find it easy to build strong relationships with clients and the team. My course specialised in user interaction and experience leading to outcomes to enhance or change behavior through service and product design techniques Throughout my projects I produced in depth research and design analysis to help communicate very well to others within and out width the design and visual practice. The research itself gave great openings to new opportunities as well as visual communication, which were presented every week through visual media. Working with BoConcept, Frogg and Futhark and various people through my projects has given me confidence and great team skills, which I would like to apply to your company. User experience and interaction is key to a successful product. To create a new way of communicating that changes behavior, thought and brings exciting new explorations and products. I worked with the design director of Knoll in New York through an exchange programme in 2008 that opened my eyes to a totally new way of life and clientele. Through this I was able to learn about marketing, design thought and imagery of space and environment. Here the practice was completely new to me due to their form being before function methods. After studying and practicing through developing forms with simple materials to create negative/positive spaces and depth, I started to see a new approach to design. The practice was more about how a user reads, uses and approaches the object, which expanded my creative thinking even more from its function. Having had experience working in Spain over summer in 2009 I was able to manage and design for Futhark’s main clients such as BoConcept. Holding meetings about product manufacture and development gave me a chance to expand my real life knowledge within a professional environment as well as experiencing a new lifestyle in Spain. During this position I added to my sales and marketing skills whilst working closely with the director. Conversing with the office and clients from various countries has given me a good insight into production, sales, visuals and most of all communication. Being a confident person I apply my skills in visualising concepts to the client through detailed and versatile research, maintaining a good work ethic throughout. Within your team I would add to your energy, charisma and creative possibilities. Being a friendly character I communicate well with others and learn new talents quickly, working them through to the best of my ability. I am dedicated creator who strives to meet deadlines and works to a high standard. I design quickly with user experience in mind aiming to inspire new and tailored environments with the potential to expand. I commune through drawings, Rhino, 3d Max, CAD and Adobe confidently (Mac & PC). From your company I would gain insight into your professional practice whilst heightening my experiences of communication and teamwork. This would open doors to explore new techniques and build relationships; allowing me to grow as a designer.

CV Rachel Kerr


Aged 22 08/05/88


3/1 2 Berkeley Street Glasgow G3 7DW

Contact 07769159661

/Qualifications University: Product Design (BDesHons) The Glasgow School of Art SDS (Skills Development Scotland) Strategic and innovation design project for redundancy packages Futhark, Valencia, summer work experience 2009 Designer (BoConcept, Diam, Medesa) Semester abroad 6 months, PRATT Institute, Brooklyn (Knoll, Frogg Design, Tanaka Kapec Design Group) New York, 2008 Stuttgart, Germany - International service project 2007 /School: The Gordon Schools Huntly Aberdeenshire Grades: 3 Advanced Highers 6 Highers 8 Standard Grades

/Personal Profile

With an entrepreneurial spirit I always find myself on the look for opportunities and new approaches to challenges that present themselves to me. Having done a number of different jobs in a range of positions, I feel very comfortable carrying out new tasks and taking responsibility. My strengths lie in my versatility and my people skills as well as my ability to work in a team or individually. I am highly organised and pride myself on being independent and trustworthy. Hard working who sets goals and learns new skills quickly, I love challenges and to better my talents and that of others working together as a team.

Recent Work Experience Futhark Furniture design, Valencia- Designer, Internship 2009 Designing furniture for BoConcept, Diam, Madesa - orders to China office Manufacturer SDS - Skills Development Scotland project Developing redundancy programme 2009

Kildrummy Castle Hotel Team Leader, promotions,silver service 2008/9 Award for a team project researching and developing service proposals for young people to become engaged in the career and learning process 2009

Kelly Services

Silver service, Scottish Open, Waitress, Receptionist 2008


Research to USA H & R departments, Medical 2007

Hair and Beauty

Receptionist, Hair assistant 2006


Shop floor advisor 2005/10

Inverurie Garden centre

Restaraunt - Waitress, coffee machines, clearing 2003/4


Morten Georgsen

Futhark Design, Valencia, Spain FUTHARK DESIGN S.L. Phone +34 961 804 955 Cell +34 629 201 859 Fax +34 961 804 956

/IT Skills

Abode CS3/4 Software: Photoshop Illustrator InDesign /Other: 3D Rhino Microsoft Packages Social Networking Research Tailored design

Stuart Bailey

Lecturer, Glasgow School of Art 167 Renfrew St, Glasgow , G3 6RQ 0141 353 4500


Changingfields (Twitter) Linkedin


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Professional CV  

Professional CV of Rachel Kerr