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Adding Value with Proven Winners A brand your customers can trust for great plants and bright ideas

This year we’ve launched the Proven Winners brand in the UK, but that’s not all. We’ve spent the year conducting consumer research, to make sure we’re offering you exactly what consumers want. Our research with consumer groups said they wanted high quality plants, and they wanted gardening to be easy with step by step instructions and planting ideas. So we’re offering you exactly that. Proven Winners varieties are trialled and tested for years all over the world to make sure they outperform other varieties in the garden - so we’ve got the ‘quality’ part covered.

Branded product launch at Plymouth Garden Centre

Our in store POS gives consumers recipe cards and inspirational posters with planting ideas to help make gardening easy.

The PW website, is full of monthly gardening advice and planting recipes, for gardeners to use at home. This means they will be successful with strong Proven Winners varieties, and will come back for more next year. The ‘where to buy’ list on the website directs gardeners to garden centres who sell Proven Winners varieties. Please contact us if you, or a retailer you know should be on this list. We’re also building up a database, and have started using social media too so that we can help you promote, and create demand for our products, and increase footfall into garden centres.

Branded Pots and labels

With all this hard work going on, make sure your customers know where they can find Proven Winners varieties with Proven Winners pots and POS materials.

Bench Tape

Please contact us for details: Tel. 01579 350561 or Email.

Recipe Cards to take home

Inspirational Posters

Proven Winners Recipes

Hundreds of inspirational recipes to choose from. Amazing merchandising displays that encourage multibuy purchases.

Angelonia Angelface®

A Mexican native with fantastic, vibrant flower trusses which emerge in summer from shiny green, slightly serrated foliage. Height varies between 45cm and 60cm tall for the largest variety. Excellent in large containers, raised beds or borders for the summer months.

‘Blue’ (P) (Imp) EUPVR TBAF

‘Dark Violet’ (P) ANDEEPVI

‘White’ (P) (Imp.) ANWHITIM

‘Pink’ (Imp) (P) EUPVR TBAF

‘Pink’ (Imp) (P) EUPVR TBAF


With a long flowering period and weather resistance the Arctotis varieties continue to please. A choice plant for the summer border or container as it can be grown on its own, with other Venidiums or with other selected summer plants.

‘Hannah’ (P) ARCHNAH

‘Hayley’ (P)*ARCHLEY

‘Holly’ (VR)

‘Hope’ (VR)

‘Heidi’ (VR)

‘Hello’ (P)


Often known as ‘Marguerite Daisies’ these are largely upright varieties of differing foliage and flower colour. Just try them in a large container for the patio, courtyard, conservatory, doorstep or balcony.

‘Polly’ (P) INNPOLLY

‘Pacific Rose’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

‘Citronelle’ (P) SUPA511

‘Ping-Pong’ (P) INNPING

‘Pomponette Pink’ (P) SUPA392

‘Pacific Gold’ (P) PACARGONE

Aster Autumn Jewels

A series of naturally compact Asters with an excellent colour range and long bloom time. Excellent for beds, borders and patio pots to extend the season with warm autumnal colours.

‘Rose Quartz’ (VR)

‘Sapphire’ (P) KIESAPPHIRE

A ‘ qua Compact’ (VR)

‘Granat’ (VR)

‘Purple Diamond’ (VR)

‘Rose Crystal’ (VR)

Begonia Belleconia Brilliant Begonia! - Awesome flower size, with double ruffles and riffles and spectacular colours. A must for summer baskets and patio containers.



‘Soft Orange’ (P) INNBELLPEA

Begonia Summerwings® Elegant, stylish, but vibrant flowering begonia with dragon wing-shaped foliage. These flower right through summer with low maintenance - a constant delight!

‘Deep Red’ (P) NSUMDERED




‘Orange’ (P) INNBOLORA

Gumdrop Coco ‘Rose’ (P) GFBSFCOROS

Gumdrop Coco ‘White’ (P)GFBSFCOWHI

More beautiful Begonia! ‘Chardonnay’ is a stunning variety with double flowers on semi-trailing foliage, whereas the ‘Gumdrop Coco’ varieties have gorgeous, chocolatey, compact foliage. ‘Chardonnay’ (P) INBEGCHARD

‘Rockstar’ Flower heads are almost double the size of normal Bidens!

Bracteantha Sundaze®

Bred by our friends in Australia, these paper daises are very early flowering and sturdy. Shimmering iridescent flowers cover the plants throughout summer. All between 25-30cm tall, they present themselves well in a pot, or tub for the patio - try them in a mixture.


‘Totally Yellow’ (P) EUPVR TBAF *(R=5.5p)

‘Bronze’ (P) REDBRABRO


‘Magenta’ (P) REDBRAMAG

‘Red’ (P) (Imp) FLOBRAREI


Buddleja Buzz A Buddleja for the pot! A revolution in Buddleja, the Buzz series has been bred to be suitable for the container and border planting. Great for butterflies and bees!

‘Ivory’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

‘Lavender’ (P) TOBUDVIOLE

‘Magenta’ (P) TOBUDPIPUR

‘Sky Blue’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

Calibrachoa Superbells®

A range of Calibrachoa chosen for their habit, flower power and comparative resistance to root diseases - crucial for this genus at consumer level.

A ‘ pricot Punch’ (P) USCALI41308

‘Cherry Punch’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

‘Cherry Star’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

‘Double Rose’ (P)US08CJ0202

‘Double Ruby’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

‘Grape Punch’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

‘Imperial Purple’ (P) USCALI100

‘Lemon Slice’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

‘Orange’ (P) USCAL41109

‘Pink’ (P) USCALI11

‘Pomegranate Punch’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

‘Red Devil’ (P)- USCALI28

‘Royal Blue’ (P) USCALI4

‘White’ (P) (Imp) EUPVR TBAF

‘Pomegranate Punch’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

‘Yellow’ (P) USCAL42201

Coreopsis hybrids

A wonderful series of half hardy Coreopsis. Stunning flower colours on 40 x 35cm height foliage. Ideal to be planted in swathes in the mid border, as the flowers will be noticeable from a distance.

‘Pink Lady’ (P)

‘Sangria’ (P)

‘Rum Punch’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

Diascia Breezee

This range has really impressed us due to the flower colour and size as well as its sturdy nature in all weather. Ideal from cool spring weather through summer. Perfect for mixed containers, borders and window boxes.

A ‘ pple Blossom’ (P) (Imp) EUPVR TBAF

‘Pastel’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

‘Red’ (P)

A ‘ pricot’ (P) INNDIAAPRI

‘Coral’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

‘Flamingo’ (P)EUPVR TBAF

‘Orange’ (P) EUPVR TBAF


Dahlia Dreamy™

Dreamy™ are a new range of Dahlia bred by our friends in Holland. All semi-compact, with bronze foliage, and contrasting stunning flower colours.

‘Fantasy’ (VR)

‘Nights’ (VR)

‘Eyes’ (VR)

‘Fusion’ (VR)

‘Kiss’ (VR)

‘Lips’ (VR)

‘Nights’ (VR)

Erysimum Perennial This range of Erysimum ‘Wall flowers’ are all unique with varying habits, flower colours and garden uses. Flowering March - July.


The ‘Rysi’ collection is a mixture of soft and bright yellows that provide the ultimate zesty yellow colour palette that’s perfect for spring. They are early to flower in March and continue flowering all the way through mid summer.

Rysi ‘Star’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

Rysi ‘Bronze’ (P) INNRYSIBRO


Rysi ‘Moon’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

Rysi ‘Star’ (P) EUPVR TBAF


‘Winter’ is a series full of hot pinks, burning oranges, intense purples and warming reds, guaranteed to heat up any garden in spring. Flowers emerge early in March and last right through to mid summer.

‘Winter Rouge’ (P)

‘Winter Joy’

‘Winter Orchid’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

‘Winter Rouge’ (P)EUPVR TBAF

‘Winter Sorbet’ (P) INNERYWS


Particularly useful in the pot, or container for the summer, mixed with other perennials and can be transplanted into the bed or border after use in the container to continue to satisfy.

‘Efanthia’ (P)

‘Kalipso’ (VR) INNKALFF

‘Diamond Frost ’

This is incredible! It just keeps on flowering with clouds of airy white flowers through spring and summer.

Fuchsia Shadowdancers®

This is generally a very early-blooming and easy Fuchsia with exceptionally uniform and compact growth. The flowers perch well above the bushy, small-leaved foliage. Blooms all summer long. A great pot crop plant.

A ‘ melie’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

‘Rosella’ Imp. (P) GOETZIMPRO

A ‘ nna’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

A ‘ lice’ (P) GOETZALICE

‘Betty’ (P) SHABETTY





‘Marcia’ (P) MARCIA

‘Martha’ (P) GOETZMART

‘Peggy’ (P) GOETZPEG

‘Shirley’ (P)

‘Violette’ (P) GOETZV2

‘Yolanda’ (P) GOETZLANDA


These all have beautiful ‘butterfly’ flowers on stems of varying heights. They are not usually sold as hardy plants, but will survive in well protected or mild, dry conditions over winter. Suitable for use in both the container and the border. They will bring colour for the summer period.

‘Lillipop Pink’ (P) REDGAPI

‘Papillon’ (P) NUGAUPAPIL

‘Karalee White’ (P) NUGAUWHITE


A choice selection of Heuchera. Sold mostly for their year-round foliage appeal. Ideal in a container, either on their own, or mixed with other Heucheras, Tiarellas or with other foliage and colourful flowering plants. When finished use in the container they can be planted into the bed or border outside.

‘Blackberry Jam’ (VR) PWHEU0109

‘Key Lime Pie’ (P) - TNHEU042

‘Crème Brûlée’ (P) TNHEUCB

‘Licorice’ (P)TNHEU044

‘Sugar Frosting’ (P) PWHEU0104


These ornamental sweet potatoes are now even cleaner, more vibrant and vigorous, foliage will even grow well in cooler climates, but do prefer warm, sunny conditions. Excellent as a colourful addition to summer baskets and containers. These can be mixed with many other basket and bedding plants to make a stunning display of colour and texture.

Sweet Caroline ‘Bronze’ (P)

Sweet Caroline ‘Purple’ (P)

Sweet Heart ‘Light Green’ (P)

Sweet Heart ‘Purple’ (P)

Sweet Caroline ‘Light Green’ (P)

Lantana Calippo

Making a come-back for the British patio - Lantana Calippo have superb colour, but benefit from a more compact, bushy habit compared to the old traditional varieties. Ideal for pots, containers as well as for the mid summer border.

‘Gold’ (P)LAN 509

‘Gold’ (P)LAN 509


‘Orange’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

‘Tucano’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

‘Tutti Fruitti’ (P) LAN 519

‘White’ (P) LAN 409

Lavender sto. Provençal This is a neo-classic range of French Lavender. Not fully hardy, but will last if protected from the worst frosts. All great habits for the pot or garden with delightfully subtle, pastel flower shades and fragrance.

A ‘ ntibes’ (VR)

A ‘ rles’ (VR)

A ‘ vignon’ (VR)

Lobularia Princess

These Lobularia are like no others that have come before them. They outperform seed raised varieties by miles. Being sterile, they are extremely vigorous, and because they put no energy into setting seed they have an incredibly long bloom time. They create a great hanging basket or window box and are a perfect filler in combinations. In addition they have a delicious honey scent, and we have even found them to be hardy in our trials in very well drained situations in the garden. ‘Primavera Princess’ has variegated foliage that is proving to be very on trend at the moment, and ‘Princess in Purple’ produces airy clouds of flowers to create a purple haze in a pot or basket. ‘Snow Princess’ is a multi awardwinning variety for its garden performance.

‘Primavera Princess’

Nemesia Sunsatia® The Sunsatia® series are a unique range of Nemesia as they are the first series with such a range of vibrant colours to be produced from cuttings rather than seed. This means that they will not produce seeds as readily as some of the more traditional seed grown varieties. This leads to plants with far greater vigour and flower-power so you can enjoy the wonderful colours right through summer. The upright varieties have the best scent - ideal for tubs.

‘Cassis’ (P) INUPSPINK8

‘Kumquat’ (P) INTRAIKUM

‘Blackberry’ (P) INNUPPINK

‘Carambola’ (P) INNSUNCARA

‘Mango’ (P) (Imp) UNIPIMPYEL


Nemesia Sunsatia Plus®

A continuation of an amazing breeding programme to produce more prolonged flowering and demonstrate a more robust habit. Some excellent colours make a great range. Excellent for summer containers, either solo, or for fringe planting to compliment other summer basket and container plants.

A ‘ nona’ (P) INNEMSUNAN

‘Ciruela’ (Imp) (P) EUPVR TBAF

‘Granada’ (P) INNEMSUNDA

‘Papaya’ (P) (new) INNEMNEWPA



‘Cherry on Ice’ (P) INNEMCHEOI

‘Raspberry’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

Nemesia Karoo

This ‘Karoo’ series from Proven Winners® is unique in that they are triploid - which means they have prolific, sweetly perfumed, large flowers and will not set seed and therefore have a far better chance of flowering for longer without cutting back.

‘Violet Ice’ (P) INNEMKAVIC

‘Dark Blue’ (P) INNEMKADAB

‘Pink’ (P) (Imp)EUPVR TBAF


‘Soft Blue’ (P) INNKARSOFB


Osteospermum Symphony®

This is a wonderful breakthrough in South African daisies. Long flowering from spring and even into the hottest summer, vibrant petal colours with the characteristic blue Symphony eye. The best recommendation would be to try the ‘Symphony’ Osteospermums in a bowl together or in a collection of separate bowls.

‘Banana Symphony’® (VR) SEKIGELI

‘Orange Symphony’® (P) SEKIGORI

Oxalis Xalis™

This range of Oxalis has beautifully rich coloured trefoil shaped foliage, which sets off the flowers wonderfully. Perfect for combinations for early summer through to autumn when the lush foliage looks at its best. ‘Pink Pillow’ flowers from June-August whereas the others flower from May-September

‘Black Velvet’ (VR)

‘Burgundy Wine’ (VR)

‘Pink Pillow’ (VR)

Pelargonium Surfin’ This is a new series bred for their shorter requirement for vernalisation (cooling period) and fantastic pot habit. These should initiate flower within just 4-6 weeks at 9ºC for at least 10 hours per day. These have also demonstrated that they are not sensitive to Leaf Spot (Pseudomonas) disease. Vibrant colours and plenty of flowers through spring and summer.


‘Purple’ (P) EUPVR TBAF



Petunia Supertunia®

This is a series of Petunia which has taken America by storm due to its early flowering and suitability for the pot. All the varieties have medium-sized flowers and are semi-trailing. Ideal for pots, tubs and baskets to show them in their full glory.

‘Raspberry Blast’ (P) HOOBENI

‘Bubblegum’ (P) KAKEGAWA S84

‘Royal Magenta’ (P) KAKEGAWA S36

‘Royal Velvet’ (P) KAKEGAWA S28

‘White’ (P) KAKEGAWA S30

Petunia Conchita® & Conchita® Doble

This series has been trialled and tested for their vigour, early flowering, trailing qualities and weather resistance. Definitely best placed in the basket, either on their own, or in a mixed floral display with other heavy-feeders. The breeder of the Conchita® series has also been hard at work creating a range of double-flowered Conchitas® with the habit and flower-power to set the standard.

‘Blossom White’ (P) CONBLOSS

‘Blueberry Frost’ (P) CONBLUE

‘Evening Glow’ (P) CONGLOW

‘Twilight Blue’ (P) USTUNI218

‘Strawberry Frost’ (P) CONSTRAW

A ‘ zur’ (P) USTUN05403

Doble ‘Dark Blue’ (P) CONDOST169

Doble ‘Lavender’ (P) CONDOST177 Doble ‘Lavender Bouquet’ (P) KERPRILCOMP *(R=5p)

Doble ‘Velvet’ (P) USTUNI140

Petunia Veranda®

A selection of Petunia designed with the window box in mind. These all make a superb display in spring and summer with masses of flowers on a very tight semi-trailing habit. Perfect for use in a window box, or in pots on a balcony as they keep nicely contained.

Carmine (P) EUPVR TBAF


‘Dark Blue’ (P) KERVERBLU



‘Scarlet’ Imp. (P) EUPVR TBAF

Petubrachoa SuperCal™ No matter what else you grow this year, make room for the new Petchoa family! SuperCal™ - nothing short of the BEST ANNUAL we’ve ever seen for hanging baskets, windowboxes, and tall flowerpots. Unlike many Petunia, they don’t bloom in waves, but are continuous. Flowers are as abundant & colourful as Calibrachoa with the larger flower size of Petunia. They stand up to wind and rain without closing up or looking stressed. They are stronger than Calibrachoa with great root strength and unlike Petunias, they’re not sticky to touch!

‘Terracotta’ (P) KAKEGAWA S91

‘Neon Rose’ (P) KAKEGAWA S89

‘Pink Ice’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

A ‘ rtist Rose’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

‘Blue’ (P) SAKPXC006

‘Blushing Pink’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

‘Cherry’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

‘Vanilla Blush’ (P) SAKPXC005

‘Velvet’ (P) KAKEGAWA S88

Sutera (Bacopa)

These varieties of Sutera (Bacopa), are all ideal for raised beds, baskets and mixed containers as they do not require much attention. Suteranova are a selection of large flowered Sutera which all trail from the container to create a lovely foil.

Suteranova cordata ‘Everest Blue’ (VR) Suteranovacordata‘EverestPink’(P)EUPVRTBAF Suteranova cordata ‘Everest White’ (VR)

Sanvitalia Masses of golden yellow flowers on mounding dark green glossy foliage.


Verbena Superbena® This series of Verbena was selected for their colour range, large flower clusters and their vigorous, robust nature and very good mildew

tolerance. The first selections are broad leaved and are suited best to container planting due to their upright flowering habit., the ‘lace’ varieties are fine-leaved and although still upright, are also ideal for container fringes, beds and borders, The Vepita varieties are NEW and replace the previous ‘Bushy varieties’.

‘Burgundy’ (P) USBENAL5

‘Coral Star’ (P) EUPVR TBAF *(R=4.5p)

‘Lipstick Lace’ (P) USBENA4702

‘Peach Blossom’ (P) AKIV691

‘Violet Blue Lace’ (P) USBENAS10

‘Scarlet Lace’ (P) AKIV341

‘White Lace’ (P) USBENA361

‘Burgundy’ mixed with Petunia Veranda ‘Salmon’

Verbena Vepita® A new series of Verbena offering a compact habit, early flowering, which lasts all summer long, mildew resistance and the bonus that the blooms are spread throughout the plant giving masses of colour.

Vepita® ‘Hot Pink’ (VR) *(R=4.5p)

Vepita® ‘Blue Violet’ (P) INVEBLUVIO *(R=4.5p)

Vepita® ‘Dark Red’ (VR) *(R=4.5p)

Vepita® ‘Lavender’ (VR) *(R=4.5p)

Vepita® ‘White’ (VR) *(R=4.5p)

Stand Alone varieties These extra varieties don’t have a series, but we love them all the same. So we have included them here as stand alone varieties.

Lamium 'Pink Chablis' (P) (CHECKIN)

Unit: 100 @ 26.5p May-Sep

Royalty 4p 20 x 30 cm

Gazania 'Tiger Eye' (P) (GAZTE)

Unit: 50 @ 44p

Royalty 5p

Tiarella 'Morning Star' (P) (TNTIA042)

Unit: 50 @ 76p Apr-Jul Pennisetum ‘Vertigo’ This grass is BIG and BOLD, with large purple, broad leaves..

Royalty 10p 35 x 25 cm

Best value for Growers

3 Plants in 1 Plug = The Perfect Summer Pot First Choice for Gardeners

• Perfect planters by growing on just 1 Trio Mio plug per pot.

• Beautiful pots and baskets in one easy, ready-made pot.

• Less floor space and less time spent on a higher value product with a faster turnaround = more profit per m²

• 5 Recipes to choose from. • Fuss free gardening with stunning results.

• Each variety has been carefully trialled and • Each plant is a trialled and tested Proven selected to produce the perfect combination Winners variety, so you can rely on them to with impeccably matched growing habits be Proven Performers once in the garden. and vigours. • Smaller royalty than growing the plants separately.

Further information Unit: 50 plugs/tray Availability in 2014: From week 13


3 Plants in 1 Plug = The Perfect Summer Pot Nemesia Karoo速 'Dark Blue' (P)

Nemesia Karoo速 'Pink' (P) (Imp)

Nemesia Karoo速 'White' (P)

Tutti Fruiti


Nemesia Sunsatia Nemesia Sunsatia Nemesia Sunsatia Plus® 'Granada' Plus® 'Pomelo' (P) Plus® 'Ciruela' (P) (Imp) (P)

Nemesia Sunsatia Nemesia Sunsatia Nemesia Sunsatia Plus® 'Anona' (P) Plus® 'Granada' Plus® 'Pomelo' (P) (P)



Verbena Vepita® 'Blue Violet' (P)

Verbena Vepita® 'White' (VR)

Verbena Vepita® 'Dark Red' (VR)

Suteranova cordata 'Everest White' (VR)

Suteranova cordata 'Everest Blue' (VR)

Suteranova cordata 'Everest Pink' (P)

Pillaton, Saltash, Cornwall, PL12 6RY | Email: Tel: +44 (0) 1579 350561| Fax: +44 (0) 1579 351151| Web:

Proven Winners 2014 Catalogue  

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