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“Kern’s most amazing commercial/ industrial offer in our 73 year history” • Let Kern reveal to you the formula for increasing cash flow and reducing energy consumption • Kern Heating is offering FREE building/equipment efficiency analysis reviews • Capital Lease - Low Monthly Payments - $1 Buyout • We can: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

increase your building cash flow eliminate HVAC repair costs reduce utility expenditures eliminate unplanned downtime establish fixed HVAC budget

• Imagine the next 5 years of no worries about service or repairs to your HVAC system, while at the same time improving your cash flow • 5 FULL years of annual checkups and maintenance are on KERN • 10 FULL years parts & labor are on Kern and Trane • NO more out-of-pocket expenditures for unbudgeted HVAC emergencies

Kern Leasing  
Kern Leasing  

Kern Heating & Trane team together to help make commercial/industrial locations more energy effecient and save the business money