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2011 Lake Isabella, California (760) 378-3841

Hello Iris Friends; Our drought spell was broken this past year and the rhizomes loved it. We had a cold, wet year.. NEW INTRODUCTION - another of Cheryl Deaton’s irises - AVERY’S HUGS - S. light yellow, slightly darker 1/2” rim; F. dark gold, overlaid violet flush thru center hafts, copperish orange; iridescent. B. dark gold in throat, dark violet base tipped gold in center, 1/2” naked white horn; purple based foliage; slight sweet fragrance. Named in memory of a fellow irisarian and dear friend, Avery Poling ($45.00 each) And, as I continue my downsizing project, the enclosed list is again offered at $1.50 each and they will be permanently removed from the garden at the end of the 2011 growing season. Some are very limited, so early ordering would be advised. Also, a list of subs would be appreciated. Again, no bonus irises will be given with these purchases. Always, a great big thank you to all my friends, customers, growers and hybridizers. Your encouragement has helped keep the garden going and growing these many years. Happy irising!


- Beard - fuzzy caterpillar type hairs that protrude from the falls. They can be thick or thin and of like or contrasting colors. Bitone - two tones of the same color. Blend - combination of two or more colors, smoothly or unevenly mixed. DM - Dykes Medal - the highest award an iris can receive; awarded to only one iris per year. Any class of iris can win the DM. F - Falls - the lower three petals of the flower. Flounces - appendages extending from the tip of the beard like little petals. Fluting - gentle dips and rises in the petal edges. Hafts - that part of the fall on either side of the tops of the beard, also referred to as the shoulders. Horns - the extension of the beard turned upward like a spear. Lace - lightly laced iris have serrated edges; heavy lace gives a crinkled, serrated look. Midrib - the stiffening mid-section of the standards which hold them upright. Plicata - stitched, stipled or banded color in contrast to the base color. RE - Rebloomer - also called remonant. An iris that blooms in any other season after its normal spring bloom; usually in summer or fall. Ruffles - waving and fluting of the iris petals; some are much more ruffled than others. Self - Standards and falls are of the same color. Spoons - appendages extending from the tip of the beard shaped like spoons. S - Standards - the upright three petals of the flower. SDB - Standard Dwarf Bearded - 8 - 16" in height. Style arms - the small stiff segments just above the beard. JOIN THE AMERICAN IRIS SOCIETY We would like to invite you to join the membership of the American Iris Society. For your dues you will receive four very informative bulletins per year with beautiful color photos, articles about gardens throughout the USA, culture information, news of the national conventions, and general information regarding iris. The AIS is composed of 24 regions. Most of the individual regions put out newsletters about the area in which you live. Depending upon where you live, you will automatically receive your region newsletter. Becoming involved with the local societies will increase your knowledge and fun of growing iris.

Send AIS dues to Membership Secretary, Tom Gormley, 205 Catalonia Ave., P.O. Box 177, DeLeon Springs, Fl 32130. Annual - $25: Triennial - $60.

TALL BEARDED ($3.00 each unless noted otherwise) ABBEY ROAD {Silverberg ‘94) S. Creamy yellow; F. warm white ABOUT LAST NIGHT (Black ‘99) S. purplish black; F. black, B. bright yellow gold ACHY BREAKY HEART (Sutton ‘06) S. creamy pink F. white, blue overlay; B. red orange ACT THREE (Blyth '96) S. lemon buff; F. bright blue violet; B. lavender ADA MARIE (Wolford '93) S. bright gold; F. Orange red, blue infusion 2.00 ADOREGON (Keppel ‘04) S. lilac blue; F. silvery pale lilac blue AFFAIRE (Blyth ‘92) S. lavender to blue grey; F. greenish mustard AFRICAN MAHOGANY (Minks ‘70) satin-like mahogany red; F. velvety mahogany red 2.00 AFTER THE STORM (Innerst '91) med. blue self; B. White. 2.00 AGE OF INNOCENCE (Kerr ‘94) S. pure white; F. white, edged blue AGGRESSIVELY FORWARD( Innerst ‘94) Full yellow ground plic. F. trimmed blue purple 2.00 ALASKAN NIGHT (Christiansen '71) S. lt. blue; F. med. purple. 2.00 ALL ABOARD (Christopherson ‘03) S. soft blue; F. white, hint of blue ALL AFLUTTER (Byers ‘94) bright white self; B. red orange, pale blue flounce ALL AMERICAN (Byers '91) S. lt. blue; F. glacial white; B. bright red. 2.00 ALL NIGHT LONG (Duncan ‘05) heavily ruffled dark purple black ALMADEN (Maryott '90) lightly ruffled dark red maroon; self B. 2.00 ALPENVIEW (Kepple ‘02) S. blue, pale edge; F. white, greenish yellow hafts ALPINE SPRING (Kerr ‘99) S. blue white; F. lt. blue, edge darker 2.00 ALWAYS REMEMBER (Mullin ‘99) Coral pink self; lt. orange B. 2.00 AMARILLO FRILLS (Hager by Cooleys ‘02) lacy yellow self AMBROSIE (Cayeux ‘97) raspberry pink self AMERICAN HERITAGE (Williamson '75) white grnd., blue violet plic. 2.00 AMETHYST DANCER (Ernst ‘96) S. cream pink; F. deep amethyst berry, pink rim AMETHYST MAGIC (Kerr ‘03) med. red violet, F. lighter wire edge AMETHYST SUNCATCHER (Cadd ‘01) S. tan/lav; F. reddish purple; plic pattern AMETHYST WINTER (Richards ‘98) ruffled amethyst violet self; B. pale yellow ANCIENT ECHOES (Blyth ‘97) S. old gold; F. red black, tan rim. ANGEL’S AWE (Van Liere ‘08) pure white self, lace & ruffles ANNORAH LYNN (Hedgecock ‘00) laced & ruffled medium purple self; B. silver 2.00 ANON (Gibson ‘75) S. carrot red; F. amber yellow flushed brown 2.00 ANTLER ROAD (Sutton, M. ‘06) blue violet self; B. blue with horns ANXIOUS (Hager '92) pale lilac self; B. yellow 2.00 ANYTHING GOES (Hager ‘95) S. rosy pink; F. deeper rose 2.00 APOLLO ONE (Sutton ‘97) white ground, red plic; B. with red horn APPROACH SHOT (de la Motte ‘’03) S. grape purple; F. darker; B. same w/purple horn APRIL IN PARIS (Wood ‘91) lightly ruffled & laced medium pink

APRIL JEWEL (Lauer ‘99) S. pink, orange buff rim; F. same with pink cast; small horn ARCTIC BLISS (Johnson ‘99) light blue self; B. yellow; very pretty ARCTIC EXPRESS (Gatty by Keppel ‘95) pure white self` 2.00 ARCTIC FOX (Wood '97) white self; B. very dark burnt red. 2.00 ARGUS PHEASANT (De Forest ‘47) DM ’52- golden brown, coppery self 5.00 ARKANSAS SKIES (Rowlan ‘81) pale violet blue self; B. yellow, short horn tipped blue 2.00 AROUND MY WORLD (Ernst ‘06) S. blue white; F. dark blue violet ART DECO (Schreiner ‘97) S. blue violet; F. white, dark blue violet plic ARTISTIC DREAMS (Protzman '89) S. white; F. pink; B. darker pink. 2.00 ARTIST’S PALLETTE (Chapman ‘00) S. violet; F. butterscotch, thin chocolate band ASCII ART (Moores '95) S. white; F. narrow blue violet plic rim. 2.00 ASPEN ESCAPE (Nichols '01) Chalk white self; B. lemon ASTEROID ZONE (Sutton '95) Bright yellow self; B. lemon gold, fuzzy yellow & white horn. 2.00 AUNT MARY (Stanek ‘00) white, blue violet plic, solid edge AUTUMN THUNDER (Sutton ‘99) deep violet blue self AUTUMN TRYST (Weiler ‘93) white & rosy lavender plic. 2.00 AVALON SUNSET (Schreiner '94) ruffled orange self; B. tangerine AVERY'S HUGS - SEE NEW INTRODUCTION 45.00 AWAKENING (Meek '94) S. deep pink; F. pink, fading to ivory AZTEC SUN (Dyer '81) ruffled full yellow; orange B. 2.00 BACK IN BLACK (Schreiner '86) velvety red black self BAD CAD (Burseen '91) s. rusty orange; F. lt. yellow grnd, streaked maroon red BALANCING ACT (T. Johnson '03) S. white; F. clear blue BALDERDASH (Keppel '02) S. peach buff; F. purple to grey lilac 2.00 BAL MASQUE (Cayuex '93) S pure white; F. pansy violet BALTIC STAR (Stahly '94) S. purple black; Fame w/white wash BARBARA MY LOVE (Maryott '98) S. pale salmon F. white, orange band BARELY THERE (Burseen '93) S. lemon cream; F. lemon white, lt. violet band 2.00 BARN DANCE (Byers '90) RE S. lt. yellow; F. darker, sanded rose brown BAYBERRY CANDLE (DeForest '66) S. chartreuse to lime; F. golden olive-green 2.00 BEACH GIRL (Blyth '83) S. white, hint of pink; F. orange apricot; B. tang. red 2.00 BEAUTY CROWN (Hamner '76) S. peach; F. cream, salmon peach rim BEAU ZAM (Blyth '87) pale blue fading to icy white; B. navy 2.00 BEFORE THE STORM (Innerst ‘89) DM ’96; dark purple black self 5.00 BEHIND CLOSED DOORS (Innerst ‘96) S. hot pink; F. same, purplish haft stripes. 2..00 BEL ESPRIT (Keppel '02) s. rose grey; F. buff haft, grey center; B. mandarin red 2.00 BE MINE (Byers '85) pink/white/yellow blend; often tiny horns from red/orange B 2.00

BENEATH MYWINGS (Meininger '05) S. clear white; F. med. blue, ivory rim; B. with blue spoons. BENGAL TIGER (Maryott '80) bright yellow self with maroon stripes BESS BERGIN (Denman '72) RE - white w/lt. yellow hafts BETTY DUNN (Niswonger '98) S. near white; F. salmon pink, white rim BIG BUSINESS (Gartman '94) orange white plic; orange B. BINGO BANGO BONGO (Burseen '03) bitone red violet self BIRTHDAY GIFT (Mohr '82) blue pink self; B. coral red 2.00 BLACK ANDROMEDA (Tompkins '94) S. azure wine; F. very dark wine; B. red 2.00 BLACK AS NIGHT (Meek '92) S. red black; F. darker 2.00 BLACK BUTTE (Schreiner '99) S. dark purple black; F. obsidian black; self B. BLACK HILLS (Fay '50) blue black self 2.00 BLACK MERCURY (Cadds '03) deep violet black self BLACK NITIE (Benson '59) S. plum purple; F. darker w/green overlay 2.00 BLACK SUITED (Innerst '99) black self; B. black BLACK SULTAN (Austin '66) red purple self, F. velvety, deep black center BLATANT (Byers '90) S. canary yellow; F. vivid magenta infused gold BLAZING LIGHT (Shoop '83) S. yellow; F. white, deep orange flush; B. red 2.00 BLUE CRUSADER (Schreiner '98) deep midnight blue self, heavily ruffled 2.00 BLUE FIRE (Pinegar '94) med. blue self, F with darker center BLUE JAY WAY (Lauer '98) ruffled blue self, F w/white area at B BLUE KENTUCKY GIRL (Schreiner '02) light blue self; B. silver BLUE RHYTHM (Whiting '45) DM 50 -cornflower blue self with silvery overcast 5.00 BLUE SAPPHIRE (Schreiner '53) DM ;58 - silvery blue self 5.00 BLUE SHIMMER (Sass '41) white with light blue tone 2.00 BLUE STREAK (Newman '52) violet and white plic 2.00 BONUS MAMA (Hager '90) warm white self 2.00 BOUTIQUE FASHION (Ernst '99) S. golden yellow; F. gold hafts; crinkle texture blended purple 2.00 BRAGGIN RIGHTS (Burseen '05) S. pure white; F. white, magnolia purple rim; B. same w/purple horns; very early bloom BRANCHING OUT (Byers '87) pale silvery blue pink self; B. long blue horns BRASS HORN (Barnard '95) S. brass; F. brass shaded antique; B. brass with brass horn BRAZENBERRY (Innerst '99) ruby-berry-wine self BREAKFAST AT TIFFANYS (McWhirter '82) mulberry self, velvet sheen BRIGHT NIGHTS (Dunn '98) lilac rose/blue blend; F. smoky rose edge2.00 BRUSSELS (T. Johnson '04) S. med. dark blue; F. icy blue white BUBBLY MOOD (Ghio '83) pure white; B. white 2.00 BUT BEAUTIFUL (Blyth '98) S. icy blue/white; F. coffee tan dusted rose BUTTERED POPCORN (Palmer '66) s. lt. Yellow; F. white w/yellow drippings 2.00 BUTTERFLY KISS (Hamblin '83) blue orchid self; henna hafts 2.00 BY DESIGN (Kerr '05) S. blue white; F. near blue black, white ray pattern BYE BYE BLACKBIRD (Sutton '00) ruffled black, violet infused edge

MINIATURE TALL BEARDED - $1.00 each MASLON (Spoon '02) S. yellow; F. velvety purple, white rim ROSEMARY'S DREAM (Dunderman '81) rose/white plicata INTERMEDIATE BEARDED - $3 each unless noted ABBEY CHANT (Sutton '98) S. yellow; F. white, haft & rim yellow; B. violet at end ending in violet blue horn AMERICAN PATRIOT (Bartlett '96) S. white; F. blue purple edged white; B. red 2.00 ARCTIC FANCY (Brown '64) white, stitched violet; self 2.00 ATTITUDE (Keppel '00) plic, white ground, grape juice to prune markings AZ AP (Ensminger '79) cobalt blue self; B. same 2.00 BOLD STATEMENT (Tasco '02) S. lav-violet edged aster violet; F. yellow, edge violet/white


CALLING CARD (Messick '91) S. bluish white; F. greenish cream; B. blue CASHMERE ROSE (Black k'07) S. peachy apricot/rosy/mauve; F. pale peach, wide band of rose CEE JAY (Lankow '92) white ground plic, deep blue violet edge CINNAMON FLASH (Aitken '99) S. pale blue; F. cinnamon orange 2.00 CONCERTINA (Sutton '99) rose self, F. w/golden tan at haft; B. orange, violet blue horn 2.00 DELIRIUM (M. Smith '99) S. smoked gold; F. gold rim & veins, dark red violet overlay DEVILISH NATURE (Boswell '98) S. chocolate maroon; F. maroon overlaid violet DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND (Blyth '00) S. red burgundy; F. apricot over cream DOE Z DOE (Kasperek '05) S. tan violet rib, white streaks; F. lav-violet, silver streaks DOUBLE OVERTIME (Tasco '05) S. violet; F. dark reddish purple-violet DUDE (Keppel '02) S. buckthorn brown, flushed mauve; F. lemon gold overlaid brown FRESH IMAGE (Craig '00) S. yellow; F. white, washed & veined violet HOT GLOW (Tasco '06) bright golden canary yellow HOT SPICE (Aitken '89) S. chocolate brown; F. bright yellow edged brown JUMP START (Keppel 02) S. dark wine; F. burgundy black; B. intense orange MARIPOSA WIZARD (Tasco '00) S. wisteria blue; F. dark violet MISS MAUVE (Tasco '00) S. mauve, violet flush; F. same, darker NECTAR (Keppel '89) S. straw; F. yellow, lt spot at edge of B.


PRECIOUS JOY (Tasco '04) S. med. violet; F. pansy violet, white patch at B

RHEA PEERZ (Kasperek '98) S. creamy chartreuse yellow; F. lemon yellow 2.00 RIVER OF DREAMS (Chadwick/DeRose '99) S. blended violet; F. sky blue ROMEO (Millet & Fils 1912) S. uneven citron yellow; F. mauve/reddish violet on white ground SPARKLING (Tasco '07) S. reddish spectrum violet, lt. Rims; F. reddish violet w/white patch SOFTLY (Tasco '03) S. mauve pink; F. orient pink, darker edge STRAIGHT BURGUNDY (Bartlett '95) S. wine purple; F. deeper SYNERGY (Keppel '03) S. maple flushed rosy lilac; F. Same; B. burnt tomato red


WINGED ANGEL (Tasco '03) salmon-peach self with apricot orange hafts

BORDER BEARDED - $3.00 each unless otherwise noted APRICOT FROSTY (Niswonger '92) S. white; F. deep apricot; B. apricot BACHELOR BOY (Blyth '98) S. oyster; F. lt burgundy magenta, oyster rim 2.00 BLUE BUBBLES (Hamner '90) ruffled violet blue self; self B. 2.00 BOOM BOOM BLONDE (Nicholson '02) S crisp yellow; F. antique white BORDER MUSIC (Sutton '98) S. blend, ochre & lt violet; F. veined darker, yellow edge CHERRY FALLS (Douglas '49) S. brilliant yellow; F. brilliant cherry red, velvety CRANAPPLE (Aitken '95) S cranberry red; F. dark velvety cranberry red GYPSY WINGS (Hamblen '77) S. creamy yellow; F. Violet, narrow yellow edge

2.00 2.00

LEMON UP (Magee '91) lemon yellow self, F. lighter 2.00 LITTLE FREAK (Steel/Nelson '99) S. none; F. white, plic edge of violet LORELEY (Goos & Koenemann 1909) S. canary yellow flecked purple; F. purple veined lavender MAGIC QUEST (Tasco '07) S. dusky golden yellow; F. lt yellow dotted brownish burgundy OASIS ROOT BEER (Chadwick '04) S. brownish maroon; F. dark, same hafts & center white w/yellow stripes OCTOBER SPLENDOR (Sides '94) ruffled, lightly laced pink self

PINK CADILLAC (Sutton '99) pale pink self; F. veined darker PRINCESS BRIDE (Sutton '99) S. white; F. same, hafts yellow; B. bright orange RAMBLIN MAN (Lauer '05) S. orange; F. lt purple w/1� magnolia rim TINK (Durrance '91) S. lavender ; F. gold WHOOPEM UP (Brady '73) S. golden yellow; F. Maroon, golden yellow reverse ZING ME (Blyth '91) S. creamy lemon; F. white, lemon rim, brown area 2/3 down; B. brown, bushy


ORDERING AND SHIPPING INFORMATION HOURS: The garden is open from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily from April 10 thru May 30. Bus tours are welcome but please call ahead. ORDERS: Minimum order is $20.00 plus shipping. Plant are shipped via Priority Mail or UPS at your request. Please provide a street address for delivery. No foreign orders or shipments. SHIPPING: Starts in early July and continues through August 5. No order will be accepted after August 1. All orders are shipped with 24 hours after digging to ensure freshness. If you need a specific shipping date, please let us know. Shipping charges are as follows: 1 to 9 Rhizomes.................... 9.00 10 to 14 Rhizomes................... 10.00 15 to 23 Rhizomes................... 11.00 24 to 30 Rhizomes....................12.00 31 to 37 Rhizomes....................15.00 38 to 50 Rhizomes....................18.00 Over 50 Rhizomes add 50 cents per additional Rhizome TERMS: Check or money order for full payment is required with all orders. Please make checks payable to WINONA STEVENSON. SUBSTITUTIONS: Hopefully will not be necessary, but will be made ONLY with your permission. It is recommended that you order early to avoid disappointment. If substitutions are allowed, please list suggestions on your order form. GUARANTEE: The gardens are inspected annually by the Dept. of Agriculture and our stock is guaranteed to be properly labeled and disease free. If you have a problem or are dissatisfied, we will replace or refund if you notify us immediately on receipt of order. We cannot be responsible for your growing or storage conditions. BONUS IRIS: To thank you for your order, bonus iris will be included with all orders over $25. These will be our choice, but all named varieties. The larger the order, the more bonuses.

RAINBOW SPECIAL If you can’t decide which iris you like, let us help. An assortment of eight (8) iris, all different and all named, are available for $20 plus shipping.


Lakeside Gardens 8280 Entrada Blvd. Lake Isabella, California 93240


Lakeside Gardens 2011  

Lakeside Gardens 2011