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Some books should be tasted, some devoured, but only a few should be chewed and digested thoroughly.

—Francis Bacon

We’re a New Company and we’re doing our best to bring you great books!

Our Philosophy Tayen Lane's mission is to publish new voices across all genres. We publish work that challenges, deeply engages, and facilitates physical/mental health and awareness. We believe that the time is ripe for new voices, fresh ideas, alternative stories and an evolutionary change of direction—a change that sets free the truth and beautifully provocative stories.

About Us Tayen Lane Publishing was founded in 2014. Its mission is to challenge the status quo by publishing provocative, thought-provoking, beyond-the-mainstream books that engage readers across a range of genres. Tayen Lane publishes a wide range of books—from nonfiction to fiction, from graphic novels to thematic anthologies, from children’s to young adult. Our limited special edition hardcovers will always debut first. Our eBooks and softcover books follow.

“And we’ll get by with a little help from our [reading] friends”

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Publishing… Tayen Lane offers a new and pragmatic publishing paradigm coupled with a distribution network that takes our books—hardcover and softcover—and eBooks to a worldwide audience. As the writing in red says to your upper left, please feel free to bring one of our books into your home or recommend them to family, friends or loved ones. And please do follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.


Ms. Tyner's recall is so sensory, her imagination so rooted, her language so up front, and her sensibility so rounded, that she has no need of the merely fanciful. There is no glitz for looks here, no trading on fragility. This book will knock your socks off. —Marvin Bell, National Book Award Winner for Poetry, Guggenheim Fellowship for Creative Arts, Winner

ORYGUN ORYGUN takes you home, its confessional tone tapping deep into the reader's cravings for a full literary experience. This collection of narrative poems touches on how the landscapes that helped raise us also shape us, the intricacies of love with ourselves and others, and shared human struggles of hope and desire, as we teeter on everchanging, emotional edges. We invite you to enjoy these powerfully evocative and beautifully written poems from Jessica's third book of poetry, ORYGUN. Jessica Tyner Mehta is the author of The Last Exotic Petting Zoo and What Makes an Always by Tayen Lane Publishing, and The Wrong Kind of Indian by Wyatt MacKenzie Publishing. An award-winning poet, novelist and writer, her work has appeared in over 50 magazines and journals around the world, including “Ray’s Road Review” which nominated her poem “Speleology” for a Pushcart Prize.A confessional poet who relies heavily on honesty, transparency and narrative approaches to writing, her work has been applauded by poets Marvin Bell and Luis Chaves. Jessica counts poets Kim Addonizio and Li-Young Lee as her greatest poetic inspiration.

ORYGUN website

Flight to Ohio is a beautifully written and captivating story of family, love, and survival at a time when the color of one’s skin meant slavery or freedom, life or death. The author weaves a fascinating story, rich with characters and their life or death motivations. I highly recommend this wonderfully written book. —Lisa Colarusso, author Prayers for Life, Love, Happiness and the Times In-Between

Flight to Ohio begins in 1836, as 21-year-old Tom and his mother Nellie escape slavery on a Virginia plantation. They soon discover that Tom, the bastard son of the white master, passes as white when he is not seen with his mother. Tom must make a choice as to how to live. The stakes are raised when he courts and marries 18-year-old Sarah Long, a young white woman from a respected local farm family. What is lost when identity is concealed? What price is paid? Tom’s emotional story unfolds against the backdrop of the Cincinnati race riots of 1836 and 1841 and the oncoming Civil War. In a place and time beset with racism, hate, jealousy and violence, the novel’s characters forge deep evolving loves, friendships, and loyalties as they move towards freedom, their ultimate goal. Mary Anderson Parks worked for twenty-two years as an attorney representing the foster care/adoption agencies of the Puyallup Indian Nation, the Seattle Indian Center, and United Indians of All Tribes Foundation. She is the author of two previous novels, They Called Me Bunny, Livingston Press, University of West Alabama (2006), and The Circle Leads Home, University Press of Colorado (1998). Mary was born in Ohio and grew up in San Francisco.

Flight to Ohio website

Flight to Ohio F R O M S L AV E R Y





We at Tayen Lane Publishing are proud to present this multifaceted collection of short stories that includes emerging, established, and first-time authors, to esteemed readers everywhere (as every reader should, indeed, be esteemed!). In this collection you will experience, first hand, how the ‘word travels’ of these authors have beautifully informed their writing and their stories. Seventeen stories take you from a grunge bar in the ‘90s, to a land of magical trees, to the middle of the night ocean. And you will find that the protagonists are many—spanning a Bulgarian orchard worker, to a jaded-yet-still-earnest skateboarder, to an octogenarian about to get conned. After you’ve read this anthology, your passport will be stamped with the postmodern, the flash, humor, historical fiction, formal invention, blog-speak, and the magical. The common thread for these varied stories is that they are all stories that are a pleasure to read. Enjoy your travels, as this collection of short stories represents the best of today’s fiction from experienced ‘word travelers!’

Articulated Anthology website

In this inaugural science fiction anthology from PROCYON PRESS, twenty authors present twenty different views of the world that's coming. Here you’ll find a philosophy professor turned space Marine in a psychic war for Earth’s future—you’ll find a society of spiritually linked cetaceans deciding to fight back against human intervention—you’ll find a revolutionary uprising launched by a yearning transgender cyborg bartender from Ohio—you’ll find punning time cops pursuing an amorphous artifact with the power to end existence through alternative histories—you’ll find teen boys animated by silent, shared trauma who use dimensional portals for shoplifting. In short, you’ll find twenty new perspectives that interrogate the ways in which all the possible futures of science fiction may transform our world, for better or for worse—and twenty possible maps for navigating it.

Procyon Anthology website




In my work as founder of the multi-national nonprofit PAVE: Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment, I have seen the damage that violence has on families and it is truly immeasurable. Sally Rice's debut book, an autobiography, powerfully speaks to that violence, yet at times, with humor and intellect. Eloquently written, this book is nearly impossible to put down and is a recommended read for anyone, personal or professional, with a connection to healing from a cycle of violence. —Angela Rose, founder of PAVE

The Quarry, by Sally Rice, is a riveting, true story of a single mother’s desperate efforts to protect her children from a cunning child molester, who lived in her home and slept in her bed. The Quarry, despite its powerful subject matter, is both uplifting and empowering, as Sally’s life unfolds before us and the courage and resilience that she shows are laid bare for all to see. Sally Rice was born in Southern California, moved to Florence, Italy. In Florence Sally studied art history and subsequently became an international tour guide for academic study tours. Sally is a photo journalist, and a nature and wildlife photographer. She has enjoyed a successful career as a costume designer in the film industry for 23 years. Sally’s current career is based upon having experienced psychic and spirit encounters since early childhood.

THE QUARRY website


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Sorry We Missed You! is a dystopian satire of life in a future United States. After receiving an incredibly disturbing piece of mail from her beloved neocon-government, our heroine determines that she has no choice but to immediately escape the country. She makes a solo break for the very dangerous Eastern border, which is a charnel house in every sense of the word. Sorry We Missed You! is the story of one woman’s desperate attempt to navigate the convoluted and purposefully bewildering system of neo-corporategovernance. Yes, the Good Ol’ U.S. of A. has been regimechanged and Balkanized and a dog now holds the highest office in the land. However, if anything continues to be true, it’s that freedom is damn well not free! Sorry We Missed You! is bound to offend any and all without exception! Have a nice day! Eugene Soukharnikov is an author of modern fiction. Born in Leningrad, then USSR, he is a dual US and Russian national residing with two kids and two pet rabbits on the southernmost border of the Czech Republic, 45 miles from Vienna, Austria and just over 250 miles from Prague. He is the author of the Porcelain Doll, his first novel in Russian that will be published in 2016 and of over two dozen short stories. He studied art, history, and political science, published political commentaries as well as a number of essays.

Sorry We Missed You! website

"When I open this book, I am invited to breathe, to relax and to know that all is well. Through stunning photographs and words infused with heart, each page is a call to remember the inward Truth, that right where we are and everywhere around us, God is. I highly recommend this book to people seeking more peace in their hearts and wisdom for their souls." —Joselito Laudencia, MDiv, Centers for Spiritual Living Practitioner “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” —Matthew 18:20

Prayers for Life, Love, Happiness, and the Times In-Between is a collection of inspired prayers for abundance, love, happiness, peace, the overcoming of grief, as well as prayers for day to day concerns. Prayer, as documented, has cured the sick, provided peace of mind and well-being, lowered stress, and when used collectively, prayer has measurably reduced violence in a given area (there are numerous police chiefs who can attest to this fact). Prayers for Life, Love, Happiness, and the Times In-Between was written to place the power to change your life and the world in your very hands. Lisa Colarusso says that she’s spent the better part of her life searching for a religious or spiritual “connection.” In 2001, she discovered a connection to God and soon thereafter, became a licensed practitioner. Lisa has led numerous prayer sessions across the country, written hundreds of personal prayers of guidance and uplift, worked with children and children at risk, and volunteered in men’s and women’s maximum security prisons, giving support, care, and love to those who have often received none of these.

Prayers for Life, Love… website




"This book, by its style and its images and its easy-to-read content, contributes significantly to access this great saint, renaissance woman, and newly declared doctor of the church, Hildegard of Bingen. May her visions of a more gender balanced culture and religion, one that operates from a place of viriditas (greening power) and authentic mystical and ecological activism, spread far and wide!" — Matthew Fox, author of Hildegard of Bingen, a Saint for Our Times, Hildegard of Bingen's Book of Divine Works with Letters and Songs.

The Spirit of Saint Hildegard is a rich, visual introduction to the life of 12th century abbess, mystic, visionary, and scholar, Hildegard of Bingen. Her writings, artwork and musical compositions are among the world’s most luminous treasures ever created. Hildegard's wisdom reaches broad and deep, covering all areas of life, from the study of science and natural history to prayer; from political activism to baking “Cookies of Joy.” Many people have heard of the mystics Saint Francis of Assisi and Joan of Arc, but for some reason human culture has yet to fully appreciate the unique gifts that Hildegard has bequeathed us. Hildegard of Bingen was a true genius and wrote extensively about a connected view of life which resonates perfectly with modern ecological and compassion movements. Barbara LeVan Fisher has worked in publishing and advertising design for over thirty years. After working in educational publishing for 16 years, she moved from southern California to the San Francisco Bay area in 1999.

Saint Hildegard website

"Irina is absolutely a voice for our time, a voice in which the feminine is exquisitely and burningly present in rage, depth, eroticism and tenderness." —Jay Ramsay, Poet and Author

Turner, Picasso and Keats to the anonymous and little known, from poets and poetry to dancers and to paintings, these poems sweep through mythology and history. Irreverent, both challenging and challenged, yet always passionately engaged by both art and love, by both artists and lovers the speak a woman’s language but above all, the language of a lived poetry of both mind and heart. Irina Kuzminsky has spent most of her life on a quest for the feminine face of God. A poet, dancer and singer, she also has an academic background including a scholarship to Oxford where she wrote her doctorate on the 'Language of Women' and was elected Junior Research Fellow in Humanities at Wolfson College. Her poetry publications include Dancing with Dark Goddesses, light muses (with artist Jan Delaney), Contemplations of the Feminine Divine, Into the Silence, poems published in the Esoteric Quarterly, Acumen, Caduceus, Poetrix and the anthologies Soul of the Earth and Diamond Cutters amongst others. As Irinushka she has released three CDs of her poetry set to music, Would That I Could, Roads Travelled which featured on the ZoneMusicReporter top 100 chart for New Age music, and Orpheus Sings. Irina has performed her one woman dance, poetry and music fusion show Dancing with Dark Goddesses in the UK, Germany, US and Australia. She defines herself first and foremost as a spiritual feminist.

Artists and Lovers website

Artists and Lovers Irina Kuzminsky

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