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fillers If you dont want to bulk up you can always go for a smaller selection and if you really want to then mulitply this, below we list some of our favourite retro sweeties Haribo! Every kid loves Haribo. So much so that we’re giving away a free packet with every copy of the magazine sold. Tasty Eggs, chewy hearts and much much more of these delights in one packet. Freddo’s. A wee chocolate frog. A taste of sweet chocolate and a cute character’s face to look at, you can even try the caramel edition one’s for more variety Rainbow Drops. Puff candy pieces. Different colours of light puffed candy, not too filling but enough in a packet to keep you eating for ages. A kids favourite for years!

Refresher bars. A long chewy colourful tangy tasty bar packed full of flavour and sweetness to make your cheeks grin. spend ages chewing them and trying to finish them, available in all sorts of flavours from original to apple and blackcurrant


Each sweet is affordable and tasty, here’s our price list below, all are readily available in every high street supermarket Dairy milk - £1

Terry’s Chocolate Orange - £1.50

Bailey’s dark chocolate laquers - £3.50

Nestle Milkybar - £1

All retro sweets can be found for under 50pence!!!! 5

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