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Ceiling solutions for the design conscious

Issue 1 | June ‘11

+ Fomenko Residence




Project: New Home Purchase

The Fomenko family’s biggest goal was to create a relaxing and cozy environment, a home they were happy to come home to.

& Full Remodel Timeline: 2 weeks Owner profile see page


+ HOSPITABLE Hosting people & parties are at the top of the list for the Fomenko’s. They wanted an inviting & welcoming atmosphere, & focused most of the budget on public areas.

+ VALUE ADD Strategically maximizing the value added to their remodel was a primary goal from the beginning.



Not many people have these ceilings. Most people see them for the first time & are in awe. They always ask us ‘what is it?’ We like being different. - Sosh, Owner

Price Sensitive Design? Do it right. Do it once.

while taking time to look for the best deals in materials and products. He shopped

Is the mentality of homeowner Sosh

around, never paid too much and managed

Fomenko. When asked, ‘what is more

to find what he and his wife wanted without

important price or design?’ He replied, ‘It

sacrificing on either price or design.

is 50 – 50.’ Doing the best job once is more effective than having to re-do work, or replace temporary products as money becomes available. His preference was to maximize the opportunity of his remodel

Was it worth it? ‘Absolutely!’ he replied. Despite going over budget & time he recognized every purchase was actually an investment. continued...


Ceiling solutions for the design conscious


MORE “I like a luxurious look, but clean + simple. Too much stuff and it looks like your trying to hard.”

Does this economy have you designing on a budget? Price Sensitive Design?

In this economy, each budget decision

temporary products and replacing

ceilings provided both solutions and

needs to be established in the

them in the future is an ineffective

atheistic qualities that matched the

beginning & based upon tangible

strategy. Having a work-in-progress

criteria of their initial design goals,

design goals with a specific direction.

home is not ideal, however it can be

they decided to take the risk. They felt

If not, what results is, corner-cutting &

financially freeing and allows you to

the innovative ceiling was an art piece

a house full of giant-retailers cheap

not compromise design.

itself and thus worth it. What resulted

clutter. It is reasonable to lengthen the project timeline in order to allow for shopping around, bargain finding and clever innovations. Buying cheap

The decision to have Kërk ceilings was a major one since it was a significant

was high-impact luxurious design for a reasonable cost...not to mention a very unique dining room (see photo above).

investment for something the owners



Kërk is dedicated to the client.

If you have a problem, we want to fix

Listening to you is just the beginning,

it! Stretch ceilings solve many issues

our goal is to provide you with the

from lack of light, condensation,

best personal design possible. Each

cracking, peeling, to the need for a

person is different, everyone’s tastes

washable hygienic ceiling. Ceiling

are unique, let your style shine.

solutions for the design conscious.

had never seen before. Realizing the

Budget Design Stores see page

Ceiling lamps look 100x’s better!


Ceiling solutions for the design conscious


The Fomenko Family New Baby, New House The pressure was on from the get go, as

conversation, “happy wife, happy life.” It

Sosh Fomenko wanted his new house

seemed to be working because they are

ready in time for his new baby, which was all smiles these days, even their newborn only two weeks away! Having a

girl. When discussing their take on

background in construction & managing

design, they see it as continually growing.

crews of workers, he knew it was possible The major things required for the yet an ambitious task. Despite late nights

remodel are finished, and the minor tasks

and work parties the deadline squeezed

are basically due to indecisiveness. They

out longer than hoped for. There still

abide by ‘do it right, do it once,’ even if it

Age: 25

remains the need for minor paint touch

takes money and time. This was evident

Profession: Investments,

ups, one kitchen light fixture, and

due to the fact that they doubled their

Small Business Owner

backsplash. All the while his wife

initial budget, requiring some liquidating

Design Philosophy:

remains surprisingly gracious. His family

of investments. Worth it? Indeed! A

Contemporary but not

motto came out a few times in

home is a life gift...for both of his babies.

Sosh Fomenko



Ceiling solutions for the design conscious

KĂŤrk Stretch Ceilings

Kitchen: Type: Glossy Color: Camel

The glossy ceiling opens up the feel of the narrow kitchen, as it lightens the space through reflective ambient lighting. Luxurious touch by adding crown moulding with recessed lighting: easy, affordable, yet significantly enhances room.


Ceiling solutions for the design conscious

Any shape possible

Formal Dining: Type: Glossy Color: Dark Chocolate Shape: Convex

Each ceiling is custom measured, designed & created. Meaning any shape, size or style is possible! Create a unique master-piece.


Ceiling solutions for the design conscious

Powder Room Type: Glossy Color: Sand Dune


[Recipient] Address Line 1 Address Line 2

+KĂŤrk 206.414.8017

Address Line 3 Address Line 4

Ceiling solutions for the design conscious



Transforming space + lives



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Keep a look out for more client stories! Ceiling solutions for the design conscious.


Client Case: Fomenko Residence  

Kërk is passionate about changing space + lives. This Client study is of the Fomenko Residence. The story of a couple's new home renovation...

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