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What is the Kerith Academy? During this revealing course you will learn about the Bible through classroom-based teaching and become part of the team at Kerith Community Church. Through the training and serving, this is a year for you to nurture your relationship with Jesus and to take hold of the plans He has for you. As we take time to build strong foundations in our lives, we open ourselves to the opportunity of being used by God in huge ways.

Simon Benham Senior Pastor at Kerith Community Church

Through the Academy we want to provide an opportunity for Christians locally, nationally and from other nations to give a year of their lives to receive both practical and theological training in an area of ministry, and be equipped for the rest of their lives to be more effective in serving God. So, no matter where you’re from, whatever age, background, the Academy is open to you. If you are able to give a year of your life to the Academy, then we will commit to doing everything we can to make it a life changing year which could change the trajectory of your life.

Ben Pocock

Kerith Academy Lead I am so excited that you are considering the Kerith Academy for 2018-19. The Academy will soon be starting its 9th year, and by giving a year to be part of the Kerith Academy you are making a step that says to God you are open and willing to learn, grow and hear from Him. I know that you can grow hugely in a year, and this could be a year that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Training Days There are two Training Days each week: Wednesday and Thursday. The training will take place on the Kerith Bracknell site, and will take the form of lectures, seminars, discussion groups, debates and activities. There will also be times of ministry, worship and prayer together. Students should expect to spend a minimum of 8 hours a week in personal study and devotional time to be prepared for and make the most of the training days. You will be taught by a mix of leaders from the Kerith Community and external speakers. Each has their individual gifts, passions and professions, but all are united in working to advance God’s Kingdom through the local church.

Curriculum A diverse and experienced teaching team from within Kerith Community Church delivers a wide curriculum. A sample of the training subjects includes: • • • • • • • • • • •

Old & New Testament Survey Community Bible Study Church Vision & Mission The Nature & Character of God The Person & Work of Jesus Christ The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit Personality Profiling Leadership Development Personal Development & Discipleship Building & developing teams & projects Handling Personal Finances

There is an option to complete further self-study and assignments during your Academy year in partnership with Moorlands Bible College and to gain an accredited qualification. See details later on in the prospectus.

Serving The Kerith Academy aims to help you in all areas of your life. Not only do we learn through hearing, but we learn through doing. Full-Time students will spend 14 hours during the week serving at Kerith Community Church. Each student is assigned to a ‘Primary Ministry’ area, which is decided by the leadership team at Kerith according to your passions, gifts and skill set, as well as the availability and need of the ministry. Each Full-Time student will have a dedicated supervisor who will help guide and train you. The serving time is usually spread over Monday, Tuesday or Friday. As well as your Primary Ministry, you will be involved in serving and helping other ministries to happen.

Primary ministry areas: Young People: Children (0-5yrs and 5-11yrs) Youth (11-18yrs) Creative Arts (music, media, production, communication and more) Social Justice Team: CAP (Christians Against Poverty) Debt Counselling Foodbank - distributing food and befriending those in need Social Outreach Team Operations Team Various areas (for example event management, courses, catering, finance) Site Services & Buildings team (the maintenance and development of the Kerith facilities) Multisite Team – Leading and developing the multiple locations of Kerith Community Church including, Bracknell, Sandhurst and Windsor.

Barney Eccles Academy 2015-16

Youth Pastor – The Beacon Church, Chertsey “I got so much from the Academy, a lifelong set of close friends, a deeper connection with God and a wide and thorough teaching of the Bible.” Now works as a Youth Leader.

Mel Woods Academy 2012-13

“My faith grew, my understanding of God grew, and the year had a huge impact in defining who I am today.” Now works in church ministry supporting people with offending and addiction backgrounds to find hope and move forward with their lives.

Kerith Academy Part-Time Some people, due to various commitments, are unable to be on the Full-Time course of the Academy. The part-time option on the Kerith Academy allows students to attend the Wednesday and Thursday training days, and to serve just 5 hours each week in a Kerith ministry. This time may take place during the weekdays, evenings and/or Sundays, allowing students to access the Academy whilst also fulfilling their other work/family commitments. If you have queries regarding your availability and the flexibility of this programme, get in touch via the contact details at the back of this prospectus.

Church Partnership Programme The Church Partnership Programme option of the Kerith Academy allows students from other churches local to Kerith Community Church to attend and access the Kerith Academy Training Days, whilst serving in a key volunteer role in their home church. For more details regarding this programme, get in touch via the contact details at the back of this prospectus.

Accreditation The Kerith Academy now provides an option to all students to study and complete a NCFE Level 3 course in ‘Engaging with Applied Theology’, offered through a partnership with Moorlands Bible College. Students do not need to attend any extra training sessions, but if they sign up for the course, it will involve completing a number of assignments throughout the year in the student’s own time alongside their Academy commitments and responsibilities. These are likely to take a minimum of 3 hours a week, which is in addition to the Academy 8 hours personal study time.

Core modules for this course include: 1. Introduction to applied Theology 2. Biblical Overview 3. Mission & Ministry 4. Personal and Professional Development The course also includes one of the following modules (selected at the beginning of the year) 1. Working with Young People 2. Working with Children 3. Introduction to Pastoral Care The cost for this additional element of the Academy is ÂŁ200, which is added onto the overall tuition fees. For more information regarding this accreditation, please get in touch.

Naomi Martin Academy 2016-17

Church Partnership Course (Church of the Living God, Twickenham) “I loved meeting with a group of people who have such a heart for Jesus. It poured out into every session of teaching we had. My faith has been strengthened and encouraged to another level” Lorraine Hart Academy 2016-17 Part Time Course “Academy reorientated me and filled me with more desire for God’s Word. I now have a bigger picture of the Bible and a passion to know even more.”

Church Life The Kerith Academy is not just about the teaching and serving. Throughout the year, you can throw yourself into the life of the church and invest in some great, deep friendships. We have small groups that meet throughout the week, courses that run through the year, and interest specific groups that meet to build relationships and have fun together. The Academy is an ideal time to meet new people from all walks of life and from all around the world. To help support you through your year, each student on the full-time course has a mentor; someone you can talk to, receive help from, and share how things are going.

What else? The Kerith Academy runs from Wednesday 5th September 2018 to Sunday 21st July 2019, with holidays around Christmas and Easter, as well as 3 reading weeks throughout the year. Fees The course fees are as follows: Full-Time Course* £1500 Part-Time Course* £1500 Church Partnership Programme £1500 Early Bird Rate (for applications received by 31st May 2018) £1400 Moorlands Accreditation (optional) £200 This will pay for external speakers who teach, teaching materials you will receive throughout the year, other resources, and all administration costs. The tuition fees can be paid in one lump sum, or paid in instalments via standing order after an initial payment on 5th September 2018. Please do not let finances be a factor to stop you applying for the Academy-please contact the church and we will do what we can to help. *See website for further details regarding the Full and Part Time Courses.

Employment The Kerith Academy is a volunteer arrangement with Kerith Community Church, and we recommend that you have a part-time job throughout the year to help yourself financially. Part of the application process will require you to say how you plan to fund your year. If you are on the full-time course of the Academy and wanting part-time work, we recommend you get paid work for no more than 20 hours a week.

Fundraising Maybe you are considering applying for the Kerith Academy but lack of finances are stopping you? We are pleased to announce that the Kerith Academy is now an approved course from Christian organisation ‘Stewardship’.

You can raise funds through approaching individuals you know to donate to your individual ‘Stewardship’ profile to help you pay your tuition fees. Their excellent service includes the ability for tax-payers to add Gift Aid to their donation. Get in touch for more details regarding this great opportunity.

Accommodation Kerith Academy does not provide accommodation for students. However, if you require help finding accommodation, please let us know so we can do what we can to help connect you with possible accommodation opportunities. Entry Requirements • A commitment to Jesus Christ as your Personal Saviour. You will need to give a pastoral referee from your current church, who has known you for over a year. • You must be able to give a plan for how you intend to fund your year on Kerith Academy. • An assessment made by the interviewers who agree that you will be able to complete the course. • A competent grasp of the English language spoken and written.

Sue Toms

Academy 2016-17 Part Time Course “The part time course enabled me to join Academy, which I’d be wanting to do but couldn’t manage the time commitment of full time. It was an amazing experience; getting closer to God, finding out more about Him. I loved the Church history teaching and also loved making new and long lasting friendships.”

Jack Newman Academy 2015-16

“I joined the Academy to get a better feel for the Bible to prepare me for going out into the world and I learned what is it like to work in a church. I am now in a Christian Theological College further preparing me for ministry.�

Applying Although there is no limit on the number of students that can be accepted to join the Kerith Academy Part and Full Time programmes, each person is required to go through the application process.

If you have any questions please call or email us here at the Kerith. To apply please complete the online application form found on our website www. Once we have received your application forms, we will arrange for an interview, likely to be held at Kerith Community Church. If a face-to-face interview is not possible, then a video call/phone interview can be arranged.

There is a non-refundable application fee of ÂŁ20 that each student must pay. This is taken off the total fee for the year. The closing date for applications Sunday 19th August 2018, however we suggest applying as early as possible. Once you have applied online and paid your ÂŁ20 application fee, we will be in contact to discuss your application and further action. Kerith Community Church reserves the right to refuse your entry to the Academy.

More info + 44 (0) 1344 862699 Kerith Community Church The Kerith Centre Church Road Bracknell RG12 1EH

Kerith Academy Brochure 2018-2019  
Kerith Academy Brochure 2018-2019