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What do you do when you need to change homes to a new one on rent, or buy a new home of your own? Many would go on a wild goose chase, to different areas of their choice to find the perfect home which would suit all their needs but not all of them would get the right kind of home. The answer to this is simple; we turn to our real estate agents also known as property guru from the stipulated area that has more information on the kind of homes available. These property dealers take a minimum charge and help in finding us the perfect home. Finding the right real estate agent, there are a number of points that need to be considered. First and foremost are the agent charges. The agent takes a certain amount of money to help in seeking the perfect area, location and home size for the customer. A house can either be taken on rent or bought off by the customer as their own. The cost of the house is the next important point. The budget of every customer varies and the agent has to keep that in mind at all times. The next factor is that, many customers do not have ready cash to buy a new home and there are down payments and loans that are given as open options to the customer. Interest rates play a very vital role in the loans that are taken by customers to buy homes. Singapore, from the rest of the world has the lowest real estate market rate. And its market trends and movements are at a down low. Many buyers from china and Hong Kong are buying properties with the help of agents and property guru's in Singapore as the interest rate is low. There are a number of different types of apartments to choose from, like Townhouses, Duplex's Condo's, Hi-rise apartments etc. Advantages: The main advantages and plus points of having a property agent in Singapore and anywhere else in the world is the fact that you would be given the options of choosing from the best homes at the best cost and the lowest rate of interest. These property gurus have all the information about all the houses on rent or that are available for ownership. They also gain from these factors and make their own sum of money from the agency as well as from the customer. These property and real estate agents can be found from local areas. The best way to find them would be on the internet or the local newspaper. There are many websites and online advertisements that give out full information on different real estate dealers and the areas that they deal with like The website gives the customer a chance to look through guides and gain all the essential help and guidance from the panel of dealers who are fully aware of the property market. Dealers: There are many dealers in the Singapore market today but the main and successful ones are, Property Guru Propnex, iproperty, Orangetee, etc

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What do you do when you need to change homes to a new one on rent, or buy a new home of your own? Many would go on a wild goose chase, to di...