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Keri et Sol lookbook

Keri et Sol

Jewellery for the Contemporary Woman Keri et Sol, derived from the words “Keri” and “Sol” means beautiful happy people. With the modern, sophisticated woman in mind, the brand seeks to bring happiness to beautiful faces by providing unique statement pieces. An elaborate statement necklace for the evening, classic stylish earrings for work or quirky rings for the weekend - every Keri et Sol piece tells a story. We believe that jewelry and accessories complete an outfit so join us in this love affair as we surprise and delight you with a plethora of inspirations from catwalks, celebrities and streets.

Mon Amour Mon Amour stands as a testimony of our love for rose gold hues. In this series, we bring you our 18k rose gold plated premium line, delicately embellished with rhinestone crystals, baubles and cat eyes. The perfect way to bring one from day to night.


Midas Touch Necklace (KS13W36N30)


Midas Touch Earrings


Hannah Filigree Earrings (KS13W36E33) OPPOSITE: Hannah Filigree Necklace (KS13W36N31) ABOVE:

Cat-O-Bracelet in Beige (KS13W36B34) OPPOSITE: Cat-O-Necklace (KS13W36N32)



Cat-O-Bracelet in Teal



Keri et Sol

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