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Employment Law Advice in Employee Breach of Conduct As a working individual, it is important to know your rights within the workplace. The laws and regulations placed on workplace ethics are meant to create a conducive and ambient environment for work and a good relationship between the employer and the employee. Therefore all employees who feel that this relationship or ambience has been compromised should seek employment law advice. This is because at times an employer may set his or her sights at making profits and money at the expense of the employee. This can be anything from poor working facilities to deduction of pay among other reasons. Whenever an employer changes the terms or bypasses the agreements signed between the employee and the employer without consultation, this is referred to as breach of contract. Breach of contract is a common problem within the work space and can lead to a very strained relationship between the employee and the employer. Terms of employment can either be expressed or implied. Expressed terms are usually in written form and the agreement upon which an employer and employee comes to consensus while implied refers to the general norms that do not have to be mentioned. In either case, a breach of the agreement that causes discomfort to the employee can warrant the placement of a claim of breach of contract in the civil court or employment tribunal. It is important to report such cases because it is the right of the employee to receive due credit and a good working environment as agreed upon. However, this employment law advice does not mean that employers do not have rights also. At times employees also fail to fulfil their duties as agreed upon in the contract. In this case the employer also has the right to approach the civil course or tribunal with a claim against the employee. Source Information:


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