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During Lent we will be holding a Lent course looking at the Anglican Communion’s Five Marks of Mission Proclaim, Disciple, Respond, Challenge, Care - which helps us explore what they mean for us. There will be film clips, group activities and discussions around each week’s theme. If you’ve not been to a group before come along and meet together with others in a relaxed and informal setting. Lent groups will run on  1.30pm Tuesdays in the Galilee Room at St Thomas’  8pm Tuesdays (venues to be announced)  7.30pm Fridays (KVCC).

Tuesday 11th Friday 14th Tuesday 18th Friday 21st Tuesday 25th Friday 28th

March 2014




sh Wednesday, 5th March, marks the beginning of Lent, and this year the service at St Thomas’ will be a little more fluid - a reflective prayer evening with the opportunity for imposition of ashes. It will be held between 7.30 and 9pm, and you are invited to come at any point within that time.

Theme Proclaiming the Good News Making disciples : being welcoming, transforming communities Responding to human need by loving service: standing in solidarity with the poor

Tuesday 1st Friday 4th

Challenging Injustice and oppression: transforming unjust structures of society

Tuesday 8th Friday 11th

Caring for Creation

may be

pretty certain

that things need

examining. C H Spurgeon

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Services at St Thomas’ and Keresley Village Community Church March Sunday 2nd 9am St Thomas Holy Communion and hymns. Mark Norris 10.30am St Thomas Family Service. Worship team 10.30am KVCC Methodist Holy Communion. Carol Foyn Wednesday 5th 7.30-9pm St Thomas Evening prayer service with the opportunity for imposition of ashes Sunday 9th 9am St Thomas Holy Communion. Mark Norris 10.30am St Thomas Family Communion. Mark Norris !0.30am KVCC Family Worship. Steve Medley Tuesday 11th 1.30pm Lent Group starts at Refreshment meeting 7.30pm Lent Group starts at House group meeting Friday 14th 7.30pm Lent Group starts at KVCC Sunday 16th 9am St Thomas Holy Communion. Mark Norris 10.30am St Thomas Family Worship. Mark Norris and Pete Hudson 10.30am KVCC Holy Communion. Steve Medley 2pm KVCC Messy Church. Theme: Who is God? Sunday 23rd 9am St Thomas Holy Communion. Mark Norris 10.30am St Thomas Family Communion. Mark Norris and Claire McArthur 10.30am KVCC Morning Worship John Prickett and Steve Medley Sunday Morning Activities at St. Thomas’ Church at 10.30am for Children and Young People (during term time) 1st Sunday Family Service in Church 2nd, 4th and 5th Sundays 3-11s, Sunday School in Galilee Room, 11+, Pathfinders in the Church Hall. All join the service at the Peace 3rd Sunday All ages start in Church

Sunday 30th Don't forget - Clocks go forward an hour 9am St Thomas Holy Communion. Mark Norris 10.30am St Thomas Mother’s Day Family Service. Worship team 10.30am KVCC Morning Worship. Steve Medley

April Sunday 6th 9am St Thomas Holy Communion and hymns. Mark Norris 10.30am St Thomas Family Communion. Pete Hudson and Mark Norris , followed by Annual Parish Meeting 10.30am KVCC Holy Communion. Steve Medley

Special Events Friday March 7th Women’s World Day of Prayer Read more on page 3 Don’t forget Fair Trade Fortnight!

House group meetings - Lent meeting The house group now meets on Tuesday evenings. Details from the parish office or see Clare Fletcher. 11th March first Lent meeting Refreshment for all

Tuesday afternoons, 1.30-2.30pm in the Galilee Room. 11th March and weekly in Lent If you need transport or would like to request prayers, please contact Margaret Bosworth on 7633 7932 leaving a message if necessary with your name and telephone number and she will ring you back.



Women’s World Day of Prayer

Friday 7th March 2014 Local Services


11.00am St Albans Church, Mercer Avenue Followed by light lunch


Contact Maureen Draper 76619496


11.00am Methodist Central Hall Speaker Revd Paul Wood Contact Shirley Trafford 7641 4042

Sunday 16th March

2.15pm Foleshill Road URC Speaker Revd Paul Holmes Contact Doreen Williscroft 7636 5330

2-4pm Keresley Village Community Church

7.30pm Holyhead Road URC Speaker :Rev Tim Lowe Contact: Olive Holtom 7659 4364

Annual Parish Church Meeting ................................... The 2014 Annual Parish Church Meeting will be on Sunday 6th April after the 10.30am service. Nomination forms for Church Warden and PCC membership will be available soon. Electoral Roll Are you on the Electoral Roll? The Electoral Roll is the list of names and addresses of a church’s membership. Every person listed on the Roll is eligible to attend the Annual Parochial Church Meeting. To have your name on this roll you have to be 16 years of age or more and must reside in the parish and, if outside the parish, be regular worshippers here. For you 'to have a voice' at the meeting or to be eligible to be elected to an office Milk (UHT or you need to be on the powdered) Electoral Roll. If you are not currently a member then do please consider joining. Forms are available in church, with a booklet about what it means to be a member here, and need to be completed and returned by 23rd March.

Tinned:  soup  tomatoes /veg  meat/fish  fruit  sponge pudding  rice pudding

Coventry Half Marathon - Road Closures - 23 March Coventry’s Half Marathon will be taking place on Sunday 23 March. The participants will be using streets in and around the city for the race which will cause changes to usual traffic routes, including closures along and close to the race route. Those on the western side of the parish will find their driving route to church severely curtailed as the marathon cuts straight through the Coundon part of the parish. To see whether you are affected go to this site for a map:

FRUIT JUICE (CARTON) CEREALS Sugar (500g) Jam Biscuits or snack bars Tea bags (40 or 80) Instant coffee 50g or 100g

Rice Instant mashed potatoes Pasta sauces

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Jesus calls us to be 'generous and openhearted'


Coventry Cathedral, when you stand behind the high altar, you look down a huge distance to the west end of the cathedral - and there is nothing to see there, because it is glass. The eye is drawn through it into the ruins of the old cathedral, that great symbol of death and destruction, and through that into the city beyond. When you go round the chapels, and you start in the Chapel of Unity, the glass - which is stained glass there keeps your eye inwards on the centre. But when you get to the other end of the cathedral, to the Chapel of Industry, it’s plain glass, and you cannot only look inwards: your eye is drawn outwards. At the heart of Spence’s great vision of that cathedral is something that draws us outwards, because we are at our best - we are only, in fact, of any worth - when we are outward-looking and committed deeply to reaching out in love to the world around us The week before last I was in the city of Bor in the South Sudan, with my wife and with one of my colleagues. We arrived by Mission and Aviation Fellowship’s (MAF) small plane and drove through a deserted town with bodies, corpses, littering the streets. Corpses who’d been in temperatures of 40 degrees for the past 12 days. They’d buried 3,000. They thought they had more than twice as much as that left to do. They’d been tortured before they’d been killed in many cases. We drove to the cathedral and found there a filled mass grave, and next to it an empty one, which I was asked to bless before they put in it the clergy and lay leaders of the cathedral, whose bodies lay in white bags at my feet. The bishop was there, devastated, and Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul was there. What did he do, what did he say, when the television cameras came and he was in front of them? Did he talk about anger, or the suffering of the people? No, he talked about reconciliation. He looked outwards. He spoke of the need for forgiveness. It was a historic moment of profound pastoral courage. We are what we should be when we look out into the world, confront the shambles which surrounds us, and show them the power and the love and the grace of God. There was great temptation for Solomon to look in. He was in front of his temple, politically essential as a symbol of unity, drawing the tribes together. Materially satisfactory as completed. Strategically symbolic of his international power. But instead, Solomon in his prayer is overwhelmed by the greatness of God, who is uncontainable - and yet who hears and forgives His people; a message equally applicable to

those who heard it in exile, and to us who hear it today as we struggle with the issues of just being the Church, whether it’s one thing or another. Because let us be clear. Our history tells us, and any sensible look at human nature tells us, that, whatever we do today and on other great issues, there will always be more, because that is what being the Church in this world means. That is why we have to find a different way of doing what we do. And that way begins by allowing ourselves to be overwhelmed by God. That is a choice we make as individuals and as a church. It comes through reflection, through worship, through contemplation, through a deep regarding of the love that is lavished upon us. In the gospel reading, it is a choice that is not taken by the Pharisees, who want to be certain of holiness. They are not overwhelmed by God, as Solomon was, but are seeking to restrain, define and protect - and thus they find themselves, inevitably, looking inwards. Jesus, by contrast, offers grace and freedom: a call to holiness, but a call that reflects the overwhelming of God and is positive, generous and openhearted. It is a vision which is ultimately daring that is rejected, and that is in the end crucifying; but it is the one that we must seize and follow. This is not merely a functional difference - outwardlooking because there are tasks to be fulfilled and if we’re not outward-looking we won’t do them. But it’s a difference that goes to the heart of what kind of people we are as Christians. Open and outward-looking because we are caught up in Christ, caught up in the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And let us not imagine that it is anything but deeply difficult. I look around and I see people I know who are in parishes where every instinct of the people there draws them inwards, and the cost of leadership is terrible for them. Wearing, day by day by day, because at a time when the church is struggling in many areas, those who are left say ‘look after us, don’t look out there’ - and we say it, and I say it. But God calls us to look outwards. To have, through our being overwhelmed, a care for those things He cares for. For the poor. For the natural world around us, as we do today: particularly appropriate - though it could not have been known as it was planned - in the light of what so many people in this country are going through at the moment, who are in our prayers and in our hearts. A care for those who are lost. And the overwhelming is seen in giving, caring, passionate delight in the goodness of God that liberates us to be light and hope. Amen.

Readings for this sermon: 1 Kings 8:22-30, Mark 7:1-13

Archbishop Justin's Synod sermon, Tuesday 11th February 2014


New Chaplain at George Eliot Hospital George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust has announced the appointment of the Reverend Ricarda Witcombe as the new chaplaincy team leader. Ricarda was ordained in 2001 and for the last eight years has been Vicar of St. Paul and St. Stephen in Gloucester. She has a background in health care having trained as a nurse at Westminster Hospital in London.


Christian Aid Week will be upon us soon after Easter, and Margaret Bosworth will be looking for collectors old and new to cover roads in our area. If you’ve not been a collector before have a look at christianaidweek/collections/index.aspx

Following her ordination Ricarda served her curacy in Nottingham. She has worked with chaplaincies in Nottingham and Gloucester hospitals. She is married to the Very Reverend John Witcombe, the Dean of Coventry. Ricarda will succeed Canon Edward Pogmore who is retiring from the Trust in March after 25 years service. She will be licensed by the Bishop of Coventry, the Right Reveverend Dr Christopher Cocksworth, at a service in the George Eliot chapel on Thursday April 3rd at 2.00 p.m. Canon Pogmore said: "We’re delighted to welcome Ricarda to the Trust. It has been my privilege to contribute to the care of the whole team of the hospital for the last 25 years."

Fund raiser for Christians against Poverty -

Rugby - Daffodil

Kevin's step by step method for landscape painting will give you excellent results even if you have never painted before! No previous experience required and suitable for children over 12yrs. It will be a day of fun, food and art and very good value for money. All materials, food and drink will be provided and you get your paintings to take home.

Sunday - 6 April This family day out is held on the country estate of the Earl and Countess of Denbigh, Newnham Paddox Monks Kirby.

Watercolour Art Class with Kevin Benson

Enjoy the glorious carpets of daffodils on woodland and lakeside walks in the grounds designed by Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown.

Saturday 5th April 2014

There will be music from the Dunchurch Band, hotdogs, ice cream, refreshments, expert Wood Turners, displays of old tractors and military vehicles.

Hinckley Road, Coventry,

You can also have a donkey ride or try the bungee trampoline as well as have a go at pottery or visit the many stalls and exhibitions. This event runs from 11am till 4pm. The price is £3 for Adults and £1 for Children.

8.45am-4pm at Walsgrave Baptist Church, CV2 2EX Cost: £25 per head. Full amount must be paid to book a place.

Please email or text - Dr Romany Daniel or 07951826859

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Whole Life Discipleship: Reflecting on the Glory of God King David was described as a ‘man after God’s own heart’ and in the Psalms we are given insights into this inner life. As a shepherd, David would have meditated on the wonders of the night sky. His response of praise is recorded in Psalm 8, ‘Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!’ (1,9). What did David see? He reflects on God’s glory in the skies and considers ‘the moon and the stars, which you have set in place’ (3). With his naked eye David could have seen up to 2-3000 stars, yet with the Hubbell Space telescope we have seen the vastness of space. Our own galaxy, the Milky War consists of 300 billion stars yet it’s one of up

to 500,000 billion galaxies in the whole universe! With David, we can see how creation reflects God’s character and is shot through with his purpose. In describing creation as the ‘work of his fingers’ (3), David is comparing God with an artist. Just as a great artist is recognised in his works, so this is also true of God. Along with creation, God is also working out his plan and purpose in the joys and the struggles of our lives. (Continued on page 7)

Hubble space telescope - Structure at core, Whirlpool galaxy

Following life in the parish in 1914, here is a call to take the opportunity to examine our lives and faith during Lent from the March magazine.


Parish Register B APTISMS 2nd February Alfie Oliver Kinnie

T HANKSGIVINGS 26th January Daniel James Frawley

B URIAL 7th February Kathleen Elizabeth Hopkins aged 76 of Charity Road, interred Marston Lane Cemetery


Children and Young People First Steps . . . with Jesus For babies and preschool children with their parents and carers, weekly in term time Mondays 1.30-2.30pm Meets in the Galilee Room, Wednesdays 1.30-2.45pm. Meets at Keresley Village Community Church


Trailblazers Children's Club

27th February Leonard Tennant aged 82 of Bennetts Road North

Thursday at St T’s

(Continued from page 6) Whole life Discipleship

How did David feel? Like David we can feel very small and insignificant in a vast universe: ‘what is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them?’ (4). However, this psalm affirms the truth that we are made in the image of God, having a unique place in his creation. We are created as a little lower than the angels and responsible for the created order. Therefore, our significance comes from being able to relate to God, to grow in his likeness and make him known. How can we be sure of these truths? David understands God cares, with the implication that he ‘visitest’ us (4: Authorised Version). He looks to the coming of Jesus, which is our unique evidence of God’s love for us. Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, God makes it possible for us to know his life, forgiveness and peace. The Hubbell Telescope has taken a picture of the Whirlpool Galaxy, about 23,160,000 light years from earth. At the centre of the galaxy there is a cross shape, highlighting how God’s love lies at the very heart of our universe. ‘Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!’

Mondays 5-6pm at Keresley Village Community Church Thursdays From 6pm to 7pm For 5-11 years Meets in the Galilee Room

Youth Essence Thursdays 7.30pm to 9pm in the Galilee Room, School year 9 upwards

Uniformed Groups Meet in the Church Hall : 9th Rainbows, Mondays, 6-7pm 13th Brownies, Mondays, 6.00 - 7.30pm 9th Brownies, Wednesdays, 6.00 - 7.30pm 9th Guides, Thursdays, 6.30 - 8.30pm Meet in the Scout Hut: 41st Cubs, Mondays, 6.45 - 8.30pm 41st Scouts, Tuesdays, 7.00 - 9.00pm 41st Beavers, Fridays, 6.00 - 7.30pm (for 6-8 year olds ) Regular Activities in the Church Hall NB the Church Hall is not usually available for late night Discos

Pre-school Playgroup: Mondays to Fridays, 9am - 11.30am and 12.30pm – 3pm Brownies, Guides, Cubs and Scouts meet on weekday evenings. See above for details.

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