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June 2013


We have to pray with our eyes on God, not on the difficulties


rom the beginning of June in our services we will be exploring prayer: what it is, why we do it and ways we can deepen our individual experience of praying through different ways of praying, on our own and together. Each week the services and sermons will have a central theme: June 2nd What is prayer

June 16th Prepared to pray

June 30th How not to pray

June 9th Why pray?

June 23rd Why is it so hard to pray?

July 7th How to pray July 14th Adventures in prayer

Oswald Chambers

“Prayer; keeping company with God”

Inside this issue:

Sunday June 9th 4-6pm* *note the later start time



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JUNE 2 0 13


Services at St Thomas’ and Keresley Village Community Church June Sunday 2nd Theme - Prayer: What is prayer? 9am St Thomas Holy Communion and hymns. Mark Norris 10.30am St Thomas Family Service. All age worship team 10.30am KVCC Holy Communion. David Musgrave Sunday 9th Theme - Prayer: Why Pray? 9am St Thomas Holy Communion. Mark Norris 10.30am St Thomas Family Communion. Steve Medley and Pete Hudson 10.30am KVCC Family Service. Mark Norris 4-6pm KVCC Messy Church Sunday 16th Theme - Prayer: Prepared to pray 9am St Thomas Holy Communion. Mark Norris 10.30am St Thomas Family Worship. Claire McArthur and Mark Norris 10.30am KVCC Holy Communion. Steve Medley Sunday 23rd Theme - Prayer: Why is it so hard to pray? 9am St Thomas Holy Communion. Mark Norris 10.30am St Thomas Family Communion. Pete Hudson and Mark Norris 10.30am KVCC Family Service. Emmanuel Eshan and Steve Medley Sunday 30th Theme - Prayer: How not to pray 9am St Thomas Holy Communion. Mark Norris 10.30am St Thomas Family Communion. Mark Norris and Claire McArthur 10.30am KVCC Holy Communion. Steve Medley

July Sunday 7th Theme - Prayer: How to pray 9am St Thomas Holy Communion and hymns. Mark Norris 10.30am St Thomas Family Service. All age worship team

10.30am KVCC Holy Communion. David Musgrave

Other Events The Alpha course continues at Keresley Village Community Church on Wednesday evenings. Contact Mark for more information.. Holiday Club This summer our holiday club will be from Monday 29th July to Friday 2nd August. There will be Messy Picnic on Sunday 4th August. More details next month. Messy Breakfast 6th July The next Messy Breakfast will be on Saturday 6th July, 9.30-11am, and the theme will be ‘Abraham’. All Age Family Services Sunday 2nd June and Sunday 7th July are our next Family services. Come early for a cup of coffee or tea and an informal introduction to the theme of the day! Refreshment for all

Tuesday afternoons, 1.30-2.30pm in the Galilee Room. If you need transport or would like to request prayers, please contact Margaret Bosworth on 7633 7932 leaving a message if necessary with your name and telephone number and she will ring you back. Sunday Morning Activities at St. Thomas’ Church at 10.30am for Children and Young People (during term time) 1st Sunday Family Service in Church 2nd, 4th and 5th Sundays 3-11s, Sunday School in Galilee Room, 11+, Pathfinders in the Church Hall. All join the service at the Peace 3rd Sunday All ages start in Church


Holiday Club 29th July to 2nd August Barbecue Time!! Yes, it’s the time of year when we dust off the barbecues, make a bring-and-share pud or salad, get out our garden chairs and head for the Vicarage garden after the Sunday service.


A big thank you to all our Christian Aid collectors. This year in Christian Aid week we raised:

£568.74 Louise Minghella, Director of Christian Aid will be in Coventry on 21st June at West Orchards URC. Details on page 6


on’t forget to pick up some items from the list below when you go shopping. There are collection boxes in both churches.

So put the date in your diaries:

Sunday 23rd June

After the 10.30am services, with the Norris family

Milk (UHT or powdered)

Sugar (500g) Jam

Fruit juice (carton)


Tinned:  soup  baked beans  tomatoes /veg  MEAT/FISH  fruit  sponge pudding  rice pudding

Rice Pasta Instant noodles

Biscuits or snack bars

Tea bags (40 or 80) Instant coffee

Instant mashed potatoes Pasta sauces

JUNE 2 0 13

The Way I See It: A minor courtesy – Trevor Huddleston 100 years on


hen Desmond Tutu - famous South African archbishop and Nobel Peace laureate - was a small boy he was walking along the pavement in Sophiatown with his mother. She took in laundry and was carrying a load of washing. They were approached by a tall white man wearing a black cassock. They prepared to step off the pavement, as they were required to do by the apartheid conventions of the time, to make room for him, but before they could do so he stepped out into the road and doffed his hat to Desmond’s mother. The tall white man was Trevor Huddleston, who was born exactly a century ago this month. He was the parish priest of the sprawling African township where the Tutu family lived. Raising one’s hat to a passing woman carrying laundry might seem to us today a small courtesy, but for young Desmond it was a life-changing gesture. It told him that for some Christians, at least, race and skin colour were matters of

The Lord is my Shepherd A Sunday School teacher decided to have her young class memorise one of the most quoted passages in the Bible; Psalm 23. She gave the youngsters a month to learn the verses. Little Rick was excited about the task -- but, he just couldn't remember the Psalm. After much practice, he could barely get past the first line. On the day that the kids were scheduled to recite Psalm 23 in front of the congregation, Ricky was so nervous. When it was his turn,

indifference. He sought out Father Huddleston, who helped him with his education. More importantly, Desmond embraced the faith that lay behind that simple courtesy. Trevor Huddleston went on to became a tireless campaigner against apartheid, but also a passionate advocate of the Christian faith. Born in Bedford, with a public school and Oxford background, he happily immersed himself in the life of the people in Sophiatown, where he served for 13 years. The people gave him the nickname ‘Makhalipilo’ - Dauntless One. His book Naught for your Comfort, published in 1956, became a world-wide call to address the evils of apartheid, and later, as a bishop in England (Stepney) and then of Masasi, he continued to protest that ‘in Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek’, black nor white, but ’all are one in Christ Jesus’. He retired as archbishop of the Province of the Indian Ocean in 1983 and died at Mirfield, the home of his Anglican Order, the Community of the Resurrection, in 1998. His ashes, however, were buried in Sophiatown, the place most dear to his heart. His simple Prayer for Africa became a world-wide call:

God bless Africa; guard her people; guide her leaders. And give her peace. Amen. he stepped up to the microphone and said proudly, 'The Lord is my Shepherd, and that's all I need to know.'

Editor: Canon David Winter, a former Head of Religious Broadcasting at the BBC, continues his series presenting a point of view...




Messy Breakfast in pictures Breakfast is served!

Small chairs for smaller people Toast making station fully active!

Then after breakfast . . . . . cake??!! . .

. . . and craft. Making flames for Pentecost collages

JUNE 2 0 13


Back in 1917 the church building was a mere 70 years old, and there was work needing to be done.

Renovation of the Church floor or some time past the churchwardens have been giving their attention to the very bad condition of the floor on the North side of the Church which is caused by dry rot. It was at first intended to have it temporarily repaired, but as this would not stop the mischief, and as there is a great risk of it spreading to all the woodwork in the church, it has been decided to have the North floor thoroughly renovated throughout in such a way that the dry rot will be effectively checked. The method chosen is to remove the whole of the floor on that side, and to lay down a bed of cement and upon that a wood block floor; also to cut out any parts of the oak seats that are affected and to replace with sound material. The work will be put in hand as soon as possible. It will not necessitate the closing of the Church, but the North side of the church will not be able to


be used while the renovation is proceeding, which will take about six weeks. The cost is estimated at between ÂŁ60 and ÂŁ70, and it is hope that parishioners will contribute generously towards this amount. June 1917 Later in the year work had begun:

An hour to change the world! Come & join

If going out in the evening is not your

Loretta Minghella, Director of

thing then there is an afternoon event

Christian Aid

at Stoke URC.

in conversation at

Stoke Chapel, Harefield Road, CV2 4BT on 21st June 2013.

West Orchard URC, Friday 21st June, 7-8pm. West Orchard URC is found on the corner of Baginton Road and The Chesils, Coventry, CV3 6FP

The event will run from 2pm to about 4:00pm with coffee, tea and cakes available and Loretta will talk informally with people through the afternoon and make a 10 minute address at around 3pm. There will be information literature and films available through the afternoon



Parish Register B APTISM 5th May Jacob James Goldsmith

Children and Young People First Steps . . . with Jesus

12th May Nichola Margaret Yvette McDonald

For babies and preschool children with their parents and carers, weekly in term time

26th May Gracie Elizabeth Petoria Faith Crabb-Dover

Mondays 1.30-2.30pm Meets in the Galilee Room,

W EDDING 24th May Melanie Margaret Yardley and Rocky Francis McGlynn

C REMATION 2nd May Malcolm Edward Lloyd aged 75 of The Moorfield, Stoke Aldermoor 9th May John Cox aged 66 of Birkdale Close, Holbrooks 23rd May Annette Frances Griffiths aged 56 of Farm Close




3rd May Guiseppina Di-Cesare Puckey aged 86 of Rosslyn Avenue



S T . P AUL ’ S :


8 May Anthony John Hancox aged 61 of Cottage Farm Road Creator God, You loved the world into life. Forgive us when our dreams of the future are shaped by anything other than glimpses of a kingdom of justice, peace and an end to poverty. Incarnate God, you taught us to speak out for what is right. Make us content with nothing less than a world that is transformed into the shape of love, where poverty shall be no more. Breath of God, let there be abundant life. Inspire us with the vision of poverty over, and give us the faith, courage and will to make it happen.

Wednesdays 1.30-2.45pm. Meets at Keresley Village Community Church

Trailblazers Children's Club Mondays 5-6pm at Keresley Village Community Church

Thursday at St T’s

Thursdays From 6pm to 7pm For 5-11 years Meets in the Galilee Room

Youth Essence Thursdays 7.30pm to 9pm in the Galilee Room, School year 9 upwards

Uniformed Groups Meet in the Church Hall : 9th Rainbows, Mondays, 6-7pm 13th Brownies, Mondays, 6.00 - 7.30pm 9th Brownies, Wednesdays, 6.00 - 7.30pm 9th Guides, Thursdays, 6.30 - 8.30pm Meet in the Scout Hut: 41st Cubs, Mondays, 6.45 - 8.30pm 41st Scouts, Tuesdays, 7.00 - 9.00pm 41st Beavers, Fridays, 6.00 - 7.30pm (for 6-8 year olds ) Regular Activities in the Church Hall NB the Church Hall is not usually available for late night Discos

Pre-school Playgroup: Mondays to Fridays, 9am - 11.30am and 12.30pm – 3pm Brownies, Guides, Cubs and Scouts meet on weekday evenings. See above for details.

Our Community June 2013  
Our Community June 2013