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poems by Megan


cover photo by Keren MD

A change in temperature I wish I could cast petals, Full heads of flowers from My hands. I would have my Hand in the air, fist clenched, And upon opening:  Poof!  And they wouldn’t fall on the Ground or hit anything. They Would just burst out of my  Hand and then dematerialize  Into the air of the room. A playful rude magical gesture with a warm and subtle finish.

The best way toward enlightenment is being able to laugh at your own butthole. It's easier to tickle me out of my butthole than to let me get up out of it myself. "Excess of sorrow laughs,                     excess of joy weeps." ;') Does irony show us deep things or just provide a way for the Mystery to smile at us as it yanks out from under us that football, ;( Charlie Brown?

A spec appears on the window and stays there. A static thing. Is it sad or just sleeping? I look at it wistfully. Then I think that it is a bird flown into a mirror; a dried up splat in A sea of glass. The littlest island of dust from the room or on the outside an island of pollen. I look at it and am reminded of all the beautiful things that have died in my life. Like an elation Representing genuine love for you or the presence felt from your weight in my bed. And as I turn to switch off the light, sinking asleep on the shoulders of things Akin to shadows, my head is your head as it meets the pillow.

We eye i yeux we you  we me &the words where  we meet& miss. Sit,              and let’s have a couple slow glasses of gold soda water          finger tips tapping cold lemonstained gestures in our seats         The words eyed slip between  slides with zoom times whatever. And then a walk awake, slow talk         supporting each other ’s personal science. (and isn’t there also       a comical apocalypse experienced from silences sometimes? Or:      The   places      w/e              became and      How              becoming of                           u\s

tastes like: bubblegum chewing gum

smells like:

bubblegum chewing gum (get it yet?)


(1/2 man + 1/2 candy kind of weed) 55% Sativa 45% Indica

nice to smoke to, relax, ‘n finna pass out...

Waste Coast Zine Fall 2012 Issue #4  
Waste Coast Zine Fall 2012 Issue #4  

the tears issue a zine featuring west coast bad boys and play girls. New reading material for pot heads.