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Pioneering Sustainability through Waste Reduction Zero Waste = Total Value. The Challenge Although waste has been a byproduct of our industrial age, we now understand that it no longer makes financial sense to dispose of materials that still retain value to our businesses and communities. The Opportunity The goal is to maximize the financial, environmental and social value of materials by realizing opportunities to reduce, recycle and convert materials into energy as we strive towards zero waste. Why? Business must stay competitive by finding new ways to improve efficiency and cut costs. By reducing waste and recovering residual materials zero waste programs result in significant costs savings which impact bottom line and also increase worker productivity, corporate responsibility, and reduce regulatory compliance risk and liability. Many businesses have learned that by leveraging their efforts into their brand, sales & marketing efforts, they’ve been able to attract new customers, increase market share and leadership, and also develop barriers to competition – all while saving money. Why Agromin? Agromin integrates zero waste solutions into broader corporate sustainable initiatives and goals. Our program can provide a reduction in operational costs, positive brand development and market reach through transparent and robust waste elimination programs. We do this because: • We understand how to deal with waste in your company, • Can identify what to recycle/compost, • Provide solutions to materials that cannot be recycled or composted and, • Will link these sustainable programs to your brand through our strategic partnership and leadership/educational opportunities.

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Waste Reduction Services

We use strategic assessments, industry/technology expertise, and turnkey waste management solutions to convert waste challenges into opportunities that create financial and environmental benefits. Our services include:


Waste Stream Audits & Assessments – measurement for management • • • • •

Current spending Current environmental profile Process evaluation – including resources and infrastructure Compliance Best practices in your industry


Waste Reduction, Recovery, Recycling and Diversion Planning – steps to lower costs, increase profits and reduce risk • • • • • • •

Develop waste stream metrics and reduction targets Data tracking and measurement Improvements to reach goals Service schedules and staffing Training required Operating plan/guide Cost analysis and Return on Investment (ROI)


Turnkey Waste Reduction Services – single source for all waste and management services • Recycling and Diversion of: Cardboard, Paper Materials Organics, Grease Plastic & Metal Wood & Pallet Batteries & Lighting • • • • •

E-Waste Universal Waste Glass Bottles & Cans

Reuse of Material Residuals – Closing the Loop Reduction, Recovery, Recycling and Diversion Reports Flat fee billing Regulatory Compliance Marketing/PR/Promotions to lever Waste Recovery efforts to customers and community

Who We Are Agromin is a pioneer in the sustainable management of biodegradable resources. Our solutions are based on the understanding that ecosystem preservation is a critical foundation for ongoing economic prosperity, rather than an impediment to economic growth. Each year, we convert almost 380,000 tons of recycled organic materials into rich living compost, mulch and other premium soil products for area farmers, landscapers and gardeners. By maximizing the value from our waste streams, our strategic partners are able to reduce their costs, increase their profits and meet efficiency and environmental goals. Bill Camarillo, CEO 805-485-9200 •

Agromin's Waste Reduction Services  

Pioneering Sustainability through Waste Reduction. Waste Stream Audits & Assessments, Waste Reduction, Recovery, Recycling and Diversion P...

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