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Design Portfolio “Design is the art of creating order out of chaos – a clearly communicated synthesis of market needs, technology trends, and business goals.” – Anonymous

Design operates in the powerful space at the core of every business model. It serves as the connection between customers and products or services, between idea and audience, between message and medium. By understanding your stakeholders and customers we design innovative programs to reach them and turn strategic goals and objectives into results. Our entrepreneurial mindset tells us that the medium isn’t the message. Rather, the idea is the message along with the most relevant way to communicate it.


How Can We Help? 1.


NCP has comprehensive programs and strategies for students and

families across the financial spectrum:

Lower Income – For those seeking maximum financial aid, NCP can help get you receive thousands of dollars of FREE money, earn scholarships and let your student live their college dream.

Family Contribution), reduce your financial obligation, and finance the school of choice without sacrificing life savings or retirement funds. Middle-High Income – Even If you thought your income is too high to qualify, NCP can help you get financial aid, scholarships and prepare a program to maximize potential tax benefits.


Regardless of your financial situation, NCP can save you thou-

sands of dollars by applying hundreds of tips, secrets and strategies that most CPA’s, financial planners, insurance brokers and guidance counselors are not aware of.

By integrating both academic and financial planning services, National College Planners lets your student attend the college of their dreams without straining your family finances. Engaged as a trusted advisor at the outset of the college planning process, NCP will work with you to develop a customized program and detailed report to meet academic and financial needs, highlight the pitfalls to avoid,


specify the steps to a better school for less


money, and show how you can maintain your current lifestyle.


Our initial consulting fee pays for our full package of services that address college selection, application and acceptance, money sources and financing, financial and tax strategies – and builds these services into your own, customized program. A small monthly fee while your student is attending school allows for unlimited communication and annual updates of financial forms until they graduate. NCP even provides the same package of services for Graduate School at no additional enrollment fee if the student’s account is still active.


Academic Planning Planning Academic

NCP alleviates the stress and anxiety about college planning and

transforms this time period into an enjoyable process to meet your family’s financial needs and your student’s academic needs.


FinancialPlanning Planning Financial

Designed specifically for the student, our academic

NCP will simplify and handle the financial maze of the

planning process includes:

current Financial Aid Delivery System to make college

Student Evaluation to review career goals/aspirations, academic likes and dislikes, extracurricular activities, social life and identify their “ideal” college.


Turning College Dreams Into Reality

Middle Income – For families wanting help with the costs of college,

NCP will show you legal and ethical strategies to lower your EFC (Estimated

Integrated Academic and Financial Planning to Make Your Dreams Come True

attainable, affordable and enjoyable. Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) will be calculated for your family so that a unique plan can be created to reduce the EFC.

Career Assessment and Search to identify educational requirements, job descriptions and starting salary estimates for the student’s particular occupational choices based on their personal interests and strengths.

$ $ Financial Aid Award Estimates for each of your $$ $ $ student’s desired schools will be created as well as $ $ $ $recommendations for additional schools that meet the $$ student’s profile but may offer better financial packages.

Personality Quiz for attending college and “Best Fit” college search for schools meeting each student’s needs

Comprehensive Financial Overviews are developed

and wants criteria to identify appropriate schools and

using our “college cash flow maximizers” to recommend

new universities to be considered.

the best options for paying share of tuition. Analyses also includes consideration of budget, taxes, retirement and

Selection and Application to narrow the list and detail

financial management and a management report on

the academic requirements, essay topics, how to apply

improving tax, retirement and investment situations.

and timing of the process for each school selected. Includes our Client-Only “College Admissions Application

Financial Applications including FAFSA (Free

Workshop” and advide on writing a professional

Application for Federal Student Aid), CSS profile (if

admissions essay.

applicable), and specific school applications are handled by NCP to eliminate the costly mistakes that 90% of

College Planning Checklist to ensure deadlines are met,

applicants make when filing themselves. We will confirm

timelines are followed and up-coming events are noted.

the accuracy or correct any errors of the Student Aid Report (SAR) and conduct regular teleconferences to let

National College Planners

you know “what you should be doing now.” Proven Negotiation Strategies, successful negotiation letters, advice on reading and responding to award letters, and negotiating steps to follow are provided to help parents and students get more of what they want.

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Q. How many attorneys does it take to screw in a light bulb? A. Five. One to screw it in and four to brag about it.

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If you need a business law firm more interested in counting your results than their successes, we can shed some light on the subject. Although proud of our accomplishments, it's what we've accomplished on behalf of our clients that has made us successful. In addition to our recognized expertise in Insolvency matters, Greenberg & Bass offers a full range of business law and litigation services as you need them. These comprehensive capabilities provide businesses with access to a full service legal department without the overhead expense. Finally, results that are truly enlightening.

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Soil for a Greener World

Bill Camarillo, CEO/CFO Agromin Corporation 201 Kinetic Drive Oxnard, CA 93030 805-485-9200 Profile: California’s Largest Organics (Green Waste) Recycler serving L.A., Monterey, Orange, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties •

Nikki Rodoni, Sustainability Director Gills Onions 1051 South Pacific Avenue Oxnard, CA 93030 805-240-1983 Profile: Nation’s largest sustainable grower and processor of fresh-cut onions •

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Richard Geringer, V.P. Marketing Security Door Controls 3580 Willow Lane Westlake Village, CA 91361-4921 800-413-8783 Profile: Manufacturer of Electronic Access Controls for Locksmith and Security Industry •

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WMW Design Portfolio  

An overview of our Design Capabilities.

WMW Design Portfolio  

An overview of our Design Capabilities.