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Kera K. Tomlin 3095 S. Jasmine St.

Denver, CO 80222


August 2, 2011 Ms. Carrie Nolan Chapter President 900 S. Broadway, Suite 250 Denver, CO 80209 Dear Ms. Nolan, It wasn’t until I moved to Colorado several years ago that I met a young woman with Multiple Sclerosis. Until then it was a disease I’d heard of but never knew much about. Upon meeting Fotini Pappas, I was surprised to learn that this beautiful young woman was battling this debilitating disease. Fo, as her friends call her, is capable, independent and a spokesperson advocating for the MS Society. As I’ve gotten to know her family over the past couple years, I’ve learned that Fo has come a long way and though she is mobile and seemingly capable now, her battle continues. I’ve participated with the Pappas family in the MS walk and the fundraisers that they host each year because I love and support their family and because I truly want to help improve the lives of those suffering. My background is in marketing and when I learned that the MS Society was hiring for the position of Director of Marketing Communications I was excited about the opportunity to work for a cause that truly motivates me. Successful marketing is achieved when there is passion for the cause. I hope that you will allow me to share my passion and marketing experience to help grow and strengthen the Colorado-Wyoming Chapter of the National MS Society’s outreach and advocacy. I’d like to put my skills and leadership experience as Director of Marketing & Communications for the National Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds (ARVC) to work for the National MS Society. Below, I’ve shared a few examples of my work experience. I think you will find that my role at ARVC is very similar to the role at the MS Society. Each year, I carefully develop and implement strategic marketing plans (various initiatives) using creative initiatives to promote our association goals and our member parks. One example is through our consumer website, (GCA). With over 1.5 million visitors to the site each year, GCA has become the number one website for RVers and campers. Earlier this year we launched our summer promotional campaign, ‘Get Outdoors & Go Camping America’ in an effort to encourage more young families to go camping, and to increase business at our member parks. The campaign partnered with established outdoor retailers like Coleman, Camping World and El Monte RV Rentals. Together with a grass roots ‘mommy blogger’ initiative, social media efforts, and targeted SEO, we garnered media publicity from some of the country’s most notable publications, creating a buzz about camping and a 25% spike in web traffic. These efforts amounted to an increase in camping reservations at our member parks. In addition to all internal and external communication pieces (including a 40+ pg Member Handbook, Member Kit, Conference Program +) I also develop two main registration pieces for our annual Outdoor Hospitality Conference & Expo. One piece is for attendee registration, which I develop in collaboration with our Director of Membership, and the other is for the exhibitor registration, which I am solely responsible for developing. At the start of each Conference planning period, I create a marketing

campaign to help our Director of Membership meet our budgeted attendance goals (ie: 2010’s goal=$80,570, met goal at 165%) and to meet my exhibition goals (i.e., 2010’s goal = $210,000 met goal at 113%). These are just a few examples of the type of work I can offer the National MS Society of Colorado & Wyoming. I am very interested in learning more about this position and I look forward to pairing my skill set and passion for the cause to help support and strengthen the organizations outreach and advocacy. I believe I offer a winning combination and I hope that I am given the opportunity to share this with you and your team! Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to discussing this opportunity in more detail. Are you available early next week?


Kera K. Tomlin 703.201.3549

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Kera K_IntroLetterMSSociety  

3095 S. Jasmine St. Denver, CO 80222 703.201.3549 Dear Ms. Nolan, August 2, 2011 campaign to help our Director of Membe...