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Mini Cooper Embeded style ? Entourage of they cooper family ? by; Mini Cooper !!!! Proffessionalism By: Kalai Massey / Kerat millu Atlas, I am they greatest family tree in they industry ? who are you ? I am travelling document too your car mobil industry , who and why are we thought too think of this as my engine specialists!!!!!! As they palm reader of they centurary !!!!! I woke up this morning ? so I question this theory infront of they corspondant !!!!!so use too fold paper aeroplanes on my way too your study centre!!!!! So I find myself in front of they mini cooper flyer ? I try too start they ignition here comes this sportsmanaic no driver mini driver !!!!! so I’d like too mention this in front of they media and par !!!!! it’s mini rotts rimer !!!!!!!! guess what it’s actually manufacturers from they online productions by kalai massey / kerat millu !!!!! Actually this MINI ROTTS RIMER !!!!!! invention in they front of bmw !!!!!!!it’s actually this red blue line ribbon won on they set sail for this brand name they inventor and theory / Kalai massey/ kerat millu. So I find this manufacturer into lamvour / lamoroaggio/NIJI/ Anzi/ Benz/ Zio Zebez Zereah Benz!!!! So how I to find myself detailing into they aligning of they retailer’s expense thought I would like too actually produce this amazing !!!!! tri- vector new mini cooper Flyer? So I love they game from they start too finish indigo car racer!!!!!! In they finish line too runner up for this derby racing company it by they sportsmanship of they flagged down checkered stadium !!!!!! anyways, I am important factuall facts from they history department of they new legacy and it’s brand names? so try too actually put on your thinking cap ? I am engineered too actually think like manufacturer 2014!!!!! So appreciate this manufacturers legeslatative engineered too acutally promote history that can prevail in middles eastern Europe? So seeing how I appreciate this actually re- loft of they engine limitations to extend they ananlog booking of they booking and marking sheet? Producing this – e- ingnition starter kit marking too actuall? Re- pay they mercede’s lot too they capital gain or loss of they profit too they mini convertible campaign ? so it’s further more in they Neo – Nazis campaign from they latest / eastern Germany too actually like this reunion for this for Munich/ Germany !!!!!! history from this I act 1: too actism too finland this action for they prevailing of they latest German affliatives and british army fleet too ignition roll down on they market flagged down by they finland troops from this I am going too mention they historical inventor philosopher: I ggy scouhmuacher , in co- relation s too there envitable satinable attitutdes towards this !!!!!mallices attacks on they bombadier of they treble , accompanied by they troops in they flagship of they trenches of Belgium ? so how was I too know how too organize this affialliations between they two it’s a nelson mendela headquarters for they africian government couldn’t resist they peace *love*unity united nations collide too together for they mini has a signicanace in they latest armor of they wall of fame in they latest italy. / di jinero italiano / in hispaniac and other latin languages ? so however this is going too be they best Mini Rotts Rimer!!!!!! It’s enigineered too my liking they calculation and BHP : minus they actuall sized mini tri- vector, inducing they digits/ by Kalai Massey/ Kerat millu , how I came too know thye actuall calculation ? BHP: 90+80=72/ Multiply they digits twice on they square root>< 5.1%-7.2=12.9/ this they engineering rims terms. It’s red &’s 2 stripes of they chervelot viper mustang . acknowlegde this money picto – graphs for they manufacturer date 2014-2015on wards !!!!! thank u all!!!

Mini cooper embeded style  

how iam know my mini cooper best ??