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No. 23 2013-2014

Keptin-Jr develops and produces cuddly toys of natural materials.

Cuddly Toys Cuddling is important for the development and the wellbeing of a human. People cuddle with each other and, besides that, also often with a fabric “cuddly toy”. For children this means comfort, but also development of their motor skills and social skills. Even after childhood, cuddly toys keep providing comfort and ease in many phases of life. Keptin-Jr does research on cuddly toys that provide an optimal contribution to the wellbeing of users of all ages.

Natural and ecological material Natural materials, such as cotton and wool, approach the properties of hugging with other people the best. The material breathes and holds scent and warmth. Keptin-Jr also finds it important that the fabrics are organically cultivated. Additionally, Keptin-Jr prevents harmful substances in its cuddly toys and respects the environment, its neighbours and children.

Quality and safety For almost 20 years Keptin-Jr knows what the quality conscious consumer expects: Sustainable cuddly toys that truly offer comfort and security, and also contribute to the development of a child. Obviously, Keptin-Jr's cuddly toys always meet the safety standards.

Distribution Through partners in over 40 countries, the products of Keptin-Jr reaches the user. Besides an excellent product, Keptin-Jr offers its distributors: - Excellent tools for advertising and promotion; - Display materials for shop presentation; - Fast delivery from stock.

Keptin-Jr b.v. • Denemarkenweg 1 • 2411 RK • Bodegraven • The Netherlands Tel. +31 (0) 172 617831 • Fax +31 (0) 172 610175 • •

Retail collection July - December 2013

11.02.2 Cozy&Zmooz Cuddle Cozy Small Yellow P.U.=4 15cm

48.11.1 Toddels Comforter Girly Small Red P.U.=4 18cm

20.05.1 Blankiez Label Square Red P.U.=4 20cm

11.02.3 Cozy&Zmooz Cuddle Cozy Small Navy P.U.=4 15cm

48.11.3 Toddels Comforter Boyo Small Navy P.U.=4 18cm

20.05.3 Blankiez Label Square Navy P.U.=4 20cm

12.01.1 Cozy&Zmooz Comforter Ring Zmooz Red P.U.=4 17cm

48.16.1 Toddels Rattle Sneeky Red P.U.=4 33cm

20.55.1 Blankiez Pacifier Flower Red P.U.=4 16cm

13.01.1 Cozy&Zmooz Comforter Zmooz Red P.U.=4 24cm

48.16.3 Toddels Rattle Sneeky Navy P.U.=4 33cm

20.55.3 Blankiez Pacifier Flower Navy P.U.=4 16cm

13.01.2 Cozy&Zmooz Comforter Zmooz Yellow P.U.=4 24cm

48.14.1 Toddels Comforter Rabby Red P.U.=4 25cm

20.54.1 Blankiez Label Flower Red P.U.=4 16cm

13.01.3 Cozy&Zmooz Comforter Zmooz Navy P.U.=4 24cm

48.14.3 Toddels Comforter Doggo Navy P.U.=4 25cm

20.54.3 Blankiez Label Flower Navy P.U.=4 16cm

13.02.1 Cozy&Zmooz Cuddle Cozy Red P.U.=4 21cm

48.15.1 Toddels Comforter Girly Red P.U.=4 25cm

20.53.1 Blankiez Music Box Flower Red P.U.=2 16cm

13.02.2 Cozy&Zmooz Cuddle Cozy Yellow P.U.=4 21cm

48.15.3 Toddels Comforter Boyo Navy P.U.=4 25cm

20.53.3 Blankiez Music Box Flower Navy P.U.=2 16cm

13.02.3 Cozy&Zmooz Cuddle Cozy Navy P.U.=4 21cm

60.01.1 Toddels Cuddle Rabby Shawl Red P.U.=2 28cm

11.01.1 Cozy&Zmooz Comforter Zmooz Small Red P.U.=4 17cm

48.12.1 Toddels Handpuppet - Washing Glove Rabby Red P.U.=4 18cm

60.01.3 Toddels Cuddle Rabby Shawl Navy P.U.=2 28cm

11.01.2 Cozy&Zmooz Comforter Zmooz Small Yellow P.U.=4 17cm

48.12.3 Toddels Handpuppet - Washing Glove Doggo Navy P.U.=4 18cm

60.02.1 Toddels Cuddle Rabby Trousers Red New P.U.=1 28cm

11.01.3 Cozy&Zmooz Comforter Zmooz Small Navy P.U.=4 17cm

48.10.1 Toddels Comforter Rabby Small Red P.U.=4 18cm

60.02.3 Toddels Cuddle Rabby Trousers Navy New P.U.=1 28cm

11.02.1 Cozy&Zmooz Cuddle Cozy Small Red P.U.=4 15cm

48.10.3 Toddels Comforter Doggo Small Navy P.U.=4 18cm

48.27.1 Tiny Dolls Rag Doll Boyo Red P.U.=1 31cm


48.27.3 Tiny Dolls Rag Doll Boyo Navy P.U.=1 31cm

20.52.3 Blankiez Music Box Flower Blue P.U.=2 16cm

48.07.3 Toddels Handpuppet - Washing Glove Doggo Blue P.U.=4 18cm

48.22.1 Toddels Baby Hooded Towel & Washing Glove Red New P.U.=1 60x60cm

18.70.1 Cozy&Zmooz Comforter Zmooz Small Pink P.U.=4 17cm

48.00.1 Toddels Comforter Rabby Small Pink P.U.=4 18cm

48.22.3 Toddels Baby Hooded Towel & Washing Glove Navy New P.U.=1 60x60cm

18.70.2 Cozy&Zmooz Comforter Zmooz Small Yellow P.U.=4 17cm

48.00.3 Toddels Comforter Doggo Small Blue P.U.=4 18cm

18.70.3 Cozy&Zmooz Comforter Zmooz Small Blue P.U.=4 17cm

48.01.1 Toddels Comforter Girly Small Pink P.U.=4 18cm

20.60.1 Blankiez Rattle Ball Pink P.U.=4 10cm

18.71.1 Cozy&Zmooz Cuddle Cozy Small Pink P.U.=4 15cm

48.00.2 Toddels Comforter Rabby Small Yellow P.U.=4 18cm

20.61.1 Blankiez Rattle Cube Pink P.U.=4 10cm

18.71.2 Cozy&Zmooz Cuddle Cozy Small Yellow P.U.=4 15cm

48.01.3 Toddels Comforter Boyo Small Blue P.U.=4 18cm

20.61.3 Blankiez Rattle Cube Blue P.U.=4 10cm

18.71.3 Cozy&Zmooz Cuddle Cozy Small Blue P.U.=4 15cm

48.03.1 Toddels Comforter Ring Girly Pink P.U.=4 18cm

20.06.1 Blankiez Label Square Pink P.U.=4 20cm

18.72.1 Cozy&Zmooz Comforter Zmooz Pink P.U.=4 24cm

48.02.2 Toddels Comforter Ring Rabby Yellow P.U.=4 18cm

20.06.3 Blankiez Label Square Blue P.U.=4 20cm

18.72.2 Cozy&Zmooz Comforter Zmooz Yellow P.U.=4 24cm

48.03.3 Toddels Comforter Ring Boyo Blue P.U.=4 18cm

20.56.1 Blankiez Pacifier Flower Pink P.U.=4 16cm

18.72.3 Cozy&Zmooz Comforter Zmooz Blue P.U.=4 24cm

48.06.1 Toddels Rattle Sneeky Pink P.U.=4 33cm

20.56.3 Blankiez Pacifier Flower Blue P.U.=4 16cm

18.73.1 Cozy&Zmooz Cuddle Cozy Pink P.U.=4 21cm

48.06.3 Toddels Rattle Sneeky Blue P.U.=4 33cm

20.50.1 Blankiez Label Flower Pink P.U.=4 16cm

18.73.2 Cozy&Zmooz Cuddle Cozy Yellow P.U.=4 21cm

48.04.1 Toddels Comforter Rabby Pink P.U.=4 25cm

20.50.3 Blankiez Label Flower Blue P.U.=4 16cm

18.73.3 Cozy&Zmooz Cuddle Cozy Blue P.U.=4 21cm

48.04.3 Toddels Comforter Doggo Blue P.U.=4 25cm

20.52.1 Blankiez Music Box Flower Pink P.U.=2 16cm

48.07.1 Toddels Handpuppet - Washing Glove Rabby Pink P.U.=4 18cm

48.05.1 Toddels Comforter Girly Pink P.U.=4 25cm


48.04.2 Toddels Comforter Rabby Yellow P.U.=4 25cm

20.50.2 Blankiez Label Flower P.U.=4 16cm

48.71.1 Toddels Comforter Ring Rabby P.U.=4 18cm

48.05.3 Toddels Comforter Boyo Blue P.U.=4 25cm

20.52.2 Blankiez Music Box Flower P.U.=2 16cm

48.71.2 Toddels Comforter Ring Boyo P.U.=4 18cm

60.01.4 Toddels Cuddle Rabby Shawl Pink P.U.=2 28cm

18.15.1 Cozy&Zmooz Comforter Zmooz Small P.U.=4 15cm

48.74.0 Toddels Rattle Sneeky P.U.=4 33cm

60.01.5 Toddels Cuddle Rabby Shawl Blue P.U.=2 28cm

18.10.1 Cozy&Zmooz Cuddle Cozy Small P.U.=4 17cm

48.72.1 Toddels Comforter Rabby P.U.=4 25cm

49.12.1 Tiny Dolls Rag Doll Boyo Pink P.U.=1 31cm

18.11.1 Cozy&Zmooz Comforter Ring Zmooz P.U.=4 17cm

48.72.2 Toddels Comforter Boyo P.U.=4 25cm

49.12.3 Tiny Dolls Rag Doll Boyo Blue P.U.=1 31cm

18.16.1 Cozy&Zmooz Comforter Zmooz P.U.=4 24cm

48.72.3 Toddels Comforter Girly P.U.=4 25cm

49.12.4 Tiny Dolls Rag Doll Jessie Pink P.U.=1 31cm

18.12.1 Cozy&Zmooz Comforter Zmooz Dress P.U.=4 24cm

48.72.4 Toddels Comforter Doggo P.U.=4 25cm

18.17.1 Cozy&Zmooz Cuddle Cozy P.U.=4 21cm

60.01.2 Toddels Cuddle Rabby Shawl P.U.=2 28cm

18.01.0 Cozy&Zmooz Comforter Zmooz Small Pure P.U.=4 18cm

18.18.1 Cozy&Zmooz Cuddle Cozy Trousers P.U.=4 21cm

48.75.2 Toddels Baby Hooded Towel & Washing Glove New P.U.=1 60x60cm

18.02.0 Cozy&Zmooz Comforter Zmooz Pure P.U.=4 24cm

48.75.1 Toddels Handpuppet - Washing Glove Rabby P.U.=4 18cm

30.03.2 Cozy&Zmooz Changing Mat Cover Natural Brown New P.U.=1 70x45cm

30.03.0 Cozy&Zmooz Changing Mat Cover Pure New P.U.=1 70x45cm

48.70.1 Toddels Comforter Rabby Small P.U.=4 18cm



48.70.2 Toddels Comforter Boyo Small P.U.=4 18cm

18.34.1 Cozy&Zmooz Comforter Zmooz Small Fuchsia P.U.=4 18cm

20.06.2 Blankiez Label Square P.U.=4 20cm

48.70.3 Toddels Comforter Girly Small P.U.=4 18cm

18.34.2 Cozy&Zmooz Comforter Zmooz Small Orange P.U.=4 18cm

20.56.2 Blankiez Pacifier Flower P.U.=4 16cm

48.70.4 Toddels Comforter Doggo Small P.U.=4 18cm

18.34.4 Cozy&Zmooz Comforter Zmooz Small Green P.U.=4 18cm

Natural Brown

71.66.1 Cozy&Zmooz Baby&Post Comforter Zmooz Small Fuchsia New P.U.=2 18cm

48.86.2 Toddels Rattle Sneeky Orange P.U.=4 33cm

48.45.4 Tiny Dolls Rag Doll Boyo Green P.U.=1 31cm

71.66.2 Cozy&Zmooz Baby&Post Comforter Zmooz Small Orange New P.U.=2 18cm

48.86.4 Toddels Rattle Sneeky Green P.U.=4 33cm


71.66.4 Cozy&Zmooz Baby&Post Comforter Zmooz Small Green New P.U.=2 18cm

48.88.1 Toddels Comforter Rabby Fuchsia P.U.=4 25cm

18.36.1 Cozy&Zmooz Comforter Zmooz Fuchsia P.U.=4 24cm

48.88.2 Toddels Comforter Girly Orange P.U.=4 25cm

18.36.2 Cozy&Zmooz Comforter Zmooz Orange P.U.=4 24cm

48.88.4 Toddels Comforter Boyo Green P.U.=4 25cm

99.37.0 Tray Display 6 pcs P.U.=1 30 x 18 x 3 cm 99.37.2 Tray Display 12 pcs P.U.=1 30 x 36 x 3 cm

99.38.1 18.36.4 Cozy&Zmooz Comforter Zmooz Green P.U.=4 24cm

60.01.6 Toddels Cuddle Rabby Shawl Fuchsia P.U.=2 28cm

48.85.1 Toddels Handpuppet - Washing Glove Rabby Fuchsia P.U.=4 18cm

60.01.7 Toddels Cuddle Rabby Shawl Orange P.U.=2 28cm

48.85.2 Toddels Handpuppet - Washing Glove Rabby Orange P.U.=4 18cm

60.01.8 Toddels Cuddle Rabby Shawl Green P.U.= 2 28cm

48.85.4 Toddels Handpuppet - Washing Glove Rabby Green P.U.=4 18cm

60.02.6 Toddels Cuddle Rabby Trousers Fuchsia New P.U.=1 28cm

48.87.1 Toddels Comforter Rabby Small Fuchsia P.U.=4 18cm

60.02.7 Toddels Cuddle Rabby Trousers Orange New P.U.=1 28cm

48.87.2 Toddels Comforter Girly Small Orange P.U.=4 18cm

60.02.8 Toddels Cuddle Rabby Trousers Green New P.U.=1 28cm

48.87.4 Toddels Comforter Boyo Small Green P.U.=4 18cm

48.45.1 Tiny Dolls Rag Doll Boyo Fuchsia P.U.=1 31cm

48.86.1 Toddels Rattle Sneeky Fuchsia P.U.=4 33cm

48.45.2 Tiny Dolls Rag Doll Jessie Orange P.U.=1 31cm

Hanging Display 12 pcs P.U.=1 150 cm

99.38.4 Hanging Display 48 pcs P.U.=1 55 x 150 cm

99.32.1 Doll Display Small Excl. Cuddle P.U.=1 10-15 cm 99.32.0 Doll Display Large Excl. Doll P.U.=1 15-20 cm

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