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SAM Solar Air Module A Short Presentation

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SAM (solar air modules) are solar heaters designed to reduce the cost of heating homes, offices, commercial buildings etc.  SAM solar air heating system uses a solar powered fan to draw fresh air though a filter into the solar heat collector, where the sun will heat the air before the heated air is supplied into the building to provide solar space heating.

Why Us Our solar air heating systems incorporate solar air module collectors, solar panels and solar powered fans. They are designed to reduce your home or business heating costs without leaving any carbon footprint, whilst improving indoor air quality with solar heat and ventilation.

Solar Ventilation GES has actively been promoting passive solar heating and cooling products in the form of Solar Ventilation products in Australia since 2006. Initially, we introduced the Scandinavian Solar Ventilation product, which in 2011 was replaced by our own SAM, Solar Air Module, which has been designed specifically for the harsh Australian climate.

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