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“Pet Paws 2013” A Photo Book Project to Raise Funds for Charities The Charleston Animal Society & Pet Helpers

JUST THE FACTS  What is “Pet Paws”? It is the name that we came up with for our new pet program. We like it so much that we are going to publish a book called “Pet Paws of Charleston 2013” in which we would like to see Charlestonians show off their pets. After all, we live in Charleston and we are as proud of our Pets as we are of our town and our history. Therefore, just read on, find out what it’s all about, fill in the form and send in your donation to help our “Pet Charities.” We will then get back in touch with you to go from there. Sounds good, doesn’t it? And by the way, it will be a collection of individual images of Charleston’s own pets that portray the individual character and personality of the pets photographed.  Who is sponsoring the Program and Who Gets the Money? The project is sponsored by Signature Photography and it benefits The Charleston Animal Society and Pet Helpers of Charleston. All donations go to these two charities and we donate the photo shoot to you!  What animals can we put in the program? The program is for dogs, cats and other household pets. Signature Photography reserves the right to approve or reject any animals in the “other” category!  What are the details regarding signing up and what does it cost? Registration is by a donation to Pet Paws. The required donation is $65, sent to Pet Paws and this will be split between the two benefitting charities in each donors name throughout the program. With the $65.00 donation for one pet, Signature Photography will donate the pet shoot and the donor’s pet will receive one full page in the book. 

What if I have more than one Pet and want all of them in the book? You can have up to 4 pets and up to 2 pages in the book. For the 2nd pet you can get either an additional ½ page for $50 or a full page for $75. For three pets, 1 on a full page and 2 on the 2nd page, you would pay an additional $75. For a total of 4 pets on 2 pages, the cost would be the original donation plus an additional $100. As you can see from these fees, we have really tried hard to keep the costs low and affordable for all. We hope that you agree.

 Do the charities get all of the additional money for the extra pets? The charities get 100% of the first $65 donation to join the program. Signature Photography is donating the first shoot for the first pet. To help offset the additional costs related to photography and book production for more than 1 pet per participant, the additional fees collected are split between the Charities and Signature Photography.  How do I register? The Pet Paws Registration Form is also available as a .pdf on this site. To register please print this out, fill it in and send it to us with your donation and additional fees if applicable.  How do I make out the check for the donation? Your $65 donation check and any additional fees for additional pets should be made out to “Pet Paws of Charleston” and forwarded or presented to Signature Photography along with your completed registration form. Upon receipt of these, we will schedule your complimentary photo shoot ($129 to $159 Value)) for your pets. We donate the photo shoot to you on behalf of the charity. We will also forward your donation on your behalf to our two benefitting Charities. They will both acknowledge your charitable donation. Pet Paws will also acknowledge your donation and fee payment with a specific breakdown for tax purposes. The donation will be equal to the initial $65 fee and ½ of the additional fees.  When can I have my pets pictures taken? Photography sessions will be held between February 20, 2013 and May 31, 2013 at the studios of Signature Photography (320 East Bay Street in downtown Charleston) or in nearby outdoor locations  May I have some pictures taken with me and my pet? Many owners may want images with their pet(s). We will be more than happy to take these images as part of the complimentary shoot. At the present time, the book is planned to be for pets only but that may change. Nevertheless, anyone wanting to purchase images with their pet will certainly have that opportunity if they so choose.  Is there a limit on the number of pets that will be in the book? Not yet. There has been a lot of pre announcement interest in the program and we are expecting a big response. While we hope to include everyone who would like their pets to appear in the book, the best thing that could happen for our charities would be for us to have to close it out because of too many participants. Act now! Send in your registration today. Make certain that you are a part of this fabulous project that has never been done in the Charleston area before. The book will be published and available approximately three months after we close out the shooting.

 How much will the book cost? We don’t know the exact price yet. The size of the book, the number of participants and the number we sell in advance will all be factors in determining the price. While we do not know the price, it is our goal to keep it under or around $50.00. The more the participation and the more we print, the lower the price will be. It will be a spiral book with a book/board cover. We will announce to participants the price as soon as we know more. Based on other books that we have produced in the last few years, we feel that we should be able to come in within our goal. There will be a Collector’s Edition Limited production run. This first production run will probably only be for participants who will be able to reserve as many copies in advance as they want. These books will be available up until the production date or as long as the supply lasts. More information on this will be available later. It is our intention to hopefully sell the book at retail in order to create a long term income stream for the charities. If this does occur, books will then be available in the future. We will keep all participants advised as to the status of this phase of the project.  Can I send in a picture for the book? Only photographs by the creative team at Signature Photography are eligible for inclusion in the book and all registrants photographed by us will be included in the art book. Each pet is photographed individually for the book but we will also do brother and sister shots for those who have enrolled more than one pet.  Can I purchase prints of my pets from the photo shoot? Absolutely! Although there is no requirement to purchase additional photographs, some terrific portrait packages will be made available exclusively to participants (well below our studio prices). You will be given an opportunity to view the images that we take of your pets and to purchase framed art or any individual prints that you may want for yourself, family or friends. (Visit our website www.SignaturePhotography.Biz for more information about our photography.) Thank you for your interest in this worthwhile project and we look forward to hearing from you. Eddie Toporek, Photographer and Owner Signature Photography 320 East Bay Street – Suite ‘C’ Charleston, SC 29401

Contact: Eddie Toporek or Damon Smith @ 843-300-3333 Email: PetPaws@SignaturePhotography.Biz

For a registration form and more details please call the studio at 843-300-3333 or check our website on line @ http://PetPaws.SignaturePhotography.Biz

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