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“Sweet Aloha” – cover illustration for Koski’s book, “Tiny Treasures,” focusing on the islands’ tiny treasures—its children—in enchanting portraits accompanied by lyrical poetry and paint with the other,” she said. “I met the nicest people doing portraits. You spend a little time with people, you’re with them several days or several weeks and you form a relationship.” “We moved 36 times before we bought this house in Waimea,” said daughter Kathy, “And we always went to fascinating places... As kids, we were used to it. I loved my childhood. We had a good time; we were a good family together, a very creative household.” In 1983, Mary and Oiva, Mary’s mother Bertha Irby (a distant relative of Lady Godiva, according to Kathy’s research), Kathy and

her husband Bertil Long and their daughter Megan, moved to the Big Island. At the age of 78, Oiva created a comfortable family compound with a shared garden yard that is inviting to all, including fairies. Perhaps as a result, Mary is the author of four books about fairies, including three volumes of the popular “Stowaway Fairy” series, and “Fairies in My Hat.” For over a decade, Island Heritage published her “Children of Hawai‘i” calendars, which have become collector’s items. She also created a little book of paintings and poetry called “Tiny Treasures” and illustrated the “Little Princess Kai‘ulani and Her Garden by the Sea” by Ellie Crowe. Many of her paintings grace the corridors of Kapi‘olani Hospital for Women and Children. describes her work as “a celebration of Hawai‘i’s children, set against their tropical island home and depicted in luminous paintings…Koski EnchantedBaby reveals a delight and

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September-October 2011