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DEPARTMENTS 08 Bucket List 12 16 Things We Love 58 Herbs 62 Modern + Vintage

22 32 FEATURES 22 First Fridays 32 Urban Shopping: Anthropologie 40 Healthy Fruits for a Healthy Lifestyle 48 Toy Stories

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bucket list / five incredible experiences


BUCKET LIST Here are five incredible experiences for you to add to your bucket list. We have searched all over North America to bring you great information about the most spectacular, largest and memorable events in todays society.

Sundance began in Salt Lake City in August 1978 as the Utah/ US Film Festival in an effort to attract more filmmakers to Utah. The Sundance Film Festival is a film festival that takes place annually. It is the largest independent cinema festival in the United States. Held in January in Park City, Salt Lake City, and Ogden, as well as at the Sundance Resort, the festival is the premier showcase for new work from American and international independent filmmakers. The festival comprises competitive sections for American and international dramatic and documentary films, both feature-length films and short films, and a group of noncompetitive showcase sections, including the New Frontier, Spectrum, and Park City at Midnight. Each year the Sundance Film Festival selects 200 films for exhibition from more than 9,000 submissions. In addition to discovering filmmaking's newest talent through the Festival's program of documentary, dramatic, and short films, Festival goers experience live music performances, panel discussions with leading filmmakers and industry figures, cutting-edge media installations, parties celebrating the Festival community, and more.

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1 SUNDANCE FILM F E S T I VA L Park City, Salt Lake City, UT and Ogden January 19 – 29, 2012

E AT I N G LOCAL! J Street, Sacramento CA, 95814 Open year round Hours of operation available online

People are looking for edibles they can trust, and for food communities that stand personally behind their products. Restaurants and hotels are spotlighting house-made or locally-made bread, artisan-cured salami, chef-pickled vegetables, locally-butchered beef, honey made from nearby hives, foods purchased from regional farms—all these theoretically reflecting sustainability and helping local farmers and being better for the environment. Grange is a culinary expression of all things local, reflecting the authentic essence and soul of its community. Service is warm, friendly, and embracing at Sacramento’s premiere dining destination. With an intimate atmosphere of urban sophistication, Grange is the quintessential Sacramento restaurant experience. Grange is a culinary expression of all things local, reflecting the authentic essence and soul of its community.

ABOVE: Customers at Grange are greeted by the chef during a weekend lunch gathering. Even when busy, Grange provides customers with a friendly atmosphere and modern environment at a resonable price.

ALOFT | may 2011 / 09 /


bucket list / five incredible experiences


Each fall, pilots, crew and spectators from all over the world come to the Albuquerque balloon festival, known as the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, the world’s largest hot air ballooning event. For nine days during the first full week of October, hundreds of colorful balloons float above the city each morning as dawn breaks over the Sandia Mountains. It’s no wonder this visual feast is said to be the world’s most photographed event. Balloon glow and other balloon illumination events are held in the evenings of the balloon fiesta in Albuquerque. Balloon enthusiasts fill the launch field and walk among the tethered balloons of every color, shape and size. As the propane burners inflate the balloons against a dark sky, they seem to flicker like giant psychedelic light bulbs.

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ALBUQUERQUE BALLOON F E S T I VA L Balloon Fiesta Park, Albuquerque, NM October 1 – 9, 2011 5:45 AM – 8:00 PM

THE ARCLIGHT Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, CA Open year round Hours of operation available online If you’re ever in the Los Angeles area, one thing you most definitely want to experience is the Arclight Hollywood movie theater. Not only do they sport some of the most comfortable seats, largest screens, loudest sound, and best views from anywhere in the theater, they often bring in props from the movies for display. Reserved seating. Gourmet food. No pre-show ads. 21+ shows. The ArcLight is a leader in the new “luxury” theater


movement that’s spreading across the nation. Not only has the ArcLight made theater going more pleasurable with better food, wider seats and a bar, it also adds class with a large lobby that features an art gallery, as well as ushers who introduce the film and won’t allow anyone to be seated once the film has been playing for five minutes.

THE MONTEREY JAZZ F E S T I VA L Monterey Fairgrounds, Monterey, CA Third full weekend in September 5:45 AM – 8:00 PM The Monterey Jazz Festival is one of the longest consecutively running jazz festivals in the world. It debuted in 1958 and was founded by San Francisco jazz radio broadcaster Jimmy Lyons. The festival is held annually on the 20-acre, oak-studded Monterey LEFT: Each year, balloon pilots particularly enjoy the competition of the Albuquerque hot air balloon

County Fairgrounds, located at 2000 Fairground Road in Monterey, California, USA. The Monterey Jazz Festival presents the best jazz performers in the world for a three-day celebration of the best in jazz. More than 500 top jazz artists perform

festival's precision flying events.

on nine stages spread throughout the grounds, with more than 50 concert

Many of these events are held in the

performances. In addition, the Monterey Jazz Festival features jazz conversations,

early evening, allowing spectators to

panel discussions, workshops, exhibitions, clinics, and an international array

see a stellar performance.

of food, shopping and festivities spread throughout the 20-acre fairgrounds.

ALOFT | may 2011 / 11 /



things we love / music

THINGS WE LOVE Amazing hard-to-find goodies. That we just found. For you. At ALOFT, we like cool shit. And since you picked up this magazine, we know you do too. Here are sixteen featured favorites from the editors that go green, taste good, sound gnarly, and will generally make you feel good and look cool. We aren’t saying you have to buy all these items (but if you want to, feel free), we’re just saying that we have scavenged the planet finding the latest trends and most intriguing items, putting them all in ALOFT so that you don’t have to forage for them yourself.

WeSC Headphones Urban Outfitters $108

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things we love / music cont.

1. Urban Outfitters WeSC Headphone for $108 are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Great bass and treble control. 2. Kid Cudi—Man on the Moon Vol. II is a new piece of work you will realize is truly something different, something that feels comfortably alike his typical style, except entirely fresh. 3. Lykke Li’s Wounded Rhymes is completely captivating. Her signature style can be seen in each song. Incredible. 4. Vampire Weekend’s Contra is an easy listen with a laid back style with instantly memorable lyrics. Afro-pop tribal rhythms and catchy, absolute sophisticated melodies. 5. Santigold’s self-titled album is an absorbing, abrasive, enigmatic, sometimes creepy, always unusual, inspired and interesting on many levels.


Kid Cudi—Man on the Moon Vol. II $14

Lykke Li—Wounded Rhymes $12

Vampire Weekend—Contra $10

Santigold—Santigold $10

ALOFT | may 2011 / 13 /


things we love / green

Trek District Bike Village Cycle Center $770

6. Save the environment! By using a bike

only $6 a bag. It also comes in different

you are not burning fossil fuels and add-

seed varieties based on region.

ing additional carbon dioxide into the at-

8. Marijuana just got greener. Organi-

mosphere. Try the Trek District bike from

Cann’s sustainably grown, organic, med-

the Village Cycle Center. It’s quiet, light,

ical cannabis is now available in environ-

and an extremely comfortable ride.

mentally friendly packaging that you can

7. Seed Bombs found at Anthropologie is

compost in your own back yard. In 1972,

not only a very peaceful, thoughtful and

the US Congress placed marijuana in

environmentally friendly weapon, but

Schedule I of the Controlled Substances

it’s hilarious! Who doesn’t want to throw

Act because they considered it to have

dirtballs into their neighbors yard and see

“no accepted medical use.” Since then,

what sprouts up weeks later? Also, a very

15 of 50 US states and DC have legal-

cheap way to have fun and go green at

ized the medical use of marijuana. The Organic cannabis Foundation, LLC (OrganiCann), the largest medical cannabis dispensing collective in Northern California, announced exciting new home compostable packaging.

Seed Bombs Anthropologie $6

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things we love / edibles

9. Mammoth Supply Co’s ice cream

will not forget—or will you? No mat-

isn’t just ridiculously delicious, but you

ter how hazy the day is after a night

will never want to throw out the packag-

of drinking Vi Novell, don’t throw this

ing! It comes in three amazing flavors.

beautiful piece of art out! Go ahead and

10. Empire Mayonnaise takes a new

enjoy the artful taste inside the bottle,

take to the spreadable delectable. Made

but hold on to the beautiful packaging

with spices and herbs all packed into

of this new wine bottle. Sold at Sixth Av-

one cute little jar at only $12 a jar.

enue Wine Seller in Seattle for just $34.

11. Vi Novell wine is an experience you

Mammoth Supply Co. Ice Cream $8

Vi Novell Wine Sixth Avenue Wine Seller $34


ALOFT | may 2011 / 15 /



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things we love / technology

Diana F+ Deluxe Camera Kit $240

12. You will fall in love with the Diana F+ Deluxe Camera kit. If you don’t know cameras well, don’t worry. This is a very easy to learn camera that you can do anything on. Have fun with experimenting or using it professionally. It’s exhilarating.

ALOFT | may 2011 / 17 /


things we love / decor

Folding Library Bookshelf Urban Outfitters $279

13. The Folding Library Bookshelf from Urban Outfitters is perfect for anyone that has little apartment space. It’s tall—using the vertical space of the room as well as being more open and airy than a bulky bookshelf. It also collapses whenever needed. 14. Vintage is timeless. But not this clock. It tells you the time in a beautiful vintage style and fashion from Urban Outfitters. 15. Ever wonder what the world looks like at night? Here it is, all in the palm of your hands with stars and constellations lit up. Enjoy this piece for decoration or educational purpose. It’s like getting smart while making your home look pretty. 16. Beautifully stacked porcelain chairs to hang earrings, rings, and bracelets on. It looks as if it’s going to fall over but it’s a very sturdy and overall gorgeous piece that Urban has to offer.


/ 18 / ALOFT.COM

Three Potato Four PE Clock Urban Outfitters $48

Illuminated Orion Globe Urban Outfitters $129

Dollhouse Jewelery Stand Urban Outfitters $69

ALOFT | may 2011 / 19 /

Finally. It’s here. The iPhone 4. Now available in white.

Buy one now at AT&T or online at



FIRST FRIDAY KANSAS CITY’S CROSSROADS DISTRICT If you have taken a jaunt through downtown Kansas City lately, you’ve bound to have noticed something serious is going on in the Crossroads district. Dishevelled buildings have turned into hip art galleries, while rundown businesses have morphed into trendy restaurants. Within this district, you will find a thriving mix of urban loft living, art galleries, restaurants, boutiques and more. Which, of course, creates the ideal atmosphere for a fantastic community party each and every month! If you’ve ever tried to drive through there on the First Friday of the month, you have most likely been stuck in a surprising traffic jam. What’s going on in the middle of Kansas City, you ask?

ALOFT || may may 2011 2011 // 23 23 // ALOFT


WHAT EXACTLY IS FIRST FRIDAY? Kansas City is known for its big and splashy annual events, but there’s a special monthly festival that brings out residents from all over the metro area for an evening of arts, dining and fun.

/ 22 / ALOFT.COM



has played host to First Fridays. This FREE event is fast

First Friday is held in The Crossroads


becoming a Kansas City favorite. “First Fridays” occur

Arts District, a historic neighborhood near

on the first Friday of every month year round, rain or

Downtown Kansas City, Missouri. It is

shine. Art galleries, retailers and other participating

centered at approximately 19th Street and

art venues showcase art from local and national artists

Baltimore Avenue, directly south of the


from 7 – 9pm. With ample parking and an abundance

downtown loop and north of Crown Center.

of indoor and outdoor entertainment, there’s no better

It is the city’s main art gallery district


way to spend a night than enjoying drinks or dining

and center for the visual arts. Dozens

at an area restaurant, followed by a stroll through the

of galleries are located in its renovated

galleries and shops of KC’s heart of cultural activity.

warehouses and industrial buildings. It


is also home to numerous restaurants, First Fridays work like a gallery hop of sorts with many

housewares shops, architects, designers, an

of the individual businesses within the district playing

advertising agency, and other visual artists.

host to exhibits and events. All visitors need to do is go down and enjoy. The art and entertainment is free. Food and spirits might come at a price, but there are even free offerings in this arena, as well. You don’t need to be an art connoisseur to enjoy the atmosphere prevalent throughout the 21 square block area surrounding 19th and Main. Art isn’t the only thing on display. Street performances including musical groups are a frequent First Fridays treat.

LEFT: Barkley is the largest employeeowned advertising agency in the U.S. Ownership has its advantages. Originally known as the old “TWA” building, Barkley sits in the heart of the Crossroad District. RIGHT: The Cashew is the perfect place to begin your evening. Browse galleries featuring Kansas City artists and national artists or just relax with any of our delicious ‘Spring Drinks’ and a tasty appetizer!

ALOFT | may 2011 / 25 /


KCAI Crossroad Gallery (816) 802-3454 1908 Main St. KCAI Crossroad Gallery is the scene of monthly exhibitions of artwork by students who attend the Kansas City Art Institute, a four-year college of art and design.



Blue Gallery was established in 2000 at the center of Kansas City’s Crossroads Arts District. 40+ emerging, and mid-career local, regional, and nationally known artists are represented. Blue Gallery is considered one of the

When visiting the Crossroads, make sure you do not miss out on stopping by the top galleries and grabbing dinner and a drink at one of a dozen fine restaurants that are apart of the district!


Arts Incubator of Kansas City (816) 421-2292 115 W 18th St

premier galleries in Kansas City having won numerous awards including KC Magazine’s Best Private Art Gallery.

Intake Studio (816) 569-0010 1717 Oak, Suite 200 Intake Studio is a motion graphics, visual effects, animation, editorial and production studio, that has been building a reputation as a world-class regional creative resource for commercials, cross-platform advertising and interactive media since it opened the doors in 2004. Intake


is a fusion of A-list talent and cutting-edge technology that has garnered dozens of ADDY’s and other awards.

The Cashew (816) 221-4286 2000 Grand Blvd. This contemporary, sleek, restaurant and bar is the perfect place to enjoy a casual lunch on the patio, or meet with co-workers and friends in the evening, before a concert, or after a concert, and into the night.

Lidia's KC (816) 221-3722 101 W 22nd St. Voted Kansas City's most popular Italian restaurant


and drink specials on First Friday’s. Most like The City


Friday goers who’d like a glass of wine or a quick snack


Tavern (101 W 22nd) who opens up their patio to First (spinach and artichoke dip is a FF fave) before heading off to the next Gallery. It’s next door neighbor, Lidia’s, offers up an array of Italian appetizers (think quick fired calamari or bruchetta) as a place to meet up with friends.

The Galleries open their doors to the public and have free

by Zagat Guide the last 5 years, Lidia's Kansas City is

admission from 7-9 pm. Some galleries not to be overlooked

located in the Crossroads Arts District. The menu at

include the The Blue Gallery (19th and Grand), the Sherry

Lidia's features a daily sampling of seasonal, daily-

Leedy Contemporary Art Gallery (20th and Baltimore), Cube

made fresh and filled pastas. The 'pasta trio' is served

at Beco (19th and Baltimore), and the Leedy-Voulkos Art

table side and may be refilled as often as you like.

Center (20th and Main), which all offer something for every

Michael Smith (816) 842-2202 1900 Main

kind of art lover - from appreciator to serious connoisseur.

The restaurant is located in the heart of the historic Crossroads Arts District. Michael Smith provides an inti-

First Fridays, while held throughout the year, are not to

mate, European scale setting in which guests can enjoy

be missed during the warm summer and fall months.

regionally inspired dishes from France, Italy and Spain.

It’s this time of year that the whole city gets into the swing of things and the crowd’s spill out into the streets with street vendors and bands adding to the cultural mix.

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ABOVE: Town Topic Hamburgers will transport you. The restaurant’s 1950s-esque design and quality fast food will make you nostalgic. BELOW: Looking out the window of the Arts Incubator at downtown Kansas City's skyline on First Friday.

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT This has become one of the region’s most popular regular events as thousands of people flock to the Crossroads for gallery “open houses” amidst the Crossroads’ unique atmosphere. There are more than 60 galleries in the Crossroad’s district, making it one of the five largest arts districts in the U.S.

ALOFT | may 2011 / 27 /



to make getting into the spirit of the event even easier


to 9:30 p.m. and have stops all along the district. Aside


especially on the feet! The trolleys run from about 6:45 from the fun and excitement, the draw of First Fridays is the fact they change every month. The art and entertainment in July, for example, will vary greatly from what’s offered in September. The constant flux energizes First Fridays, making them a must-see every month of the year for art fans and casual observers alike. Crossroads District has had a major face lift over the last few years. With the Urban Redevelopment turning run-down buildings into a flourishing art,

ABOVE: Hammerpress' Brady Vest

restaurant, loft and retail district--it’s becoming one of

designed a series of posters for Beck, KT

the greatest neighborhoods Kansas City has ever had.

Tunstall and Spoon-Davenport in Iowa.

This neighborhood walking tour takes you to some of

right: Hammerpress is located right inside

the greatest restaurants, galleries and art studios in

of the Crossroad District of Kansas City.

Kansas City’s cultural heart. It’s here that you’ll find

They are a letterpress company that make

great places for drinks, delicious food, and a place to

all sorts of letterpress greeting cards, gift

rest your gallery going feet.

cards, notebooks and other paper goods.

/ 28 / ALOFT.COM


ALOFT | may 2011 / 29 /



America: Now and Here— A Cross-Country Journey of Art and Ideas 5.06.11 5:00 PM – 5.27.11 2:00 PM Inspired by all great American journeys, America: Now and Here (ANH) delivers a traveling celebration of America. Envisioned by Eric Fischi and led by more than 150 of our country’s most celebrated artists, the goal of ANH is to bring people together, to inspire respectful conversation about America through the shared experience of art, and to renew our appreciation for exploration, creativity and innovation as individuals, communities and a nation.

Symphonic Quixotic


6:00 PM - 9:00 PM Join Symphonic Quixotic in the Crossroads on First Friday. In addition to pop-up performances throughout the Crossroads, we’ll be headquartered at the Leedy-Voulkos Arts Center, 2010 Baltimore. Secure you ickets to see Symphonic Quixotic at the Lyric Theatre on May 13th & 14th and save $5 per ticket, only by purchasing at Leedy-Voulkos on First Friday!


Derby Pub Crawl 2:00 PM – 7:00 PM The 1st Annual Crossroads Derby Pub Crawl will take place on May 7th, from 2:00 - 7:00 pm and will feature five Crossroads bars: The Cashew, Grunauer, Tannin Wine Bar & Kitchen, Willie's and Retro Downtown!


Crossroads of Culture Film Series: Social, Cultural & Economic Intergration: Part 4! 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM “Rain in a Dry Land -A Deeply Felt Humanist Tale,” is a verité feature documentary chronicling two years in the lives of two Somali Bantu families as they journey from Africa to America. It is a story of time travel, culture shock, a leap from the nineteenth to the twenty-first century as these subsistence farmers find themselves in a mysterious and confusing land.


Think Big Kansas City 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM Think Big Kansas City is back this year so rev up your startup engines, entrepreneurs, because we are providing you with a jam-packed day full of experts who have seen it all—the ups-and-downs of entrepreneurship, the twists-and-turns of business steps and the ins-and-outs of becoming a success. We will provide the inspiration, education and motivation. The only thing we ask you to bring is your aspiration and perspiration.

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ALOFT | may 2011 / 23 /


/ 32 / ALOFT.COM

Retailers are constantly striving to distinguish themselves from the competition. One way to do this is by targeting a specific audience. With addresses in swank locations such as Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara and Atlanta’s Buckhead, Anthropologie caters to the upscale customer who doesn’t want to wear the same clothes or decorate their home with the same things as everyone else.

ALOFT | may 2011 / 33 /



/ 34 / ALOFT.COM


“It was designed to appeal to a 20 to

furnishings through its stores, catalog,

40-something affluent suburban or

and website. Exclusivity and uniqueness

urban couple or individual who wants

are the watchwords for the company.

to differentiate themselves from the

Buyers travel throughout Europe, India

masses,” says Wade McDevitt, exclu-

and the Far East to find inspiration for

sive tenant representative for the chain.

limited quantity designs and rare one-

“They’ve read Metropolitan Home and

of-a-kind items. Within the store are

Wallpaper. They want to own something

Indian hand-beaded picture frames, a

in their home that no one else would

hand-painted floral sconce based on a

have and that would be a conversation

1940s Italian original, glazed Japanese

piece. They’re aware of style and buy

ceramics, and a rattan and teak British

what’s perceived as the latest fashion.”

colonial sleigh bed. Prices range from

Anthropologie sells a wide range of mer-

the affordable—$7 for vegetable soap—

chandise including women’s apparel,

to the luxurious—$12,000 for an an-

accessories, gifts, furniture and home

tique Breton armoire.

“We do buy some produced pieces of furniture, but we also buy a significant number of what we call found objects,” McDevitt explains. “We have a team of buyers who spend the entire year traveling around the world going to antique stores, flea markets and small towns in the U.K. and India looking for pieces. They send crate after crate back on the steamers and we distribute those objects to the stores and then merchandise around the found objects.” Anthropologie is designed to follow the customers of its parent company, the east Philadelphia-based Urban Outfitters, into the

ALOFT | may 2011 / 23 /

/ 36 / ALOFT.COM




next phase of their lives. Whereas Urban Outfitters targets an 18-28 year-old student or graduate in their first apartment, Anthropologie customers have moved into a home and are already successful in their careers. Their affluence allows them to nurture their desire for the new, different and fashionable. “They don’t want to wear the same thing everyone has on as they’re walking down the street,” says McDevitt. “It’s someone who is curious and worldly.” Most stores are 10-12,000 sq. ft., with a few running as large as 15-18,000 sq. ft. Each location has its own merchandiser and its own budget for props to assist in building a unique appearance. Even though each Anthropologie may have distinct merchandise and a somewhat singular feel, the stores do maintain a certain consistency in their look. For example, along the wall of each store can be found a series of vignettes that create small rooms separated by five-foot walls. One may be a living room, the next a bedroom or a general store. This look and feel encourages cus-

“We’re also very sensitive to each environment,” says McDevitt. “What consumers are buying in Santa Monica may be different from what they’re buying in New York or Atlanta.” In addition, the company doesn’t view other chains such as Pottery Barn or Pier 1 Imports as its competition, but “the one of a kind boutiques because they tend to have the most creativity and are the least prototypical.”

tomers to come in and linger. The average shopping time is more than forty to forty-five minutes.

ALOFT | may 2011 / 37 /

Gem & Tooth Necklace $36

Papercraft $25


Porcelain Floral Measuring Cups $18

Since its launch in 1992, the chain has opened 21 stores, and has plans to build six to eight new locations this year in cities Rose Flip Flops $68

such as San Francisco and Cincinnati. “We rarely do malls,” explains McDevitt. “Our preference is to be on the street. In a suburban market we want to be in a village atmosphere that has pedestrian as well as vehicular traffic. When we’re in a market that doesn’t offer a true downtown village environment, the next best thing would be the mall.” Company officials believe that the more than $230 million in annual sales generated by Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters proves that they have found a niche that defies the mass market taste.

KimChi Blu Dress $104 Visit to shop and find store locations near you.

/ 38 / ALOFT.COM

With expansion underway, the concept of selling to the fashionably adventurous seems to be a success.

ALOFT | may 2011 / 39 /

/ 40 / ALOFT.COM

There are several fad diets that will lead to successful weight loss if you follow them exactly as they are designed. That doesn’t mean every food that fits into a diet is a healthy food, but it does mean you have to change your eating patterns to fit the diet’s rules.

ALOFT | may 2011 / 41 /


Apples You’ve heard an apple a day will keep the doctor away. While it will certainly take more than a daily apple to keep you healthy, it is a step in the right direction.

/ 42 / ALOFT.COM

Apples are delicious, easy to carry for snacking, low in calories, a natural mouth freshener, and they are still very inexpensive. Apples are source of both soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber such as pectin actually helps to prevent cholesterol buildup in the lining of blood vessel walls, thus reducing the incident of arteriosclerosis and heart disease. The insoluble fiber provides bulk in the intestinal tract, holding water to cleanse and move food quickly through the digestive system. It is a good idea to eat apples with their skin. Almost half of the vitamin C content is just underneath the skin. Eating the skin also increases insoluble fiber content. Most of an apple’s fragrance cells are also concentrated in the skin and as they ripen, the skin cells develop more aroma and flavor. There are hundreds of varieties of apples on the market today, although most people have only tasted one or two of the most popular such as Red Delicious or Granny Smith. Apples can be sweet, tart; soft and smooth, or crisp and crunchy, depending on the one you choose. There are apples to suit everyone’s taste, so why not choose one. Have an apple today!

ALOFT | may 2011 / 43 /



citrus For the very best results, half of a grapefruit must be consumed before eating a meal. It aids in the body’s fat burning abilities.

/ 44 / ALOFT.COM

Consuming citrus regularly enhances a healthy lifestyle.

Grapefruit is a good source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, while oranges are a good source of dietary fiber and Vitamin C.

Citrus fruits are also great for weight reduction. They’re properly acknowledged to include antioxidants that assist the physique fight cells which can harm important organs of the physique. Several of us aren’t aware that citrus fruits are also fat fighters. When citrus fruits are taken, fat can be dissolved and removed out of the body. It is a hidden mechanism exactly where citrus can be of excellent support to obese men and women who are reducing their weight. It is also advisable

burning capabilities so larger odds of

to drink of 1-2 lemon juice per day for far more successful out-

losing excess weight are expected. Con-

comes. Remember don’t drink canned juice, often drink fresh

sidering that grapefruit is 90% water,

ones. Canned products already have preservatives which can

water ingestion will also be enhanced

harm your body and these goods are not usually effective, too.

which improves metabolism resulting to lesser weight amongst obese men

Grapefruit is widely utilized by obese individuals who are aim-

and women.

ing for a wholesome and fit body. With daily grape take, you happen to be assured of a natural and safe weight-loss. Studies showed that eating half grapefruit every day will present enzymes which can block the storage of excess fat and carbohydrate inside the physique. Grapefruit also has the body fat

ALOFT | may 2011 / 45 /


Strawberries can reduce the risk of heart attacks and cancer.

strawberries Strawberries alternatively are believed to be powerful in weight-loss. Eating a bowl of fresh strawberries ever day will make you shed excess weight since they are naturally sweet without saturated fats.

/ 46 / ALOFT.COM


Strawberries are an excellent source of minerals and vitamins that are important to boost the immune system.

Strawberries are also low in calories and

Why not make an effort to eat a number

are great sources of Vitamin C. So, what

of these fruits to determine its effect in

have you been waiting for? Have a bowl

your weight? Retain this in mind, star-

of strawberries now!

vation is just not the important thing to losing excess weight. Weight-loss can

Whatever sort of fruit you select for your

only be accomplished with proper diet

diet regime you have to keep in mind

plan and standard exercising.

that consuming the correct amount will give you the excellent final results. Natural way of losing excess weight may be the safest of all.

ALOFT | may 2011 / 47 /


T oy S t or i e s The brief was simple and open-ended: Offer an emotional design critique of an iconic toy. Most of the designers, creative directors, authors, educators, curators, and entrepreneurs we enlisted chose objects from their childhood, articulating the smart design thinking behind these timeless playthings while also recalling what their treasured toys meant to them personally. The result is a survey of approaches to designing for play that provides insights into how childhood fun informs adult design practice.

/ 48 / ALOFT.COM


The result is a survey of approaches to designing for play that provides insights into how childhood fun informs adult design practice.

ALOFT | may 2011 / 23 /


Naef Toys John Maeda Graphic designer; author, The Laws of Simplicity; president, Rhode Island School of Design The beautiful thing about the toys made by the Swiss company Naef is that they’re beautiful without being too beautiful, perfect without being too perfect. They can hold their own on any designer’s bookshelf, but

Lite Brite

their true beauty is in the fact that

Todd Bracher

they’re not just modernist objects but

Creative director, Georg Jensen; product designer, Fritz Hansen; and owner, Todd Bracher Studio

true playthings. You know a toy is a toy when you give it to a child and something happens. When I give these toys to my children, they’re

How can you not love it? It’s a little



chunk of plastic and a light bulb, and

combined in unexpected forms; they

somehow it’s totally magic. It’s really

offer experiments in complex systems.

simple, really low-tech, but you get the

Naef toys can be messed up, and that’s

creative emotional bang. It really trans-

why they’re great.

ports you somewhere. Toys are de-



signed to use and learn from and then throw out, but this one’s different—it’s up to you to contribute, so it’s an infinite resource.

Crayons Syd Mead Visual futurist for Tron and Blade Runner My toys were Binney & Smith crayons. One night when I was 4, I dreamt that at the end of our driveway there was a big pile of crayons, paper, and pencils. I woke up, pulled on my pants, and went out the kitchen door and down the driveway. The pile of crayons and pencils was not there, and I was disappointed for the whole day.

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Play-Doh Harry Allen Product and interior designer and president, Harry Allen Design I loved everything about Play-Doh: the soft thud it made inside the can, the paper packaging (replaced by plastic in the ’80s), its extruded shape when you first took it out, the color, the taste, and the smell. It begged me to get creative. Play-Doh taps into something primal: the instinct to fashion things out of a lump of soft, moldable material. I think of all the early ceramics in museums and my new niece, who will grab and

Matchbox Cars Michael Bierut

squeeze anything. A simple act, yet so satisfying. The possibilities are endless.

Partner, Pentagram We just moved, and I found this little collection of matchbox cars that I’ve had since I was 4 or 5 or 6 or 7, so these go back to the early ’60s. I just like these things. The original ones were made by the British manufacturing company Lesney. They literally came in little matchboxes and looked like they were made out of hard-core cast iron. They didn’t feel like toys; they felt like machined objects, like they had been smelted in furnaces. Plus, they were charmingly detailed and vaguely exotic: a London double-decker bus, delivery vans with peculiar foreign words on them. At that point, I’d seen Mary Poppins and My Fair Lady; my mother’s side of the family was all Irish and Scottish, so it was a connection to a world that was really different from Cleveland, Ohio.

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| toy stories

cat’s cradle Susan Yelavich Assistant professor, Parsons School of Design, and author, Contemporary World Interiors

A lesson in economy of means,

I think the cat’s cradle is a great metaphor for a


child’s anticipation of growing into someone



mutating geometries, the cat’s cradle may have been my first

different. But with its all-too-brief moments of stability and frequent collapses, you could say that it is also like the 21st century our kids will

introduction to design as prod-

inherit. Except that it has no century. Played

uct-cum-process. No trips to

for generations, the cat’s cradle has survived

Toys “R” Us required—the only

without packaging, marketing, or updating. It’s

equipment needed is a piece of

the design equivalent of oral tradition. Only the

string and four hands.

names of its seven configurations—known as Cradle, Candles, Clock, Diamonds, Fish-in-aDish, Manger, and Soldier’s Bed in the West— change from culture to culture. With Soldier’s Bed called Mountain Cat in Japan and Diamonds referred to as Cow’s Eyeballs in Korea, it’s clear that the stories plucked from the standard string repertoire are in the eyes of the beholders.

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I think the cat’s cradle is a great metaphor for a child’s anticipation of growing into someone different.

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I was obsessed with templates—patterns and soft forms created by mathematical theorems spoke to my personal aesthetic early on. SPIN FROM YOUR PHONE iphone app | Finger Spiro+


Karim Rashid / Industrial Designer

Early on, I preferred to draw and make models rather than play with toys. I loved making wire-frame drawings and algorithmic art with a Spirograph. I was obsessed with templates—patterns and soft forms created by mathematical theorems spoke to my personal aesthetic early on. At first, I wanted to grow up to be a mathematician, then a painter, then a combination, like Yaacov Agam or Victor Vasarely.

As with physical Spirographs, in Finger Spiro+ you have a choice between different sized rotors, each of which, based on its size, produces lines of a different curve and degree (you may download more rotors (or gears) for a price if you desire).

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we’ve always been crazy about coffee so we created the...

fresh fruity frappaccino

100% of our espresso beans are now fairtrade certified


going green / herbs

herbs Give your cooking­—not to mention your family’s health—a boost with these six culinary herbs. You don’t need a culinary-school degree to understand the value of fresh herbs. They brighten up the flavors of everything from soups to desserts. But what’s less appreciated is the nutritional value these coveted seasonings bring to the table. The aromatic


leaves offer potent little doses of antioxidants and vitamins--and not a drop of salt or fat. Eat them regularly to enhance a healthy diet that helps protect you against cancer and heart disease. As any good cook knows, herbs are often the essential ingredients that coax the finest flavors out of any meal. In most cases, fresher is better, and even the smallest garden can provide a selection of pot-to-pan varieties. Here is a short list of must-haves:

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4 3


1. thyme / 2. chives / 3. oregano/ 4. vera lavender / 5. micro beet greens / 6. rosemary

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going green / herbs



Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)

Oregano (Origanum vulgare)

Fragrant thyme can be used fresh or

Oregano can be used fresh or dried. It

dried and has a slight lemony-mint

has a warm aroma and robust flavor

aroma and taste. Thyme is often used

that is popular in Italian, Greek, Span-

in soups, chowders, stews, sauces

ish and Mexican dishes. It is frequent-

and stuffings. It also goes well with

ly added to vegetables, (especially pep-

lima beans, potatoes, squash, toma-

pers and tomatoes), soups, stews, meat

toes, eggs and croquettes, as well as

pies, pasta sauces, shellfish dishes,

a variety of meats, poultry and fish.

stuffings, dumplings, herb scones and

Thyme is a small, stiff plant with

breads, as well as fish, roast beef, lamb,

oval, grayish-green leaves; its lilac

chicken and pork.

flowers grow in small clusters.

Chives (Allium schoenoprasum) Fresh chives have the best flavor. Use snipped, chopped chives anytime you want to add the taste of onion in a milder form. When cooking, add fresh or freeze-dried chives at the end to preserve the flavor. Bright, dark-green chives grow in clumps and have slender, grass-like leaves.


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5 Micro beet greens Beet greens contain a larger amount of nutrients than beet roots. The greens are richer in iron, calcium, and Vitamins A and C. Beet roots are an excellent source of folic acid and a very good source of manganese, potassium, and fiber. Both the greens and roots are a good source of phosphorus, magnesium, iron, and vitamin B6.

Vera lavender

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)

Lavender can be used medicinally

The aromatic evergreen rosemary

as an effective remedy to combat the

has a pine-like, slightly lemony flavor

following conditions: Restlessness,

and aroma. It blends well with other

insomnia, abdominal complaints,

herbs and spices, especially garlic

rheumatism, and loss of appetite. Lav-

and thyme, and can be used as a sea-

ender fragrance is used as a soothing

soning. Rosemary plants grow gray-

stress reliever, and also helps cases of

green, needle-like leaves that remain

insomnia or other sleep disorders.

evergreen in mild winter climates.



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designer cribs / tad carpenter

modern + vintage An inside look at designer/illustrator Tad Carpenter, and his wife Jessica’s renovated living space. Prior to getting married, this home in Rivermarket — Kansas City, Missouri’s historic district — had been illustrator Tad Carpenter’s bachelor pad for several years. Before designer Jessica moved in, the couple renovated the apartment, which is located in an 1905 building that was originally occupied by the Helping Hands Association, a program that provided shelter and education for those in need. The couple loves the juxtaposition of modern and vintage and has paired their modern furniture, lighting and artwork with vintage collections ranging from old film posters or paintings to hand-painted trade signs and toys.

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It’s a good point... Delivering clean, delicious water from your kitchen faucet.


keegan meegan

PREVIEW: KEEGAN MEEGAN Keegan Meegan Press and Bindery was founded by Katy

questions and friendly consultation, so

Meegan and Keegan Wenkman, two amazing printmakers

that prints can be as distinctive as possible;

that have a real passion for antique presses! Besides tending to

especially in the case of weddings invita-

the lovely and impressive machinery gracing their workshop,

tions. Katy and Keegan have been printing

the two are raising funds to preserve a Historic 1950’s Chan-

as Keegan Meegan since 2007, and their

dler and Price press. What really sets Keegan Meegan apart

spacious print shop on the Southeast Wa-

from other print shops is their beautiful, hand-illustrated let-

terfront is full of magical presses, drawers

terpress and their incredibly personal approach towards new

of lead type, and a sweet-hearted Black Lab

projects. Each new endeavor comes with a set of thoughtful

named Roxy.


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