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elcome to the first issue of La Petite Magazine!

Thanks for joining us as we pioneer a new avenue of inspiration for you! We're bubbling with excitement to share Everything extraordinary for the little one in your life...including fashion, design, DIY projects, unforgettable stories, and other helpful ingredients to make your life even more rich! Like the strokes of a paintbrush, our desire at LA Petite is to inspire you to create on the canvas of motherhood. As we recall our childhoods, the most memorable of moments seem drenched in the smell of our grandmother's perfume, in the bright colors of our favorite sundress, or in the nursery rhyme that we can still remember word for word...accompanied by the silly motions that were choreographed by our silly fathers. Now, we get to wear the hat of the beloved mum & the constructor of memories. Our desire is that you put on this hat (dare I say it, probably a ultra chic fedora hat) with the creativity, imagination, and inspiration of a master painter. It's your life, make it beautiful! Cheers, Rachelle Rene’e + Jennifer Lee



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Image by Yan Photogra

Photo by Bonita, Amelie Alice, front cover er by by Bonit Bonita of Amelie Alice

By Bonita, Amelie Alice

Springtime is Here, Lets Drink a cup of Tea,

Spring Time is Here!



Photo’s by Bonita, Amelie Alice

Let's lie down and imagine it with me

Springtime is Here!



Photo’s by Bonita, Amelie Alice

Springtime is jumping time, Jumping time, jumping time,

No time for sitting down Springtime is here!



Photo’s by Bonita, Amelie Alice

Springtime is Here, Time to read our books outdoors,

Lets hurry up cause, Springtime is Here



Photo’s by Bonita, Amelie Alice

DESIGNER: NELLY CHEN Q:Where did you get your Name Nellystella? A: Nellystella is a collection with my inspiration, spirit and things that I love. Stella means stars in Italian and it has the feeling that it will always sparkle in the sense of always something special. The prints are all unique and special drawn by myself. The stylings are trendy and feminine. I get a lot of my inspirations from traveling and my everyday life. I collect little things that inspires me and put them together. Can you give us a little background on yourself and Nellystella? A: I grew up in Taiwan. I always knew I wanted to be a fashion designer, even since the age of nine. When I was 13, I asked my parents to send me to boarding school in Switzerland.

I always felt like I needed to go and see the world and I love experiencing different cultures. I studied at Parsons Paris & New York. I love designing and making things which gives me great satisfaction and it's not replaceable with anything else. I moved back to Asia in 2008 to spend more time with my parents and help out with the renovation of my parent's apartment. The timing felt right and that was how Nellystella was born. Slowly putting all of my favorite things together.

CAROL PLAYSUIT CANDY STRIPE 100% Cotton Playsuit in Candystripes

KIMMI DRESS 100% Cotton Flutter sleeve Dress in White, Green Glow & Ditzy Floral

Price: 68.00 USD


CAROL PLAYSUIT LARGE FLORAL 100% Cotton Playsuit in Large Florals

Price: 74.95 AUD 10

SNEAK PEEK AUTUM/WINTER COLLECTION Q: What was the inspiration behind your New Fall/Winter Collection? A: From my trip to South Africa. It is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been to. I will never forget the safari trips, the elephant ride, the beaches at Cape Town, the sundown view driving by the cliffs, the stellenbosch vinyards, Charlotte Rhyes products & millions of stars on the awless sky. When you look at the animals and think about our lives you realize all of the things that we care about don't really matter anymore. We need to step back and appreciate nature and our planet. I felt like I could just watch them the whole day and learn so much about their way of living and how they have everything ďŹ gured out.


Where to Buy Nelly Stella: Little Pinwheel, Estella, Bundle








Prudent Baby

Step 1

Pick a blank wall. In one corner attach your first thumbtack or nail (nails are easier on you, but thumbtacks are easier on the wall) Decide how big you want your sun. Tie the end of your yarn ball to the tack with a slip knot, and extend the yarn as big as you’d like your sun to be. Wrap the yarn around a pencil and pull it taught. Drag the pencil with the yarn taught to draw a 1/4 of a circle. Draw it lightly so it’s easier to erase later.



Step 2 ur yarn Keep the end of yo k. Attac tied to the corner ervals int at ks tach thumbtac e. lin n aw dr ur along yo

Step 4

Step 3

er tack rn from the corn Weave your ya line. le rc ci ck on the around each ta will at th , ht tig it too No need to pull pop ht s and they mig stress your tack ur yo ot finish, slip kn out. When you f. of and cut it yarn at the top

Step 5a At the bottom of your sun slip knot the yarn around the tack, then pull it up to the top nail along your circle and wrap it around the top nail.

Step 5b

Bring it back and (Step 5b) wrap around your starting tack, then move to the next tack and repeat. At the last tack, slip knot the yarn

Attach thumbtacks along the wall where you want your “rays” to go. Extend the yarn, not too tightly, and wrap it around a “ray” tack.

REAL ROOM HALLE’S BIG GIRL ROOM Halle's room is the perfect balance of cute and whimsy and it allows for the little one to imagine. A theme of hearts is not overwhelming but just enough to prove a point. Heart garland drapes the window like a custom window treatment. The shelves are full of memories of past, antiques, daily used items and photos. Favorite books are displayed throughout the room for aesthetic and use. The bedding is a simple white cover to allow for the homeowner to change pillows and blankets. A vintage Eames rocker is functional for mommy and daughter time. A rug is used to cozy up the space. What a lovely room! By Kirsten of




This is very functional

For aesthetic and use

To make your space pop

Things in Room heart garland- a merry mishap heart pillow- ikea bunny pillow- green thread shop (organics) books-belle and boo rocking chair-ikea





obin Schwartz s Amelia s

World captures a fantastic universe where young Amelia

plays the stand-in for our childhood fantasies of living as one amongst the animals. Narratives such as Tarzan, the Jungle Book, and Romulus and Remus.



Beautiful photography and Eva Revolver’s incredible illustrations, makes for a great photo story! Enjoy.



ITCH DESIGN Q: What was your inspiration for starting Itch Design? A: As a graphic designer when I had my first child I struggled to find modern or even graphic clothing. It was all too cutesy or just plain ugly LOL so I started designing graphics to transfer on to t-shirts for my daughter to wear. I was often stopped in the street and asked, "where did you get that t-shirt from?" And that got me thinking. I find that children are expressive and move with the times as quickly as we do so why keep them cornered in the land of bland primary colored snoredom. Style is just as important to them as it is to us. Q: If you had to choose your favorite item from all your designs, which one would it be? A: Hmmmmmm......that is very difficult but if I had to pick just one I guess it would be...... the rainbow zebra, it is the highest selling item in ITCH history.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself? A: I am a graphic designer/itch creator/mum/fixer of sore knees/ housewife/and any other label you can attach to me...I'm it :) I love music and street culture. I have 2 fabulous children who inspire me every day. I run the entire ITCH business on my own, from designing right through to taking out the trash. Not surprisingly I love colour and craziness, but I always wear black. I have approached the upcoming summer 2011 collection in an unexpected way which I hope will thrill ITCH customers.

"Children are made readers on the laps of their parents." — Emilie Buchwald




Price 13.57

Price 20.00

Price 16.00




Price 11.95

Price 19.99

Price 6.99

I Heart the Arctic is a mini book inspired by stories of the arctic, Inuit myths, arctic cultures, icy landscapes and the infinite possibilities of the Aurora Borealis. I created this illustrated mini book after completing a year long illustration series on Inuit myths and extensive readings about arctic cultures. I Heart the Arctic is a lighthearted illustrated book full of whimsical drawings and plays on the term “arctic circle�. About the Illustrator: I started looking into arctic cultures, a few years ago when I was researching my Swedish heritage in the form of folk stories and myths. In my search for Swedish stories, I came across stories from other cultures and was particularly drawn to the stories derived from Inuit myth. I am currently living and working as an illustrator in NYC.

The book is in its 2nd printing. The first edition was a small run of 50 books, the second edition is a run of 150. Each book is 20 pages, full color, on a variety of paper stocks including an icy grey cover, bright white inside pages and vellum insets. Each has a hand sewn spine and is numbered on the back. They measure 5.5"x8.5"

Bright white walls are the perfect backdrop when using lots of colors and tones. Toys are a great solution for art and decor. Display everyday used toys and special toys on shelves in groupings or randomly. A bright colored rug ties in with bright colored toys and doesn't compete when using white bedding or neutral bedding. Display your Toys

Images Courtesy of Fernanda from


ight co

r Use a b Rug



Spring Trend 1: Vintage Tea Party

Anne Claire Petit-Small Elephant

Gingham Blouse Price 76.00

Price 18.00

Apron Skirt

Dot Plaid Dress with Tie

Afternoon Tea Print

Price 72.00

Price 35.00

Price 25.00

Inita Blouse

Price 35.00

Gingham Bow Brooch

Farrah Bow Dress

Price 12.54

Price 68.00











Little Red Riding Hood & Wolf Boy Notebook by the Black Apple Price 14.00

Mobile Home Recycle by Kidsonroof

Raccoon Print 8x10 by Berkley Illustration


Price 18.00


My Dear 8x8 photograph

Bearsuit Boy Kilsook Print

Price 25.00

Price 20.00

Cute Girl by Shinzi Katoh

Forest Barrel Shade

Price 1.70

Price 300.00

Daddy & Child Mushrooms Price 125.00

Into the Woods with...

Arctic Animal Finger Puppets WWW.APPLE.COM/IWORK

By Baby Animals on Etsy 37

Candy Sandie Plush


Price: 25.00

Price See Link for Pricing

Ring Notebook

Friends To wall Decal by Tado

Fashion Victims

Price 14.95

Price See Link for Pricing

Price 20


Panda Wing Tee Red by Mini Rodini

Penguin Boys Tee

Price 29.95

Price 35.00

Price: $18.95




ishtar olivera





Bang Bang Copenhagen

At BOBO CHOSES each season brings a new set of stories and new garments, manufactured with comfortable natural fabrics and a simple elegant cut. Each collection is based in a world of prints and colors that are reflected in a tale published in our website.

The name “BOBO CHOSES” is a synonym of “Bobo Things”. We like this word because it has a double sense. On the one hand, is an abbreviation of the French expression “Boheme-Bourgeois”. On the other WWW.APPLE.COM/IWORK hand, in Spanish “Bobo” is a synonym of naivety that is another characteristic that can be attributed to our philosophy.

BOBO CHOSES was born two years ago in a design and communication studio in Barcelona. The two partners wanted to create an alternative brand for children. It means they wanted to create a style in order to find the type of clothes they couldn’t find in the market for their kids. 42

Q:What inspires your designs? A: I am really inspired by color, I love the look & feel of antique fabrics, I really love vintage lingerie, for it's detail and softness in color. My favorite designers are, Lanvin, Philip Lim and Marni.A major part of my inspiration are my children, who all have a very strong sense of style! Q:What would you consider your style to be? A: I love to have fun with fashion! I like wearing things that give me a little spring in my step! I love nice clothes but I'm not a slave to labels. If something looks nice & fits well, then i'll buy it. Q:Tell us a little bit about yourself. A: I've always known that I'd end up working in fashion. I started reading Vogue at 6 & starting dreaming up business plans at the same age! I am from a family of very English eccentrics (my parents are artists) so I focused everything on art at school. Being creative is something that keeps me sane! I'm a bit of a dreamer so I need to have this little creative world to escape into! I have spent my 20's being a mummy (I had my son at age 20) and I have 3 beautiful children. I've always been fiercely ambitious but motherhood has taught me to love & hold onto your family, as they are the most important thing. I am working in my dream career, as creating clothes for little people is much more exciting to me than adults! I love to see my designs in miniature!



Jennifer Ward, Minor Details

La Petite was excited to pick the left

AND right brain of multi-talented Jennifer Ward of Minor Details. Jennifer's strategic and structured solutions to creating a unique aesthetic that is both functional and inspirational makes for perfectly designed spaces to make kids and parents happy. She's truly inspiring to us, see what inspires Jennifer here: Q: Could you share with us a little bit about Minor Details? A: Minor Details serves as an imagination agent for both parent and child when it comes to space. I work with parents to find solutions and strategies for co-habitating with children while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic, thriving environment and functional targets. I love what I do. Honestly, I could not think of a better situation with regards to a career path. Just knowing that I have helped parents and children obtain an environment that they adore and thrive in, makes my heart smile! I also seek my own daughter's opinion on pretty much every drawing and inspiration board I make, so I feel pretty lucky to be able to include that into my process!

Jennifer’s 3 Top Picks

Q. How many kids do you have? A: I have one daughter, her name is Parker and she will be six in June. Q: Where do you find inspiration for Minor Details? A: I find inspiration everywhere! From the bricks of a brownstone to the landscape of a playground to the color or font used on a menu. My inspiration switch is on go mode all the time. I would say that currently, most of my inspiration comes from the internet. I have a pocket full of go-to blogs and shops for inspirations everyday and a few international magazine subscriptions that tickle my fancy. I also like to peek into the homes in my neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY. So much style, interesting design choices and take on dealing with space. When I started my blog, it was actually to serve as my own personal reference guide for all the research that I was doing for clients. It then turned into something greater and hopefully serves as a reference guide for a lot of other people...or at least a few more people then me :) Q: Could you share with us your Top 3 Design pieces for the Nursery or Playroom? A: Well, if I were to design my own nursery at the moment, I would go for the Sebra Kili Baby crib in white from Denmark, The Wall- Mounted Changing Table from BO designs from Sweden. (but I would paint it to color match my wall color) and the Dancing Chair rocker from Contance Guiesst. If I were to design a playspace in my own home, I'd start with an approach much like Johan Orbeck Aase for Designers go Playground. Custom build-ins are my thing. It's hard to name certain products for this one. I'm currently in the process of designing a line of playspace products stay tuned! WWW.APPLE.COM/IWORK


This basic (and cheap!) IKEA table and chair set is the perfect blank canvas for a little color and simple hack to keep them busy for ages. Alone it’s a regular table, but insert this activity top and you’ll have a chalkboard on one side. Flip it over and you’ve got a built-in Duplo base ready for all sorts of colorful creations…

You’ll need:

IKEA Latt table and chair set A piece of plywood cut a fraction smaller than the indented tabletop’s dimensions (measure from the corners that jut out, not the actual sides) 2 Duplo (or Lego) bases Chalkboard paint A strong bonding glue like Superglue or Liquid Nails A piece of canvas ribbon A scalpel, ruler and cutting mat Coloured glossy enamel paint



How To

plywood will fit into)

Bonus DIY: This table and chair set was brightened up with some glossy black paint on the frames and stripes made from Japanese masking tape. To protect the tape and to ensure easy cleanability, the seats and tabletop were covered in clear contact adhesive. You can find full instructions at WWW.APPLE.COM/IWORK


NANCY OF WOLF & WILLOW We then had the chance to catch up with the self-professed treasure-hunter and timetraveler, Nancy from Wolf & Willow. Here's a tiny glimpse into her vintage-inspired world: Q: What was your inspiration for starting your shop? A:Well I think I'm still a child at heart... I've been designing for children ever since I was one myself, always making little toys and illustrated books and writing fairytale stories. When I started making dresses for my two-year old neice, Eden, and saw her giggling and dancing around, I knew I had found something special. The best part is searching through flea-markets and op-shops looking for vintage patterns to re-create. It's like treasure hunting and time-travelling at the same time - magic!! Q: How would you describe your style? A: My style is a little bit vintage. I look to the fashion icons of the fifties, sixites and seventies, like Audrey Hepburn in her highwaisted capri pants and Twiggy with her cute A-Line mod dresses. Although I use modern designer fabrics, my colour palette and choice of prints takes inspiration from these fashion eras too, with lots of big florals and bold geometrics in olive green, chartreuse yellow and tangerine red. I hope mums will see something different in Wolf and Willow; that maybe it evokes the fun and innocence of these bygone eras. And for the little ones, it's kind of like playing dressups!

Hello Yellow Audrey Gingham 50’s Capri Pants Just like Audrey Hepburn used to wear! Take your little girl back to the fabulous fifties with these gorgeous capri pants in pale straw yellow gingham. The "Hello Audrey" yellow capris are based on a genuine vintage 50s sewing pattern! Price 39.00 USD

Violet Pony 50’s Soft toy pony I am handmade from 100% cotton, 1930s reproduction fabric, in lavender and tangerine with a pretty daisy and bow print. My mane and tail are 100% wool and I have big safety eyes with soft cloud grey felt. I am stuffed firmly with polyfil. Price 49.00 USD


Prancing Pony 50’s pinafore or swing skirt This adorable convertible pinafore features designer 1930s reproduction fabric with tiny little bumblebees and pin dots. In gorgeous shades of red tangerine,

the pinafore features a beautiful prancing pony applique with finely embroidered details. Price 75.00 USD 49

Ola & Olek



Left To Right: 1. Knitted Necklace with 2 Bows 2.Rock Your Baby Polka Dot Hair Bow 3.Rock Your Baby Pink Rose Hair Bow 4.Knitted Necklace with 3 bows 5.Royal Flower Head Gold 6.Luella Wool and cashmere jacket with big bow7.Bobo Chooses Pomme Scarf 8.Rock Your Baby Red Floral 9.Fantasy Three color silk bow headpiece 10.Rock Your Baby Navy Floral



We also had the priviege to hear from Wiebke from the adorable Line+Liv

(blog). Wiebke loves showcasing small brands from around the world, including her own little lable, Line+Liv (shop). Here are few other fun facts about Wiebke: Q: Can you share with us a little background about yourself? A: I have 3 Girls (Pauline, Liv and Molly) and my husband Peter, which I love so much. They are always so encouraging of my dreams. I also love my Converse, Prosecco and Paris in the Spring. I need coffee and the sea, and I am lucky that I live right by the water.. the air, the waves, the silence ... As a child I dreamed of becoming a mermaid when I grew up. It obviously didn’t work. I love art, all kinds of art, art is a big part of my daily living. Since my youth I have been knitting and sewing for myself and for friends. This year I will be 40 and I really look forward to it! Q: What are your favorite things in your daughter Molly’s room? A: I love her Nulle doll by Lucky Boy Sunday and the lovely raindrops from Ada Ada - a wonderful label from Israel I tend to not like pink very much, but I love gray. I like it clean and simple. Q: How did you start your shop Line+Liv? A: I started Line+Liv 6 years before my beautiful daughter was born, but with the birth of Molly I wanted to take a break. Then one year later I went back to the shop (sounds like a rockstar) I was in brand new rooms, with fresh new style and items in the shop. I showcase my own little label Line+Liv and wonderful items from around the world, my joy is to discover small brands and to show them. The store Line+Liv is part of our Kruse Hof - which belongs to my husband's Gallery

irene of Bloesem Kids Q: What is your inspiration for your blog? A: The sun and bright skies in Kuala Lumpur always bring me in the right mood to look for art and crafts... I enjoy reading magazines, browsing the Internet of course (I am also a modest tweeter and face book addict…), and pop-up initiatives like pop-up restaurant and shops… I am also inspired by the many designers that send their submissions to Bloesem and B:Kids …looking at their work and understanding their passions is something that is at the heart of my two blogs… personally I am inspired my new home Malaysia… such a beautiful country full of contrasts, traditions and paradise-like weekend escapes just around the corner…my biggest inspiration is my family… I am very much in love with my three men… Q: What is your favorite thing you like to do with your kids? A: Just play with them, games, pretend play, hide and seek, swimming, just to be with them and see them so active and full of energy. I think if I had girls I probably would do a lot of crafting and DIY projects, but my boys just aren’t patient enough, they like to run around, play with water guns and pretend they are transformer robots… Q: Favorite Quote? A: “Go confidently in the directions of your dreams! Live the life you imagined”, I forget which philosopher said this but I remind myself every day to pursue my dreams… raising my family and write on my two blogs…


Q: What are your top kids products or sites right now? A: Perhaps a bit nostalgic …but Playmobile was my favorite toy when I was a child and I just love seeing my eldest son playing with it too, when he plays with his mini-pirates he actually becomes one of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’... Also, if you visit my blog friends page you will find a selection of blogs, online magazine and websites that I very regular visit.


Turn This Room into an Outfit

From Left To Right:1.Diagonal Stripes Dress 2.Top Hat Vest 3.Ziggy White Jeans 4.Royal Flower Headband 5.Mini Rodini Rubber Boots

Springtime is here, let’s go outside and play







From Left to Right: 1.Chloe Assa Linen Trench Coat w/Hood 2.Caramel Baby & Child Trench Coat 3.Chloe Ava Cotton Trench Coat 4.Kids Case Rain/Trench Coat



Featured Let’s Read Little Red Riding Hood

Grandmother lived in the wood and just as Little Red Riding Hood entered the trees, a wolf met her.



Meet Nina



A big Thanks to all who contributed to the magazine! The next issue will come out Fall/Winter 2010.



La Petite  

A magazine full of creativity, imagination, and inspiration for the little ones.

La Petite  

A magazine full of creativity, imagination, and inspiration for the little ones.