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Erbil News: A Move towards Positivity

Erbil, an ancient historic city located in the Kurdistan region in Iraq, is emerging as one the prime commercial hubs in the Middle East region. While the rest of the world was experiencing the global recession, Erbil underwent an amazing growth of eight percent over the last couple years. Financial institutional gurus around the globe have given the city positive reviews and have highlighted the fact that the city is experiencing growth rates as fast as that of early Dubai and is likely to surpass those. Therefore, if you are looking for investing your money in a rewarding project, you might want to consider Erbil. For further Erbil news and updates, browse through, the online magazine that is a complete guide to all your investment decisions in this newly progressing city.

The growth in the Erbil region is not restricted to any one specific area. It has seen a boom in almost all of its functional industries ranging from energy, power and oil sector to construction and housing industry. Moreover, over the last few years there has been an influx of world famous designer brands and retail stores in the city. With such positive options opening up, the city is not only undergoing an economic growth surge but is also acquiring a better peaceful and stable environment. The Erbil news regarding its stability is one of the major reasons of why international investors have shown so much interest in its projects.

On the more international scene, the International Erbil Airport has been voted as the best emerging market airports with less than five million passengers. The successful completion of this giant venture along with the acceptance of international recognition and praise is one step forward for the local Erbil economy. It indicates the safety, security and efficiency of the city as a

region to invest more in. Moreover, this success stories will open many ways for other such networks to open up and operate in the city which will further insure better and more job opportunities for the citizens in the future. Considering the timescale in which this airport was built, operating 21 airlines through its terminal is a major milestone achieved by the authorities.

Along with an optimistic feedback in industry sector, the general living conditions and city life in Erbil has also witnessed a sharp improvement. With many restaurants opening up, recreational settings being built and entertainment areas being created, the living standards of an average Iraqi is this area has seen a significant change. Moreover, the city has also become more to open to sport activities, night-life activities and other such events. Recently, The Erbil International Marathon was organized to welcome hundreds of runners and to promote a positive energy and optimism among the citizens.

If you are further interested in knowing about the multiple events happening in Erbil or you want to get an idea about the daily life of an average Iraqi, sign into online magazine for other Erbil news.

Erbil news  

Erbil News: A Move towards Positivity

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