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==== ==== Do you want supple, smooth and youthful skin? Learn to prepare simple, homemade skin care recipes using only nautral ingredients. ==== ====

Why should anyone spend money on organic skin care? That is a question we all must ask when we look at the prices of these products. Yes, organic skin care is more expensive. Now you are asking why? The answer lies in how organic skin care products are created. The plants that are used in the creation of organic skin care products must never have had any chemical fertilizer. The land that the plants are planted in can not have had any chemical additives for a 3 year period prior to planting. Of course the plants can not be sprayed with chemicals to get rid of bugs, diseases or animals that eat the plants. So you can see that right away, you aren't going to have the full big crop that you would if you were adding chemicals as fertilizers and preventing insects, varmints and disease. So, ok, we have spent more on the crops that are used for organic skin care products. You might still want to ask, well if these products cost more, why should I buy them, why not just let the wealthy purchase these products, after all, my family is just getting by financially. And the answer might surprise you. Would you believe it if I told you that you are paying more for regular off the shelf brands of organic skin care over organic? Yes, the prices of organic skin care products are more, so how is it possible that you are spending less by purchasing organic skin care products. The answer is that with regular off the shelf products, you are exposing yourself and your family to a multitude of chemicals. There are some products that contain more than 100 chemicals in just the one product. Women are using products daily that account for more than 200 chemicals on their face everyday and many times more than once a day. This is due to the use of makeup. You might ask yourself, well if the Big Brand Companies are selling us these products and they have chemicals in them, then it must be alright and not harmful. I want you to think about that. Have you ever heard that phrase that "money is the route of all evil"? There are so many billions of dollars spent on skin care products every year. This is big money. Do you think that these companies are going to advertise that they are using chemicals that might be harmful to you? Would you build a house next to a chemical company? That is where I come to organic skin care products, such as organic makeup, organic shampoo, organic soap, organic deodorant and many other products. They are cheaper. How might you ask? Because long term exposure to chemical products can cause serious illness. We all know this. What we don't realize is that we are exposing ourselves in small doses each and every day to chemicals. What does that mean? Medical bills. We all know and are scared of getting sick because we know the cost of medical care. So long term exposure to chemicals, even though in small doses can make your and your family sick. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but what about in 10 years from now. Then it might be too late. Take care of yourself and your family. Please take the time to check out organic skin care

products. Products that are better for you than those non organic products. The organic skin care products have been proven to be better for your skin and your health. And remember, organic skin care products are cheaper in the long run and will make you look better, feel better and the piece of mind will make you more relaxed. What do you have to loose?

You can find truly Certified Natural Organic Skin Care Products by going to: Click Here For Organic Skin Care Products. These products have been certified by the USDA as being natural organic skin care products. Article was written by Mike Stronghill

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==== ==== Do you want supple, smooth and youthful skin? Learn to prepare simple, homemade skin care recipes using only nautral ingredients. ==== ====

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Get vibrant, glowing skin with simple and natural homemade skin care recipes.

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