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There are different ways to promote your business on Facebook but the two quickest and simplest ways are to create a fan page and create a Facebook ad. Each offer good opportunities to market to your prospects or your current customers. If you already have a Facebook personal profile it is very easy to set up a business or fan page and it is free of charge. If not then you will need to set up a personal profile firstly. Once you have a profile, on the left navigation bar you click on the Ads option and you will come to the business page. You then follow the steps to completing your business page. The layout is very similar to your personal page with a wall and information there to promote your business. With a business page you have the advantage of adding HTML to make your page look like a website. If you are not au fait with HTML you can outsource this work for you. Take a look at business pages and have a think about how to brand yours. There is a 'like' button on your page which viewers can click on to automatically be subscribed to your page. The objective for the business owner is to increase the number of subscribers so you have build a list to market to. You can also have the 'like' button placed on your blog or website so viewers can subscribe from outside of Facebook. There are many more ways to promote your fan page such as suggesting to your friends to like it, you can tweet about it and when you post to your wall friends of friends may like it too. The second option is advertising your business on Facebook and this option has a cost involved. Setting up an advertising account on Facebook is easy. You can choose which campaign you would like promote on a cost per click (CPC) basis or cost per thousand impressions (CPM). The first relates to how many people click on your ad and the second relates to how many people are served the ad. Bear in mind that this does not necessarily mean that they see the ad. You would generally be promoting either your business page or your website and link an offer to get peoples attention. The great benefit of this advertising is that it is quite targeted as you can set who you want to be served the ad. For example you can specify by geography, age and gender and many more variable. Their online ad tool can be found at These are two ways to promote your business to start off with but remember that you should also be promoting yourself on Facebook and developing your own personal brand. Everyone has their own story which is unique to them and you would be surprised how many people will want to hear it.

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==== ==== Create instant traffic, leads and profit using simple strategies. ==== ====

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