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SORORITY & FRATERNITY RUSH GO GRΣΣK A Kenyon tradition since 1852



GREEK LIFE AT KENYON Since 1852, Greek life at Kenyon has provided students an experience unlike any other. Students have had the opportunity to develop friendships across campus, to build a support and resource network during and beyond their college experience, and to make a significant impact on the local and global community. Members of Greek-letter organizations are involved as student leaders throughout the curricular and co-curricular experience and represent the values on which their organizations were founded. Participation in Greek life enhances the undergraduate experience socially, academically, and developmentally.

THE FIVE PILLARS OF GREEK LIFE LEADERSHIP Greek-letter organizations provide a wealth of opportunities for students to develop and enhance their leadership skills. Fraternities, sororities, and societies are self-governed communities where members take an active role in leading the organization through executive and non-executive positions and committee involvement. The Greek Council provides an additional opportunity for Greek members to govern the Greek community, as a whole, through policy making, programming, and the conduct review process. Overall, Greeks are represented in every part of college life as student leaders in athletics, campus government, and many of the over 100 student organizations on campus.

RITUAL Each Greek-letter organization has values, ideals, and traditions upon which it was founded. As values-based organizations, fraternities, sororities, and societies are guided by their principles and seek character development. Through new member education, programming, leadership, and membership standards, members are able to further develop their values and character. 2

The Archon Society The Archon Society is a co-educational, inclusive service and social fraternity. Our mission is to unite Kenyon College students with the residents of Knox County through excellence in service and community outreach programs. The members of the Archon Society strive to organize a variety of service and events while creating a sense of community within the organization, Kenyon College, and Knox County. Nickname: Archons Established at Kenyon: 1947 Colors: maroon & gold Symbol: Shining Star of Truth Member Dues: $40/ semester Philanthropy: Members are expected to complete 18 hours of community service per semester, and do so by participating in numerous events throughout the semester Traditional Events: Fall and Spring Formal

RUSH SCHEDULE OF EVENTS TUESDAY, JANUARY 22, 7-9:30PM, ARCHON LOUNGE (4TH FLOOR HANNA) Archon Meet & Greet - Snacks and drinks provided THURSDAY, JANUARY 24, 10-11PM, ARCHON LOUNGE Archon Speed Dating - A great way to meet and chat with current members SUNDAY, JANUARY 27, 7-9PM, ARCHON LOUNGE Pizza Party with pledges and current members




Phi Kappa Tau Phi Kappa Tau is Kenyon’s newest fraternity. We strive to live lives of excellence and service with an emphasis on brotherhood and mutual respect. We seek to live the Phi Tau motto: “To champion a lifelong commitment to brotherhood, learning, ethical leadership, and exemplary character.” Nickname: Phi Tau Founded: 1906 at Miami University Established at Kenyon: 2012 Colors: Harvard red & old gold Symbol: red carnation Member Dues: $150/semester Philanthropy: Serious Fun Children’s Network - Flying Horse Farms

RUSH SCHEDULE OF EVENTS TUESDAY, JANUARY 22, 5-7PM, OLD KENYON INDEPENDENT LOUNGE Pizza with the Phi Taus - Come meet the Brothers of Kenyon’s newest fraternity and enjoy some pizza WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23, 7-9PM, HIGLEY AUDITORIUM Super Smash Brothers Tournament - Show off your gaming skills in a Smash Bros tournament with the Brothers FRIDAY, JANUARY 25, 5-7PM, OLD KENYON INDEPENDENT LOUNGE Chinese Takeout Night - Join the Brothers for delicious takeout and to play a few hands of poker SATURDAY, JANUARY 26, 12-5PM Work Day at Flying Horse Farms - Flying Horse Farms is Phi Tau’s philanthropic organization. Come out, volunteer, and have dinner provided by the wonderful chefs at the camp (Meet by the Post Office, transportation provided) SUNDAY, JANUARY 27, 7-9PM, OLD KENYON INDEPENDENT LOUNGE BBQ Dinner - Dinner will be catered by Jeph’s BBQ, semi-formal attire (INVITATION ONLY)


Community service is a founding principle for Greek organizations. Kenyon Greeks have a tradition of serving the Knox County community and national projects and philanthropies. Each organization sponsors annual chapter service and philanthropic projects. In addition, the Greek community participates in the campus-wide Day of Service and coordinates the Fall Festival for local elementary school children. As a result of involvement in these programs, members learn the value in serving others and make a significant positive impact on the community.

SCHOLARSHIP Scholastic achievement and the enhancement of the academic experience are priorities for Greek organizations. High academic standards are set for members of Greek organizations and the community strives to create an environment where members can flourish in their academic pursuits. Members live and work with experienced upperclassmen who know what it takes to succeed in college and will help their brothers and/or sisters set academic and career goals. Greek organizations and members that excel academically are recognized within their chapter and the campus community.

FRIENDSHIP As a member of a fraternity, sorority, or society, a bond of friendship is created that is difficult to duplicate. Being a member of a Greek-letter organization allows you to share experiences and develop close, lifelong friendships with a large group of friends who share common interests. The diversity of students involved in Greek-letter organizations provides the opportunity to meet people outside of your major, residence hall, etc. - people you may have never met if not for your involvement! Friendships developed through involvement in a Greek-letter organization provide the support and motivation necessary to succeed in college and beyond. 3


Why Go Greek? Don’t believe the negative ALL BUT 8 U.S. stereotypes. Being Greek introduces PRESIDENTS SINCE 1825 you to many positive opportunities WERE GREEK you would not have been introduced to otherwise. Membership in a fraternity, sorority, or society GREEKS RAISE provides friendship, academic $7 MILLION PER YEAR support, service and social activities, FOR PHILANTHROPIC leadership development, and EVENTS networking. While you can find these opportunities through involvement in GREEKS HAVE THE student organizations, it is LARGEST VOLUNTEER challenging to find all of these in a BASE IN THE U.S., single organization. When you join a DONATING Greek organization, it is a lifelong 10 MILLION HOURS membership with benefits beyond OF VOLUNTEER SERVICE your undergraduate experience. PER YEAR Alumni networks and opportunities In joining the Greek community you are building allow you to lifelong connections not only with active members, receive but with alumni as well. Active relations are continued maintained both in respective organizations and in support through a collective effort with the career development your career and office (CDO). Many alumni hold strong feelings development. about their Greek organizations and the Greek community, and seek ways to help active members. This help can come in the form of intern/ externships, jobs, or even just advice on classes to take. Regardless of the way it happens, Greek alumni remain active in the lives of members on campus. - Tyler Sterling, Greek Council Alumni Coordinator 4

Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Sigma, founded in 1850 at the University of Pennsylvania, has long been an innovative presence in the fraternity world. Phi Kappa Sigma is more than an organization to be a part of during college; it is a valuable learning experience, a life-long commitment, and philosophy of life. All members take an oath to uphold the Objects of the Fraternity: the promotion of good fellowship and the cultivation of the social virtues among our members; the protection of just rights and the advancement of the best interests, present and future, individual and collective, of all those who shall be associated together as members of this Fraternity; the encouragement of good scholarship and the breadth of training for our members; and cooperation n the educational and cultural programs of institutions of higher education in which our Chapters are located. The Theta Chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma was founded in Gambier in 1937. Nickname: Phi Kaps, Skulls Founded: 1850 at the University of Pennsylvania Established at Kenyon: 1937 Colors: black & old gold Symbol: skull and cross-bones Motto: Stellis Aequus Durando (“Equal to the Stars in Endurance”) Member Dues: $350/semester Philanthropy: Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Habitat for Humanity RUSH SCHEDULE OF EVENTS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23, 9-11PM, PINK HOUSE (308 E. WIGGIN STREET) Brother Meet at the Pink House FRIDAY, JANUARY 25, 6-11PM OSU Hockey Game vs. Lake Superior State - Meet in the Phi Kap Lounge (4th floor Hanna) (transportation provided) SATURDAY, JANUARY 26, 2-6PM Black Wing Shooting Center & Dinner at Route 62 BBQ - Meet in the Phi Kap Lounge (4th floor Hanna) (transportation provided) (INVITATION ONLY)




Delta Phi Delta Phi seeks to establish and promote strong and successful chapters built upon our core principles of Brotherhood, Literature, Morality, and Character. Our goal is to create an organization built upon a standard of excellence for brotherhood. We recognize the value of a diverse membership, the importance of mutual respect, and the virtue of life-long bonds of brotherhood. We believe very strongly in accepting only those men who seek to build lasting friendships based in principle, maintained with integrity, and celebrated over generations. As a brotherhood, our intent is to strengthen, support, and celebrate the members of Delta Phi. In keeping with a 180 year tradition, our philosophy, and our no-hazing policy, we strive to maintain a positive environment for all our members. For almost two centuries, the members of Delta Phi included leaders of exceptional character and achievement. We consider it a privilege to share in our brotherhood and are proud to be “Semper Ubique.” Nickname: D Phi Founded: 1827 at Union College Established at Kenyon: 1940 Colors: blue & white Symbol: Maltese Cross Member Dues: $350/semester Philanthropy: Fall Festival, Greek Day of Service Traditional Events: Decadance, Catalina Wine Mixer RUSH SCHEDULE OF EVENTS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23, 7-9PM, D PHI LOUNGE (HANNA BASEMENT) Meet the Brothers and Pizza FRIDAY, JANUARY 25, 7-10PM Ohio State vs. Lake Superior State Hockey Game at Ohio State University Rushees will be picked up from their dormitories at 6pm (transportation provided) (INVITATION ONLY) SUNDAY, JANUARY 27, 10PM-12AM Breakfast at Southside Diner - Rushees will be picked up from their dormitories at 10am (INVITATION ONLY)


Accept a Bid - A binding decision to join the respective Greek organization. A rushee accepts a bid by completing a Pledge Form. A rushee may only accept one bid, and therefore, should be sure of his/her decision before accepting Bid - A formal invitation from a chapter to a rushee to become a pledge member of the organization Brother/Sister - A term used by active members in a chapter when referring to each other Initiated/Active Member - Any member who has completed the pledge process, gone through the initiation ceremony, and is currently enrolled in the college Initiation - A formal ceremony that brings about the transition from pledge to initiated member Interest Form - A form completed by rushees at the conclusion of rush week to express interest in Greek organizations he/she would consider pledging Legacy - A person whose parent, sibling, or grandparent is an alumnus/a or active member of a sorority or fraternity Pledge/New Member - A person who has accepted an invitation to join a chapter and has yet to be initiated Pledging/New Member Education - A period of adjustment to Greek life where pledges are educated on the chapter and its members Rushee/Potential New Member - An undergraduate student participating in rush week

GREEK ALPHABET Α Alpha (al-fah)

Ι Iota (eye-o-tah)

Ρ Rho (row)

Β Beta (bay-tah)

Κ Kappa (kap-pah)

Σ Sigma (sig-mah)

Γ Gamma (gam-ah) Λ Lambda (lam-dah)

Τ Tau (taw)

Δ Delta (del-tah)

Υ Upsilon (opp-si-lon)

Μ Mu (mew)

Ε Epsilon (ep-si-lon) Ν Nu (new)

Φ Phi (fie or fi)

Ζ Zeta (zay-tah)

Ξ Xi (zie)

Χ Chi (kie)

Η Eta (ay-tah)

Ο Omicron (om-i-cron) Ψ Psi (sie) Π Pi (pie) Ω Omega (o-may-gah) 5

Θ Theta (thay-tah)


GREEK COUNCIL The Greek Council is the official representative body for the social fraternities, sororities, and societies recognized at Kenyon. The Council is composed of the delegates from the seven fraternities, four sororities, and two societies. The functions of the Greek Council include: -To act as the legislative body in matters pertaining to Greek life -To represent the opinions of the fraternities, sororities, and societies in any matter affecting their common interests -To promote within the fraternities, sororities, and societies a sense of purpose consistent with the educational aims of Kenyon College -To coordinate and organize social, educational, and other activities that involve or affect chapter members and pledges as distinct from the student body as a whole -To further the interests and goals of the Greek community and of Greek life at Kenyon by holding member chapters accountable for their actions and holding them to the highest interpretation of the ideals on which their organizations were founded

GREEK COUNCIL EXECUTIVE BOARD President: Andrew Tint Vice President for Internal Affairs: Billy Braff Vice President for External Affairs: Virginia Falzon Secretary-Treasurer: Alex Ramani Risk Management Coordinator: Myles Alderman Social Coordinator: Elizabeth McCumber Service Coordinator: Nolan Reisen Academic Coordinator: Asha McAllister Alumni Coordinator: Tyler Sterling Publicity Coordinator: Chelsea Katzeman Advisor: Christina Mastrangelo, Director of Student Activities & Greek Life


Delta Tau Delta Each brother of Delta Tau Delta not only strives to bring out the best in his character, but also excels academically and socially. We achieve this ideal by basing our actions on our founder’s four fundamentals: Truth, Courage, Faith, and Power. Distinguished Kenyon alumni include Former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury John Snow and T. Rowe Price Global Investments CEO Todd Ruppert. The organization remains committed to lives of excellence, and is involved in numerous areas of campus life including varsity athletics, musical groups, and student government. For more information visit: Nickname: Delt Founded: 1858 at Bethany College Established at Kenyon: 1881 Colors: purple, white, & gold Member Dues: $375/ semester Philanthropy: American Red Cross campus blood drives, Relay For Life, annual JDRF lock in to end Diabetes Traditional Events: Fine Gentlemen and Upstanding Ladies Party, Fun House, Safari Party RUSH SCHEDULE OF EVENTS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23, 5-7PM, DELT LODGE (103 KOKOSING DRIVE) Cookout at the Lodge - Enjoy a cookout dinner and meet the brothers of Delta Tau Delta FRIDAY, JANUARY 25, 5:30-11PM OSU Hockey Game - Meet behind Leonard at 5:25pm (transportation provided) (INVITATION ONLY) SATURDAY, JANUARY 26, 1-7PM Paintballing - Meet behind Leonard at 12:50pm (transportation provided) (INVITATION ONLY) SUNDAY, JANUARY 27, 6-8PM, DELT LODGE Steak Dinner - Delt Steak Dinner beings promptly at 6pm, semi-formal attire (INVITATION ONLY)




Delta Kappa Epsilon As Kenyon’s oldest fraternity, our goal is the cultivation of general literature and social culture, advancement and encouragement of intellectual excellence, the promotion of honorable friendship and useful citizenship, a spirit of tolerance and respect for the rights and views of others, the maintenance of dignity, self respect, and morality in all circumstances, and the union of stout hearts and kindred interest to secure to merit its due reward. The Lambda chapter stays involved in the Kenyon community by organizing a series of charitable events, hosting social functions, and serving in leadership roles across campus life. We can be found across campus participating in varsity and club athletics, members of student government, and a variety of other student organizations. We take great pride in our presence across campus life and support our brothers in all of their campus-wide efforts. Nickname: Deke Founded: 1844 at Yale University Established at Kenyon: 1852 Colors: crimson, azure, & gold Symbol: rampant lion Member Dues: $350/semester Philanthropy: Shawn Kelly Holiday Party for Knox County Headstart, ALS Benefit Traditional Events: Alumni Reunion Weekend, Dad’s Weekend, Beach Party, Winter Formal RUSH SCHEDULE OF EVENTS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23, 5PM, KAC Football & Pizza - Meet at the KAC for pick-up games and pizza with Brothers THURSDAY, JANUARY 24, 5PM Trip to Buffalo Wild Wings - Meet outside DKE Division (West Wing of Old Kenyon) for a trip into Mt. Vernon (transportation provided) SATURDAY, JANUARY 26, 11:30AM Paintball - Meet outside DKE Division (West Wing of Old Kenyon) (transportation provided) (INVITATION ONLY) SUNDAY, JANUARY 27, 8PM Steak Dinner - Join the Brothers for a semi-formal dinner in the DKE Lounge (basement of West Wing) (INVITATION ONLY)



Spring 2012 Average

Fall 2012 Average

Alpha Delta Phi



Beta Theta Pi



Delta Kappa Epsilon



Delta Phi



Delta Tau Delta



Phi Kappa Sigma



Phi Kappa Tau


Epsilon Delta Mu



Zeta Alpha Pi



Theta Delta Phi



Kappa Sigma Alpha


Archon Society



Peeps O’Kenyon



Greeks excel at nothing if not balance - between commitment to their organization, their service work, their social activities, and their studies. Academics are important to the Greeks at Kenyon. Greek Council encourages the Greek community to have a GPA equal to or above the independent student average. But it's not all work and no play. Greek Council sponsors Fun Zones with games and snacks as a study break during finals week for Greeks only. We also sponsor a MakeYour-Own-Trail-Mix station at Late Night Breakfast to give the entire community brain food and encouragement. We are planning new programs all the time to improve Academics within Greek Life. -Asha McAllister, Greek Council Academics Coordinator



WHAT IS RUSH? Rush is a mutual selection process where men and women have an opportunity to visit as many fraternity, sorority, and/or society events as they desire to compare each organization in an effort to find the best fit. Rush is an exciting time for Kenyon students. For one week the brothers and sisters of Kenyon’s fraternities, sororities, and societies will be looking to meet as many interested students as possible in an effort to bring new members into their organizations. New members are vital to the strength of an organization and Greek members are excited to meet potential members and future leaders of their organization. Year round, chapters work to meet and become friends with non-affiliated students in hopes of inviting them to join their chapter. Though you may have already met many people in Greek organizations and think you know which group is “for you,” it is very important to give every chapter equal consideration. Attend as many events as possible, meet members of every chapter, and keep in mind that there may be several groups in which you could have a great Greek experience.

AM I ELIGIBLE TO PARTICIPATE IN RUSH? Kenyon students are subject to the following terms of eligibility to participate in Greek Rush and pledge a Greek organization: -First-year students are subject to deferred Rush and, therefore, may Rush in the spring semester of their first-year -Students who are currently under Conditional Enrollment or have been advised to withdraw from the college may not participate in Rush events or pledge a Greek organization -Interested students must have a minimum G.P.A. of 2.0 -Interested students must attend the spring Rush Orientation & Registration meeting on January 21, 2013 at 6pm in the Great Hall in Peirce.


Beta Theta Pi The brothers of Beta Theta Pi are committed to a high standard of excellence in all aspects of life, including academics, community service, and friendship. Friendship is the basis of the Beta philosophy, and with our strong friendships, we are able to better ourselves and those around us. We also maintain a strong connection with our alumni in efforts to keep the bonds created by the Beta Alpha chapter intact. In short, once a Beta, always a Beta. Nickname: Beta Founded: 1839 at Miami University (OH) Established at Kenyon: 1879 Colors: blue & pink Symbol: red dragon Member Dues: $350/ semester Philanthropy: Knox County Humane Society Traditional Events: Toga party, winter formal, alumni weekend RUSH SCHEDULE OF EVENTS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23, 8PM, BETA LOUNGE (4TH FLOOR LEONARD) Meet the Betas - Pizza and soda in the Beta Lounge FRIDAY, JANUARY 25, 10-11PM Broomball - Come try your best in a few games of Broomball against the Brothers at the Chiller Ice Rink in Easton. Meet in Leonard room 130 (transportation provided) SATURDAY, JANUARY 26, 7-8pm, KAC Dodgeball - Join the Betas for a few competitive games of dodgeball SUNDAY, JANUARY 27, 8PM Steak Dinner - Join the Brothers for a semi-formal dinner at Jake’s Restaurant in Mt. Vernon. Meet in Leonard room 130 (transportation provided) (INVITATION ONLY)




Alpha Delta Phi The Kenyon chapter of Alpha Delta Phi seeks to develop its members morally, intellectually, and socially as a means to better itself and the community it functions within. The Fraternity’s tradition is to seek members from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, interests, and skills. In this climate, each Brother develops an appreciation of those different from himself and comes to understand how the viewpoints of others can enrich his own life. Nickname: AD Founded: 1832 at Hamilton College Established at Kenyon: 1858 Colors: emerald green & white Symbol: star & crescent Member Dues: $325/semester Philanthropy: AD Afterhours, Recycling RUSH SCHEDULE OF EVENTS TUESDAY, JANUARY 22, 6-8:30PM Lebowski Night at the Alley - Brothers and Rushees will meet in the basement of Old Kenyon (East Wing) and travel to Colonial City Bowling in Mt. Vernon to knock down some pins with the Dude, Brother Braff. Food and other nourishment will be provided WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23, 6-10PM All You Can Eat Wings Night at Quaker Stake and Lube - Brothers and Rushees will meet in the AD lounge in the basement of Old Kenyon (East Wing) and drive to Quaker Steak and Lube in Columbus where all will enjoy an endless amount of delectable chicken wings THURSDAY, JANUARY 24, 8-10PM, GANTER-PRICE HALL Poker Night - Brothers and Rushees will participate in a night of skillful card playing subject to the gods of chance SATURDAY, JANUARY 26, 3-7PM, BEXLEY HALL PARKING LOT Car Smash & Cookout - Brothers and Rushees will engage in the destruction of a scrapped automobile provided by a local business. This will be followed by dinner at Ganter-Price Hall where Brothers will grill burgers, hot dogs, etc. SUNDAY, JANUARY 27, 7-10PM, GANTER-PRICE HALL Semi-Formal Steak Dinner - Brothers and invited Rushees will meet at GanterPrice Hall where mouth-watering steak will be served along with various sidedishes (including Brother Glynn’s famous hot curry) (INVITATION ONLY)


RUSH ORIENTATION AND REGISTRATION Monday, January 21, 6pm Great Hall, Peirce This session will serve as your orientation to Rush. Rush processes and policies will be described in more detail and fraternity, sorority, and society Rush schedules will be distributed. You will have the opportunity to register for Rush and meet members of each Greek organization. RUSH WEEK Tuesday, January 22 - Sunday, January 27 See the enclosed schedules for all event dates, times, and locations. Please not that some events are by personal invitation only. INTEREST FORM COMPLETED BY YOU Monday, January 28, 9am-4pm Student Activities Office (white house behind market) Following Rush week, students interested in joining a Greek organization must submit an Interest Form where he/she will indicate up to 3 organizations of interest. Respective groups will be notified of your interest upon completion of the Interest Form. BIDS DELIVERED Wednesday, January 30, starting at 4pm During this period Greek organizations will disperse invitations, known as bids, to potential new members. It is your responsibility to make the decision as to which organization to join. BID ACCEPTANCE FORM COMPLETED BY YOU Thursday, January 31-Friday, February 1, 9am-4pm Student Activities Office (white house behind market) All students who have received a bid from an organization will have from 9am to 4pm on the Friday following Rush to formally accept the bid of their choosing, thus officially rendering them a pledge of that respective organization.


GREEK 101 Greek Council sponsors a new member education program for pledges. All pledges are required to attend Greek 101 sessions. The program addresses trends in Greek life, risk management, and values clarification. Greek 101 offers the opportunity for pledges from every Greek organization to interact with each other and learn more about the challenges and opportunities associated with being a member of Kenyon’s Greek Community. GREEK 101 SCHEDULE SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 1-2PM and 2:30-3:30pm GUND BALLROOM “Making Greek Great” by Dr. Lori Hart and “A Few Too Many: Our Campus Culture of Alcohol” by Dr. Lori Hart TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 6PM ROSSE HALL “A Conversation About Hazing” by Tracy Maxwell Additional sessions and a closing dinner will be announced mid-February.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Is hazing a part of Greek culture? How much does it cost? Kenyon has a zero-tolerance policy regarding It depends on each hazing that is consistent with Ohio State Law. Hazing is contrary to the purposes of the Greek organization. Don’t let cost deter you from rushing a group life and the college, and, therefore, is not permissible. Once you are pledging, if you find that you feel is best for you. Talk to the group or Greek that the organization is asking you to Council, and let them know participate in activities that meet the college's your concerns. definition of hazing, then you should complete the Report of Concern which can be found on the Student Activities website and/or contact How do I decide which Christina Mastrangelo, Director of Student organization to join? Activities & Greek Life. Only you know the answer to this Do I have to go to all question. Learn as much as you recruitment events? can about each group, get to know as many members, and consider It is highly encouraged that you attend as where you felt the most at home. many events as possible, to show the Consider which group will give organization how committed you are to rushing. Rush is a mutual selection process, you the opportunities you desire. so groups want to get to know you as much as possible. 10

KΣA Kappa Sigma Alpha Kappa Sigma Alpha is a collection of unique women interested in creating sisterly bonds that will nurture our social, intellectual, spiritual, and moral development in order to fully give back to our respective communities during our college years and beyond. We value the voice of every Kappa on all matters, seeking to actively include all members, old and new, in the further development of this institution. Nickname: Kappa Founded at Kenyon: 2012 Colors: lavender & Tiffany blue Symbol: owl, dahlia, & pearl Member Dues: $200/ semester Philanthropy: Volunteering with the elderly community of Knox County, Senior Prom at retirement homes Traditional Events: Fall and spring formals, dessert & discussions; as we are new, we will build many more traditions together in upcoming semesters RUSH SCHEDULE OF EVENTS TUESDAY, JANUARY 22, 5:30pm, ALPHA DELTA PHI LOUNGE (EAST WING, BASEMENT OF OLD KENYON) Meet & Greet - Meet the Sisters of Kappa Sigma Alpha. Refreshments and chocolate fondue will be provided WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23, 8-10PM, PEIRCE PUB Cookie Decorating - Take a study break to decorate delicious cookies and enjoy hot drinks. Gluten-free options will be available THURSDAY, JANUARY 24, 8-10PM, WEAVER COTTAGE Arts & Crafts - Nibble on snacks while personalizing sunglasses and making beaded bracelets FRIDAY, JANUARY 25, 7-9PM, GUND GAMEROOM Game Night - Start your weekend by playing pool, Wii games, boardgames, and others like Apples to Apples and Bananagrams with the sisters! SATURDAY, JANUARY 26, 5-7PM, PARISH HOUSE Formal Dinner - Dress semi-formal for a lovely homemade dinner 15 (INVITATION ONLY)


GREEK RUSH SPRING 2013 SORORITIES Epsilon Delta Mu (EΔM) 12 Contact: Gabby Alziari, Katie Hoener, Zeta Alpha Pi (ZAΠ) 13 Contact: Andie Asimes, Teddie Chambers, Theta Delta Phi (ΘΔΦ) 14 Contact: Marielle McDonagh, Kappa Sigma Alpha (KΣA) 15 Contact: Celia Cullom, Rekha Mohan,

Theta Delta Phi The sisters of Theta Delta Phi embrace the values of unity, honor, wisdom, courage, and sincerity. As the oldest sorority at Kenyon, Theta is committed to building upon the tradition of our past as we continue to grow. There is no stereotypical Theta - each sister is incredibly different, but we are all connected by the fact that we love to be together and have a good time. Nickname: Theta Founded at Kenyon: 1987 Colors: purple, gold, & black Symbol: snake Member Dues: $110/ semester Philanthropy: Relay For Life, Earth Day, Wiggin St. Elementary, Harvest Festival, Holiday Card making for the elderly

FRATERNITIES Alpha Delta Phi (AΔΦ) 16 Contact: Alex Urist, Walker Hudobenko, Beta Theta Pi (BΘΠ) 17 Contact: Sam McQuiston, Delta Kappa Epsilon (ΔKE) 18 Contact: Colin Finnegan, Delta Tau Delta (ΔTΔ) 19 Contact: Josh Wolfson, Jacob Pleasure, Delta Phi (ΔΦ) 20 Contact: Rob Wennemer, Phi Kappa Sigma (ΦKΣ) 21 Contact: Stuart Mitchell, Dan Sproull, Phi Kappa Tau (ΦKT) 22 Contact: Ryan Eick,

RUSH SCHEDULE OF EVENTS TUESDAY, JANUARY 22, 5:30pm, ALPHA DELTA PHI LOUNGE (EAST WING, BASEMENT OF OLD KENYON) Meet & Greet Over Hors d’Oeuvres - Rushees will be welcomed with informal conversation over artichoke dip, tea sandwiches, and soda WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23, 7-9PM, SORORITY LOUNGE (4TH FLOOR LEONARD) Cupcakes & Valentine Card Making - Rushees may join the sisters for a nighttime snack and in making Valentine’s cards for the elderly THURSDAY, JANUARY 24, 6:30-10:30PM Trip to Trampoline Park - Sisters and Rushees will meet in the Sorority Lounge and then head to Sky Zone Sports in Columbus (transportation provided but there is limited space - more details to come) SATURDAY, JANUARY 26, 1-3PM, SORORITY LOUNGE Game Afternoon - Sisters and Rushees will play board games including Bananagrams, Taboo, Apples to Apples, etc. whilst enjoying light snacks SUNDAY, JANUARY 27, 5-7PM, WEAVER COTTAGE Fondue Dinner - Rushees are encouraged to dress in semi-formal attire for a dinner of cheese and chocolate fondue (INVITATION ONLY)



SOCIETIES Archon Society 23 Contact: Steven Kaplin, Katie Hardiman,



Epsilon Delta Mu

Zeta Alpha Pi

Epsilon Delta Mu is based on the idea that a fulfilling life is based on happiness, friendship, knowledge, and virtue. Through these four principles, we aspire to enrich ourselves, our sisters, and the community as a whole. Our sisterhood places a strong emphasis on the ideals of a service-oriented community through volunteer work and philanthropy. We welcome women of different backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs. Nickname: EDM Founded at Kenyon: 2000 Colors: cranberry, silver, & white Symbol: daisy Member Dues: $120/semester (payment plans are available) Philanthropy: CROP Hunger Walk, Relay For Life, Humane Society, New Directions Traditional Events: America Party, Apple Picking, Halloween Party, Parents’ Night Out (community service), Fall and Spring Formals, Spring Picnic RUSH SCHEDULE OF EVENTS TUESDAY, JANUARY 22, 5:30pm, ALPHA DELTA PHI LOUNGE (EAST WING, BASEMENT OF OLD KENYON) Meet & Greet - Meet the sisters over snacks and refreshments THURSDAY, JANUARY 24, 5-7:45PM Nick’s Pizza - Eat the best pizza in Ohio with EDM! (Meet at the Bookstore at 5pm, transportation provided) FRIDAY, JANUARY 25, 4:30-7:30PM Bowling & Chipotle in Mt. Vernon - Sisters and Rushees will bowl and dine over hearty Mexican cuisine (Meet at the Bookstore at 4:30pm, transportation provided) SATURDAY, JANUARY 26, 6-9PM, WEAVER COTTAGE Semi-Formal Dinner - Join us for a semi-formal dinner in Weaver (INVITATION ONLY) SUNDAY, JANUARY 27, 8-10PM, SORORITY LOUNGE (4TH FLOOR LEONARD) Fondue & Q+A - Sisters will answer all of your questions about bids, pledging, and EDM life, with a hint of class! (INVITATION ONLY)


Through a core foundation of sisterhood, our sorority, Zeta Alpha Pi, advocates: the cultivation of intellect and leadership; the fostering of positive relationships, individual and societal, through service to the college and the community; the embodiment of Kenyon College’s values and beliefs, such as academic excellence; and the formation of interminable bonds which enrich the college and post-college experience and will be carried throughout our lifetimes. Nickname: Zeta Founded at Kenyon: 2001 Colors: navy blue & white Symbol: tulip, rabbit, & opal Member Dues: $200/semester Philanthropy: Raise funds and awareness for Stop the Clot!, an organization dedicated to research of Deep Vein Thrombosis Traditional Events: Highlighter Party, Zeta Formal each semester, Sorority Dinner at the end of each semester RUSH SCHEDULE OF EVENTS TUESDAY, JANUARY 22, 5:30pm, ALPHA DELTA PHI LOUNGE (EAST WING, BASEMENT OF OLD KENYON) Meet the Sisters - Curious about Greek life? Get to know the sisters of Zeta Alpha Pi. Desserts provided. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23, 6-8:30PM, BETA LOUNGE (4TH FLOOR LEONARD) Make-Your-Own-Spa Night - Make customized lotions, soaps, facemasks, and more that you can take home and pamper yourself with! THURSDAY, JANUARY 24, 8-10:30PM, BETA LOUNGE Casino Night - Take a study break with some mocktails and board games SATURDAY, JANUARY 26, 4-7:30PM Bowling and Pizza - Meet at the Bookstore for an afternoon of bowling with the sisters, transportation provided (INVITATION ONLY) SUNDAY, JANUARY 27, 6:30-9PM Final Dinner - Rushees will be picked up at their dorm rooms and escorted to a semi-formal dinner at the Parish House (INVITATION ONLY)


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Rush Booklet 2013

Rush Booklet 2013  

Rush Booklet 2013