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3 Reasons  Your  Agency  Needs  a  Home  Health  Aide  Training  Program  


Your home  health  aides  are  on  the  front  lines  of  your  agency.  They’re  the  face  of  your   business  and  the  reason  customers  either  refer  your  agency  to  a  friend  or  leave  you  for   a  competitor.  When  you  also  consider  how  quickly  the  home  health  industry  is   changing,  investing  in  your  aides’  professional  development  is  more  important  than   ever.  Whether  you  want  them  to  improve  performance  or  learn  a  new  skill,  a  home   health  aide  training  program  provides  the  tools  they  need  to  better  serve  your   customers.  Here  are  three  reasons  why  you  can’t  wait  any  longer  to  begin  training.     1.  You  Need  a  Competitive  Edge   Health  care  consortiums  are  the  new  wave  of  the  future.  But  to  stay  competitive  and   network  with  the  right  hospitals  and  physicians,  you  need  to  prove  that  your  staff  will   provide  the  highest  quality  of  care.  If  your  aides  lack  adequate  training,  you  don't  have   the  data  to  prove  your  worth,  you  lose  your  competitive  edge,  and  you  aren’t  an   attractive  partner  to  referral  sources.    

Of course,  training  matters  even  if  you  don’t  want  to  join  a  consortium.  Training  aides   on  specialized  skills  opens  doors  to  new  markets  and  helps  you  meet  the  growing  needs   of  potential  customers.  Offering  home  health  aide  training  for  treating  patients  with   diabetes,  for  example,  provides  new  revenue  opportunities  and  makes  your  agency   stand  out  from  the  crowd.  As  your  aides  develop  new  skills,  don’t  forget  to  include  the   additional  services  on  your  website  and  other  marketing  materials.       2.  You  Need  to  Keep  Your  Customers   If  you  aren’t  training  your  home  health  aides  regularly,  they  may  not  stay  up-­‐to-­‐date  on   the  latest  symptoms  and  safety  protocols.  Missing  cues  can  result  re-­‐hospitalizations   and  re-­‐exacerbations  of  a  disease  or  condition,  putting  patients  and  your  agency  at  risk.   Also,  your  aides’  level  of  care  is  subpar  at  best  when  they  aren’t  adequately  trained,   which  typically  leads  to  lower  customer  satisfaction  and  retention  rates.     3.  You  Need  to  Retain  the  Best  Talent   Home  health  aide  training  programs  also  help  you  retain  the  best  employees—which,   after  all,  are  your  most  valuable  asset.  Studies  show  that  employees  are  happier  and   retention  rates  rise  when  businesses  provide  skills-­‐based  training.  Aides  get  to  learn  and   practice  new  skills,  and  you  get  to  expand  your  service  offerings.  It’s  a  win-­‐win.     In  addition,  education  and  training  provide  aides  with  an  opportunity  for  advancement   in  your  agency.  You  can  give  employees  who  complete  their  training  a  chance  to  move   up  the  ladder  in  your  business,  encouraging  them  to  take  on  new  responsibilities  that   will  contribute  to  increasing  revenue.       Ultimately,  how  well  you  train  your  aides  can  determine  whether  your  business  fails  or   flourishes.  Proper  training  ensures  you  remain  compliant  with  state  and  federal   regulations,  keeps  your  agency  competitive  in  consortiums,  and  improves  retention   rates  on  all  fronts.  If  you  aren’t  sure  what  type  of  training  can  most  benefit  your   employees,  enlist  the  help  of  a  home  care  consultant.  Kenyon  HomeCare  Consulting  can   help  you  create  a  home  health  aide  training  program  that  suits  your  employee  and   patient  needs.  Schedule  an  appointment  at  with  one  of  our   consultants  to  see  how.  

3 Reasons Your Agency Needs a Home Health Aide Training Program  

A home health aide training program nurtures the development of your most valuable employees and puts you in the best position to grow your...

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