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KENYA TRANSITION INITIATIVE SUPPORTING INNOVATIVE DEVOLUTION ACTIVITIES The Kenya Transition Initiative provides fast, flexible and uniquely targeted assistance to Kenyan state and non-state actors conducting innovative devolution activities. The Initiative works through its office in Nairobi to provide support to local organizations, predominantly through grants. DEMOCRACY, RIGHTS, AND GOVERNANCE In August 2010, more than 12 million Kenyans voted in a referendum which adopted a new Constitution mandating sweeping changes. Again, in March 2013, more than 12 million Kenyans voted for a new,


representative government that includes county governors, county assemblies, National Assembly members including women’s representatives, a Senate, as well as a new President. USAID will continue supporting these millions of Kenyans to achieve the envisioned reforms, gender equity, and the devolution of authority and budgetary resources to new county level governments. Americans share Kenyans’ belief that participatory governance will address the historical injustices that fueled past violence and will enable accelerated and inclusive economic development for all Kenyans.

POPULATION AND HEALTH USAID invests in population and health programs that improve the survival, well-being and productivity of


the Kenyan population – especially for poor, marginalized, and underserved communities. USAID partners with the Government of Kenya at the national and county levels to reduce the burden of major infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, address the main causes of childhood disease and maternal mortality, and meet family planning needs. This includes crosscutting work to strengthen health care systems and capacity, supporting national government to formulate key policies and guidelines, and assisting counties to better plan, manage, and finance quality health services to meet local needs.

EDUCATION AND YOUTH USAID’s program has empowered close to 1,000,000 Kenyan youth to lead their own development, build their communities, expand their economic opportunities, and become responsible members of society. USAID supports programs that provide youth with access to financial services, leadership training, health services, conflict mitigation strategies, and workforce programs. USAID supports innovative private sector-led scholarship and mentorship programs for orphans and vulnerable children that empower the next generation. NATIONAL AND POLICY PROGRAMS Underpinning the front line programs that USAID supports at the county level are dozens of national level and policy programs that support health systems strengthening, education, legislative and regulatory work, civil society strengthening and the procurement of health commodities such as antiretroviral drugs and mosquito nets.

PARTNERING WITH USAID USAID partners with non-governmental organizations, private sector enterprises, and government entities that successfully respond to competitive solicitations. USAID posts solicitations on two public websites: and Search for Kenya to find the relevant solicitations. In the early years of devolution, USAID assistance to counties will be delivered through USAID partners. Some of these partners, listed on the back page, already have offices or field staff working in Nyeri County. Others may work out of Nairobi, but are able to offer technical assistance in Nyeri County. To learn if a USAID partner can help you address a specific challenge or take advantage of a specific opportunity, start by talking to USAID. Here is contact information for the USAID staff with whom you can speak:

AGRICULTURE AND BUSINESS USAID works with the private sector in agriculture processing, banking, clean energy, and export promotion through many firms. Expanding private sector opportunities and stimulating investment with county government incentives and outreach is within the mandate of the USAID Financial Inclusion in Rural Microenterprises program. USAID can support county government to develop an investment promotion plan.

Strengthening working relations with national bodies such as the Parliament, Transition Authority, National Cohesion and Integration Commission

John Smith-Sreen 020 862 2853

Capacity building for county preparedness

John Langlois 020 862 2105

Conflict, Mitigation and Reconciliation

Sam Kona 020 862 2482

Building effective working relations with county civil society organizations. Improving public outreach and citizen engagement

Monica Azimi, USAID 020 862 2005

Promoting gender equity and women’s empowerment

Betty Mugo 020 862 2394

Strengthening Health Systems at the County Level

Maria Francisco 020 862 2360

Prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS

Rene Berger 020 862 2258

Improving maternal health and child health services

Sheila Macharia 020 862 2234

Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of malaria

Kaendi Munguti 020 862 2292

Youth empowerment, youth livelihoods, youth access to finance

Winifred Adhiambo 020 862 2016

Scholarships and leadership training for orphans and vulnerable children

Lucy Kithome 020 862 2249

Increasing access to education for marginalized children

T. Wambui Gathenya 020 862 2268

Improving reading outcomes in the early grades

Chris Pagen 020 862 2755

Feed the Future

Millie Gadbois 020 862 2000

Expanding private sector opportunities and stimulating investment with county government incentives

Benson Kimithi 020 862 2243

Wholesale market operations, agriculture input services, and linking small holder farmers to domestic and export markets

Harrigan Mukhongo 020 862 2245

Protecting wildlife and natural resources; strengthening working relations with Kenya Wildlife Service

Enock Kanyanya 0714 606 526

Resilience and disaster management

Isaac Thendiu 020 862 2255




USAID supports the International Small Group Tree Planting Program to develop and monitor carbon off-set methods that earn greenhouse gas credits in the global market. The program, which started in Nyeri in 2004, provides regular cash payments to compensate close to 5,500 farmers for planting and nurturing trees for long-term growth

In Nyeri County, 190 health workers received training to improve quality of care and 37 health workers received training on leadership, management and governance with support from USAID

Prepared by: USAID/KENYA GIS Facility Nairobi, May 2013


Nyeri youth age 18 - 35 are forming youth bunges and joining a growing network of more than one million Kenyan youth who are actively engaged in developing their communities and working together to improve livelihoods

In Nyeri County, the U.S. Government supports 10,538 people on antiretroviral therapy, improves drug supply chains, and increases access to HIV/AIDS counseling and testing In Nyeri, 2,917 pregnant women received services to prevent the transmission of HIV from mother to child – an important step towards achieving an AIDS-free generation in Nyeri

USAID supports 127 Nyeri youth through Equity Bank’s Wings to Fly Scholarship Program

USAID supports 23,500 Nyeri children orphaned, or left vulnerable, by HIV/AIDS

The boundaries and names used on this map do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the U.S. Government


USAID-SUPPORTED PROGRAMS ACTIVE IN NYERI COUNTY POPULATION AND HEALTH PROGRAM APHIAplus Nuru ya Bonde (Rift Valley) Ruth Odhiambo, Director Tel: 0710 150765 Email: Dr. Isabella Yonga, USAID Tel: 020 862 2817 Email:

Leadership, Management, and Sustainability Karen Caldwell, Chief of Party Tel: 0703503359 Email: Peter Waithaka, USAID Tel: 020 862 2330 Email:

Funzo Kenya Dr. James Mwanzia, Chief of Party Tel: 0713 817 938 Email:

Partnership for an HIV-Free Generation Rosemarie Muganda-Onyando, Chief of Party Tel: 020 387 7177 Email: Rene Berger, USAID Tel: 020 862 2258 Email:

DEMOCRACY, RIGHTS, AND GOVERNANCE PROGRAM Peace Initiative Kenya Jebiwot Sumbeiywo, Director Tel: 020-862-2394 Email: Betty Mugo, USAID Tel: 020-862- 2394 Email:

Kenya Political Processes Strengthening Program John Tomaszewski, Chief of Party Tel: 0727 588 050 Email:

Peter Waithaka, USAID Tel: 020 862 2330 Email:

Zephaniah Aura, USAID Tel: 020 862 2000 Email:

Nutrition & HIV Program

Uraia Civic Education

Dr. David Mwaniki, Chief of Party Tel: 020 1462 0402 Email:

Grace Maingi, Chief of Party Tel: 020 213 5561 E-mail:

Rolf Campbell Insta Products (EPZ) Limited Tel: 045 22961/2 Email:

Zephaniah Aura, USAID Tel: 020 862 2000 Email:

Ruth Tiampati, USAID Tel: 020 862 2226 Email:

Shujaaz.FM Multimedia Youth Communications Initiative

Health Commodities and Services Management Dr. John Chimumbwa, Chief of Party Tel: 020 271 4839 Email:

Rob Burnet, Director Tel: 0726 -052-372 Email: Monica Azimi, USAID Tel: 0724-256-758 Email:

Alice Micheni, USAID Tel: 020 862 2231 Email:

Kenya Civil Society Strengthening Program

Kenya Pharma

Monica Azimi, USAID Tel: 020-862-2005 Email:

Steve Hawkins, Chief of Party Tel: +1 (202) 955-3300 Email:

Kassie Mcilvaine, Chief of Party Tel: 0721 392 222 Email:

James Batuka, USAID Tel: 020 862 2420 Email:




FEED THE FUTURE PROGRAM Financial Inclusion for Rural Microenterprises

Grace Karanja, Chief of Party Tel: 0731 88 00 40 Email:

Mark Rostal, Chief of Party Tel: 0707 918 665 Email:

Pamela Wesonga, USAID Tel: 020 862 2486 Email:

Benson Kimithi Tel: 020 862 2243 Email:

Wings to Fly Scholarship Program


Ms. Ivy Mwai Tel: 0711 026 000 Email: Dr. Lucy Kithome, USAID Tel: 020 862 2249 Email:

Global Give Back Circle Catherine Kiganjo, Chief of Party Tel: 0722 168 480 Email: Dr. Lucy Kithome, USAID Tel: 020 862 2249 Email:

Kenya Wildlife Conservation Project Munira Bashir, Assistant Director Tel: 0722 461 412 Email: Azharul Mazumder, USAID Tel: 0713 601 380 Email:

The International Small Group and Tree Planting Program Ben Henneke, Clean Air Action Corporation Phone: 0724 253 320 Email: Beatrice Wamalwa Tel: 020 862 2250 Email:



U.S. Agency for International Development PO Box 629, Village Market 00621 Nairobi, Kenya Telephone +254 20 862 2000 Fax +254 20 862 2680/ 2682

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