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ISSUE 1. JULY, 2011






EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS Mrs. Susan Mudhune Mrs. Lorna Sumbeiywo Mrs. Shariffa Keshavjee Mrs. Juliana Mulandi Ms. Nina Abira Mrs. Agnes Nyanjui Mrs. Violet Gethi Ms. Jayne Wachira Ms. Millicent Omukaga Ms. Mbatha Mbithi Mrs. Wangui Kimani Mrs. Mary Egesa Ms. Ivy Wasike Ms. Lilian Itenya Ms. Maureen Nderitu

National Chairman National Vice Chairman National Vice Chairman Chief Commissioner Deputy Chief Commissioner Assistant Chief Commissioner Assistant Chief Commissioner Finance Advisor Honorary Treasurer Assistant Honorary Treasurer Legal Advisor Commissioner for Training International Commissioner Young Leader - Leader Young Leader - Assistant Leader

WORD FROM THE CHIEF COMMISIONER Dear Friends, Time flies so fast, the year is almost gone. Thank God that though a lot has been happening both positive and sometimes negative, they help shape the way we do things, don’t they? I bring greetings from the Guiding fraternity and good wishes in whatever you do for the good of the GIRLS & YOUNG WOMEN. We are challenged to carry on the mantle of Guiding selflessly, without looking behind to see if someone is watching and appreciating. I believe many of us are doing great things to build the character of our girls and young women, all I can say is MOVE ON! We may be low on finances but we are rich in ideas and volunteerism, which is our strength and keeps us moving. As the Chief Commissioner, I feel proud that we all can have the opportunity to be part of a dynamic organization like ours, whose sole responsibility is to empower the youth. We thank God for those who continue to support our cause ,in particular the Ministry Of Education, Ministry of Youth Affairs, our partners, friends and well wishers without whom we could not have done what we have . My special appreciation to all Trainers, Commissioners, Guide Leaders, Trefoil Guild members, staff, Executive Committee, National Council and all volunteers for their support . The challenges are there and we must strive to meet them with resolve and determination. KGGA must grow in numbers and quality of Guiding‌this we can do if each one will do their part..DO NOT JUST BE THERE..TRY TO BE MORE!!! Please use this platform to let others know what you are doing, as we continue to celebrate 100 YEARS. BRAVO! To the editorial team, this is a good start, keep it up. Mrs. Juliana Mulandi 2


Deputy Chief Commissioner (Ms. Nina Abira).

Kenya Girl Guides Association Annual General Meeting The Kenya Girl Guides Association held its Annual General Meeting on 27th April at the headquarters. Some of the changes made in the executive include: Jane Wachira- Honorary Financial Advisor Violet Gethi- Assistant Chief Commissioner

The Chief Commissioner also attended the Commonwealth Conference for Chief Commissioners (CCCC) in Lancashire UK from the 5th to 10th of July and had a chance to interact with other Chief Commissioners from 32 other commonwealth countries.

Millicent Omukaga- Honorary Treasurer Ivy Wasike-International Commissioner

34th World Conference The 34th World Conference was held in Edinburgh, Scotland from 11 to 15 July 2011. The Conference was an opportunity for WAGGGS to report on the progress made against the Strategic Plan but also to celebrate together the centenary of International Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting. It was also a chance for KGGA delegates to meet with other conference participants and partners from the other 114 countries, from within and outside the movement, both formally and informally. One of the items on the agenda was the 5th World Centre in Africa which was passed and celebrated by all. It was decided that it will have a two year pilot study and then a report will be made at the next World Conference. Kenya Girl Guides Association was ably represented by The National Chairman (Mrs. Susan Mudhune), the Chief Commissioner (Mrs. Juliana Mulandi) and the

Condolences It is with deep sorrow that KGGA announces the death of our two of our guiding sisters: Mrs. D. P. Shah, our beloved sister and National Trustee; who passed away on August 7th, 2011 after a long Illness bravely borne while undergoing treatment in the UK. She will be fondly remembered for the role she played in founding and fundraising for the Shanzu Transitional Workshop for Disabled girls. Mrs. Susan Mutinda, a Guider from Eastern province who was also The Deputy Head Teacher at Mbevo Primary School. She was involved in a fatal road accident on Friday 15th July on her way to a Guiders meeting in Machakos. MAY THE LORD REST THEIR SOULS IN ETERNAL PEACE.


New Staff KGGA would like to welcome two new Program Managers on board. The two are: Mrs. Betty Wanson who is the Program manager in charge of Rift valley and Mrs. Habiba Hussein Gure who is the first ever Program manager in the North Eastern Province. All the best to the two Program Managers as they start their guiding work!

YOUNG LEADER’S NEWS Young Leaders Run To Save the Environment

Kent East Guides Visit Kenya As part of an initiative that was started back in 1995 between the Kent East Guides and The Kimalel Guides, a group of 10 Girl Guides visited Kenya this year between 20th July and 7th August for an activity packed experience. The group which consisted of 6 young girls and 4 adults were hosted to a welcome tea at KGGA headquarters on Friday 22nd July 2011 3.00 pm. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the guides were unable to travel to Kimalel and changed their route to Shanzu where they spent almost 2 weeks at the Shanzu Transitional Workshop.

Figure 2. Young Leaders at Mazingira Run

On Sunday 22nd May, 2011, five of our Young Leaders participated in the NEMA Mazingira run which had been organized by NEMA as part of marking the World Environmental Day. The young Leaders were Miriam Otieno, Beatrice Nyambeki, Phanice Nekesa, Elizabeth Chege and Evelyn Njeri. They ran the 10 Kilometers adult race which was flagged off by NEMA Board Chairman, Hon Francis Ole Kaparo. The 10 Kilometers race began at Uhuru Park, and then to Uhuru highway, Langata road, the back to Uhuru Highway then proceeded to Haile Selassie, Community and back to Uhuru Highway and eventually back to Uhuru Park. The first three runners of the junior and the adult run planted some trees as the run was a way of creating awareness about conserving the environment and strengthen the sustainable forest management. The money collected from the race will be used to buy more seedlings and help in conserving forest land.

Figure 1. Kent East Guides with Girls from Kibera Girl Centre

Although our Young Leaders didn’t emerge number one, they had fun, kept fit and contributed in advocating for the Environment. They would also like to thank KGGA for facilitating their participation by paying half of the registration fee. 4

Young Leaders Root for Nutritional Values The Month of May was the Nutritional month for the Young Leaders and they held their activity at Kibera Girls Centre on 21st May under the theme “MAKING HEALTHY FOOD CHOICES”. They had a Nutritional talk from Elizabeth Okenye, a Young Leader who is a nutritionist. She focused on adolescent’s nutrition and gave advice on the types of food to eat e.g. food rich in iron; lemons, which she said can be used as a cosmetic to remove spots on the face; and onions act as antioxidants in our bodies. She also gave advice on the portions they need to eat, and cautioned the ladies to eat more greens than carbohydrates. The activity of the day was to prepare samosas and by examining the ingredients used, the ladies learned the nutritive value of samosas to their bodies which is fats, carbohydrates and vitamins. Also in attendance were special guests from the United Nations Volunteer office who acknowledged KGGA’s efforts as this is the International Year of volunteers, there was also another guest who is involved with the PANTIES WITH A PURPOSE CAMPAIGN , a similar project the Young Leaders are undertaking.

Rusinga School Visit On 28th May the Young Leaders spent the day with the Brownies of Rusinga School playing and teaching the girls the importance of a balanced diet. The Brownies were taught Guiding songs and also the drills, as well as how to march. The girls reported they had a lot of fun and that the visits have become regular.

The May events were a success largely due to the commitment of a few Young Leaders who have been diligently attending all the events. BRAVO! To the Young Leaders who made the events a success. We salute you, as we encourage our sisters in Guiding to join in and participate in our exciting activities.

The Sunflower Patrol Group Visit the Childrens Cancer Ward In the spirit of volunteerism and lending a helping hand to the needy, the Sunflower Patrol (one of the patrol groups in the Nairobi Young Leaders’ unit) volunteered in the cancer ward of Kenyatta National Hospital on 23rd, 24th, 30th and 31st May 2011 from 9 am to 5pm. The cancer ward (ward 1E) is a pediatric ward and had 21 children of different ages ranging from 2 years to 14 years undergoing cancer treatments. The interaction with the Young Leaders included feeding the children and teaching them how to read and write. The activities of the day were not complete without a game of football and other games with the children outside the ward. The children had lots of fun and were surprisingly energetic. The group also donated some food from KGGA, toys and books for writing and reading. The children are in need of blankets, clothes, books and other basic items. Any donations to the children will be kindly appreciated and can be forwarded through the Young Leaders unit, which will be volunteering in October 2011.


TREFOIL GUILD NEWS Trefoil UK graces the Centenary Celebrations Kenya was proud to host a group of UK Trefoil members who visited Kenya to join in the Centenary Celebrations. They toured various parts of Kenya including the Paxtu - home of our founders. The ladies from the UK were also hosted in Mombasa by the Coast Girl Guides, and were excited to visit the now famous Shanzu Transitional Workshop where they were entertained by the girls with song and dance. The visitors planted trees to commemorate their visit, and carried a few gifts back home with them, proudly made at the Shanzu girls workshop.

inspiring talk about the Women’s Enterprise Fund, its benefits and how they can access it. During the AGM the following members were elected as office bearers: Mrs. Brenda Goodman

National Chairman

Mary Kiptanui

Deputy Chairman

Jane Chemngorem

NationalVice Chairman

Anna Barangi

National Secretary

Maureen Homem

Assistant Secretary

Marion Kamau


Honorine Kiplagat


Farewell to Madam Anna

Exciting AGM for The Trefoil Guild The Trefoil Guild of Kenya held their Annual General Meeting on 28th May, 2011. One of the highlights of this year’s AGM was a special guest from The Women Enterprise Fund who gave an informative and

Indeed, there is a time for everything, here on earth, and sadly, after many years of service and dedication to the Kenya Girl Guides Association, we bid farewell to Madam Anna Ramamonjiarisoa - Commissioner for Projects. In honor of her long service to the girls, Kenya Girl Guides hosted an emotional farewell tea at its headquarters on Tuesday 17th May 2011, before left the country on 8th June2011.


Madam Anna a great philanthropist had been the Commissioner for Projects from 2006 to 2011 and had especially put extra effort in the Kibera Girls Centre project.


We thank Madam Anna Ramamonjiorisoa for her continued passion in her work, her resourcefulness and for her successes in the different KGGA projects that she has worked on.

For over 19 years, Kibera Girls Centre has been making a significant impact on the lives of many girls in the Kibera slums. It has continued to make a difference in the lives of girls and has brought hope for the future. Read some of the success stories below: After graduating from the Centre, Amina Barakat received a sewing machine and decided to start her own business. She now has 2 sewing machines and is able to work both from her business premise and from home. Her goal is to establish a larger garment production shop where she can provide employment for other young women like her.

Figure 3. Madam Anna dancing with Girls from Kibera Girls Centre

We at Kenya Girl Guides Association wish Madam Anna God speed as they resettle back home in Madagascar.

Lubisia Nasimiyu got a sewing machine through the Learn and Earn initiative and opted to move her business upcountry where the cost of living is far much cheap. Her business is now picking up quite well and she sees a bright future ahead. One beneficiary with exemplary performance is Merceline Anyango who has managed to secure a job at the Kibera Girls Center’s garment production unit as a community worker to oversee the other girls’ work and welfare. She has since attained financial independence and she can foot all her bills with her salary and income from part time business.


Each Saturday has a theme which presents the focal point. Below is the example and highlight of past activities.     Figure 4. KGC graduate receives her certificate and sewing machine

The Kibera Girls Centre is not only about class work, it endows girls with self confidence, self esteem and above all social skills for life. Most of the girls who have passed through the centre are able to become economically empowered which in turn gives the financial freedom. We look forward to even more success stories from the centre!

Activities at Kibera Girls Centre The centre not only has the Learn and Earn program but it also opens its doors to the siblings of the girls on Saturdays with a community feeding programme. About 80 children aged between 2 years and 14 years are fed every alternate Saturday.

Figure 5. Feeding Program at KGC

Saturday – 12th March – Personal Hygiene and beauty Saturday - 16th April 2011- Environment (Community clean up) Saturday – 21st May – Nutrition and health Saturday – 4th June – Guiding is fun (Games and sports) Saturday – 18th June – Environment (Tree planting)

Visitors from the Trefoil Guild International Forum About ninety participants of this forum visited the centre, on Friday 8th April 2011. They were divided into four groups according to the different skills offered at the centre, namely: The Crafts Center where there was a demonstration on how to make jug covers using beads; environmental activities whereby some of the Nairobi Trefoil Guild members demonstrated briquette making process and recycling of paper bags by the Kibera Girls.

Figure 6. KGC girls showcase their skills to Trefoil members


The Catering department also showcased preparation of a variety of Kenyan food which the guests later sampled. Lastly, the garment production unit made different demonstrations to the guests on various garment production procedures.

Visit by the Girl Scouts of Colorado (USA) Four Girl Scouts from Colorado visited the centre on 25th of April 2011. The ladies were impressed and commended KGGA for its effort in creating programmes geared towards empowering less privileged girls. The Girl Scouts came bearing gifts for the girls plus other assorted stationery items.

UPCOMING EVENTS South to South Camp 2012 The Young leaders are set to host the South to South Camp next year. The camp is expected to be a forum for empowering young women through non-formal education to understand their rights and have the skills and confidence to claim their rights and the rights of others in their community in order to address violence against girls and young women. The details of the South to South camp will be communication soon. Plan to attend!

International Youth Camp 2013

Figure 7. KGC girls receive gifts

The Young Leaders of Kenya will host the International Youth Camp in 2013 and the dates will be confirmed later. The camp target age group is between 18 and 30 years, and it is expected to have 1000 Youth participants from all the 145 member countries of WAGGGS. This will not be an ordinary Youth Camp as, despite it being part of the Centenary Celebrations, it will be focused on Leadership and Advocacy Training and will also be a resource sharing forum between Kenyan Youth and youths from across the globe. For more details about the camps contact Lillian Itenya via email:


Next Stop Kitale If you missed our exciting and informative travelling exhibition in Nairobi, then you may want to head out to Kitale to catch up with it there. The exhibition is a show case of the dynamism of the guiding movement in Kenya. There, you will find all sorts of interesting artifacts and guiding memorabilia. The series of travelling exhibitions is running as part of the Centenary Celebrations in partnership with the National Museums of Kenya. KGGA is also most appreciative of both NMK, and the Nation Media Group for partnering and sponsoring the launch of the exhibition which was held at The NMK headquarters in Nairobi on February 16th 2011, and graced by H.E The Vice President of Kenya, Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka, the Chief Commissioner for Kenya Scout Association. The exhibition ran from February to May, 2011.

PROVINCIAL NEWS Report from The Coast Mombasa Guides have been assisting to equip young women with vocational skills for financial empowerment. The Shanzu centre conducts a two year program during which the young women gain skills to pass the Trade Test certification. They stay another year to perfect their skills. Trainings are also carried out in entrepreneurship, computer literacy, production, Life skills and peer education on HIV/AIDS prevention among others. All this is geared towards building self confidence and promoting self independence for the disabled, hence gaining financial empowerment. With the growing demand for the facility, Mombasa Girl Guides embarked on the expansion in December 2009. The volunteers and staff have worked tirelessly but are now happy to celebrate the official opening of the expanded Phase 1 which will see more girls admitted to the centre. This was held on 16th April 2011 from 10.00 am. We must thank our Project Manager, Agnes Nyanjui and Mr. & Mrs. Prem Shah who worked tirelessly. The Hostel was given the name: Damu and Prem Shah Hostel.

Figure 8. Mrs.Kiplagat takes Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka around the exhibition

It is expected that the Exhibition will be moved to other parts of the country after Kitale to enable other members to learn more about the history of Guiding. Watch this space, as it is coming to a town near you! Figure 9. Damu and Prem hostel


The official opening was conducted by Lion’s club Dr. Lata Ravi Magon in memory of her late husband. Dr. Ravi Magon was First Lion Club Mombasa Chairman who brought a hand-pump for the borehole at Shanzu. During the function the Young Women entertained guests with songs and poems urging the community to give opportunities to persons with disabilities. To crown the event, there was cake cutting ceremony. The cake was donated by Serena Beach Hotel. Thereafter the guests were served a delicious lunch donated by Mr. Ayub of Sonara Budha. Mombasa Guides now appeal to all well wishers to donate equipment/furniture needed for the various rooms e.g. the library and physiotherapy rooms. They also require funds for the construction of Phase 2 and are also appealing to religious organizations to assist in the building of a prayer room for the disabled young women who are forced to go out of the compound to attend to prayers.

Report from Western Province Guiding in Western Province has spread to more Districts in the last three years Membership: has greatly improved but we know we are far from our target of 10,000 girls and leaders. Activities: we participated actively in the centenary launch and rally. We have had a series of learning camps and cup camp competitions. This year Western shall host the national camp cup competitions and welcome all to this great region. Leaders: we have committed leaders. Both the Commissioners and Guide Leaders have made great sacrifice to train the girls accordingly. Appreciation: We appreciate KGGA’S leadership and support. As a region we recognize the support from PDE’s office, parents, Head teachers and all friends of guiding. Bravo!



Report by Getrude Sakwa

Figure 10. Mombasa Girl Guides Association at the Shanzu opening

We appreciate all our supporters and we thank the Almighty for all the achievements. Report prepared by the organizers D.P.Shah, Agnes Nyanjui and Christine Kazungu, Elizabeth Gitonga. 11

Report from Eastern Province The Guides in Eastern Province who have caught the vision of Guiding are fully enthusiastic and joyful as they do Guiding everyday at school level. One such school is Weru’s Academy in Mbeere South District. The Guides have patrols that engage in different income generating projects in turns in the school which include: PaperMache (recycling waste paper for fuel), banana plantation and a fish pond that supplies the school with fish. They have been having the life skills project and a group from USAID office visited them on 22nd February 2011. Some of the projects in Eastern:

which are then dried and later used as fuel. The guides assign patrols to collect the papers from different buildings in the school at the end of each day. The advantages of this source of fuel include; it’s cheap, does not produce smoke and it’s readily available and keeps them busy. The patrol leaders each at a time explained on different topics taught by the Guider in lifeskills. These included: responding to negative peer pressure, talking to helpful adults, rape prevention, understanding feelings of attraction, HIV transmission and stigmatization, values (tangible and intangible), abstinence Abstain Till Marriage (ATM) and self esteem. The Guides also informed the guests that they carry out daily outreaches during assembly as a way of reaching the whole school. The Programme Manager also gave the guests the Guide theme for the year which was “Empowering our girls will change our world”. The Programme Manager welcomed the Senior Provincial Quality Assurance and Standards Officer – Mr. Gitonga from the PDEs office who had accompanied us. Report by: Lucy Ndwiga

Paper mache project

Talking wall reflecting Guide Law 9 and MDG 1

One of the interesting projects was the “paper mache” where the girls collect waste papers and put them in a tank containing water. To them this was a way of keeping their environment clean as paper pollutes the environment. After three days of mixing the papers with water, they mould them into balls 12












Kenya Girl Guides Association Arboretum Road, off State House Road P.O BOX 40004-00100 Nairobi, Kenya Landlines: 254-020-2711426; 2717808; 2717202 Email: Website:



This is the first issue of The Kenya Girl Guides Newsletter called The Guider

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