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The Right to Win

Motorsport Motivates

The right to win! Winning is our objective, winning for our sponsors, our supporters, the team and the driver. Over the next few pages we will outline to you an opportunity to be involved with our success.

With success comes many opportunities. We are excited present an opportunity for your organisation to become involved with the stimulating, fast paced world of international motorsport. Motorsport provides an exhilarating experience for you, your staff and customers. This opportunity allows your organisation to become associated with a winning driver and a championship winning team. This will enhance and extend your brand to their global audience, offering to your organisation the right to win!

The Right to win

We have proven that success does indeed flow from consistent hard work, dedication, professionalism, technology and above all the culture and development of talent.

Winning is


In December 2007 Chris competed against 26 of the world’s hottest young drivers and won a scholarship to drive in the Formula BMW Pacific Series. Chris is one of only 12 junior drivers in the world contracted to BMW Germany and is the only Australian. In 2005, Chris’ first year in motorsport, he won rookie of the year in two classes. His natural talent placed him on the podium at many races in his first year.

It is easy to find an nineteen year old with talent. It is harder to find an nineteen year old with passion and it is rare to find one with the dedication to get to the top of their chosen sport. He is an elite athlete, competing in marathons and adventure races to ensure top performance and elite fitness. In November 2007 he competed in the Mark Webber Pure Tasmanian Challenge finishing ahead of all the motor sporting celebrities. Chris spent a day with legendary driver coach, John Stevens, at the Brands Hatch GP circuit. After spending all day in the car with Chris he accessed Chris “as a talent worthwhile pursuing!”

The Right to win

In August 2007 Chris tested the FBMW in Indonesia, at the Sentul Circuit, with three other drivers from Australia in the Meritus Scholarship program and won the drive a scholarship with the team for testing. In 2008 he is the latest addition to the championship winning Meritus Formula BMW stable.

Results Are Rewarded

In 2007 Chris won a drive with the leading Formula BMW championship team, Meritus. They introduced their winning formula to Asia and the Middle East in 1995, providing motorsport race engineering and driver development programs.

Meritus have assisted in the career development of previously unknown Asian motorsport stars, including F1 drivers such as Narain Karthikeyan, Takuma Sato, Marchy Lee and Ho Pin Tung. Our sponsor partnerships have assisted our drivers to win 23 Asian motorsport titles during the first ten years of our Asian experience. Meritus won the 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 Formula BMW Asia championships. By your association with Chris, you will have the opportunity to be part of this winning team.

The Right to win

Your organisation will benefit directly by being involved with our high profile brands. Our professional team at the Big Ideas Group will work with your team to create a rewarding return on advertising investment in the sport. By developing a unique activation program to ensure that the international media and your staff, B2B and B2C clients are always kept fully aware of the results. Innovative advertising through the medium of motorsport creates a positive perception for your products and services.

Broad Appeal

Motorsport Sponsorship combines advertising of corporate brands with the uniqueness of racecars and drivers personalities. This provides a dynamic medium to promote the sponsors brand to the world’s print and TV media.

Partnering with the Best Winning motorsport teams create effective awareness platforms for the promotion of products and services: the team and drivers are the brand ambassadors. Meritus has twenty-five years of motorsport engineering and sponsorship activation experience, including eleven years experience in Asia. This, combined with the outstanding success of the Meritus driver development programmes, and creating international motorsport heroes, ensure that there is no doubt of the return on sponsor’s ad-value. Major motorsport sponsors worldwide have successfully used the Meritus motorsport race engineering and sponsorship activation services to their benefits for the past ten years.

The Right to win

Through our motorsport performance and sponsorship activation we have consistently provided our sponsorship partners with up to ten times the return on their investment. The activation of the sponsored image rights is essential in order to maximize the almost unlimited opportunities that are available for corporations to maximize their investment.

Sponsorship Sells

Sponsoring Motorsport Offers

√ √

International, Regional and Local media audience utilizing all media vehicles at the same time - TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Bill Boards etc. Unrivaled B2C & B2B relations through specialized programs. A full year uninterrupted Marketing Campaign related to achievements. Lifetime relationships with the heroes through sponsorship programs.

Sponsorship Activation Plan By developing a comprehensive interactive plan, our racing sponsorship will reinforce your brand in the mind of their customers, especially the sports fans. A critical factor in our success on the track is ensuring that our ongoing relationship with our sponsors is profitable. To achieve this and ensure maximum profitability and return on your investment we have implemented a number of unique systems to deliver the best results for your organization.

√ √ √

Our team has a dedicated crew to film and produce a 30 minutes program for each event. Our team has established strong relations with international, regional and local media, therefore ensuring high distribution of its events press releases. Our media reports are distributed in English, Chinese and Arabic.

The Right to win

√ √ √

Unrivalled return on Sponsorship Investments

Sponsorship Excites

Sponsorship Benefits

TV Media Values As the premium championship-winning team in Asia, the Meritus team and driver’s position at the front of grids always commands a high percentage of the TV and print media coverage, regardless of activation campaigns. During 2007 the Meritus cars in Formula BMW Pacific generated on-screen values of US $32 million. Print Media A press conference will be held to announce the sponsorship, with local and international media invitations. A minimum 400 words press release will be issued on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of each race weekend. The press coverage is distributed via contracted agencies to reach a great range of newspapers and magazines locally and across the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

The Right to win

TV Media A total of 3,048 minutes of air time, divided between 2 minutes VNR and 20 minutes of special programming that will be broadcasted on the News Channels and TV Channels across the Middle East, South East Asia and Europe. The team at Meritus media has a media production suite to create spots and features for news and lifestyle shows. Our news production is uplinked via satellite for news agencies

Builds Awareness

FORMULA BMW PACIFIC SERIES Type of Series : One-make Formula series Engine & Power: BMW 1400cc 140bhp Events: Six events, 22 rounds visiting the following Countries: Date Event Venue

Formula BMW Pacific has established itself worldwide as an attractive motorsport concept for aspiring young drivers. In Asia, the UK, USA and Germany, talented Junior Drivers are gleaning their first experience of Formula racing at the wheel of a standard BMW car. Following a successful career in karting, drivers from the age of 15 are offered the opportunity in Formula BMW to take steps towards professional motor racing. BMW supports the young drivers by providing them with a professional environment. Each race event has engineers and technicians from BMW and our partners on site to provide the best possible assistance.

The Right to win

21-23 March Formula 1 GP Malaysia Sepang 18-20 April AFOS Zhuhai China 16-18 May AFOS Sepang Malaysia 18-20 July AFOS Sentul Indonesia 26-28 September Formula 1 GP Singapore 10-12 October Formula 1 GP Japan Fuji

Competitive Advantage

Video messages from Chris emailed to staff: This gives you, your staff and customers an insider’s views on the last race. It allows you to reinforce your brand with the synergies drawn between the your business challenges and the driver ‘s challenges.

Team building events such as track days: Guests wearing team and Meritus Formula overalls staging a pit stop for interactive tyre changes, with Chris and the team attending the events Motivation and staff training and development days: Chris is available for staff development days, both for motivating success workshops and well as for personal fitness training. Brand Development The right to use the results of the most successful team in the region’s most technological and glamorous sport. The following attributes are associated with Chris Wootton and the Meritus team: √ Leading edge race engineering √ The premium motorsport organization in Asia √ Results driven √ Integrity √ Competitive √ Teamwork √ The determination to win

The Right to win

Implementation of the team’ and Driver’s assets: We can arrange the display of a show car at your corporate events or can host media and corporate events in proximity to the race events for you. We provide advertising support for you during motorsport events with poster signing and corporate meet and greets with Chris. We can provide keynote speeches from Ken Wootton and Peter Thompson, entrepreneurs and team principals at corporate events.

Global Audience

External Communications B2B (Business to Business) √ We can arrange with Meritus high quality corporate entertainment trackside. √ Corporate entertainment provides opportunities for the sponsor to do business in a relaxed and sporting environment. √ The team has the most proactive B2B team manager in Asia. √ Away from the races clients can be entertained at team themed track days. Licensing Opportunities √ The sponsor is granted a license to use the team and driver’s image rights for the agreed licensing period. √ The license includes the use of the team and driver championship and race results as well as movie and still image rights. √ The licensing would include the use of the Meritus and Drivers logo on the staff company wear.

The Right to win

Sponsorship Core Rights √ Exclusive sponsor category rights for the driver √ Right to use the association with the team and the driver as well as the results in marketing and corporate PR √ Rights to the use of the team and driver image rights √ Rights to use team image rights for sponsors promotions √ Branding on race-car and driver as negotiated. √ Access to 5-star corporate hospitality during race events. √ Access to use Driver and Team for Corporate promotions √ Right to activate Team and Driver image rights √ Right to develop B2B and B2C campaigns

Opportunity Knocks

Our Activation team has been very successful in creating innovative ways to deliver additional coverage for our sponsors. The team will work with the sponsor’s PR and Media companies to ensure that you maximize the print and TV media exposure potential.

Some of our public relations successes to date include: √ Over 500 features were produced on F.BMW/Asia during the 2006 season, valued at US$9 million. √ Over 30 features and news stories were published as a result of the our PR during one event in 2006, valued at US$93,000. √ Over 75 features and news stories were written over a period of three weeks as a result of a pre-event press conference and the stories from the actual event were valued at US$1.5 million.

The Right to win

Press kits will be supplied and press releases issued during each of the championship weekends. Lifestyle feature stories are continually being developed for distribution to the media who are always showing great interest in our activities.

Creates Ownership

More than Motorsport Not only is Chris quick and competitive on the race track he is building a reputation as a tough competitor in the grueling sports of adventure racing and marathon running.

This rigorous training not only has obvious physical benefits, but also is improving his mental toughness. Competing in this grueling 42.2 km event, without the support of other team members encouragement, helps build the physiological strength needed to compete at elite levels of motorsport. In 2007 he competed in the Mark Webber Pure Tasmania Challenge. This is a grueling physical and mental adventure race in aid of charity, held in Tasmania, Australia. He covered approximately 450 kilometres of a land steeped in World Heritage Listed areas. In some of the most inhospitable yet stunning terrain in the world, he navigating through predominantly untouched iconic wilderness destinations such as Cradle Mountain, and fringe upon the idyllic coast line of Freycinet National Park. Chris finished a creditable seventh ahead of all the motor sporting identities In a recent fitness test, completed by the BMW fitness trainer, Chris was the only Formula BMW Driver to be classified as fit to drive a Formula One car and was the fittest driver at the test. As one of his heroes, Ayrton Senna, believed, Chris lives by the same strong belief that he has a God given right to win! We look forward to working with you in 2008 and the years to come.

The Right to win

As part of his ongoing preparation to compete at the elite levels of motorsport he completed in the Toowoomba Marathon, in Queensland Australia, and won the 18-29 years age category. This result is even more impressive when you consider that this was Chris’ first full marathon.

The Right to win


For further information contact Ken Wootton PO Box 1513 Carindale Queensland Australia 4152 Telephone: 0412527725 International +61412527725 Facsimile : 07 38225912 + 61738225912 Email:

The Right To Win  
The Right To Win  

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