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Š ken wilson-max 2008

Events PRICES & PROCESS £150 + VAT for up to 2 hours shoot £250 + VAT for half a day £550 + VAT full day Processing £20 per hour - Image processing (if required. We usually try to get the mage right at the shoot. We only charge if there are more than 2 hours of computer work. Cd’s, web based galleries are inclued in the fee. Any props, assistance and extra equipment is charged separately. PRINTS We prepare a web photo gallery of the shoot, which is password protected. Clients can view the images and make choices  of prints/ downoad high resolution files. We can produce an album, or a set of prints, or both and prices can be discussed, if desired. We have agreements with several framers and photo printers and should be able to produce any kind of print as desired. Our prices start at around £30 I am always willing to negotiate and barter. Prices for a shoot can be lowered if there is an opportunity to sell prints and merchandise, either at the event or later from a website. We supply a full range of image sizes and photographic products, below are a few examples. A full product list is usually available when you log in to your online album. 6” x 4” print with presentation mount - £7.99 7” x 5” print with presentation mount - £10.00 9” x 6” print with presentation mount - £12.00 10” x 8” - £14.00 12” x 8” - £16.99 15” x 10” - £20.00 A3 - £25.99 18” x 12” - £27.99 Prices are per photograph and all photographs are supplied WITHOUT frames or mounts unless otherwise stated.


ken wilson-max + 44 (0) 7714237651 Š ken wilson-max 2008 no picture may be reproduced without permission


win, lose, draw, strive, fail, succeed, winner, loser, victor vanquish, celebrate, team, captain, player, prize, trophy, symbol, medal, battle, sides, glory, shame, lap, honour, uniform, formation strip, kit, ball, pads, boots, cleats, studs, whistle, referee, official, kick off, game on!


winter, autumn, sun, sunny, golden, white, ice, cracked, wet, water, blue sky, cloudy, fall, late, early, on time, fast, peace, chaos, theory, physics, biology, tick-tick, clock, seconds, midnight, midday


talking, walking, playing, standing, showing, shocking, reading, watching, smoking, running, partying, praying, loving, hating, feeling, crying, laughing, begging, ordering, crawling, lying, being, tinker, tailor, soldier, sailer, business man, manager, worker, pilot, carer, trader, accountant.

Š ken wilson-max 2008


life goes on. memories are made

Š ken wilson-max 2008 no picture may be reproduced without permission ken wilson-max + 44 (0) 7714237651


Event photography sampler by Ken Wilson-Max

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