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Ken Wilson-Max “I come from a very large and diverse family which has taught me that people are more similar than they are different. I observe daily life looking for ways to show this belief. Every one of my books and ideas is based on this.”



a bold, colourful approach Splash Joshua Splash -Bloomsbury

Red Light GreenLight Simon & Shuster

I can do it too Roaring Brook press


Peaceable Kingdom US Tool kit game set

children’s educational

‘This is the way we take a bath’, Scholastic US

‘I hate to be sick’, Scholastic US

Red Light, Green Light SImon & Shuster US


grown ups

hip-hop dictionary project

A personal project to illustrate as many terms from hip-hop culture as possible. This includes many different languages worldwide. Ongoing.

social & political

book list & information

Ken Wilson-Max was born in 1965 and educated in Zimbabwe. He took a graphic design apprenticeship under Chaz Maviyane Davies at The Maviyane Project in Harare, Zimbabwe In 1986 he travelled to The United Kingdom to study, but ended up working instead. In 1987 he got a job at Orchard Books as a book designer while studying part time. In 1990 he went to work for the BBC for two years, after which he decided to try to tell his on stories and started working on a book called “Big Yellow Taxi”. In August 1995 Big Yellow Taxi was published, quickly followed by ‘Little Red Plane’, ‘Big Blue Engine’ and eventually seven books in the series, of which approximately one million copies were printed in nine languages. Ken has worked on over fifty books since then.He lives in London with his wife, Manya Stojic, also a children’s books illustrator/graphic designer, and their daughter Luba. BOOKS Can You Hear the Sea? Judy Cumberbatch and Ken Wilson-Max (Bloomsbury, 2006) Just Like Me Marjorie Newman and Ken WilsonMax (Bloomsbury 2006) Robert’s Snowflakes Grace Lin (S & S 2005)KWM contributor Red Light, Green Light Anastasia Suen and Ken Wilson-Max (Harcourt 2005) For Every Child Unicef, Caroline Castle, & John Burningham KWM contributor This Is the Way We Take a Bath (Scolastic, 2004) Firefighter Ken Wilson-Max (2005) Motorcycle Police Ken Wilson-Max (2005) You Can Do It Too, Handprint Books 2005 Crocodiles Don’t Brush Their Teeth Colin Fancy, (2005) Setting the Turkeys Free W. Nikola-Lisa, Harcourt 2004) Catch! Trish Cooke, Scholastic Hippo Goodnight, Little Monster Ian Whybrow, Macmillan Children’s Books Splash, Joshua, Splash! Malachy Doyle, Bloomsbury The Baby Goes Beep Rebecca O’Connell, Roaring Brook Press Big Red Fire Engine Chrysalis Childrens Books Big Silver Spaceship Chrysalis Childrens Books Big Yellow Taxi Ken Wilson-Max Big Blue Engine (Small Format Vehicle Books) Tickle Tickle Dakari Hru, Bloomsbury Bathtime Scolastic Big Silver Space Shuttle Little Green Tow Truck Little Orange Submarine Little Red Plane Big Silver Space Ship Max’s Money Big Red Fire Truck Max’s Letter Ken Wilson-Max’s Amazing Circus Zelda in the City Big Blue Engine 101 Trucks The House That Mack Built Max Loves Sunflowers (Jump at the Sun) Max’s Starry Night Max Paints the House A Book of Letters Ken Wilson-Max, Manya Stojic

Flush the Potty! Liza Baker, Scholastic Happy Cat, Me!: A Slide-The-Spot Book of Animals Ken Wilson-Max, Manya Stojic Tic-Tac-Toe: Three in a Row : (Scholastic) K Is for Kwanzaa: A Kwanzaa Alphabet Book Best Friends In The Snow Angela Medearis, I Can Do It Too! by Karen Baicker, Splash, Joshua, Splash! by Malachy Doyle, 2004 Bathtime Dexter Gets Dressed! Wake Up, Sleep Tight Blue Sky Blue Ken Wilson-Max, Manya Stojic The Sun Is a Bright Star Ken Wilson-Max, Sue Hendra L Is for Loving Furaha Means Happy: A Book of Swahili Words Halala Means Welcome : A Book of Zulu Words (Jump at the Sun) Ten Fingers (Lift-the-flap Learning Books) Ken Wilson-Max, Manya Stojic Kwanzaa Kids Joan Holub, Ken Wilson-Max I Hate To Be Sick by Aamir Bermiss Lenny Has Lunch - 2009 Lenny in the Garden - 2009 Baby Ruby Bawled - 2010

Kenworld: Illustration by Ken Wilson-Max  

An overview of children's and adult illustration by Ken Wilson-Max, covering children's books and publications and personal work.