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Marketing Your Home

MARKETING STRATEGY - Provide a Comparative Marketing Analysis and determine an appropriate listing price for your home. A Listing Process Timeline will be prepared.

STUDY AND ANALYZE market data and re-evaluate as necessary.

COMPLETE LISTING AGREEMENT, get HOA information and obtain other pertinent information from homeowner.

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY - A professional photographer will be hired to photograph and create a virtual tour for your home. It will be posted on the many websites. MEASURING YOUR HOME - Your home will be measured by a Certified Appraiser to verify and maximize your square footage. Price per square foot can often drive brokers to show your home and bring a higher offer. STAGING - I will make recommendations on staging and potential repairs in order to make your home more attractive to Buyers. COORDINATING NECESSARY REPAIRS - I will offer to coordinate any work that needs to be done to get your home ready for top showing condition. WEBSITES - Your home will be featured on Kentwood’s website DenverRealEstate.com, which is syndicated to over 50 additional websites. Your home will get maximum exposure with highly used websites such as Realtor.com, Zillow.com, Trulia.com, Homes.com and Homes.Yahoo.com.

INDIVIDUAL WEBSITE - An individual website will be created for your home.

INTERIOR & EXTERIOR BROCHURES - Our marketing department will create a custom brochure to position your property to stand out against the competition.

HEAVY HITTERS - Marketing pieces will be sent to our network of brokers throughout the Denver Metro area.

PLACE FOR SALE SIGN to attract attention of potential homebuyers.

PLACE INFORMATION about your home on “New Listing” list for distribution to all 185 top-producing Kentwood agents.

OPEN HOUSES - I will hold open houses when demand is necessary.

KENTWOOD TOURS - The Kentwood offices, when possible, will tour your home when it first comes on the market. Virtual tours will be offered.

PROSPECT CALLS - I will call other agents who have buyers whose criteria meets your home.

FEEDBACK CALLS - I will call every realtor who has shown your property and ask for feedback. This information helps us as we move forward.

Presenting Your Home to the Public

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY: Any agent wishing to show your home must first call our office and provide us with their office information and ID. After verifying this information, you will be notified of the requested appointment by our office. In most instances, if you are not at home when we phone,

colleagues will assist me and have access to my

the Realtor will be given the lock box combination and any alarm instructions, unless otherwise instructed by Seller. All agents are advised to knock first and to leave their business card. Records are kept for every appointment and showing at our office.

a contract is delivered to me.

UNSCHEDULED SHOWINGS: If someone should knock on your door wanting to tour your home without having first called our office, please ask them to call our office for an appointment. Do not, under any circumstances, let anyone who is not a Realtor into your home without an appointment. People may come to your door and say their Realtor was too busy and they would like to see your home. Just give them my card and a brochure and have them call me directly. If they insist on seeing it, please call my office and request someone to come over and show it to them at their earliest convenience.

files. This way, marketing will not be interrupted. IF YOU ARE UNAVAILABLE: If you will be away from your home for more than 24 hours, please let me know how I might reach you in the event

SHOWING YOUR HOME IS A PRIVILEGE: I consider it a privilege to show your home. I will do everything I can to make our clients aware of its attractiveness. I will give you some hints on what can be done to put it in its best light. Be sure to let the broker show your property. Leaving home during a scheduled showing allows the prospective purchasers all the time they need to discover your home and become comfortable with your property. This is recommended whenever possible. ADDED TOUCHES FOR A “PERFECT SHOWING”: • Turn on lights, open the window coverings, and open the windows when appropriate, to make your home appear bright and cheerful. • Turn on all indoor and outdoor lights for an evening showing. • Fresh flowers and pleasant kitchen aromas,


such as fresh baked bread, cookies, or cider,

children and others who may be in your home during

are welcoming touches.

showings what to expect and where they can reach me

• Soft mellow background music will help

or to call my office should they need to do so. We are

create a soothing ambiance. Please keep

very concerned about your safety and the security of

the vol­ume low.

your home. IF I AM UNAVAILABLE: In the event that I am out of town, my personal assistant and one of my

Pricing Your Home to Sell


What is your property worth?

• What you paid for it! • How much money you put into it! • What you need out of it! • What it appraised for!

The value of your property is determined by what a buyer is willing to pay in today’s market based on

• What you hear your neighbor’s house sold for! • What the Tax Assessor’s office says it’s worth! • What it’s insured for! • What memories you have of your home! • Based on the prices of homes where you are moving!

comparing your property to others cur­rently on the


market for sale, and most

• Today’s market

importantly to recent

• Today’s competition

sales of similar properties

• Today’s financing

in the surrounding

• Today’s economic conditions


• Buyer’s perceptions of property condition • Location • Normal marketing time

BUYERS ALWAYS DETERMINE VALUE How do buyers determine value? When you bought this home, how did you es­tablish value? By comparing your home to others that were for sale at the time. Buyers still determine the value of a home by comparison shopping. If your home is over-priced, you simply assist others in the quicker sale of their home.

The Critical Decision: Setting the Optimum Price

The price we ask will directly affect our success in selling your home. Overpricing can cost you as much as pricing too low. In a normal market, a ready, willing and able buyer in an “arms-length” transaction ultimately decides sales price. The buyer will determine how much he will pay based on prices for which comparable homes in the neighborhood have recently sold. As always, adjust­ments will be made for differences in location, condition, options, upgrades and “street appeal”.

If we price your home unrealistically, relative to recent sales in your area, two things occur: 1. There will be fewer showings because buyers and Realtors will think your price is out-of-line compared to other listings in the area and, 2. Buyers will refrain from making an offer because they will believe you might be unrealistic during negotiations

An over-priced home will become “stale” on the market as time goes by. Showings will become less frequent, as buyers and Realtors determine prior to showing that there must be something wrong with the home, or it would have sold by now. Consequently, as the seller, you become frustrated and begin to lower your asking price, eventually finding yourself at a lower asking price than you should have set it in the beginning. Finally, when an offer is made, the buyer will submit a much lower offer than is realistic, for he will feel you are now desperate and discouraged to the point of simply wanting to get rid of the home. In most cases, the home is sold for less than what could have been obtained had the home been priced properly in the beginning. To review the recent sales and current listings, with which we will compete, is important. My recommendation regarding price is based on an interpretation of these facts, and my marketing plan will show how to position your home for immediate activity against the competition. Un­derstanding this information will enable us to work together in correctly pricing your home and your willingness to properly price your home will lead to a successful sale.


While your home is being shown to prospective buyers, access for cooperating brokers is through the lock box on your door. All showings are registered through our office and careful records are kept of appointments. Agents from cooperating companies are given your code only after verification of their broker identification number. You will be notified before every appointment by a Kentwood Real Estate representative via phone, email or text message, whatever you prefer. It is best, whenever possible, to leave the house during showings. If you are going out in anticipation of a prospective buyer coming through, you may find it convenient to wait until their arrival, then leave. This may save you the inconvenience of spending long periods of time away from the house, to return to find the buyer just arriving.

Follow-Up Procedures on Showings I keep a detailed record of all showings on your home. On a regular basis, I evaluate the results and will be in touch with you, by phone or email. This will allow us to review our showing activity and to make recommendations to you based on the reaction of potential buyers.

Market Analysis

The purpose of the comparative market analysis is to determine the current fair­market value of your home. This is done by selecting properties similar to yours, which have recently sold, and then comparing them to yours. In this approach, we have used the same variables that would be used by a professional fee appraiser. Such factors, which are considered, would be the current market conditions, square footage, style, location, property condition, and similar features of those recently sold homes. Enclosed in the market analysis is a complete list of comparable properties in your area, which have sold in the last year. While none of those properties is exactly like yours, they do provide a basic reference in a competitive market analysis.

The CMA is a non-emotional interpretation of current market conditions. Therefore, when pricing your home, the following points should NOT be considered in determining your home’s fair market value: 1. The price you paid for your home. 2. What you need to sell it for, in dollar terms, to purchase your next home. 3. What it appraised for when you recently refinanced. 4. The cost of improvements done in years past.

Marketing Continues Even Once You are Under Contract

I will not stop marketing your home once it is under contract. I will continue to market your home to additional potential buyers while maintaining a positive relationship with the buyer that has your home under contract and will facilitate closing.

Nancy will complete the following steps: • Obtain and present all offers in a timely manner. • Carefully review contract to make sure all necessary clauses are covered. • Negotiate the best price and terms possible, always keeping your specific needs in mind. • Call lender to verify buyer’s ability to qualify for a loan or verify funds if paying cash. • Prepare counter proposal if necessary. • Make sure all necessary signatures on contract and disclosures are obtained. • Receive and deliver all documents in a timely manner. • Change MLS and office status to “Backup”. • Order title work. • Review title work with Title Company to confirm that title is free and clear of any liens. • Negotiate home inspection. • Coordinate contractors and bids for inspection items. • Verify that lender orders appraisal and meet appraiser at house. • Meet appraiser at your home with market analysis and marketing materials.

Monitor contract to confirm that the following deadlines are met: • Earnest Money Deadline

• Appraisal Deadline

• Record Title Deadline

• Appraisal Objection Deadline

• Exceptions Request Deadline

• Current Survey Deadline

• Record Title Objection Deadline • Off Record Title Deadline • Off Record Title Objection Deadline • Title Resolution Deadline • Association Documents Deadline

• Current Survey Objection Deadline • Inspection Objection Deadline • Inspection Resolution Deadline • Property Insurance Objection Deadline

• Association Documents Objection Deadline

• Due Diligence Documents Delivery Deadline

• Sellers Property Disclosure Deadline

• Due Diligence Documents Objection Deadline

• Loan Application Deadline

• Acceptance Deadline Date

• Loan Objection Deadline

• Acceptance Deadline Time

Nancy’s Closing Activities Coordinating the final steps to get you into your new home. Nancy will complete the following steps: • Help schedule any work needed resulting from inspection and make sure all inspection items are complete with necessary receipts • Get loan updates from lender • Coordinate closing time and place with cooperating realtor, title company and lender • Remind you to transfer homeowner’s insurance, public service and mail

• Make sure the title company has payoffs • Review settlement statement from title company and correct any errors • Perform necessary closing paperwork • Review complete closing package and correct any errors • Remove lock box and signage

• Accommodate final walk-through

• Coordinate key exchange

• Order earnest money check

• Attend closing

I will guide you in making informed decisions leading to a satisfactory sale!

Closing / Moving Checklist



__ Post Office __ Friends and Relatives __ Credit Cards __ Professional organizations __ Magazines __ Department of Motor Vehicles __ Civic, social newsletters and publications

__ Check to see if your Will must be rewritten when moving across state lines __ Bring copy of closing papers from previous sale

BANK __ __ __ __

Transfer funds, arrange check-cashing in new city Arrange credit references Close out safe deposit box Obtain travelers checks for traveling funds

CANCEL UTILITIES Advise desired date of shut-off and give change of address for final billing. __ Electric __ Sewer __ Gas __ Trash __ Water __ Cable TV __ Telephone



Notify insurance agent of new location for coverages and billing __ Life __ Health __ Fire __ Auto

__ Newspaper __ Dairy __ Cleaning Service __ Diaper Service

SCHOOL __ __

Get transcripts of school records, including immunization records Plan a brief teacher conference at the new school

MEDICAL __ __ __ __

Secure all birth and baptismal records for all family members Obtain medical, dental and other records for family members Refill necessary prescriptions Ask your doctor for referrals

INCOME TAX DEDUCTIONS Keep a detailed record of all moving costs if your move is job-related. Many expenses – including house-hunting trips – may be deductible. __ Family’s travel expenses, including meals and lodging __ Cost of transporting furniture, other household goods and personal belongings __ Food and hotel bills for up to 30 days in your new city if you have to wait to move into your new home __ The costs of selling your old home or settling a lease, plus the costs of buying or leasing your new home. There is a ceiling on deduction outlined in detail in the Internal Revenue Service’s Publication 521, “Tax Information on Moving Expenses” available free from the IRS offices.

About Nancy Nielsen

Nancy’s passion and attention to detail is to help Sellers get the most value for their home and assist Buyers in a highly-focused search for their ideal new residence. Her professionalism, knowledge and exceptional customer service has resulted in an expanding network of loyal customers and referrals. Nancy’s diverse background has helped her achieve great success in the highly competitive real estate business for over 25 years. She has been able to fulfill the real estate needs and desires of her clients while providing seamless and rewarding experiences that create lifetime relationships. Her background includes public relations, marketing, sales, advertising, negotiating contracts, creating sales campaigns, and conducting market research. This varied experience is directly responsible for placing Nancy among the upper echelon of real estate brokers nationally. As a consistent top producer since 1992, and a leading Broker Associate with Kentwood Real Estate, Nancy has garnered numerous prestigious awards annually for outstanding sales production including recognition from the Denver Board of Realtors, as wells as acknowledgment as a Five Star Real Estate Professional. Her knowledge of metro Denver’s neighborhoods is extensive. She has sold homes in Cherry Hills, Greenwood Village, Centennial, Washington Park, Country Club, Park Hill, Cherry Creek, Bonnie Brae, Columbine Country Club, Grant Ranch, Littleton, Platt Park, DU/Observatory Park, LoDo, The Highlands, Uptown Denver, Wellshire/Southern Hills, Castle Pines and more. A 30 year native, Nancy’s commitment to the Denver community is evidenced by her ongoing activities with diverse charities such as Project Cure; organizing donations of medical supplies distributed worldwide, feeding the homeless at the Denver Rescue Mission, and volunteering her time at Children’s Hospital. Having raised three children, she has actively volunteered in the Cherry Creek School district for over twenty years. Nancy’s husband, Andy, is an accomplished architect who has helped her appreciate the qualities inherent to a quality home. Activities Nancy enjoys with her family include traveling, the arts, skiing, tennis, paddle ball and all Colorado’s amazing outdoor activities. She also enjoys spending time socializing with old and new friends. Whether selling or buying a home, contact Nancy at 303-882-4702, to ensure your real estate experience will be success. Please visit my website for additional information: www.NBNielsen.com.

Testimonials “Nancy Nielsen made our cross-country relocation to Greenwood Village enjoyable and stress-free. She was responsive to our needs, showing us over 20 homes that fit our criteria and guiding us in narrowing our choices until we decided on the home of our dreams. She was always available to discuss all the questions we had, listened to all of our concerns, and was proactively responsive from the beginning. Nancy’s expertise in drafting our contract was essential in ensuring the best possible value for our dollar. She organized and executed all of the required inspections, guaranteeing a smooth closing. Nancy even went above and beyond our expectations in offering to monitor our new home between the closing and the actual date of relocation, periodically checking in for over two months. It is a pleasure to work with Nancy. She is calm and cool-headed and always has a “can-do” attitude. We recommend Nancy Nielsen unequivocally for all of your real-estate needs. “ Cynthia & John Cavo “Our experience with Nancy in finding a new home was amazing. From the very beginning, Nancy listened carefully to our unique needs and specific wants. Since we had not purchased a new home in 15 years, her experience and knowledge of the market was exceptionally valuable. Nancy kept us appropriately informed throughout the entire process from start to finish. We would highly recommend Nancy to anyone purchasing or selling a home.” David & Michelle Coe “We could not have had a better experience selling our house of 43 years. Nancy was there for us when we had any questions or concerns. She was very professional and knowledgeable. Nancy is a lovely person and we were fortunate to have her as our real estate broker.” Jim & Marion Woodward “Nancy Nielsen went above and beyond to support us throughout the entire process of buying our first home. She made us feel like we were her only clients, and she tailored to our specific needs. We highly recommend Nancy, as she will make your home buying experience stress-free and seamless.” The Wormers “I wasn’t looking to sell or buy a house, instead I was refinancing. Nancy took the time to meet with the appraiser and provide comparable sales in my neighborhood. Nancy was thorough and I felt confident with her assistance because she was prepared and knowledgeable about the homes in my neighborhood. I would highly recommend Nancy to my friends and family.” Kuljis “We want to thank you for all of your professional guidance and personal touches that made our real estate transaction so easy.” Patty Shaw and Chris Castilian “In this difficult market, we may not have found our ideal house without Nancy.” Eric McFarling M.D., Lynn McFarling M.D.

Testimonials “Nancy Nielsen is professional, responsive, knowledgeable and sensitive to the emotional components of real estate transactions. I first used Nancy to help sell my home of thirty years in Cherry Hills. After I accepted an offer, the negotiation process and closing all went very smoothly thanks to Nancy. It is clear that Nancy is passionate about providing exceptional service.” Susan Bowles “Nancy was truly a pleasure to work with, both in selling my old home and buying a new one. She is knowledgeable, professional and very friendly. I will use her again when needed and will definitely recommend her to friends.” Ginger Thommen “Nancy has been an integral part of our real estate selling and buying experience. She was knowledgeable about the market and got our house sold efficiently and for the price we wanted. She was relentless in the search for the right house and never was tired of showings and questions. She is amazing!” Amy Cobb “Nancy helped us on both the sale and purchase of our last two homes. Nancy was phenomenal negotiator and helped us get the best price she could in both the purchase and sale of the homes. She worked tirelessly on our behalf in a transaction that was anything but simple, and one that honestly would not have happened, had it not been for extraordinary efforts.” The Whitleys “I have used Nancy Nielsen to both buy a home in the past and to sell my home. Nancy knows the Denver market, she works hard, she is well connected and most importantly, she listens. I would not hesitate to use Nancy in the future.” The Blattners “Nancy helped me with my 7th and 8th transactions and she was the best Realtor l have ever worked with. She treated my sale and purchase with the utmost attention to detail, and with my best interests in mind at all times.” Shannon Sarina “Nancy seems to enjoy people and her job; she sold our home in model fashion.” Thomas McGinn M.D. “Nancy is conscientious of her buyer’s needs, professional in all encounters, personable and easy to work with.” Kristin Montgomery

Testimonials “Nancy Nielsen is the quintessential real estate professional; professional yet friendly in her approach to buyers, sellers other agents and to all involved with the selling of a family home. She communicated with us on an impressive, ongoing basis. Selling a home of 57 years could have been traumatic, but Nancy made the sale a happy event for all.” Ginny Mahoney “Nancy was absolutely amazing to have as my realtor! She has the best attitude, and went above and beyond the call of duty! She was always willing and able to go the extra mile to make both transactions (the purchase and the sale) go without a hitch. She is truly a wonderful person with the highest degree of integrity.” Carla Lehman “Nancy did a top-notch, professional job for us on both our purchase and our sale. On the sale side, she put together a strong marketing plan and executed it quickly and effectively. She priced our house accurately, conducted a number of very targeted showings and helped us quickly negotiate a strong deal.” John and Patte Orr “Nancy just seems to have a handle on different neighborhoods for families like ours; she works her tail off and she is a tough negotiator.” Jon Anderson “Nancy is a true professional in every way with a thorough grasp of all the real estate complexities as well as being a delightful person! Her high standards of integrity, honesty and professionalism made this difficult and emotional move to Denver go seamlessly.” Mary Ball “We want to thank you for all of your professional guidance and personal touches that made our real estate transaction so easy.” Patty Shaw and Chris Castilian “Nancy seems to enjoy people and her job; she sold our home in model fashion.” Thomas McGinn M.D.

Testimonials “We have bought and sold properties in the last four years, and have dealt with enough realtors to recognize one who is outstanding in her field.” Mary and Joe Airey “We were quite impressed with your knowledge ofthe Denver market. lt made our search very easy and you were quite perceptive to our needs and interests.” The Fishers “You seemed to know just what we were looking for, and made the home buying process easy for us. Being from out of town and not familiar with Denver was difficult, but you helped us settle into our new community effortlessly.” Nora and Jake Daly “I want to express my appreciation for the professionalism and tenacity with which you handled the sale of Amy’s and my home. Even in a somewhat confused market, your marketing of our home was outstanding. All in all, the transaction came off flawlessy in a very short period of time”. Chip Coe “Nancy Nielsen is a true professional in the real estate market. She is knowledgeable, communicative and by your side from beginning to end. Her guidance brought us a full price offer within a week of putting the house on the market. Personally and professionally Nancy is a person of character, integrity, honesty and intelligence. I will continue to recommend her to friends and family. Nancy genuinely cares about the customer service she provides for her clients. It was my pleasure to have Nancy represent us as our real estate broker.” Carey Radochonski “Using Nancy to sell our home was a wonderful, non-stressful experience, which I wouldn’t have imagined possible having owned it for 23 years. She is a true professional and handled every part of the process in a warm, friendly way while remaining capable and businesslike. She did a phenomenal job of showcasing our house, from using a wonderful photographer to arranging each and every room, and all was done in a tasteful, confident manner – I felt the home was shown to every advantage, and it paid off as we marketed the home much higher than originally planned. Nancy went above and beyond what my husband and I would have expected from a realtor, dropping by often to help with staging, meeting contractors while I had to work, and giving advice on repairs needed. When it came time to put it on the market we had instant offers and absolutely no hitches in any part of the process; her team is very adept and professional with all the details of the contracts. I would definitely use Nancy again for any real estate transaction and recommend her without hesitation; thank you again, Nancy.” Joan Akiyama

Some of Nancy’s Past Sales Arapahoe Lake 10173 East Fair Circle Arvada 7658 Robb Street Aurora 4219 South Killarney Street Broadway HIghlands 2551 South Logan Street Broomfield 13485 Falls Drive Castle Rock 7228 Timbercrest Lane Capitol Hill 632 Pearl Street Centennial 7685 South Ivanhoe Way 5955 East Jamison Place 5937 South Jasmine Street 7825 East Kettle Avenue 6846 South Locust Street Cherry Creek 2 Adams Street 3131 East Alameda Avenue 325 Colorado Boulevard 250 Harrison Street 155 South Jackson Street 155 Steele Street 110 S Jackson St #2B Cherry Hills Village 4211 South Bellaire Circle 3901 South Birch Street 3981 South Birch Street 4121 South Birch Street 5600 Charlou Drive 7 Cherry Hills Drive 3940 South Cherry Street 3941 South Cherry Street 4040 South Cherry Steet 3925 South Cherry Street 4021 South Cherry Street 3912 South Cherry Street 4090 South Clermont Street 4120 South Clermont Street 4121 South Clermont Street 3920 South Dexter Street 3981 South Dexter Street 4061 South Dexter Street 3921 South Dexter Street 4061 South Dexter Street 4286 South Elm Court 4051 South Ivy Lane 4501 East Mansfield Avenue 4625 East Mansfield Avenue

5350 Nassau Circle 5062 East Princeton Avenue 15 Parkway Drive 16 Parkway Drive 5325 Sanford Circle East 5271 Sanford Circle East 4951 Sanford Cirlce West 6344 East Sanford Avenue 33 Sedgwick Drive 15 South Lane 202 Summit Boulevard 2800 South University Boulevard #22

Hampden Hills 3205 South Williams Street 3200 South Williams Street 3181 South Williams Street 3240 South Williams Street Highlands 2241 West 34th Avenue 2683 Java Court 4115 Perry Street 3435 West Scott Place 6722 South Wolf Court

Cherry Park 5895 East Weaver Circle

Highlands Ranch 9849 Bathurst Way 1426 South Hermosa

Columbine Country Club 77 Brookhaven Drive Congress Park 1160 Cook Street 1108 South Monroe Street Cory-Merrill 2993 South Columbine Street Country Club 156 South Lafayette Street 640 Vine Street Denver 8606 Dillard Place 9400 East Iliff Street 1512 Larimer Street 1625 Larimer Street 1470 South Quebec Street 1867 S. Marion Street 1770 S. Oneida Street 7925 W. Layton Avenue 2225 Buchtel Blvd. #706 3027 Carter Circle Elizabeth 8334 Gettysburg Court Englewood 3365 W. Chenango Avenue Golden 3365 W. 16th Avenue Grant Ranch 6790 West Crestline Avenue Greenwood Village 110 Blue Heron Circle 7 Franklin Street 5758 South Galena Street 5857 South Highline Circle 4451 East Perry Parkway 5300 S Steele Street

Lakewood 8505 West Ohio Place Littleton 20203 East 55th Place Louisville 1755 West Barberry Lowry 872 Ulster Way Mayfair 1324 Ash Street 1090 Kearney Street Parker 10269 Tracery Court Park Hill 5101 East 17th Avenue Parkway 2620 Ash Street 2820 Eudora Street 2463 South Krameria Street Piney Creek 16733 East Prentice Circle Platt Park 1544 South Emerson Street 3060 South High Street 2521 South Logan Street 1958 South Marion Street 1790 South Marion Street 1664 South Pennsylvania Street 1834 South Sherman Street Solterra 15584 West Baker Avenue Southern Hills 2993 South Columbine Street Southwood 6060 South Southwood Drive

University Park 2225 Buchtel Boulevard #1111 2617 South Madison Street Uptown 1655 Williams Street Washington Park 741 South Corona Street 1050 South Corona Street 1023 South Clarkson Street 1170 South Clarkson Street 435 South Downing Street 683 South Downing Street 776 South Gaylord Street 1312 South Gaylord Street 312 South High Street 480 South Marion Parkway 735 South Ogden Street 1121 South Ogden Street 105 Pearl Street 1032 South Pennsylvania Street 375 South Pennsylvania Street 1243 South Vine Street 285 South Williams Street Wellshire 2660 South Garfield Street Wellshire East 3354 South Niagara Way

NANCY NIELSEN NNielsen@DenverRealEstate.com PH 303.882.4702 | NBNielsen.com

All information deemed reliable but not guaranteed and should be independently verified. All properties are subject to prior sale, change or withdrawal. Neither listing broker(s) nor Kentwood Real Estate shall be responsible for any typographical errors, misinformation, misprints and shall be held totally harmless.

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Nancy Nielsen - Marketing Strategy  

Nancy Nielsen at Kentwood Real Estate DTC nnielsen.kentwood.com

Nancy Nielsen - Marketing Strategy  

Nancy Nielsen at Kentwood Real Estate DTC nnielsen.kentwood.com