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Kent's Most Popular Wedding Venue Is Cooling Castle Barn - Kent Wedding Photographer ___________________________________________________________________________________

By Barton Basil -

Cooling Castle Barn is probably Kent's most popular and therefore busiest wedding venues. To book a Saturday wedding there in the summer means you'll probably have to wait a couple of years at least for one to become available. It's that popular; with over three hundred weddings at the castle per year. Being that busy, all year round, does mean that the staff are very competent indeed with nothing seeming to fluster or phase them. It really is a completely professional place to hold a wedding.

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The other thing that Cooling Castle provides to their couples, which is a bonus to the photographer also, is a Toastmaster. The Toastmaster will organise and control the day, ensuring the day progresses as smoothly as possible for all concerned and leaves the couple more able to relax.

The Toastmaster also assists the wedding photographer in gathering up the guests for the group shots. Cooling Castle is an easy venue for group photos as there's nowhere really to "wander off" to. The castle itself, next door to the tithe barn itself, is the home of the entertainer Jools Holland. The Castle towers themselves provide a fantastic backdrop to the wedding photographs. The gardens are big and beautifully maintained and this is where the majority of the group photographs will be taken. There isn't a single aspect of the garden that isn't photogenic with a gazebo, sometimes used for outdoor weddings, which can be used for more informal group photos. It also makes for a great confetti shot as the guests can be arranged on the steps and can therefore surround the couple.

At Cooling Castle Barn you have the choice of either holding the ceremony outside under the gazebo or inside in the spacious ceremony room. A lovely feature of the room is the bride makes her entrance down a flight of stairs at the rear of the room. This gives all the guests a great view of the arrival of the bride. After the group photographs have been taken the guests are free to relax whilst the couple and the photographer spend time taking more personal and romantic shots around the castle and grounds. The guests are then called to the wedding breakfast by the toastmaster.

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