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Kentucky Derby is quite popular among people in the United States. It is basically a stakes race of Grade I in which 3 year old Thoroughbred horses take part. It is held annually in Kentucky on every first Saturday of the month of May. The Kentucky Derby festival continues for 14 days. This time also the festival will take place in the month of May, 2012. This festival also has other beautiful names like 'The Run for the Roses' and 'The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports' given by the Americans. This thoroughbred horse stake race is the biggest draw among all the other stakes. The Muhammad Ali Museum When you visit the Kentucky Derby 2012, you cannot afford to miss certain things. When you are not following the tracks, you can explore Louisville where the race takes place. It is a beautiful place with various attractions other than fried chicken and derby. You can start off with The Muhammad Ali Museum. This legendary boxing king started out his boxing career as the 'Louisville Lip'. Cassius Clay, who is fondly known as Muhammad Ali used to fight out of Louisville, his hometown. The museum displays various objects related this boxing legend. Know about the man, his career and the history he created. The museum has preserved the legacy of this great fighter, Muhammad Ali. Kentucky Derby Museum Another museum which is a popular site is the Kentucky Derby Museum. If you want a break from following the tracks, you can visit the Kentucky Derby Museum. Head towards this museum which is inside the complex and find out about the origins of Kentucky Derby. This Derby festival has got a huge significance in Kentucky and is intricately related to its history. Reach Central Avenue which is across the Churchill Downs racetrack and arrive at the museum. The Vineyards of Kentucky The Vineyards of Kentucky is another major attraction. Kentucky was officially the first wine producer in US. It still holds several commercial vineyards and produces high quality wines. Broad Run Vineyards and Brooks Hill Winery are two of the best wine producers in Louisville. You can visit either of these and witness wine production during the afternoon. Bourbon Distillery Bourbon Distillery is another famous site at Louisville. The Buffalo Trace distillery operates from Kentucky and is the oldest in the US. It makes the most amazing bourbons which has won several awards. Therefore, coming to Kentucky and not visiting a bourbon distillery is impossible. The Buffalo distillery is actually situated in Frankfort, which is about an hour from Louisville. You can

reach the bourbon distillery on a boat. Apart from visiting these sites, you can go around Louisville and explore the place. There are golf courses across Louisville and most of them are open for public. The Indian Springs, Seneca Golf Course and Quail Chase are the 3 top golf courses in the area. Visit these golf courses once you are through with the other sites and test your putt. Do not miss these sites while visiting Kentucky for the Derby. Along with the Derby festival, enjoy knowing about the place and savor the taste of bourbons. Why wait? Look for the best Kentucky Derby Ticket Packages available online. ==== ==== Start Earning ÂŁ450+ Daily Using Powerful HorseBet Racing Secrets by #1 Betting Expert! ==== ====

Kentucky Derby 2012 - A Few Things You Must Take Note of to Benefit  

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